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Jide Episode 29 to 34

Jide 18+
Episode 29
Shola lighted up my mood… I was on fire, I resorted into some fifa…. and you could tell how happy I was, cos I trashed everyone who crossed my path that evening.. Nolly was still calling, and I wasn’t answering.. I just nee-ded a little bit of space.. especially from her… It was getting dark…. and I was bored… So I answered Nolly’s call after all.
Nolly: Jide, what’s all this now?
Me: I don’t know… Where are you? I want to see you..
Nolly: Now you want to see me.. really?
Me: Where are you?
Nolly: Let’s meet in my cafe……
I quic-kly got dressed.. There was just one thing that drove me out of that hostel that night… and it was Nolly’s womanliness…. As I got to school, I called her of my pres£nce at the cafe… As usual, within minutes, she arrived… Like she knew what I was after…. She was a mini-Sk-irt that brou-ght out the whole shape of her behind… It was swollen….. with a camouflage loose blouse… She was h0t in that cold night.. As she [email protected]£ closer to me, I opened my hands wi-de.. She shunned my potential hvg..She was angry and mad at me… I just had to calm her down..I mentioned how I didn’t like the way she acted in the afternoon.. We both apologised to ourselves.. I was able to get my hvg now, when I hvg Nolly… my hands go straight for her behind… I k!$$£d her, she responded… and right there, I put my hand in her womanliness… she was wearing [email protected]… I navigated my way by pu-lling the [email protected] a little bit aside.. I started stro-king her core … People were coming throu-gh our current location so I st©pped and took her hand as we searched for a safe place… after some time about, we found a tree… I’m scared of trees especially at night because you never can tell what’s creeping on it…. I put in my f!ngersagain.. and this time, she could [email protected] .. well…. I [email protected]£d her head and k!$$£d herl-ips…
Nolly: Baby, you’ve kept me waiting for so long….
Me: *Soft [email protected]* Sorry baby, I’m here now…. to rip you [email protected]
I re-moved my demon from my shorts, turned her behind to me as she held on to the tree. I slid in my demon into her womanliness and started ramming her.. ha-rd … I placed my hands on her Bos-oms and continued the ramming… It wasn’t as I would have loved it to be.. but it was still h0t…. It was more of a quic-kie..
In about 10minutes I ¢v-mmed…inside her womanliness..
Nolly was on birth control… and I trusted that… After all, she’s South African!
Episode 30
After our romp, I dressed up… we went back to the cafe to get stuffs to eat and drink.. I went back to my hostel… I called my mum…
Me: Muumy… mummy …. you just left your son alone to the world…
Mum: How are you… soo you don’t know how to commnicate…
Me: E ma binu ma… plea-se I want to talk to daddy..
Mum: Hold on.
Dad: ***giggles…..*** Baba Ibeji…
Me: Hello sir… I’m not that …..
Dad: How’s your wife?
He continues to make jest of me and I was getting angry gradually.. It wasn’t just ma-king s-en-se.. That meant this people where practically not going to support me, Shola nor the baby.. We are on our own….
Me: Sir, I would be coming home after our exams.. that’s in about a month’s time…
Dad: Okay, I’ll book your flight for you… Just s£nd in the [email protected]£//
Me: No sir, you can’t book the flight for me… One is that I don’t know the exact [email protected]£…
Dad: So what do you want?
Me: I want you to s£nd me the money sir… The flight money..
Dad: Okay, I’ll see what I can do within tomorrow and the next..
Me: Okay sir… Thank you sir…..
I had to look for how I can double this money, or even triple it within the next 1 month.. I called Shola…
Me: Baby how far?
Shola: I’m okay sweets…
Me: I nee-d you you to get me an estimate of all expenses that we would nee-d… Anti-natal, delivery e.t.c
Shola: Jide O…. See my husband! Baby, I don’t know what to say…..
Me: Shola se you’ve heard sha? s£nd it to me tomorrow… unfailingly
Shola: Okay love…
Me: Yea, goodnight..
Episode 31
That been said… I had to start getting re-ady to become a daddy… I resorted into going online for help and counseling… But where will my money even come from.. Who’s going to be taking care of the child… I taught till I sle-pt off that night.. I woke up to Shola’s message..
**It’s going to be a girl Jide..**
A girl? Wow, I was swept with so much joy… I remember screaming out… Its a girl… Even though I had issues, I still had some sanity to be happy about my baby that morning.
I dressed up to be as cute as I can be..and went to clas-s… To be honest, I had forgotten about Nolly until I got to that clas-s…. As I entered the clas-s… Nolly ran up to me…
Nolly: Babby!!!!!!!!! Babyy!!!!! Wow!
She was beginning to embarras-s me as she jumped on me… she k!$$£d me… I knew this girl was just for PDA. I just had to [email protected] cos I was happy. As usual, we sat together for the Monday clas-ses…. only this time, I concentrated more on the clas-s… and Nolly noticed it… This made her happy too, cos she felt she was changing me gradually…little did she know… The clas-s ended… and I called Shola…
Me: Where are you?
Shola: I’m leaving the clinic this evening, from there, I’ll be headed to my school
Me: Okay, let me know when you’re in school… okay…
**Call ends**
Nolly was at my back… I didn’t know she’s been waiting and listening…. She asked for us to go to the cafe for lunch… We went… she told me to go order for the food.. She gave me money…. I went to get the food.. As I was getting back, I saw Nolly, very serious with my phone…. I was holding two plates so I couldn’t really react as I would have loved to. I reached our table, drop the plates and snatched my phone from her.. as I did, I went outside very furious…. She followed me hurriedly…
Nolly: Jide, no no.. I was just gaming…
Me: Really? Gaming, I turned the screen to her… for her to confirm herself..
Nolly: *She starts crying* Baby, you always make me feel insecure… I can’t cope seeing you with another lady… you disvir-gined me.. and I can’t share you with anyone.. Not in this world… such a person will die.
Me: I had to calm the situation down before people start thinking I’m m©l£sting her… I opened my hands, hvgged her and k!$$£d her… She kept quiet immediately..
Episode 32
I took her by the hand as we entered the cafe again.. We ate in silence, she wiped her face several times… I nee-ded to make Nolly happy again no matter what… She has tra-pped me.. in fact, she tra-ps me with a lot of things… I told her I was going to take her out… probably on Saturday… She smiled as she ate…. After our meal, we did some strolling before we [email protected]… I got to my hostel, did some re-ading and pla-yed fifa.. when a message [email protected]£ in…
***Credit Alert: 8560Rand*** That’s about N150k.
I jumped up and dropped the gamepad in joy… I was very happy… now is how I’ll multi-ply this money so it can be okay for me, Shola and the baby.
I didn’t know what to do so I decided to continue my game.. I asked the boys if they were going to clubbing the weekend so I could plan with them….
The day pas-sed by… and the weekend [email protected]£ sooner than we expected… I took Nolly out with my dudes, when we got to the club, we [email protected] ways, I went alone with Nolly as we strolled the street..
We got to a park…. ate stuffs… and we began k!ssing.. she jumped on me, sat on my leg…I responded her k!sses, started smooching her, I ru-bbe-d her [email protected] from her jean trou-ser… This one was going to be difficult… she stood up, unZi-pped my jean… pu-ll-ed her jean down… She sat on my alre-ady ha-rd demon…. The thing is S-x with Nolly wasn’t as fun as it began.. I wasn’t just feeling it… although my demon stood anytime she shoved that behind in my front.. She does it on purpose … and that behind was on my demon now.. She rode me like I was s£ntenced to death by ri-ding… I got turned on and changed positions. I la-id her down… and took it full missionary… I put my weight on her, pressed my demon fully inside her core as I sprung my c-m inside her … load by load… We got up and dressed….. That was the fun [email protected]…Erupting… The feeling is always out this world..
We journeyed back to the club… We got vodka, and bottle after bottle, we drank… we were so ti-psy and ma-king fun of each0ther’s highness.. One thing about life is , if you’re with someone, and you begin to have inti-mate sessions with that person regularly, you start to like, if not love the person.. So was the case for me… I was falling in love with Nolly.. for just one reason… She gave herself to me.. We were lucky the boys were still around, so we were able to get a ride back to school….The coming of Nolly to my life saw me begin dis£ngaging slowly from the boys.. I st©pped drugs, but I still drank… Back in school, I got a message from Shola.
*We nee-d about N80,000*
I wanted to call Shola back but didn’t cos I feared I might jam talk on the phone… I waited till the next morning… I called Shola..
Me: Baby, I got your text.. 80k?
Shola: Good morning my love… Yea 80k… I have 50k alre-ady sha…
Me: What? How did you get 50k?
Shola: I’ve been saving since… you know this was all my plan….from day one..
Me: Wow, this girl… okay..sha… but I still want to s£nd the whole thing o.
Shola: 30k is all we nee-d… When are you coming?
Me: 2 weeks..
Shola: Really baby.. God, I can’t wait!
Me: I know… I can’t wait too… I love you…
Shola: I love you too Jide.. oko miii..
*** call ends***
Gradually, my life was getting back in shape…. but just for a while…..
Episode 33
It was a Sunday, so there wasn’t really a plan I had in mind. Just wanted to do some re-ading and slee-ping… To while away some time, I pla-yed some fifa with the boys. After been trashed like about 5 times, I called Nolly…
Me: Hey babe… What are you up to? I’m bored..
Nolly: Nothing really… and will you come and see me then?
Me: What have you got for my sorry behind?
Nolly: Just come baby… There’s a hvge surprise.. Dress well o..
Me: Okay… give me 30mins
Nolly: I’ll be waiting.
**Call ends**
I went to have my bath… and she said I should dress well. I wore a checked shi-t with a black jean. I went to school and waited for Nolly in front of her hostel.. I didn’t know where we were going or what was going to happen but when I saw Nolly that afternoon, all the sorrows in my life disappeared.. She wore this black tank t©p with a blue jean, all her b©dy [email protected] [email protected]£ out… I was stars trucked… Her behind was mas-sive, and at a point I reasoned if I was actually the one controlling this thing… Girls like this Nigeria are no go areas…. They’re the ones with the politicians and billionaires.. So what’s Nolly doing with me? Nolly has never asked for 1 kobo, she pays for all the food all the time… even the drinks most times.
As she [email protected]£ out of her hostel, I stretched my hand to [email protected] her, she blu-shed as she [email protected]£ closer, I whispered… “I’m so lucky to have you”… She just smiled and replied, “No baby, I’m the one who’s lucky”… As she turned her back to me, I was shocked when I saw my name written boldly on the t©p she wore.
Episode 34
Me: What… Nolly… How did you get this done?
Nolly: I did it some time ago, I’ve been looking for it though, so just found it today… Any problem?
Me: No, I’m just surprised that’s all….
Nolly: Okay, don’t be… I’m taking you somewhere…
I hurriedly thought probably she was taking me to an herbalist this time… we started our journey and instead of Nolly going to the bus park, she went the other way.. as we neared the pri-vate car park, she brou-ght out a key and pressed the remote bu-tton…. In great admiration, I saw a Lamborghini flash its light back at us.. She moved closer to the vehicle as I followed her like a slave…
Me: Whose car is this?
Nolly: Mine baby… or ours.
Me: What? When and where did this appear from?
Nolly: I’ve always had it… even before we met.. It was a gift from dad when I got into uni..
Me: Really? So why’s it showing up now?
Nolly: Because it has to… Get inside!
I entered the first pas-s£nger’s seat while she got into the driver’s seat. The Lambor was red… Pure deluxe red, the glas-s was fully tinted, the alloy rims… It had a pri-vate plate that red “Nolly”. I just opened mouth… Who am I [email protected]!ng?
She started the engine, put on her black shades and drove off. This is the first time I saw Nolly drive.. And she was careless.. Maybe because I was beside her. I still didn’t know where we were going to.. But I had no choice but to follow…. I s£nt a message with my location to the boys in the room so that in case.. We drove by many luxurious places I hadn’t even been to… We st©pped at a filling station to get fuel, bought snacks, chocolates and ice-cream… As we continued, the sound of the engine attra-cted a number of people around the streets.

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