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His Queen finale

🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
Episode 25
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
I opened the car door and she hopped in.
Where are you taking me? She asked.
Home, of course. I replied.
No, don’t take me home, I want to stay with you.
Lilian, you nee-d rest plea-see. I said giving her puppy eyes and she chuckled.
St©p whining like a baby.
Am not going home, am staying with you and that’s final. She said and rested her head on my shoulder.
Okay, but right now, we’re going to the station. I said and drove off.
Interrogation Room..
What’s your name?
Am Adrain Montenegro
Where are you from?
Had any Criminal records?
No Sir.
Now who s£nt you to kidnap Miss Lilian Walter? The FBI leader asked.
He hesitated before he answered..
Victoria Alegre
Oh my God, Vicky kidnapped me. Lilian yelled from the other side.
Am so gonna deal with that bit-ch. She said again ti-ght£ñing her fist 👊
Gosh, take it easy. You might just kill her. I said and she frowned.
That’s what am gonna do, I’ll kill her.
The Interrogation continued….
You said you were f0rç£d, so what does she have on you? The FBI agent asked and switched on the recording line.
She has my sister, she threatened to kill her if I don’t do what she says.
Okay, that’s enough evidence.
Men, prepare a warrant.
So, what now? I asked.
We’re going to arrest Miss Victoria Alegre.
She has been charged for kidnapping and attem-pted Murderer..
.🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
Episode 26
😑 Vicky’s Pov 😑
It’s a bright day, don’t you think so Tessy? I asked.
Yeah, it is. She replied.
Are you okay Tessy? Cause you look as if something is eating you up.
What is it? You know, you can Always talk to me. I said.
Am okay. She said and smile weakly.
Okay, if you say so.
Where the heck is Silver?
I haven’t seen her for days now. I said.
I don’t know. Tessy said with a shrug.
But….. What is the FBI doing in school. I said and she flin-ched.
OMG. She [email protected]
Victoria Alegre. You are un-der arrest for he kidnapping of Lilian Walter. You have the right to remain silent cause whatever you say here will be used against you in court.
I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know her. I defended.
plea-se miss kindly follow us to the station.
No, I won’t. Show me your arrest warrant”
The FBI agent handed it to me and I re-ad every single word on it.
Oh no, this can’t be happening. I muttered.
A FBI agent handcuffed me. Move miss.
No, No let me go. I cried as I was been taken away.
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
We got home, I opened the car door and she [email protected]£ out.
Wow….. Am gonna be slee-ping here today. She said and I chuckled.
I took her upstairs and opened the door to her room.
This is your room, it’s arranged alre-ady.
Am not slee-ping here, am slee-ping in you room. She said and my eyes wi-de-ned.
You sure? I asked.
Yep. She said and smiled.
So, where’s your room, I wanna take my bath. She said.
Follow me. I said and walked away and she followed.
Minutes later, she [email protected]£ out of the bathroom with a towel tied on her b©dy.
What hefu-ck?
Whoa, she’s really beautiful….
I walked up to her and……..
😍 Lilian’s Pov 😍
He walked up to me and immediately claimed myl-ips, I wra-pped my arms around his shoulders and k!$$£d him back.
His hands wra-pped my [email protected]!st pu-lling me to himself.
He gro-an ed silently as my ton-gue slid into his mouth. He trails k!sses down to my collar bone.
Chadd……. I [email protected] ed b!tt!g myl-ips.
He claimed myl-ips again and slowly pushed me to the be-d.
Gosh…. He’s one hell of a k!ss£r.
I was so lost in the k!ss, that i did not know when my towel fell off. I was Stark n-ked in front of him.
My face grew red of embarras-sment. He saw my expression and chuckled.
I tried covering myself back.
I saw him sm-irk and held me from doing what I wanted to do.
He bent down slowly and took my left br£@st in his mouth..
And… I [email protected]
🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
Episode 27
Rated 🔞
My b©dy shook as he kept su-cking one of my b00bs.
I felt myself getting real we-t.
He got ont©p of me and claimed myl-ips again, then slowly he inser-ted a f!nger into my V and I sniffed.
Gosh, what is he doing to me.
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
I chuckled lightly, she’s so beautiful.
Only God knows I’ve been controlling myself.
I slided a f!nger into her… And she let out a [email protected] as I brou-ght it out.
I f0rç£d my full length into her as she kept screaming at me to st©p but I couldn’t.
I wasn’t in control anymore, even her screams couldn’t st©p me.
Chad… St©p…. You’re hurting me
She yellled, piercing her nails into my skin.
I pu-ll-ed out and fell down next to her, I cleaned off her tears. Wra-pped my hands around her [email protected]!st, k!ss!ngher hair.
I love you Lilian.
Next Morning..
I woke up as the Ray of sun hit my face. Whoa, such a beautiful day.
I turned and saw Lilian next to me.
I tucked her hair strands to the back of her ear. Am so gonna spoil her with the good things of this world.
I stood up and dragged my feet to the kitchen to prepare something for her.
What should I prepare?
What should I prepare? I asked no one in [email protected]
She loves Pasta..
So I’ll prepare Pasta.
I set the pan on the fire and began my cooking.
Gosh…. What am I doing.
I pray it tastes good, am no chef.
Few minutes later
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
I stretched my hands sleepily, but there was no one there. I slowly opened my eyes to see Chad coming in with a tray.
Good morning. I said reminiscing about what happened last night.
Hey, wify. How are you feeling? He asked dropping the tray beside me.
I arced my brows…. Wify
That’s new.
You don’t like me calling you wify..
No, it’s just…. Uhmmm… I don’t know. I said blu-shing ha-rd .
You should take a look at yourself, you’re as red as a tomato. He teases as I hit his shoulders pla-yfully.
St©p it alre-ady, you cruel idiot. I said frowning my face.
You suggested it, didn’t you? He said.
Suggest what? I asked.
slee-ping in my room, I showed you your room but you nee-ded mine. So that’s was your pay to sleep here. He said and sm-irked.
j£rk. I muttered.
So dearest wify, start eating or I could feed you. He said and win-ked at me.
Yeah, feed me am tired and can’t feed myself. I said tiredly.
Say Ahhh….
Say what now?
Just feed me alre-ady. I said giving him puppy eye.
When we’re done, what do you want to do? He asked.
🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
Episode 28
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
To the beach, I wanna feel the cool Breeze of freedom.
Then he beach, it is.
I was done eating, I took my bath with his soap, it smells like him. The fragrance can make you eat the soap itself.
I walked into the room.
My clothes, what am I gonna wear now. I muttered.
I took his Jean and his hoodie. Wow, the fit me perfectly. I packed my hair into a bun and move out of the room.
Are you re-ady? He asked from the dining.
Hey, look at me. I said giggling.
Ohh… It’s fits you perfectly. He said scanning me all throu-gh.
St©p it Sir, too much drooling is a crime. I said and he chuckled.
Okay Ma’am..
Where are we headed now? I asked seeing the route he was taking.
Don’t you wanna see your parents, it’s been a day now you were freed. They are worried sick about you.
Okay, let’s go. I said.
Few minutes later, we were there.
Mom, Dad. I said running to hvg them.
Oh Goodness honey, we were so worried about you. Thank God you’re safe.
Mom, where’s Nanny?
Oh my Goodness Lil, how are you doing? Nanny asked.
I missed you Nanny, I really do. I said hvgging her ti-ght.
Nanny is like a mother to me, anytime Mom and Dad were out of town. Nanny would always fill in that void.
Are you hungry sweetie? Mom asked.
No Mom, am full. Actually, Chad and I are going somewhere today. So, see you later. Mom. Bye Dad. I said and gave him a pe-ck.
We pla-yed, running, hiding and so many things in the beach.
Have never been this happy.
I don’t know why…. But am damn lucky to have him as my b©yfri£nd. I could never ask for anything else.
A penny for your thought. He said jo-lting me out of my thoughts.
Just happy I met you. I said and he smiled.
Am always yours, yours alone.
I know that. I said and place a we-t k!sson hisl-ips.
You know what I want now? I asked.
What do you want?
I want to go to the station and see that witch.
Promise me, you won’t cause a scene. He said
I don’t promise people and who knows I might kill her there. I said and he chuckled.
Nothing, let’s go.
Good afternoon Ma’am, who are you here to see?
Victoria Alegre
Okay Ma’am, take a seat. She’ll be here in no time.
Thank you. I said and feigned a smile.
I took a seat by the left and sat down.
Chad is outside waiting for me….
Wow…. Hey witch, Long time no see. I said and smiled.
You know for a witch like you, you deserve something more than jail
🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
Episode 29
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
You know for a witch like you, you deserve something more than jail.
You know, you should be grateful you’re here, cause if it was up to me. You’ll suffer..
She didn’t say a word, but the next thing she did shocked me…..
😯 Vicky’s Pov 😯
I knew what I did was wrong, but j wanted to prove to mom that ‘ I was not a weakling. That I could do things too.
If anyone can get me out of here, then it is Lilian
I lowered my knee and begged for forgiveness.
plea-se Lilian, I let my emotions get the best of me, I wasn’t thinking straight……plea-se. I pleaded.
Really, you think you can away me with your tears. She yelled.
Am sorry Lilian, am sorry. I was trying to prove to Mom, that I am not weak. plea-se am sorry. I swear to you, that I’ll change for the better..
You hurt me so much, all to prove yourself. What kind of person are you? She yelled angrily and tried to walk away but I [email protected]£d her clothes.
plea-se Lilian, punish me I don’t care but plea-se forgive and forget. I begged.
Have forgiven you but to forget…. Never
Not to worry, you’ll be out soon. She said and yanked her clothes off my grip.
Thank you so much Lilian, thank you.
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
What’s taking her so long to come out? I asked
I should go in there
Ouch…. I winced in pain as I hit my head with Lilian’s.😓
My head…. I thought I told you to wait outside. She yelled ru-bbing her head.
Sorry. I said.
j£rk. She muttered
So, how did it go? I asked.
It went well, I forgave her.
The witch was pleading with tears.
I thought you said you forgave her, why calling her a witch?
She will remain the witch I met in Dante’s High. She said and laughed.
💖 Stacie’s Pov 💖
Lilian, I yelled and hvgged her.
Gosh, girl I missed you and your craziness.
So you’re saying am crazy. She said laughing.
Kind of. I said giggling.
It’s good to have you back.
I have a surprise, close your eyes and don’t peak. Okay.
Okay Ma
Okay, we’re here. Open up. I said.
Welcome, Welcome…. Lilian dear. The whole clas-s chorused.
Wow…. Thank you guys
You organized this? She asked.
Yep, Josh and I did.
Josh? Chad’s friend.
Yes. I said.
So, you wanna tell me something or what? She asked.
You caught me off guard, yeah we’re going out. Josh and I, we’re going out. I said giggling.
Oh my, tell me about it. She said and chuckled.
I pray everything turns out good for everyone
And for witches too 🤣
🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
Episode 30
By: Evelyn Mba
2 years later…
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
Honey, wake up alre-ady. I said dragging Chad up.
No, I want to sleep again. He muttered.
Hell no, wake up. I yelled.
Seriously, now you just got me angry. He said and with one swift, he was ont©p of me.
Now, what were you saying. He sm-irked.
He shut me up with a k!ssand used one hands to bring down my nightie..
Gosh.. I [email protected] ed.
Chad and I have been married for a year now and I still can’t get enough of him..
You can say, he’s my add!çtion..
He groped my b00bs and took one in his mouth while fondling with the other one.
He gave the same treatment to the other one.
What? I should st©p? He asked with that sm-irk.
St©p, is he crazy. He just turned me on.
You better finish what you started. I whispered and he chuckled.
He claimed myl-ips again, as he slided a f!nger into my hole.
Oh God… I [email protected] ed between k!sses.
He took off his wears and pene-trated into me.
We both [email protected] ed as he thrû-st in and out of me.
Chadd.. I [email protected] ed out.
Minutes, he pu-ll-ed out of me and fell on the be-d.
He cu-mddled me and k!$$£d my forehead.
Good morning wify. He said.
j£rk. I cussed and we both fell asleep again.
I opened my eyes slowly as the Ray of sun hit me.
Oh no, I woke up late.
I rushed into the bathroom and took my bath. I wore my clothes and ran out of the room.
I saw Chad packing what we nee-ded for our Picnic.
Hey, you awake?
Yeah, I said.
You caused this, I would have made breakfast early but no you s£dûç£d me.
s£dûç£d you? He asked.
Yeah. I sh0t at him.
But you were the one saying.
Don’t st©p Chaddd… Oh my Gosh. He said mimicking my voice and I blu-shed ha-rd .
St©p it. I said covering my face.
Few minutes later, we were there.
We unpacked our things and waited for the shooting stars, the appear ones In a year.
And it was announced that, it’s going to shoot today.
My God, Chad look it’s shooting. I said.
Wow, it’s amazing. He said.
I never knew shooting stars were real…
I never thought I could do this one day with the love of my love…
I never thought I would love someone like this?
I looked at him and smiled.
We are indeed 🥰 PERFECT MATCH 🥰..
The End…..

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