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I have to love him Episode 1 to 3

I hate to love him 😍
Episode 1 ❤️
lola’s point of view
I increa-sed my foot steps as I walked down the stairs – ‘what did he want now?’ I thought .
I had just seen that one guy I hated all my life in the lecture hall, my tormentor. I had swore I would do everything to avoid him the first time I saw him in my [email protected] which was during the registrations for courses I’ll be taking for the semester.
I just gained an admission into the federal university of technology akure to study quantity survey after two years of sitting at home doing nothing except studying. now that am here I promised myself I was going to enjoy myself no matter what, even though am an introvert. at least things should be better than my days in secondary school, where I had only one friend – now not that it isn’t cool, but I wanted more friends.
Noah made it so difficult for me back then to keep friends . why?
1. the stupid kids in my clas-s listened to everything he told them without questioning.
2. I was more like a geek, and nob©dy liked people like me who dressed unfashionably.
I and Noah had [email protected]£ enemies when I defended my best friend rose , we were both timid girls, but at least some one had to stand up for the other. I had confronted Noah to stay away from rose and ever since that very day he did everything in his power to frustrate me.
Although things never got that physical until a day he tried to t©uçh me, or should I say he did t©uçh me.
yea my brea-st.
I couldn’t tell anyone or report him to the school authourity because I was scared, and it might even make people hate my more. nob©dy messed with their little ‘god’.He had cornered me along the school corridor and dragged me into an empty clas-s which we called the ‘dark room’.It was a room which no clas-s used. People go there to do all sort of things, some re-ad there when they don’t feel like going to the [email protected] while some go there to you-know-what.
Till today I still dont know where I got that crazy strength to push him away from me. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a warm hand gr-ab me, I looked backed and stared into those small piercing eyes, I stood still and I didn’t move. we both stared at each other for some seconds before I broke the silence. “get your hands off me” I growled.
“i know you hate me Lola, but can we move past what had happened – i–am really sorry”.
“just get your hands off me” I couldn’t think of anything to say to him, I just wanted to be left alone.He shrugged before backing away and raised his hands in surrender.
‘arrogant p—k’ I muffled un-der my breath.
“oh! I hate him rose” I gro-an ed. “he’s still arrogant, you nee-ded to see the way he spoke sef”.
rose sighed before turning her attention to me “yea – I know you do. hate is a strong word you know?”
“yea . whatever” I rolled my eyes before giving my friend the speak to the hands sign.
“don’t let him get to you, besides he might truly be sorry and just wants to be your friend. if you don’t like the idea of being friends ignore him, with time he’ll leave you alone” rose said.
‘i think that’s what I’ll do’. I thought withing my self.
so guys what do you think about this chapter, hope you liked it. believe it or not there are many people who get bullied especially in our secondary school. it makes some people stronger while it makes some more weak whichever way bullying has moulded us as a Person we all know bullying is bad. some people derive joy in bullying people, while some really don’t . some bullies are actually victims too. they only look for someone weaker who they can take out anger on.
whatsap message
” oh ooo! mummy have heard you jor. am not a baby anymore” I said.
“don’t you dare talk to me that way, ever talk to me that way. ever. 7:30pm is late alre-ady”my Mimi screamed into the phone , I took the phone away from my ear to avoid hearing more of her screams.
” hello… He – l – lo”my mum shouted from the other end. I pu-ll-ed my phone back to my ear in other to avoid more scolding.
“motigbo(i have heard you), I’ll just go back home then. my regards to dad” I said before my mum cut the call.
I was still grumbling when I heard someone call my name , I looked towards the direction of the figure walking towards me. I couldn’t figure who it was, so I backed away. Although the voice sounded so familiar, it was the voice of a guy. He walked closer to me until I realised who it was……
I looked at his tall figure. He st©pped in front of me and his eyes scanned my face. He looked gorgeously handsome, but I hated the fact someone that wicked could be this good looking. There’s Something about his appearance that affects me. Even way back when we were younger.He carried himself with so much confidence or should I say pride.
He sm-irked at ” I don’t think it’s safe walking alone here. it’s getting late alrea-”
“oh! Save it” I waved my hand at his face.
” okay, what’s good Lola?”
“would you mind if I take a walk with you?”
“like you are not walking with me alre-ady” I said icily, before moving away a little to keep my distance from him.
“can we just start over Lola? plea-se!”. I scoffed and looked away, Noah reached for my hand and pu-ll-ed me closer to him, he tilted my chin up and made me face him. I looked into his eyes, then I pushed him away from me.
” st©p acting like you are a better person now. you’ll always be that mean arrogant bastard, who thinks too highly of himself”. He looked at me with hurtful eyes . He was mad at me, his eyes had alre-ady turned red, but I didn’t care, I wanted to hurt him with my words.
” okay. can I at least have your number”. He looked at me with an innocent eye, and poured like a puppy. He walked towards me again .
“what? I alre-ady told you to stay away from me. I don’t care if you’ve. changed or not” I roared . He chuckled at my sudden outbur-st,and held me.
‘wow! what a psycho , what’s so funny to him?’ I thought.
” give me your phone then”
“you don’t control me”i struggled from his grip but he wouldn’t let go, he was stronger than ibthought . I was getting irritated and I couldn’t stand him any longer, he looked at me intently and snatched my phone from my hand, I tried to get the phone from him but he held on ti-ghtly to it as he dialled a number on my phone before pointing it back to me which I snatched away from his hands. I closed my eyes before walking away from him without looking back.
It was alre-ady 8pm when I walked back home where rose and I rented a self contained [email protected] we had decided we weren’t going to stay in the school hostel where four people lived together in a room, we wanted our privacy. once I got to a shop close to my [email protected], I decided to get bre-ad , three eggs and a yougurt drink for rose and I before hurrying back home.
Noah’s pov
I looked at her retreating figure as she walked away from me, I had seen her when she walked out of her [email protected] and I decided to trail her before calling out her name, she looked so beautiful now, not that she wasn’t good looking then. But now she’s just so different. I had always had this thing for Lola when we were younger but I couldn’t tell her, it had always been easy for me to get any girl I wanted then, but she was different she wasn’t the kind of girl with the fake attitude, she had always been real from day one. she had always been a shy but real girl, but there’s just something different about her now that fascinates me, the more she hates me the more am attra-cted to her. I saved her phone number on my phone and stored her name as cutie , yes is a real cutie and an extremely beautiful girl, with a nice complementing skins tone, and a curvacious b©dy. One most guys would do anything to make her their girl, and I am so determined whatever it would take, I’ll make her mine, no matter
what it cost me.
I woke up to someone tapping me, gro-an ed and yawned, before I j£rked fully awake to the voice my friend
“Rose” I said
“Yes, how you now?” She said smiling in way that only showed her pearly white teeth, her smile always made her look so beautiful.
“How was your evening? Hope you’ve eaten”
“Yes I have eaten. And my day was fine until I ran into Noah again,I think he lives in the same area with us”.
“Are you serious? So you ran into him again” rose said with an amused smile
“Yea. Why are you smiling”
“Nothing”she chuckled.
“It’s not funny”
“I think he likes you Lola, why don’t you just give him a chance”.
“He’s just up to his usual games” I frowned at her.
“Chill, what’s with the frown. Am just saying maybe he like you”
Does he like me now? .. I thought within myself before I got a whatsap message from an unknown number.
Unknown number: hi
Me :hello, who is this pls?
Unknown number:Noah……
Episode 2 😒
A new friend
lola’s POV
I and rose got to the lecture theatre just before lectures were due to start. As soon as I walked in , I could feeltwo eyes burning throu-gh the side of my face as I headed to the back of the clas-s, which is my favourite [email protected] of the clas-s, because it was easy for me to avoid the attention of any lecturer. I was still trying to settle down when a guy walked up to me.
I didn’t answer at first, until I realised nah was still staring at me and I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I had a guy friend who could at leastscare Noah away from me.
“hello” I smiled at him, even though I wasn’t really comfortable talking with him.
” Am ade”
” Am Lola” I replied him before he could ask me what my name was. we chatted for a while before he requested for my number and went back to where he sat, I turned back to rose flashing a smile at her, and she started ma-king remarks about how guys would kill to be my b©yfri£ndand how I was a guy magnet.
Noah’s POV
I watched as the guy spoke with Lola,how she smiled and chatted with him for some time in a friendly manner.
‘why is she been that nice to him’ I thought aloud not caring if anyone heard me or thought I was going crazy. I had tried to get her to talk with me on whatsap, which she always ignored me and ended up blocking me.several times I had called her but she always ignored my calls.
I had tried to push her out of my mind,but any I saw her during lectures or in the street I always stare at her. Lola is gorgeous, if only she paid me as much attention I showed her.
still I was determined to get her to forgive me and maybe like me.
“lola”i said after summoning uobthe courage to go talk to her, even though it’s a lot of risk, she could insult me in front of everyone. I still don’t know how she [email protected]£ so outspoken,she used to be timid.
she didn’t answer.
“hey, it’s polite to acknowlegde someone when they say hi”
she looked at me from my head to toe, as if unsure whether to reply me or not. she moved away a little from me, before she turned “how come someone as rude as you know what been polite is?”. I was about to reply her when I heard the voice of Mrs gbade our GNS 101 lecturer.
From another person’s POV
Lola and rose sat on their seats after lectures, Lola wrote while rose was pressing her phone.
After she finished writing, she tidied up her books and stuuffed it in her bag, just then she saw Noah seated with some guys, their eyes locked and she quic-kly looked away, he decided he was going to go talk to them.
“um……..hello” Noah said smiling.
“Don’t you ever learn?” Lola replied annoyed.
“look I wasn’t even talking to you, I was greeting rose” he was alre-ady getting irritated by the way she treated him, he knew he didn’t really deserve lola’s forgiveness but that didnt her the right to talk to him that way. He looked at her eyes, shook his head before turning his attention to rose.
” how are you rose”.
“Uhm-um- am fine” she stuttered .
“since when did you start stuttering” Lola whispered to her friend.
” shut up ” shevwhsipered back.
Lola sh0t her friend a look, her eyes looked dead, void of my emotion, only if looks could kill. Rose shook her head and smiled at Noah.
“can I talk to you pri-vately about something, I won’t take much of your time”. Rose froze and choked on saliva, she was surprised Noah wanted to see her, he pu-ll-ed her to the corner of the lecture hall.
‘what could be so important’ Lola thought.
Lola watched them go. Noah and rose had never been friends.
“rose, I know I have been an idiot to you and Lola in the past, and now she hates me so much”.
“you wouldn’t really blame her you know”.
“yea I know and am sorry” he said.
“it’s okay” rose said awkwardly,she kept twsuting her f!ngerswith her other hand in a way that made it obvious she was uncomfortable.
“i nee-d you to talk to Lola on my behalf”.
” yea I will” rose said smiling.
“one more thing, can I borrow your MEE 101 note book? I missed the last clas-s” rose searched throu-gh her bag and handed her note book to him, be for walking towards rose who was still glaring at Noah.
” what was that brief meeting about?” Lola said in a sarcastic tone.
Rose struggled to keep her cool. Her friend would be mad at her if she knew Noah had asked to talk to Loa and she even agreed. She had the stealth of a ninja of course her friend would know if she lied, nothing ever gets past her.
“oh! It’s nothing, Noah asked me to borrow him some of my notes, he missed some lectures you know” rose hoped the vague answer would be enough to drop the subject. And it wasn’t technically a lie, it just wasn’t the full truth either.
” and why would he want your note book, you guys aren’t even frie-“. A sigh escaped Herl-ips as she contemplated the inevitable. Rose was going to have to lie to her friend, at least until they got home. she had decided she would tell her when they get to the hostel , she couldn’t be sure of her friends reaction so she nee-ded to choose where to talk about Noah,she hated lying to her, mainly because she seemed to be a human lie detector, either that or she’s just a bad liar. And judging by her current stance, she had better answer it soon.
Her patience was wearing thin.
” look does it really matter if we are friends or not “, rose quic-kly cut her off in the middle of her s£ntence.
“ok-ok-ay I was just curious .
Rose felt victorious as she looked at her friend’a face, giving her a quic-k smile before changing the t©pic. She bought it. well more like her friend, she dropped the subject which was more than enough.
Episode 3 😔
A morning stroll
From another person’s POV
It was drizzling slightly as rose walked down the street, she was going to meet Noah. She had lots of work to do for the day and it was still early in the morning,Noah had called her that he wanted to talk to her about something important, which she knew the ‘important’ thing was Lola. She saw Noah and another guy near a shop where most students who lived outside campus bought something, he waved at her and she approached them. She noticed the guy looked handsome from a closer look, he had beautiful eyes, with long eyelashes, he had the eyes of a woman but he still has a tall , athletic built, he had a nice pointy nose too and a tattoo on his lower arm.
“ahem ahem” Noah made a sound.
She looked up at Noah and realised she had been staring and checking noah’s friend out for God knows how long.
” yea…. Noah ..Uhm. .. what’s up?, I hope what you want to tell me is important”he smiled at her,he looked towards his friend and back at rose ” meet my friend, danladi” he said .
” hello, it’s nice to meet you”.
“Uhm …m… Hi” rose stuttered and took her eyes away before dragging Noah away from danladi. She looked back smiled and flashed him a smile.
” what was that about?” Rose asked.
” he likes you, he saw you just once and he’s been crazy about you ever since” rose looked in danladi’s direction and bit herl-ips.
“ohh you could have told me you had company, especially someone who likes me. I would have had my bath at least. My breath stinks”. She breathed out on her palm and tried to smell her breath .
“its no big deal , besides isn’t it better he saw the real you?” He laughed . “anyway how is lola?”
“she’s fine” she looked at him trying re-ad his mind.”do you like her?”
“what- no I don’t” he lied.
” look you can tell if you do”
“I don’t know-how really. I just find her fascinating, you know?” He scratched the back of his head, hevdudnt want to disclose too much. Hevwasnt comfortable talking about this with a girl. He preferred having talks like this with his friends.
“okay then, let’s go back to your friend . He looks tired from standing” she said and they approached danladi.
“so-oo danladi it was nice to meet you, am rose by the way”
“Ehn wait, can I have your number ?” He said pointing his phone to Rose which she collected and pressed her digits. She returned it. She smiled at danladi, waved at Noah before walking away.
“oh! We’ll be visiting you this evening, I hope you won’t be busy” Noah said.
“no, I won’t be.” She replied.
” okay I’ll cal you”he said before walking away.
“Where did you go now – you couldn’t even wake me up to lock the door” she yawned half awake.
“sorry, I went to get bre-ad”
“oh thank God” she looked at her friend, delighted .
“for food only” rose laughed,she looked around and picked up the broom to sweep, just then her phone rang.
“hello” she said.
” Hi , it’s me danladi”
“hey , how you”
“am good, are you home yet ?”
“yea I am” she chuckled
“okay , I just wanted to say hi, this is my number”
“okay I’ll save it” she grinned and dropped the call.
“danla-diiiii” Lola raised eyebrow.
“he’s just a guy I met down the street when I went to get bre-ad”.
” no he’s not just a guy, you were smiling sheepishly when you were on phone with him” . Rose looked at her friend and smiled, she always feel embarras-sed when talking about boys. She didn’t have much experience .
“he’s coming in the evening” rose blurted
“wow! So fast? You guys are getting down to business sharp sharp . plea-se make sure you use a c0md0mooo” she wiggled her ton-gue at her friend. Rose eyes wi-de-ned in shocked, she laughed and threw a small plastic spoon that was on the floor at Lola……..
Noah’s POV
Danladi and I were ushered in by rose. I must say the room is really beautiful and very feminine, which I like. The wall were painted peach an it had cream on every knobs as well as the be-d spre-ad, I looked around the room until my eyes locked with someone seated on a plastic chair…….
From another person’s POV
Her brown eyes narrowed ” what is he doing here ?” Rose smiled slightly and sat on the be-d. She didn’t know what to tell her friend.
“I said what is he doing here?”
Rose voice croaked as she tries to explain to Lola.
“answer me now” Lola stood up, her small hands balled into tiny fists and her eyes filled with angry colour. Rose wors£ned everything with her response ” they are my friends- I- have the right to invite anyone here”.
Lola saw heat coming into her face, she was re-ady to throw them out “we both have the right, you should have asked me first”
Rose anger was just below the surface, so she kept silent.
” how would you bring this devil into our room”. She looked over at Noah and his friend who were alre-ady sitting on the be-d.
Rose shouted at her in a loud and unplea-sant way ” you know what, if you don’t feel comfortable- then leave, we both paid for this room”.
Lola glared at rose ” wow! So this is it, I should leave?” She asked in a softer voice.
” yes go” she waved in a ‘whatever ‘ kind of way.
Lola stuffed her bag with some book,her [email protected] card and her phone. She stormed out of the room grumbling as she slammed the door.
Lola opened the [email protected] door and went straight into the reception,where the libarian sat, she showed the woman her [email protected] card. The woman fixed her glas-ses on her nose bridge as she re-ad out her name, she returned the [email protected] card to Lola and smiled at her which Lola returned with a quic-k smile.
Lola walked away from from the [email protected], she went straight and turned right where there were empty seats, with lots of books on the shelves. She sp©tted a corner and walked there, she took out her phone and put it on silence mood. She also took out her.chemistry 101 text book and began to srudy. Five minutes into studying, she noticed she was blocked from the natural light the window provided, she looked up and saw Ade staring down at her.
“hey” his voice was de-ep and hoarse. She flashed him a smile.
“it’s been a while I saw you” he said
“it’s been a while I saw you too” she gave him am accusatory look.
” yea, am sorry I didn’t call you. I have been busy” he explained with all sincerity.She say with her and they chatted silently. He asked lots of questions, which included some personal things.
“I had a nice time Ade” she said in a soft voice, which made him smile, he lean In and k!$$£d her on her fore head.
“I hope to see more of you Lola, I promise I’ll call you this time.” He said and Wales into the darkness, she walked into her compound and knocked the door. A frowning Rose opened the door which made lola’s smile disappear. Lola walked past her and [email protected] her be-d until she sle-pt off.

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