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His v!rg!nse-ductress Episode 15 to 17

🍆🍆HIS v!rg!nse-ductress 🍆🍆
***(She’s h0t but innocent….) ***
💟💟ON GOD💟💟
Written by Clement Ruth
“It’s her, Isaac and she has to pay for it, you hear me? “Brianna threw over her shoulder as she and Isaac walked briskly to the room where Diana had been hospitalised
After she had fainted, Isaac had i quic-kly called the paramedics who had brou-ght her to the hospital
Brianna was highly excited and anxiety pumped throu-gh her veins coupled with a glorious s-en-se of victory
Isaac was much calmer and although Brianna res£nted their bringing Diana to the hospital, she thought better of it
The criminal could not escape from a hospital, could she?
“I think we should calm down and handle this slowly, Brianna”
Brianna whirled on him
. “What do you mean? “She asked, testily”look, I know she’s your wife but…. Don’t You believe me? ”
“Ex wife”Isaac confirmed”but I still think we should Handle this one carefully”
Brianna glared at him
“you won’t be saying that if She wasn’t your wife ”
With that she turned and opened the door to Diana’s room
“Brianna….. “Isaac began but st©pped dead too as they found the room empty
Brianna took a full turn in frustration around the small room
“What the….? “Isaac was nonplussed “where did she go? ”
Brianna gr!pp£dher hair and snapped at him
“This is all your fault! “She said throu-gh, gritted teeth”I would have gotten the cops here alre-ady, if you weren’t in the way! ”
“And tell them what ? “Isaac said, trying to hold her shoulders”we nee-du solid evidence, Brianna, and Steven warned us.If Diana was really responsible for this, how did she get away for five years?”
Brianna was seeing red but she saw reason in what he was saying and she tried to overcome Her anger
“I’m calling Steven then “she announced”And you are not saying anything ”
She walked out and Isaac sighed heavily and brou-ght out his own phone
Zeke’s secretary picked on the third ring
“Winston surveillance services”the voice said”how may I help you? ”
“I nee-d to speak with your boss ”
Thirty seconds, later, he heard the familiar cli-ck
“Isaac? ”
“Zeke, thank God”he breathed”I nee-d your help ”
Diana sat in falcon’s office in her hospital go-wn, anxiously b!tt!g her nails
Falcon paced around and occasionally glared at Diana who returned the look with a helpless sigh
“Tell me again what exactly she said? “He asked
“I dunno”Diana mumbled”I think her mother’s the one I ran into years ago”
“You think? ”
“I know, OK? “She answered and falcon glared at her
“Don’t look at me that way, OK? “She snapped
Falcon sighed
“You should have stayed in Paris quietly, Diana”he grunted “But you Just had to return and make trouble”
“That bit-ch is the one ma-king trouble”Diana said, standing up”And I’ll give her one ”
“For Gods sake, can you just stay put and do nothing? “Falcon yelled
“Whatever, you ate Just going to clean up the Mess again right? ”
Falcon laughed
“Got news for you Diana “he said”When every evidence points to you, you are going to have to find someone else to clean up your mess”
“What evidence? “She asked”you destroyed everything”
“Oh did I? “Falcon laughed again and Diana looked at him in terror as he [email protected]£ closer to her, gr-abbing her arms ti-ghtly
“You have to put here until i sort things out, un-derstood? “He said shaking her ha-rd “if you happen to move an inch from where i place you, you are dead meat ”
Diana swallowed
***(She’s h0t but innocent…) ***
💟💟ON GOD💟💟
Written by Clement Ruth
“Isaac, why didn’t you say anything all along? “Zeke asked after listening to Isaac’s story again
They were standing in Zeke’s luxurious office, where Isaac had met him for a quic-k talk and quic-k as-sessment
Zeke was aghast at everything Isaac said
He never really liked Diana by the way
“I was only just discovering this, Zeke “Isaac answered “Now, what do I do?Imagine how Brie must be feeling now”
“Well, this just proves Diana’s story isn’t plausible at all “Zeke affirmed”if she really hit Brianna’s mother five years ago, then she must have escaped justice but how she did that just beats me”
“She had something going on alright, Zeke”Isaac said”And we nee-d enough evidence to be able to nail her”
“Its OK man, I’m with you on that one”Zeke said, his grin lighting up his handsome chocolate face
Zeke owned a reputable surveillance company, that could sometime pas-s for pri-vate investigators
With over 1,800 employees, Winston surveillance services even had tentacles in the FBI, CIA and other government agencies
“Trust me, Isaac but I’m going to nee-d your co-operation on a lot of things”Zeke said “And Brianna’s too”
“You have my word”
“I saw her again, Steve “Brianna said excitedly”And it turns out, she’s Isaac’s wife”
“Isaac? “Steve asked with raised eyebrows”Aren’t you two an…. Uh… Item? ”
“Maybe…. I don’t even know what to believe “Brianna said”but she’s gone, Steve. I want you to find her and do something, you know…. Like detaining her or something. I can’t bear her disappearing like she did five years ago”
Steven was silent
The fact that the culprit was closer than they thought was a goof thing
And it really seemed a good idea to catch her now and detain her but they would have to do that with serious evidence in their hands
“I think I’ll start from the hospital “he said, taking his coat and Brianna followed
As they stepped out of the office, they caught sight of two gentlemen ahead of them
One of them was the mayor and the other had their back to them
The both of them were de-ep in conversation and the mayor just happened to glance in their direction
Brianna saw Steven salute and the gentleman looked like he had a score to settle with him
They must have taken his attention from his [email protected] longer than intended for the other man turned and Brianna did a double take when she saw that it was her boss
Falcon regarded her with that uncomfortable gaze then nodded to the mayor before walking briskly out of the station
The mayor turned in that instant and glared at them and without a doubt Steven knew he was being summoned
“To my office, Ross”the mayor barked”I nee-d to talk to you”
Brianna waited a heartbeat after Steven entered the mayor’s office then inched closer to the door
She was appalled by what she heard
“What do you mean, drop the case? “Steven asked, still trying to maintain his cool although h0t rage boiled in him
“You heard what I said”the mayor said again, his ancestral Irish brogue grating Steven’s ears”Y’all are going to drop whatever it is ya think, ya doing. Right now”
Steven snorted
“Well, look at that”he laughed”I ain’t even started, how can I st©p? ”
The mayor glared at him
“You got no business poking your nose in my business, Steven”
“Its not your business “Steven said throu-gh gritted teeth” its a poor girl’s and a poor woman who have been suffering for years now”
“I don’t know what you heard…. ”
“Dad! ”
The mayor was silent as Steven glared him down
“You know you are the reason I [email protected]£ into the f0r磔he continued “I followed your footsteps, dad, now don’t let me regret it”
He walked out and nearly bu-mped into Brianna who was right behind the door
Her eyes were as round as saucers
“Y.. Your… D.. “She stuttered”I’m sorry”
“Yea, me too”he muttered and took her hand”c’mon we’ve got a criminal to catch”
***(💝She’s h0t but innocent….) ***
Written by Clement Ruth
Diana paced by the phone, heels cl!çk!ng on the floor boards as she paced back and forth, anxiously waiting for falcon’s call
She was a little bit more than desperate now that she was holed up in the house with nothing to do
She was tired of sitting around, she just wanted to get it over and done with
‘Oh where was he? ‘She gro-an ed
She knew without a doubt that she should have stayed back in Paris but she was hungry for her man
And now she was back in the mess she had ran away from
In anger, she threw her phone to the couch and stomped to the door
Once there, she hesitated because she was scared to go out
Oh Damn it all, it wasn’t as if everyone knew what she had done and she wasn’t carrying a sign on her forehead that says ‘I’m a hit and run driver’
She flung open the door and marched to her car, determined and drove straight to falcon’s office
She barged past the unsuspecting secretary who immediately went after her
“Out of my way, You louse”she snapped as she opened the door to falcon’s office
The three gentlemen in the room turned and stared at her
She saw falcon put his hands on his head in dismay but she was unperturbe-d as she went towards the sofa in the room and sat down regally
“I’m so sorry, sir…. “The secretary stammered “but she’s awfully fast”
“Get… “Falcon spat”out”
The secretary scurried away and the eldest of the men regarded Diana with steel eyes
“Is this the lady in question?”he asked, directing the question to the other man in the room
“It may seem so ”
“She’s very rude ”
“Ugh, excuse you “Diana retorted rudely”but I’ve important business to attend to with him”
“Diana! ”
She turned to glare at falcon who was red in The face
“You will not talk to my uncle that way “he finished and Diana went pale 7
Good God, she had just spoken rudely to Rupert muldanno, falcon’s uncle
Rupert was a no nons-en-se fellow and he had long suspected that falcon was not worth his appraisal and now his worst fears were confirmed
Having failed in leg breaking area, falcon has been placed in the executive but now he was hiding a criminal like there wasn’t enough in the family alre-ady
“Well, detective I can as-sure, the family had nothing to do with this woman “Rupert said “my nephew will answer to this in his own”
Steven stared at Diana in amusement as she went from red to white on hearing that he was a detective
“I’ll have to take her in”he announced, Standing up and Diana [email protected], looking at falcon for refuge
“On what charge, detective? “Falcon asked, trying to be cool
Steven frowned as did Rupert
He had come to the h0tel when Brianna said he was her new boss and she had first seen diana in his office
It was clear now that he was protecting her, he had denied having anything to do with her
That was before She barged in
“I have testimony from a credible witness, stating that this woman was a hit and run driver, whose actions resulted in a comatose patient “Steven said
“And…? “Falcon said, pointing to Diana “she’s not entitled to a lawyer? ”
Steven frowned even more and his7 uncle growled in disapproval
“She’s someone I’ve a vested interest in protecting “falcon continued “And she’s not going anywhere with you unless with her lawyer. And your facts had better be straight ”
Steven chuckled
“Of course,Mr muldanno”

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