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His v!rg!nse-ductress final Episode

🍆🍆HIS v!rg!nse-ductress🍆🍆
***(She’s h0t but innocent…)***
💟💟ON GOD💟💟
Written by Clement Ruth
Diana sat nervously in the dock
Today was her last trial and she was feeling quite nervous, irritated and excited
She was tired of this place and nee-ded to get out
Six weeks into her stay here and she was re-ady to die,she can’t stay here any longer,with the horrible food , horrible clothes and no sunshine
She wanted to go to the carribean!
She looked at the lawyer which falcon had hoped for her
He looked quote important with hos face buried in some do¢v-ments
In the previous trials he had defended her quite impressively but those bastards still had those tapes
But she was sure falcon would anything to get her out
Although,she was hurt because she hadn’t heard from him during the weeks he had stayed in prison but she was re-ady to forgive him and anyone else if she got out of here first
Her eyes drifted to the crowd and she scowled when she saw Brianna and Isaac sitting very close together
Isaac had s£nt her some divorce papers,along with a wedding invitation
She was sure they put that invitation just to spite her but she could only get her revenge if she got out of here
She would show them
A hush fell over the Court room as the judge entered and sat down importantly
The rest of the proceedings went past in a daze but she was very aware of when the prosecutor was just listing her crimes
Jeez,she just hit an old woman and it wasn’t as if the woman died
Why is everyone treating her as a serial killer?
She was sure they would all do the same if the were in her shoes
The prosecutor finished barking and sat down and she glared at him
“Defendant,is there anything you’d like to say?”thedge said and she smiled hopefully at her lawyer
The lawyer stood up and adjusted his suit
“I have nothing to say,your honor”he proclaimed and Diana [email protected] in shock
“What?!!”she screamed”No!, you’ve got to get me out of here!I didn’t do anything,plea-se,get me out!”
“Quiet!”the bailiff ordered
“In response to the evidence spoken for and against Miss Diana Wentworth,I hereby s£ntence her to 14yr imprisonment,with [email protected] labour”the judge’s voice rang out”and no parole”
“Noooo!!!”Diana screamed startling the crowd and ma-king the bailiff and policemen rush to her as she made to exit the dock
She was eventually suppressed and dragged out
Brianna hvgged Isaac tearfully and the entire courtroom stood up as the judge went out
The clinking sounds of their wine glas-ses s£nt a reverberating shiver down Brianna’s arm
She smiled happily into her new husband’s face
ba-rely six hours into their marriage and she was lying in Isaac’s arm completely sated and satisfied without a doubt that life just got better
Her mom was improving ra-pidly and she was married to the man she loved
“What are you smiling about?”Isaac asked as he also smiled at her
“The same reason you are smiling”she answered
“There’s only one reason”Isaac said
“What?”she asked then suddenly noticed the bulge in his silk bo-xers and gro-an ed
“Oh c’mon,not again”she [email protected] ed as Isaac pressed her to his £r£¢tion”you can’t possibly want more”
“Sorry,brie,but I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you”Isaac said,hos ton-gue exploring the inside of her ear and she shivered with the s-en-sation
“You know what?”she whispered and smiled”neither can I”


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