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Jay batch 2

#Chapter 4
Story by, Rejoice
#Jay ‘s POV [Continues]
My room was just the way it was yesterday..
Yeah it should..
I walked to my be-d and [email protected] on it, got my arms behind my head, and rested my head on it and stared at the ceiling.
I still don’t know the meaning of the $h!ts happening to me.
Or if Im getting to know. I don’t fv¢king wanna believe that..
Mom isn’t seeing me. No one else is except her..
And what happened to my real self?
I felt like bathing…
So I took off my clothes and headed for the en-suite.
Got there and walked to the mirror but shocking to me.
I didn’t see my reflection..
I didn’t see myself in the mirror.
I almost hit the mirror with my fist. I was boiling inside..
No one fv¢king no what is happening to myself!!
“Who are you now Jay!” I screamed at myself.
I turned on the shower and the water fell on my b©dy..
I was happy it did.
I thought I wouldn’t feel it, just the same way I didn’t feel the stream in that forest.
That forest!
How did I got there??
I washed myself with the soap and sponge, loving the way the cold water chilled my skin.
Then mom’s voice st©pped me.
“..Who’s there? Jay?”
What? She’s right outside my room door.
“Mom Jay can’t be in there. How would he get in?” Vitoria’s voice followed.
“…Vitoria the shower is running.. Can’t you hear it?” She asked.
My heart raised.
I quic-kly turned off the shower.
“Omg! I can’t! Mom can you st©p this and come have your dinner.” Vitoria said.
“No.. Let’s check his room.” She said.
Oh my God! my clothes!
I rushed out, dripping we-t and nak*d and [email protected]£d my clothes, pushing them un-der my be-d..
Just then, the door opened and they both got in.
I covered my di-ck even though they weren’t seeing me.
Mom went straight to the bathroom, while Vitoria just stood with her hands on her h!ps, watching mom and shaking her head.
I just stood with my hands covering my di-ck and stared at them both.
Mom walked out soon with a very pale and horror face, looking at Vitoria with wi-de eyes.. Her hands went to her che-st.
And I could hear her heart beating really fast.
“The floor… the floor was we-t and his soap and sponge were..were we-t too..”
Her eyes were cold.. It was so obvious she was scared.
Vitoria’s eyes went wi-de open and she rushed to the bathroom, [email protected]£ back just immediately and took my mom’s hand.
“Sss… Someone just bathed in there. It’s so real. Mom..” She said with frightened tone.
Mom swallowed and stared around.
“Jay.. Jay.. You’re here?” Mom called and immediately, she pu-ll-ed away her hand from Vitoria’s hold and rushed towards, almost colliding with me but I quic-kly moved away and she rushed to my wardrobe and pu-ll-ed it open, scattering my clothes.
“Jay.. where for God’s sake are you!” She yelled, searching my wardrobe eagerly like im some kind of a pin.
Vitoria walked to her and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg.
“Mom… Jay will be back soon.. If he doesn’t come back tonight, then he’s gonna come back in the morning..” Vitoria said then pu-ll-ed away.
Mom stared at her.
“But the we-t floor and the…” Mom was saying but Vitoria cut in.
“..Mom. I think all this are just imaginations. It isn’t possible. Yes the floor are we-t and all that but I guess one thing orr the other caused it. Let’s just go out of here.” She said and pu-ll-ed mom along and they walked out.
“fv¢k it!” I yelled and pushed my hair.
I nee-d to find that girl.
She has the answer to what’s wrong with me.
If she sees me then she has the answer to what’s happening to me.
I walked to my wardrobe and pu-ll-ed on blue bo-xer and a red shi-t.
Im gonna find her in the morning..
I’ll go to Danar and find her.
I sat on my be-d and thought of my friends..
[email protected] and Leo.
We were all in Rekado’s car,drinking as we drove from the club…
I was drinking and songs were pla-ying..
Rekado and [email protected] had their girlfriends with them.
Then, I was feeling soo… ti-psy.
Yeah ti-psy..
Everyone feels that when you drink!!
Gosh! I can’t remember anything else..
I layed down and avoided pushing the pillow so mom don’t come back and find the pillows in another position.
That would scare her too much and I dont want it..
I closed my eyes but no sleep would come. I know.
So I got up and walked out to the sitting room.
Mom and Vitoria were still at the dinning and I stood, staring at them..
They ate silently and even though I loved what they were eating..
I wasn’t hungry..
After staring for awhile, I turned and walked back to my room and layed back on the be-d.
My thoughts went to the girl who helped me.
Who saw me.
Gosh! She’s super cute..
And she was seeing me.
When she st©pped there at the road. I was really shocked and when she yelled at me.
I couldn’t believe it.
There was someone who actually saw me.
I was so excited.
After much, she still helped me..
Super nice too..
I can’t believe she’s the only one seeing me. No one else.
Not my mom.. not my sister.
I closed my eyes again.
What’s her name?
#Vitoria ‘s POV
I was just too shocked when I saw that..A we-t soapy floor and we-t sponge and bathing soap..
But I gotta control my fear to subdue mom’s fear.
She was so frightened and I couldn’t just show my fear as well.
That would make her really worried sick..
Jay… the cold floor was an evidence that he was in there.. but how did he [email protected]£ in and how did he escape too?
Make no s-en-se!
Now, im starting to feel something bad happened to my brother and I nee-d to do something!
Who the hell had a bathe in there and st©pped the shower after hearing our voice.
Jay.. I just hope you are fine.. you’re so stubborn.. You sneaked out without telling me or mom.
Now we don’t know where you’ve been for two nights.
Mom’s here, worried sick and Im feeling you are in some kinda trouble.
Mom wasn’t eating quite well… She occas-sionally glanced at the front door.
I smiled to her..
Just to make her feel alright.
#Nana ‘s POV
I kept thinking of Jay..
I couldn’t concentrate on the movie Kiania and I were watching down here at the sitting room.
Why did he just leave that way?
He said he was going to Tur Moel and I said im gonna drop him off at Danar.
He accepted and we havn’t even gotten to Danar and he disappeared just like that.
I hate what he did!
“Nana.. are you seeing Pia and Reshi are lovers now? They are finally going to wed soon!” Kiki said, hvgging me.
I smiled and hvgged her too..
“Yeah.. Im happy for them.” I said, and glanced at the two indian movie actors on the TV screen who were hvgging each other. They were enemies till they fell inlove..
Crazily inlove and can’t do without each other.
“I wish it all real.. But it’s just a movie. But you know what Nana?” She said, raised her head and stared into my eyes.
I stared at her too with a smile.
“You and uncle Jardel’s gonna be real and I can’t just wait to be the flower girl who would spre-ad you colourful flowers when you walk down the aisle in your beautiful bride go-wn with uncle Jardel, holding your hand.” She said and then giggled.
I smiled and hvgged her more.
A tear dropped from my eyes but I wiped it off quic-kly before Kiki sees it.
One thing she don’t know yet.
Jardel broke my heart and left me for Becca.
She’s still a kid and knows nothing of heartbreaks and cheats.
“Nana.. What about Aunty Becca?” Kiki suddenly asked.
I swallowed.
I know she’s gonna ask this soon and she just did.
“She travelled to New York. She’ll be back soon.” I lied.
It hurt that I lied to her but it’s the only thing I could do.
“I miss her and can’t wait to see her again.” She said.
“Me too.” I said.
pls note;, I have no idea about ghosts and how they feel and what they could do.. Im just writting according to imaginations and research.
This is all a work of fiction.
Thank you.
<b> Next Day
#Jay ‘s POV
I didn’t sleep all night.
Sleep never [email protected]£..
I checked the time and it was 6:30am..
I got up, went to my wardrobe, searched for a trou-ser.
pu-ll-ed on a blue jean, and a black hoodie over the red shi-t that I wore, got my boots on and walked out of my room..
I went into my mom’s room by pas-sing throu-gh the door.
She wasn’t slee-ping.
I know that.
She was in her glas-ses, going throu-gh her bible.
I inhaled and breathed out, “Im sorry mom.. I don’t know why no one can see me… But im back. Im home. It’s fine. Im going to find the only person who can see me. She’ll tell me what is really wrong with me.” I said.
She was all focused on her bible re-ading..
I turned and walked out, throu-gh the door just the way I [email protected]£ in.
I went to Vitoria’s room, pas-sing throu-gh the door too and she was awake… ma-king a call.
“… He sneaked out two nights ago and he’s not been back since then. Yes, Jay Danne. Tall. With tatoos and golden eyes and golden hair. He’s exactly the one in the pictures that I s£nt. Yea… Alright.” She said, then dropped the phone.
She was sitting at the centre of the be-d.
Then she pushed her hair back and put her hand on her jaw..
In thoughts..
Have she s£nt pictures to some police guys to look for me?
When Im here, looking at her?
Ah! This just gotta st©p!
I turned and walked out.
I walked out of the front door, and out of the gate.
The streets were just starting to begin a new day.
Few cars pas-sed..
Few guys working out..
With my hands in my pockets, I walked throu-gh and pas-sed the streets, then [email protected]£ to where the streetcar, heading to Danar was.
I went in and this time around, I sat beside an old ugly lean man.
Don’t wanna experience that $h!t yesterday.
The man looked like rag, but I don’t mind.
He wore a brown face cap, with dirty black sweater and black trou-sers and was eating ch!ps at such an early morning..
After few minues that the tramcar moved, he fell asleep.. with his head up and his mouth open.
Getting to Danar, and the tram st©pped. I tried not to be the last to come down.
I trekked towards Learners Academy.. That was the school..
I pas-sed throu-gh the crowded place yesterday but this morning, it wasn’t crowded.
When I got to the school, The gates were open, so I just walked in.
There were just the workers mainly the cleaners moving about.
I found the bus which i hide behind yesterday and I walked behind it and stood.
I don’t mind standing here for hours till she comes.
Once she drops her sister, then I’ll go to her car and stay where no one’s gonna notice if she talks to me..
or how do I just do this?
Whatever. I’ll just find what to do when the time comes..
#Nana ‘s POV
“Kiki.. c’mon im late for work and you’re late for school. Eat up fast okay?” I said, getting her lunchbox and her school bag.
“Im filled up. Can’t eat more or im gonna throw up.” She said, pushing her plate of pasta away and going for her cu-p of water.
“No. Don’t throw up. Fine. Come on. We gotta leave now.” I said, running into the kitchen with the plates of remaining meal.
I dropped them in the sink and rushed back to her.
My Sk-irt felt so ti-ght and my blue heels made me feel horrible.
I love to be on trou-sers and sandals than this $h!t heels, but that’s the only thing my work permits. ti-ght Sk-irts and heels that gives me freaking headache!
I helped Kiki with her school bag to her back, took my handbag, and Kiki’s lunch box and we walked out, locking the door.
We went into my car and I zoomed off.
“Nana… Do you think we are going to see the cute guy that you helped yesterday?” She said, bringing Jay back into my memories.
I smiled as I remembered the way he childishly did hisl-ips side the car.. This car, there at the highway.
“Nana, why’re you smiling instead of answering my questions?” Kiania asked, looking too closely at me.
“Oh.. What did you ask sweetie?” I asked, totally forgetting what she asked me.
She frowned.
“Never mind again.” She said, and turned her gaze to the windscreen.
I ca-ressed her cheek slightly.
“plea-se huh… Tell me Kiki honey. I promise to take you to watch Mr bones on saturday.” I said.
She giggled, then smiled.
“Do you think we are going to meet the cute guy you helped out yesterday? I really wish to meet him.” She said.
“Maybe. Im not sure about that.” I said.
I really wish to.. I really wish to.
She nodded.
“So is uncle Jardel coming with us to watch Mr Bones on saturday?” She asked.
I inhaled.
“Yes Kiki. He will.” I said.
“Yes!!” She yelled,raising her two hands high up.
Kiki! Im sorry, uncle Jardel isn’t what he really claimed to be.
He broke my heart. I wish I could tell you all this but I can’t.
I got to school and searched around with my eyes for Jay but didn’t see him.
I took Kiki to her clas-s and k!$$£d her goodbye.
“Be careful. Love you sweetie.” I said.
“Love you too Nana.” She said and hvgged me.
I left and walked down, back to my car..
but when I walked over to the right side of the car to enter into the driver’s seat..I saw him.
He was squatting down and when he saw me… He slowly stood up and we stared at each other.
I felt instantly happy that I saw him.
His dressing made him look like the bad guy that I guess he is and it fitted him just right..
I felt like rushing him into a hvg.
When I noticed she was about to talk, I opened my car and got in, shutting the door..
I know im never gonna drive away like this but I gotta show my little pride.
He [email protected]£ to the window…
His golden eyes met with my brown eyes.
I know it looked perfect..
“Hey, im sorry. I’ve got alot to discuss with you.” He said.
“Really? so?” I asked.
“Let me in.” He said.
I svoffed even though it was a smile within.
“Im going to work. Im late alre-ady.” I said, going for the steering.
Just beg.
“No.. plea-se. Just let me in.” He begged.
“You can’t go with me to my work place.” I said.
Beg Jay.
“plea-se. I don’t mind waiting in your car all hours till you close. I really wanna tell you somethings.” He said.
Well, do I care what you wanna tell me. Im just happy to see your cute childish face but rou-gh self, and tattoed skin.
“Get in.” I said.
He first looked left, then right.. As if he’s about to steal something..
Then he opened the door and walked in.
He looked at me and smiled.
Wow.. such a cute smile you got guy.
“Thanks once again.” He said.
I ignored him and drove away, kinda confused with the way few people were staring at my car and at me.
Well, whatever!
Always tryna know who’s the guy with you!
As I drove out of the school, and into the road..
I decided to spill out the question which have been hanging in my throats since yesterday..
“Why did you leave that way?”
He stayed silence for awhile then looked at me with dull eyes.
“I’ll tell you the truth.” He said
#Chapter 6 & 7
#Nana ‘s POV [Continues]
Previous]: As I drove out of the school, and into the road..
I decided to spill out the question which have been hanging in my throats since yesterday..
“Why did you leave that way?”
He stayed silence for awhile then looked at me with dull eyes.
“I’ll tell you the truth.” He said.
I glanced at him.
“So?” I said.
He stayed silent for what seemed like forever.
“Not yet.. You’re driving.” He finally said.
“Im driving?” That was funny.
“Yeah. I’ll tell you when you st©p driving.” He said, looking at me.
“Seriously.” That got me quite upset.
“Yeah. I promise.” He said.
After awhile, I had to ask him this.
“Did you get home yesterday? and wjy are you back to Danar?”
He looked at me. I noticed he’s been doing that.
“Yeah I did and I [email protected]£ back cos I wanted to see you and stay with you.” He said with his cute smile that had to make my head spin round and round and round.
I wanted to just let out a smile but I swallowed it down, not wanting him to notice I was happy with what he just said.
“Really?” That was all I could say.
“Yeah..” He said, rested his head on the seat headrest and kept looking at me. His face was just turned to me.
He looked so sweetlooking..
Only if I ain’t older than him.
Are my really older than him.. I have no idea yet.
God! Nana concentrate.
But then, he was still looking at me and it really made me feel so uncomfortable..
The way he was looking at me each time I glance at him.
I mean, his eyes were just too cute and charming.
I don’t really know what im feeling or What im saying.. He gotta st©p looking at me that way, or I might loose myself.
I decided to just make him st©p.
“Can you st©p looking at me that way?” I said.
He smiled.
“I can’t st©p it.. cos you look really beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off.” He said.
God! My pulse st©pped.
I felt bu-tterflies in my stomache..
I didn’t know how to react to this, so all I could do was let out a silly laugh that I st©pped just immediately I let it out.
“Thank you.” I said, without looking at him.
I can’t dare to look at him. It’s only gonna make things worse for me.
“You’re welcome. Can you tell me your name now plea-se?” He said.. Im sure he’s still looking at me.
“Nana.” I said..
“Wow.. Na- Na. I love your name. It’s so beautiful just like you.” He said.
I swallowed..
“Im almost at my work place. So how do we do it?” I asked.
I work in a Micro finance bank.
“I’ll hang around. Do you go for lunch?” He asked.
“Yeah. 12pm to 12:30.” I said.
“Can we talk then?” He said.
“Yeah.” I said and finally pu-ll-ed to a st©p in front of my work place.
He smiled, then sat up and looked out.
There’s an eatery opposite.
“That’s an eatery. I’ll stay there and you’do come over at lunch right?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said and he smiled, opened the door, went down and closed it back.
He walked over to the eatery and I watched him till he entered.
Then I made to drive inside of my work place but an old man and woman, obviously couple knocked on my window glas-s.
I wind down the glas-s a bit.
“Hello?” I said.. It was more of a question than a greeting.
They smiled..
“We saw the door of your car open and close back, but no one really opened and closed it. My husband and I were wondering if you were the one who really did that?” The granny spoke while her husband nodded.
They were old and probably didn’t see quite well.
“I don’t get plea-se. Someone [email protected]£ down from my car. Didn’t you see him?” I asked.
They shook their head.
“We saw nob©dy.” The granny said.
“Yes. We saw no one. The door opened and closed back. It couldn’t be you and it couldn’t have been the wind. There’s no wind b!owing.” The grandpa said.
I stared at them like some kind of insane couple.
“Doors can’t open and close by it self. There was someone with mw here in the car and he went out of my car.” I said.
They shook their head.
“We saw when your car st©pped here. We’ve been sitting over there waiting for our grand daughter to come pick us.” The granny said, and pointed at where they were sitting.
“..We saw no one come out from your car.” She said.
Wow.. This is freaking me out!
“Where did he head to?” The grandpa asked.
I stayed silent for awhile.
God! I don’t want to think.
“To the eatery there. He’s in there now.” I said.
“If someone really [email protected]£ down from your car, then I advice you to find more about the person.” The grandpa said.
“More about the person?” I asked
They noddd with a smile.
Then the woman looked and her smile wi-de-ned.
“Oh, there comes our grand daughter.” The granny looked ahead and said with a wi-de-ned smile.
Then she looked at me with a warm smile.
“I’ll tell you there is something about that person who got down from your car.”
“Like what ma?” I asked, wondering.
She just smiled.
“Find out.” She said and turned to pu-ll her husband along.
“E..excuse me ma?” I called.
She turned with a smile.
“Yes dear.”
“Can I have anything that could make us see again?” I asked.
She smiled.
“Oh yeah..” She then searched her bag and brou-ght out a little paper.
“Here is my phone numbers.” She handed it to me.
“Call us anytime.” She said.
“Thank you.” I said.
She held her husband hand ad they walked to a car, waiting for them..
She seemed to be more strong and healthier than her husband.
I stared at the two phone numbers written down on the paper.
I still find what they just told me really funny.
They saw no one walk out of my car..
So funny like seriously.
I stared briefly at the eatery before driving into the bank.
All throu-gh the hours that I worked, I couldn’t st©p myself from thinking about Jay and what those couple said. They really was having effect on me..
I couldn’t wait for lunch time and immediately the time said twelve o’clock. I didn’t care if I still got unfinished work to do.
I rushed down and over to the eatery.
Yeah.. I saw him. He was still there, sitting on an empty table.
Our eyes met and he smiled.
His smiles… I can’t explain what they do to me.
I walked over to him and sat at the seat opposite him.
We were facing each other now.
Chapter 7
[Nana’s pov continue’s]
“J_” I was about to talk but he cut in.
“plea-se Nana.. I beg you, don’t say anything to me. Son’t even act like there’s someone here with you.” He said.
“Why?” I couldn’t help not asking.
“I told younot to say anything.” He said as his eyes scanned others who were in.
“plea-se don’t talk Nana! Listen to me.” He said.
I inhaled and stared confusely at him. Then I got up, walked to the counter, ordered just an orange fruit juics cos I got no appetite for meals. Im more interested and anxious at knowing about him.
If those couple were telling lies or the truth.
It musn’t be the truth.. I don’t even wanna imagine it Lord Jesus.
My heart was pounding but I held strong.
I [email protected]£ back with the jui-ce and a glas-s cu-p on a french tray.
I sat down, droppig the tray on the table.
He stared at me with those charming eyes of his.
Then he got his hand on the table and began drumming on it with his f!ngers.
“Like.. like I said, don’t act like im here Nana.. you just drink your jui-ce and listen to everything I wanna say.”
I poured some fruit into the glas-s and brou-ght to myl-ips, tasting it.
“Have you eating anything?” I asked him.
He nodded.
“Why did you order for just jui-ce. Ain’t you hungry?” He asked.
“Im not. Don’t know why tho.” I whispered and gulped a little of the jui-ce.
I just couldn’t wait for him to speak up.
“Nana.. the truth.. Is that I got no idea of who I [email protected]£ yesterday.” He said.
I looked at him as the glas-s hung in my hand.
I swallowed the jui-ce down so it don’t choke me.
“Wh.. who are you?” I ask, bewildered.
He pushed hia front hair back.
“Don’t talk out Nana.. People would stare awkwardly at you.” He said.
I scanned around, just two people were looking at me.
I don’t care.
“Why?” I asked. I just can’t silent.
He stayed silent and stared at me like forever before raising a dre-adful fright and confusion in me instantly with his answer.
“Cos im invisible to everyone, except you.”
It was funny.. But it gave me a sharp fright and my thought went to those couple.
“Invisible to everyone except me?” I asked, trying to un-derstood really well.
He shut his eyes, then opened them back.
“Yes. No one sees me except you. No one can hear me but only you can. I started seeing myself as an ivisible being from yesterday. I don’t really know why. From waking up in a damn forest without knowing how got to be there. wandering all night and finally seeing that highway in the morning .. I waved at cars but none st©pped to help me out. When I tried blocking a car so it could st©p and help me, it sped pas throu-gh me. I was just too suprised… Every other car did and when you st©pped and talked to me. I was so astonished. I couldn’t believe that you saw me. I was happy.. too happy. I left there at the school when you went to pick your sister all cos I was scared you’do be too afraid when you find out that your sister isn’t seeing me. I went home and my mom and my sister wasn’t seeing me too. So I had to find you again.. To let you know you the only person who sees and hears me. I don’t really know who I am now. Im thinking you can be of help Nana.. plea-se don’t go. I don’t really wanna believe that something happened to my real self.” He said with tears in his eyes.
I was shaking, staring wi-dely at him.
The glas-s dropped from my hand and broke at the table and the jui-ce split on me and they should have split on him too but none did…
I didn’t even bother turning to see the eyes on me.
My trembling b©dy was all focused on him
“Jay what are you?” I said coldly.
“plea-se Nana.. Don’t be scared. I can’t tell you who I suddenly [email protected]£ cos I don’t know. plea-se don’t go away. Im begging you.” He said, but I was up alre-ady and before he could get to me, I found my trembling b©dy out of the eatery.
And back to my office in a frightening swift.
My heart pounding.
My breathe high.
My b©dy shaking..
Few collegues tried to talk to me but I quic-kly ran over to a washroom with my phone and the couple’s paper
I locked myself and called the first number.
It rang and it was picked.
“Hello. Who is this?” That was the granny’s voice.
“Hello ma. Im the lady you were talking about the invisible person with in the morning..” I said.
I was shaking and the phone in my hand was gonna fall.
She laughed.
“Have you asked him anything?” He asked.
“He said it. That no one else sees him except me.”
“Did you ask him why and what he is?” She asked.
“He doesn’t know what he is, since yesterday. He said that he just found himself in a forest and then found out he has become Invisible.” I said, afraid of what she’s gonna tell me.
God! it mustn’t be a ghost.
“I think.. dear that the young man is dead.” She said and I screamed.
“No!!!!” I shut my eyes.. Not wanting to open them again.
“Don’t scream dear.. That shouldn’t scare you away from him. He can’t hurt you. If you’re the only one who sees him, then you’re the only one who can help him out.” She said.
I [email protected]
“Help a ghost in what way? Why should I be the one to see him for Chris sake!” I said.
“Jesus! I can’t believe i’ve been talking to a ghost! A spirit.” I said, crying and shaking with so much fright.
“It happens dear. Go to him, be strong. He won’t hurt you at all. Help him Find out why he [email protected]£ that way because he don’t know. All I mean is, help him find out about his death.” She said.
“What!” I asked.
“Yeah. you are the only one that can do that. Only you can make his family know about his death cos they don’t know yet. Im sure about that.. And help in finding his death trace.” She said.
Jesus Chris!
“How did you find him?” She asked.
I told her everything.. From how I saw him sitting at the middle of the road and evry other thing.
“I think that forest would have a trace and answer about his death.” She said.
Fear gr!pp£dme more.
Jay, dead! A ghost! A fv¢king spirit…
“Hold on. I’ll tell you something.” She said.
“If you’re doubting about this. Try taking a picture of him with a [email protected]£ra. If he appears on the screen, Then he’s not a ghost and might be some kind of possessed human, but if he doesn’t, then I can tell you, he’s dead and a spirit.”
I swallowed.
“But there is something.” She said again.
“Such a ghost have just few says to roam on earth.” She said.
“Like?”I asked.
“Three days or so. I’ve got a story about my dear son. When he got murdered. This same thing happened to his spirit. Her name was Maria.. Only her could see my son’s spirit.. We were searching for him for two days.. Then she [email protected]£ the third day and told us he’s dead and his spirit is standing beside her. She was the only one who could see and hear him….His spirit disappeared that third day just after we saw his corpse, dumped far way at a forgotten forest…. You nee-d to act fast dear. I don’t mind helping you out.. His family nee-ds to know about him.”
When the call dropped..
My tears were flowing down like a river..
I didn’t really feel scared that much and all I could do was cry on and on for him.
Even after My colleagues [email protected]£ knocking over and over again. I didn’t open up.
I stayed in there, ignoring every one of them and,
Crying my fears and self out…

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