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Jay batch 3

# Chapter 8
Story by, Rejoice
# Jay ‘s POV
She left… Just that way.
One of the waiters [email protected]£ over to clean up the mess on the table, so I stood up and the seat kinda shifted a bit.
The guy wi-de-ned his eyes as he saw this.. But then went on with what he was doing.
I walked out of the eatery to find Nana.
I know for sure that she’s inside the bank.
I walked into the bank premises and saw her car, carefully parked at the parking lot with other cars.
I walked over to her car and jumped on the bonnet. Sitting now on the bonnet, I rested myself on the windscreen, with my hands behind my head and I stared up at the sunny sky.
Sun was out… kinda much but wasn’t affecting my gaze, just the way it wasn’t, there in that forest.
I’ll stay here and wait till Nana closes and comes out.
Im not leaving and she’s not gonna run away from me either.
No matter what I am now..
I’do wanna stay with her.
# Nana’s POV
Work over..
I didn’t tell anyone about my awkward attitude then… Even after I [email protected]£ out of the washroom and they kept throwing me questions with worried looks on their faces..
I told them ‘im just fine… Im fine!
Vera, my kinda closest colleague kept trying to know even after others had quit.
“Im fine..” Was all I kept answering.
As I took my bag and made my way out, I silently prayed not to see him.
But even as I kept praying, I saw him.
He was resting on my car bonnet with his face up at the sky.
I put my hand on my che-st as a sharp fright washed over me.
My head spinned and goosebu-mps
filled over my skin. And I just stood motionless, staring at him.
God! How do I escape from this nightmare?
Is it seriously true, that he’s a ghost?
Then I remembered something..
It was what the granny said.
‘Try taking a picture of him.’
With shaking hand, I searched my bag for my phone and got it out, it alnost sl!pout of my hand cos my hand were vividly shaking.
I scrolled and tapped on the [email protected]£ra and then tried taking a picture of him, but to my horror and shock,
He wasn’t appearing on the [email protected]£ra.
All I was seeing was just my car with no Jay sitting on the bonnet. No one!
I looked up to see if maybe he suddenly disappeared but no.. He was there, resting his head on the windscreen and staring up at the sky.
He haven’t seen me.
But looking via the [email protected]£ra, I wasn’t seeing him.
I threw my phone back into my bag..
He’s really a ghost!
I can’t believe this..
I can’t believe i’ve been talking to a ghost.
And I can’t believe I haven’t fainted yet!
But Im so freaking scared and im feeling really dizzy.
Im feeling nausea.
I inhaled, closed my eyes, then opened them back just immediately.
Then our eyes met.
He was sitting up now.
He look so cute but he’s a ghost!
I didn’t wish to go but I still did. With my wobbling legs, I walked slowly to my car… Not to him cos I stayed clearly far from the ghost.
I can’t believe this is a reality and not in my dreams.. Not those times I dream of my dead parents..
I stood far from him.
And he smiled awkwardly at me with his golden eyes which I could only imagine are blacks, not golden again.
I just wanted to wake up from this horrible dream.
“Nana..” He called and scanned the people around. I followed his gaze. No one was looking our way.. Or rather, my way!
Even If they do! I don’t care.
They have no idea the horror in front of me
“Nana.. ” He called again, staring into my eyes and I looked away.
I don’t wanna look at his eyes.
“What do you think I am Nana?” He asked.
I swallowed.
“I don’t… know. I don’t know what you are.” I said.
But I wanted to scream at his face.
“You don’t know? Nana, you don’t know what I am but you ran away when I was telling you about me.” He said.
I glanced at him.
He look really sad.
“I don’t know.. I just think you… you are…” I paused and breathed.
I don’t wanna say this.. I don’t know what it’s gonna cause..
And Im really not re-ady for it, im not fit to help a ghost find his death trace.
“Im what Nana?” He asked. Seems he like adding my name in everything.
“Do you really wanna know what you are?” I asked.
“Nana of cos I want to. Yeah..” He said.
I inhaled.
“You.. you you’re a g ghost.” I finally let it out.
His eyes went wi-de open and then he furrowed his eyebrows.
Then jumped down from the car bonnet and made to come to me but I moved backwards.
“Don’t come near me!” I said.
I can feel eyes on me now.
He st©pped and pushed his front hair back.
He always do that.
Then he looked at me.
“Am I a ghost Nana?” He asked.
“You are fv¢king asking me that.” I snapped.
“I don’t wanna believe that Nana. I didn’t die. Im not fv¢king dead. I was coming back from a [email protected] with my friends and… ” He paused.
I narrowed my eyes.
“And what?” I asked..
He pushed back his hair again.
“I can’t say more cos that’s the last thing I can remember.” He said and narrowed his eyes just the same way I did.
I blinked my eyes..
“I don’t know what to say but I really don’t know what you want from me.” I said.
He kept silent and just stared.
Then he looked ahead.
And then I felt a familiar scent behind me.
“Nana..” The person behind called.
He was right at my back.
I took a quic-k glance behind and yes, it was him.
Jardel… The fudge!
His stupid handsome face lightened up in a smile as our eyes met.
I looked away, back at Jay..
Jay was no more there.
I searched with my eyes for him but he was no one around.
How did he disappear just now!
He disappeared?
He has never did, why now! Why now that I just found out he’s a ghost!
It gave me cold shivers and I rushed to my car, forgetting about Jardel..
(fv¢k him! Why should I bother about him)
I ran to my car and he followed.
Jay wasn’t in the car..
Oh no oh!
“Nana heard you talking to yourself. People were staring at you.. I mean it was awkward. And now you’re acting this way.. Searching your car like..”
I cut him short.
“Get out of my life!” I yelled at him.
He was out alre-ady tho.
He broke my heart!
I didn’t even look at him.
I opened the door and made to go in but he [email protected]£d my hand.
I yanked his hand away and glared at him.
His stupid brown eyes stared at me.
“Get lost you bit-ch!” I screamed at him, got into my car and shut the door.
I drove away, leaving the heart piercer to stare.
I drove out of the bank and as I made to turn into the road.
I saw him.
He was leaning on a car with his hands in his pockets.
He saw me..
If he only he didn’t cos I as I made to speed away, I saw him standing in front of my car, blocking me.
He pu-ll-ed out his hands… And the next thing, I saw him beside me in the car…
My head spinned and hurt.
And I shut my eyes.. Not wanting to believe that a ghost is beside me! in this car with me!
“Im sorry my speed is just too much.. I had to be fast enough so you don’t leave me Nana.” He said and then t©uçhed me.
(His hand felt so cold)
I pas-sed out.
# Chapter 9
Story by, Rejoice
# Jay ‘s POV
Nana pas-sed out just immediately I t©uçhed her.
I can’t believe I could even t©uçh her..
But I don’t get why she pas-sed out..
Im so scared.
Was she scared of the way I [email protected]£ in?
She said im a ghost and she’s now so scared of me.
But how did I [email protected]£ a ghost? And how am I gonna wake her up.
Im calling her but she isn’t waking up at all..
I don’t wanna t©uçh her so it doesn’t cause worse.
She fainted when I t©uçhed her.
Maybe I shouldn’t have tried tou-ching her.
“Nana.. plea-se just open your eyes for me. Im begging you.” I said into her ear.
But she wasn’t responding.
I looked back and saw the guy who [email protected]£ behind her then.. He was approaching her car.
He was coming right here.
Thank goodness.. He’s gonna help out.
I watched him till he got to the window and peeped in.
His eyes went wi-de as he saw Nana unconscious with her eyes closed.
He opened the door and began calling Nana while shaking her.
“Nana… What’s the matter?. Nana?” He called, shaking her but kept still..
He shut the door and rushed towards the pas-s£ngers seat (The seat I am.)
I vanished out to the back seat.
He got in and tried waking her up but she wasn’t responding.
And after some struggle.. He was able to get her to the pas-s£ngers seat. And he got on the driver’s seat and drove off.
With I at the back seat.
All I hoped for is for Nana to wake up… For her to be alright or I’do kill myself.
fv¢k me! When Im dead alre-ady!.
But she just have to wake up. I wonder where he’s taking her to.
A hospital?
Then he began saying somethings..
“…Nana you just have to wake up for me. I’do kill myself if you don’t. I’ve been such an as-s-hole to hurt you. I love you Nana. Very much.” He said and drove really fast.
He hurt her?
By what? With what?
He didn’t say anything again till he drove into a white building..
A hospital.
He got to the parking lot, got down, rushed to her and carried her.
He rushed towards the hospital hall and I followed.
When the nurses saw him, they quic-kly got a stretcher.
She was carried with the stretcher into a room. They told him to stay back.
He did, but I followed them in.
The doctor [email protected]£ and they got their gloves and he pressed something on her arm. It stayed there.
Then he began pumping her che-st with his hands..
He did it for few minutes and soon Nana’s hands moved and then she sneezed and tried to raise her head but they pushed her back.
I was happy she woke up..
She was turning her head to the side I stood and I vanished out before she could see me.
I can’t let her see me and then pas-s out again.
# Nana’s POV
Hands pushed me back and my eyes opened to see nurses and a doctor around me.
Im in a hospital?
Then I recalled.
He t©uçhed me. His hands felt so cold and after that,…. Im finding myself here.
What happened to me.
I scanned the faces of the nurses, looking at me.
“Relax ma’am.. You pas-sed out and a young man brou-ght you here.” The doctor said.
A young man?
It can’t be Jay. Jay is a ghost! No one sees him except me.
Where is Jay?
Did he go away?
Who brou-ght me here.
“Who brou-ght me here?” I asked.
“A young man by name, Jardel Fernado” One of the three nurses said.
How did he?
And why the hell did he try helping me.
Jay could have done that!
No. Jay is a ghost.
God! I wish he isn’t.
But where the hell is he!
“How do you feel now?” The doctor asked.
“Fine.” I said.
I was feeling very okay.
“I’ll nee-d to go now.” I said and tried getting.
“No. You really nee-d to [email protected] for awhile.” The doctor said.
“But I just said im fine. I’ll pay the bill.” I said.
A nurse rushed out.
“plea-se you can’t_” but I cut him off.
“I wanna go!” I said.
I nee-d to find Jay.
I don’t wanna know anymore if he’s a ghost or not.
I nee-d to find him…
I nee-d to help him find out about his death.
I wanna see his family..
They would be looking for him…
But I can’t believe I wanna see him because I miss him.
Because im worried about him.
And Kiania?
Oh my God!
“What’s the time!” I asked.
The doctor checked his wristwatch.
“6:30pm.” He said.
“Kiania!.” I sat up.
“I nee-d to get her from school. My sister.” I said to them.
Just then, the door opened and the nurse who rushed out [email protected]£ in with Jardel.
The bit-ch rushed to me, trying to t©uçh me with fake worried looks.
I flung his hand away.
He looked at the doctor and nurses, then back to me.
“You pas-sed out in your car. Thank goodness I [email protected]£ by.” He said.
I didn’t care. I stood up from the be-d.
(Thank God the nurses didnt try to hold me again.)
“I’ll pay the bills..” I said.
“I’ve paid them alre-ady Nana. You don’t nee-d to do that.” Jardel said from where he stood now.
I glared at him.
“I never asked for your damn help. There was a better person who would have helped me.” I snapped at him.
His eyes wi-de-ned, then went back normal and he chuckled.
“A better person? Well the better person couldn’t come so quic-k to help you. You cant call such a person a better person.” He sm-irked.
I breathed.
Before I began walking out of the room.
“I s£nt Pedro to go get Kiki. She’ll be here soon.” I heard him say and I [email protected]
I turned to him.
“What. Did you just say?” I asked.
“Pedro went to bring Kiki. It’s late alre-ady and you can’t drive like this. And Kiki’s teacher has been calling.. So I_” I cut him off.
“Where is my phone?”
I didn’t care about the nurses and doctor who had just left.
He brou-ght it out from his trou-ser pockets and I [email protected]£d it from him..
It was true. Kiki’s teacher had been calling and he picked one of the calls.
I glared at him.
“I don’t even wish for Kiania to see you or ever want you speaking to her..” I said, turned and walked out, closing the door before he could say anything.
After a week of breaking my heart.
He’s here..
To do what?
Yeah, I wanted him back.. back to me cos I love him. I loved him but I got some other things to sort out..
If im ever gonna find Jay… It’do be at Kiki’s school or at the Cafteria or at my work place.
Three places.
He’s gonna be at one by now.
Probably thinking about me… Wanting to see me again… So I could help him.
Ugh! Do ghosts even think?
I sat down at the hospital lounge and waited for Kiania.
# Jardel ‘s POV
‘Who is that better person’ I asked within with so much hatred for the person alre-ady.
Nana is mine.
Yeah, I broke up with her for Becca but Becca is a real fv¢ked up.
Im done with her.
Cheating on in just a week of our relationsh!pwith my friend, Rayne is such a bit-chy act and I can’t go on with the who-re.
Nana is just perfect..
She’s just the best girl for a man…
I never knew till I broke up with her.
But now I’ve found out and im gonna get my girlfriend back.
I walked out of the room to find her.
I found her at the lounge, just sitting and staring at the entrance door.
I walked to her and sat beside her.
She shifted away..
“Don’t follow me about like a fly.” She said.
I chuckled.
“I don’t mind being a following fly for your sake Nana.” I said and held the other words I wanted to say.
Just then, I saw Pedro walk in with Kiki.
Kiki saw Jardel and rushed to him.
I inhaled.
He got her and carried her.
“Uncle Jardel.. I miss youuuuu.” Kiki said, hvgging him.
“Miss you too Kiki.” He said, and pe-cked her.
When she looked at me, I faked a smile.
Then Jardel carried her down and she [email protected]£ to me and hvgged me.
She didn’t even hvg me first!
“Nana.. Why are you here?” She asked.
“Felt kinda sick so I [email protected]£.” I said.
“Uncle Jardel brou-ght you right?” She asked.
ugh! What’s up with her and Jardel!
I thought I glanced at Jardel and he was smiling.
“Yeah he did.” I said.
“So can we go now? I hate to be in a hospital.” She said.
“Yeahh sure.”
I looked at Pedro.
Pedro is Jardel’s younger brother.
“Thanks Ped.” I said.
He just smiled and gave me a thumb up.
I thought Jardel is gonna go with Pedro but then he told Ped to go with his car while he drive us home.
He said, “Babe, I’ll drive you home so Ped just go with the car..”
And when Kiki looked at me, I had no choice but to fake a smile at him.
Pedro knows about our breakup.. He knows that Jardel broke my heart and he knows we are faking this all cos of Kiania.
Jardel ended up driving us home..
There was silence till we Kiki broke it.
I knew she would!
“Uncle Jardel!” She called from the backseat.
“Yes Kiki.” He answered.
My eyes were out the window… Staring at the streetlights and cars.
It was dark alre-ady and Jay was just on my mind.
Where is he?
“We are going to watch Mr bones this saturday. You are coming with us.” She said.
“Yeah I know. Nana told me.” He said.
I told him?
Is this bit-ch okay at all?
I didn’t wanna look at him, I just kept my gaze out the window.
(Five minutes later)
“Uncle Jardel..” Kiki called again.
“Yes Kiki..” He answered.
“Why ain’t you talking with Nana?” She asked.
I paused as my heart jumped.
“We don’t really have something to talk about that’s why Kiki..” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Nana..”She called and I shut my eyes.
“Yes dear.” I answered.
“Why haven’t you looked at Uncle Jardel since we’ve been in the car?” She asked.
I inhaled.
“It’s fine Kiki. Nana just love to look at the streets at night. See the lights and all that. Right Nana?” Jardel said.
I chuckled within.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Oh..kayyy” She said, finally giving up.
Didn’t see Jay all throu-gh the ride home.
Kiki wanted Jardel to come in with us. But I after a quic-k glare at Jardel, he said he nee-ds to work on some files at home..
I dragged Kiki in before he could come to hvg me..
We always did that.
hvg and k!ssgoodbye..
“Why didn’t you let Uncle Jardel hvg you!” She asked immediately we walked in and I shut the door.
“Nothing!” I said.
“There’s something.” She said.
“Nothing Kiki. Take off your clothes.” I said.
“Fine!” She said and instead of pu-lling off her clothes.
She walked out into her room.
I ended up petting her… and slee-ping off with thoughts of Jay.
Though I couldn’t sleep in my room.
I sle-pt with Kiki.
I was scared like hell and as much as I tried not to think of the reason for my fright. I still couldn’t st©p thinking about it.
He clouded my thought..And I found it so ha-rd to sleep.
I left the lights on which Kiki hate so much..cos im afraid of the dark..
But I was so suprised she didn’t mind. She just sle-pt with the lights on.
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