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Jide Episode 42 to 49

Jide 18+💥
Episode 42
And she hasn’t called since to tell me if she was okay or not… I was starting to get concerned…
Me: Babe, I’ll be going out as soon as I get to my hostel…
Nolly: Where you going?
Me: I forgot something in the club… so I want to go get it…
Nolly: When was that?
Me: Some weeks back… look I won’t be long, just let me go…
Nolly: No, I’m coming with you…
Me: No you can’t come with me… I would be back shortly…
I left and went to my hostel.. I changed, got into the car and went straight to the h0tel… In about 45minutes, I was there.. I went straight to the receptionist to ask if Rose had checked out… But she wasn’t there, I was told it was a shift work… so she won’t be around till night.. I tried remembering the room number for about 5 minutes, and took a wild guess and went for the room… I ran towards the room like a mad man and opened the door in great anticipation….
I was less worried as I heard the shower running, but still I had to confirm cos numerous suicidal cases end up as such.. I went to the shower door and peeped…. I saw Rose… **little description** She’s light skinned, she’s got a figure 8 kind of b©dy… she has fully grown Bos-oms with a mas-sive behind… I saw her b©©b s where tattooed… I couldn’t help but stare at this angelic b©dy… She didn’t even notice my pres£nce.. So to avoid embarras-sment, I st©pped peeping and just sat on the be-d.. Her phone was on the be-d pla-ying some celine dion songs… She [email protected]£ out of the bathroom shocked and scared… Her towel was on, so there was nothing for me that afternoon…
Rose: Good afternoon.. What are you doing here… Aren’t you Jide? Nolly’s b©yfri£nd?
Me: Yes I am…. Good afternoon.
Rose: So what are you doing here?
Episode 43
I could only imagine the kind of trouble I would have entered if I had stormed into the bathroom while she was bathing…
Me: I brou-ght you here last night…
Rose: What do you mean?
Me: You were very ti-psy at the club… I met you at the club actually… So I took you to the h0tel.
Rose: Oh, you were the one who wrote a note..
Me: Yes… I was worried you never called, so I [email protected]£ checking on you…
Rose: Well, Jide thank you.. As you can see, I’m very okay… Hope I didn’t do anything funny last night?
Me: You were drun!k, so whatever happened, had to happen and it’s gone.
Rose: Will you tell me what I did, young man?
Me: *I thought of what I could say… something very S-xual, at least maybe it could increase my chances* actually……. You [email protected]£d my d–k yesterday and wanted to start su-cking on it…
Rose: That’s a lie… I couldn’t have… I mean, not to a stranger….
Since she was okay, I was going to leave and go back to school… I told her I would be leaving and immediately turned my back and faced my head towards the door, she dragged me back… sat me down on the be-d.
Episode 44
She told me to wait for her that she would soon be re-ady..
Me: Where are you going?
Rose: I nee-d to get back to the club. My car was parked there..
Me: Really, it should have been towed then…
Rose: No…It can never be towed..
Who says those kind of words…like “I can never be arrested”, “My car can never be towed”? I wondered…
Me: So you want me to drop you off at the club…isn’t?
Rose: Yes… that would do…
With her towel wra-pped round her b©dy, she wore her [email protected] and [email protected]… How she did it, I don’t know… It took her about 30minutes to where the same cloth that she had previously wore last night… We got to the reception, checked out and went for the car… On seeing the car…
Rose: Wow…. Nolly must really love you for her to re-lease this…
Me: I love her as much also..
Rose: Yea, I can see…. That’s all they say.
To be very honest, she was right.. That’s what we boys all say…. And we still go on and have flings, side-chicks… I really don’t blame girls when they complain… I mean, it’s not easy after all, loving some guy so dearly only for you to find out that he’s cheating on your sorry behind…
I got into the vehicle and drove off, in about 5 minutes, I heard the sound of a police vehicle behind me… At first, I thought it wasn’t for me, so I continued my driving… but then they approached me by the side way and ordered me to park.
In my entire life and driving experience, I had never been st©pped by a police vehicle before… Here I am in a foreign land…. I parked so nervously… Rose didn’t even do as if she knew me from anywhere.. Her position in the car was more of a prostitute.. I felt like scru-bbing her face with saw dust.
Episode 45
Police: Who’s Nolly?**Looking at the plates**
Me: Sir, that’s my girlfriend. It’s my girlfriend’s car..
Police: So why are you driving it?
**He probably thought Rose was my said girlfriend, and instead of she acting like one, she just kept quiet… She even put her shades on… I was just sad**
Me: Sir, My girlfriend is in school…
Police: Oh, I get the story now.. So you left your girlfriend in school to come and go out with another lady… hmmm. I see… it’s you guys that are giving us bad reps.. Where are you from?
Me: Sir, I’m from Nigeria…
Police: So what did you come to do in S.A?
Me: I [email protected]£ to school sir. I’m in the same school as my girlfriend…
If I had known how this scene would have ended, I would have acted so differently…
Police: Can I see the vehicle papers?
Me: *I searched all the safes and found it at last…* I handed it over to him…
Police: *Checks it** so where’s your license?
Yawa don bur-st…. Patapata… No license…
Me: I forgot it in school…
Police: You forgot it or you don’t even have… Aren’t you a foreigner?
Police: plea-se get out of the vehicle…
I got down almost immediately…. He put his large black head into the car and asked for Rose to get down also… I was expecting Rose to get out of the car immediately.. But she didn’t, instead she told me to get into the car..
Episode 46
Rose: Jide enter the vehicle and let’s go?
Me: Enter what? Can’t you see gun?
Rose: Enter Mr. Man.
The police man on hearing this got very angry.
Police: What is going on? You two are so disrespectful…
That was how Rose got down from the vehicle, went to the police man and threatened to jail him for 5 years…. I was shocked on hearing that… I just moved to her back… She told the police man if he doesn’t re-lease us in the next 10 seconds, She would do the unthinkable.. I was totally confused…. She called her dad immediately and gave the phone to him.. I didn’t know what transpired.. The man just ordered we leave immediately..
On the way, I asked Rose to explain to me what exactly happened… it was then I found out that Nolly’s dad was the attorney General..
What? I’m [email protected]!ngattorney General’s daughter…. Or double [email protected]!ng? I was shaking like a jellybean inside me… I don’t know if I should just call the relationsh!poff immediately… What if I break up and then she reports her dad I broke her heart? I am doomed… I was just thinking as I pas-sed the club…. Rose hit me and I [email protected]£ to life… I apologized wholeheartedly… Reversed, went to the club… she got her car… I asked her if she would nee-d me again..? Since she didn’t I drove back to school… I was just thinking… Why did I disv!rg!nNolly?
Episode 47
As I got to school, I went straight for Nolly’s hostel…. I called her..
Me: Hey…. I’m in front of your place.. can you come out now?
Nolly: Okay, give me 30minutes..
Me: No, we’re not going anywhere… Just want to ask you something..
Nolly: Okay.. 5minutes…
Five minutes for what again? Just to get out and come and talk? Five minutes… I waited for like 15 minutes before she [email protected]£ out… I was furious….. This moment, God still tried to save me from what was coming after…. But Nolly the devil.
Me: What took you so long?
Nolly: Sorry, something [email protected]£ up inside…
Me: Anyway, why didn’t you tell me about your dad?
Nolly: *Does some girlish stuff* what’s it about him?
Me: He’s the Attorney General? Isn’t it.
Nolly: Yea he’s…
Me: That’s good… I’ve come to return your vehicle…
Nolly: Why baby?
Me: Nothing really… I don’t just feel like driving anymore… It’s stressful, you know..
Nolly: What are you talking about? Is it cause of my dad’s position?
Me: No. No. At all. I don’t just feel it’s really necessary… you know, driving all about… and I don’t even have a license… so it doesn’t make any s-en-se..
Nolly: Oh if that’s the problem… I’ll get you a license….
Me: No, that won’t be necessary either…. Okay..
Nolly: It’s just like you want to start dis£ngaging from me gradually…
Me: No it’s not.. I just think it’s the right thing to do now.. okay.. I love you..
Episode 48
I hvgged her and k!$$£d her forehead.. I gave her the keys and went to my hostel.. On getting to my hostel, they asked for the car since I didn’t bring any key.. I narrated the whole story to them… Nolly called me..
Nolly: Do you know exams are starting in 10 days?
Me: Yea I know.. Why?
Nolly: Aren’t we supposed to be re-ading together now?
Me: Yea we should… What do you think?
Nolly: I don’t know, I don’t think the school would be condusive though…
Me: Why wouldn’t it be?
Nolly: Distractions… and all sought.. We won’t be able to concentrate..
Me: Yea, there are distractions everywhere remember..
Nolly: I know.. Anyway, I don’t want us to stay in school..
Me: So what do you want?
Nolly: I want us to stay somewhere pri-vate… and condusive… so we won’t be distracted…
Me: Okay, let me know what you come up with then….
***Call ends***
Episode 49
I was just tired so I went to sleep… I woke up with missed calls from my phone… all from Nolly… I called her back…
Me: What’s up, I saw your missed calls…
Nolly: I’ve been trying to call you….
Me: I just said I saw your missed calls… what’s up?
Nolly: I think we should lodge in a h0tel for the remaining days till our exams..
Me: WHAT? That’s a whole lot of money we are going to spend.. I mean, there’s be-d here in my room, the school offers cheap food… Transportation too is cheap, so what am I looking for?
Nolly: Why do you always reason like a peasant? You’re always contented with anything soily..
Me: That was how I was brou-ght up… I’m not from a political background okay?
That got her really angry, as I found out later on… She didn’t even bother calling back… I had to go and see her.. So I wore a t-shi-t and a three-quarter shorts.. I went to her hostel… I called her phone for up to 20 times before she could pick up… She later [email protected]£ to meet me outside… I tried hvgging her, but she didn’t obliged… I just started telling her sorry, I didn’t mean what I said and I was just anxious that’s all…
Nolly: Okay.. So what do you say about we lodging?
Me: I think its okay… very okay…. Although I’ve got no money with me, as I have just my flight ticket back home..
Nolly: **She comes closer, placed her hands on my shoulder…. ** Why do you worry young man? When I’m here?
Me: Okay… Let’s rock and roll then!
I went back to my hostel…. First.. I called Shola….

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