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His queen batch 1

🥰 His Queen 🥰
They are perfect match ☺️
Episode 1
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
Tin..tin..tin.. The alarm rang in my ears.
Aaarrgghh…. I gro-an ed, I refuse to wake. I muttered.
But then, I heard footsteps towards my room. I quic-kly woke up and ran into the bathroom, cause I know Mom would kill me is she finds me still in be-d.
Lilian wake up or I’ll break down this door. She yelled.
I scoffed, can she really do that.
Am taking my bath. I replied.
Okay, but be quic-k or you’re gonna walk to school. She yelled, walking away.
Geezz, you can’t do that to me, am your only daughter. I yelled back.
Oops, before I forget. Am Lilian Walter, am pretty….damn am too beautiful, some call me a demi-goddess. Pfftt.. I don’t care. Am brilliant too and am the only Child of my parents.
I don’t have friends, but am gonna make some in my new school. Am daddy’s girl. Trust me, he can buy the whole of Atlantic ocean for me. That’s how precious I am. Nevertheless, am kind, I don’t discriminate but I don’t tolerate Nons-en-se, I give you trouble when you ask for it.
I ran out of the bathroom, quic-kly wore my uniform and my sneakers, I brushed my curly hair, took my bag and ran out of my room.
Mom annoys me.
Good morning Mom.
Good morning Dad. I said and gave him a light k!sson his cheek.
Morning hunny, how was your night. He said.
T’was incredible. I replied.
Sit down and eat up, so you won’t be late on your first day. Mom said.
Seriously Mom, a girl nee-ds her damn time, st©p stressing me out. I half yelled sitting down.
Minutes later, we were done eating.
Nanny, plea-se take care of the dishes, I will be back soon. Mom said.
We got in to the car and Mom took off.
The drive was quiet and cold. Finally we got there.
Whew. I whispered.
Take care hun. Mom said hvgging me.
Thanks Mom. I said.
Remember, no trouble. Okay.
Okay mom. I said.
I got down from the car and looked around me.
Yeah… This is what am talking about. I yelled.
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
I got down from the car with my friends.
Ahhh…. Girls from all corners ran to my car yelling.
Girls with their Problems. I said.
Let them be, it’s called Love. Josh said laughing.
Drool all you want Ladies. David said getting down.
Let’s go to clas-s.
Episode 2
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
I walked in to the School Compound and looked around.
Wooahh… It’s hvge and beautiful. I said and giggled.
Just then a teacher walked up to me.
Miss Lilian, follow me to your clas-sroom. She said.
Okay Ma’am. I replied and followed her.
Finally, we were there, she entered the clas-s and the greeted her, she turned to me and asked me to come in. I walked in and all eyes fell on me.
I could see their faces, it was as if the just met and angel.
Clas-s, this is Lilian Walter, she will be studying with us from today. She said.
She should introduce herself. A guy said.
I turned to look at the j£rk. My jaw dropped.
Is it me or this guy is damn cute.
Keep drooling baby, am all yours. He said again.
Dro… drooling, I wasn’t drooling idiot, I was just looking. I said realising what I was doing.
Woaahh…..geez, she called him an idiot, who is she, what is she. Echoed from the whole clas-s. Seriously, this people can’t whisper 🤦.
What did you just call me. He said standing up.
Uhhh.. an idiot. I said.
If I were you, I’ll take that back, right now. He said again.
Dude, what’s your Problem and yeah…. You are an as-s-hole. So what are you gonna do about it. I said getting angry.
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
Geez… Who the hell is she, she was getting me angry alre-ady.
So, what are you gonna do about it. She asked.
You want to know. I said going closer to her.
But no. She was still smiling.
Are you not afraid of me. I asked her with an angry face.
Afraid…. Of you. Baby boy go cry to mama before i kick your bu-tt. She said laughing.
They clas-s erupt in laughter, causing me to get angrier the more.
Alright, go to your seat. The teacher said.
I will get you. I whispered to her ears.
Am waiting baby boy. She said and walked to her seat.
Episode 3
💖 Stacie’s Pov 💖
Wooahh… I love the way the new girl talked to Chad earlier in clas-s, she was so cool.
Just then I saw her walked in to the cafeteria. I took my tray and sat on her table.
Hey, mind if I join you? I asked.
Yes. She replied.
If beauty was someone it would definitely be her.
By the way, am Stacie.
Am Lilian. She said.
Girly you rock, what you did to Chad earlier will go viral. I said.
Chad, you mean the guy in clas-s. She asked.
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
Chad…uhh, so that is his name.
Hey, mind if I show you around the school. She said.
Wow… That would be fun. I said.
We were becoming close to each other, I got to know her and she got to know me, soon we were friends. We talked for the whole day, saying meaningful and meaningless things.
Oh… By the way Stacie, which clas-s are you headed now. I asked.
Are you serious, let’s go together. I said happily.
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
We were in clas-s waiting for the Economics teacher when the new girl [email protected]£ in with Stacie.
Ohhh… So, you’ve made a friend alre-ady. I said looking at Stacie with anger.
You know what happens when you make friends with fools. Right? I asked her.
Yeah….. She said cleaning some tear drops.
What happens. I said going close to her.
They get expelled. She said sniffing.
Very good. I said nodding my head.
Baby boy, what’s exactly the root of your Problem. The new girl said.
You. I replied.
I want you, out of this school l. I replied.
Unfortunate you, you can’t do that because I am Lilian Walter, you can’t kick me out if I want in. She said.
Wow… I said [email protected] my hands.
She scoffed and tried moving but I pinned her to the wall.
So what now, what are you gonna do. I said.
I will k!ssyou if you complete that s£ntence. I said looking straight into her eyes.
For a moment, I was confused cause I wasn’t in control anymore. I don’t know what she’s doing to me but it won’t work.
Let go of me. She yelled and tried to get away.
Episode 4
💖 Vicky’s Pov 💖
What the fv¢k. I said.
What did Chad just say he’ll do. Tessy said looking at me.
Vicky, that new girl, Lilian or whatever her name is. She’s just pla-ying around so she’ll get his attention and it’s working girl, do something. Silver said.
That can never happen, Chad has been my crush for a year now, I will never let any bit-ch have him when am alive. I said.
Very good. Tessy said smiling.
Even if she has to go to hell for me to have him, I’ll make it happen.
You’re evil girl and I love it. Silver said grinning.
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
What did he say. I said in my mind.
I looked at him with a confused face and he sm-irked.
Let go of me. I yelled and tried to get away but he pinned me back to the wall. Our face was so close, I couldn’t breath.
Just then, the teacher [email protected]£ in.
What’s happening here. The teacher asked.
Nothing Ma’am. Stacie said going to her seat.
I pushed him and walked to my seat, all eyes was on me. I turned and saw a girl and her Co glaring at me, I ignored them and sat down.
Mr Dante, take your seat too. The teacher said.
He walked to his seat and sat down.
What just happen. I asked myself, I turned to look at him, he was staring at me, I quic-kly diverted my gaze.
Aaarrgghh…. My first day in school is such a drama.
The clas-s begun, it was all about
What is Demand? The teacher asked.
Demand is the ability of a producer to create goods and services and take them to the market.
Geezz….who said that, that is so wrong. I turned to look and it was the god himself Chad Dante.
That’s wrong, another volunteer plea-se. The teacher said.
Demand is a consumer’s de-sire to purchase goods and services and the willingness to pay a price for a specific good or service.
Correct, Mr Dante your one of the brightest student here, I don’t know what your Problem is, but plea-se focus. The teacher said.
I turned to look at him, but he was giving me a ‘ why are you looking at me look.
The clas-s [email protected]£ to an end, I rushed out of my clas-s because I did not want to create another scene.
I called my driver and he [email protected]£ and picked me up. Luckily, Chad did not see me.
I will give him, what he wants tommorow.
Trouble 😂.
Episode 5
💖 Chad’s Pov 💖
I got home, Mom was talking to her friend on the couch and I decided not to disturb them but unluckily me, she called my name.
Chad, come say hi to my friend. Mom said.
Hi, good afternoon ma. I said.
Wow Rita, your son in handsome. She said.
Mom smiled. And I can’t wait to see your daughter and what was her name again. Mom asked.
Lilian. She said.
Lilian. I half yelled.
Yes. She replied
Is there anything wrong, do you know her? Mom asked.
No. They name just sounds familiar.
Okay, don’t worry we’ll be going out with Patricia and her daughter next week Saturday.
You’ll get to know her, she’s a nice girl. Mom said.
Okay, bye. I said going to my room.
I couldn’t think of anything, other than Lilian ( the new girl ), she’s just a new student but yet, she has done. So much alre-ady.
$h!t. I muttered.
She’s beautiful though, I’ll give her credit for that. I said and smiled.
I have to take my bath. I said and entered the bathroom.
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
Good afternoon Mom
Good afternoon Dad. I said and hvgged him.
How are you. Dad asked.
Am good. I replied.
How was school sweetie. Mom asked.
T’was incredible and weird. I replied.
Okay….. How weird was it. Dad asked looking at me.
It was supper weird, but you know me Dad am a fighter, I don’t give up that easily. I said grinning.
Yeah, that’s my Princess. Dad said.
Dad am not a princess, am a Queen. I said.
Okay, go change up hunny. Mom said.
I went to my room, I took my bath as quic-kly as possible, I hate cold water.
All in nee-d now is a nap. I said.
I fell on the be-d, but then my eyes was still wi-de open.
I just want to sleep for Pete’s sake. I yelled.
Just then, memories crawled in.
If he had done that, I would have definitely killed him. Chad or whatever, am not gonna let him scare me.
But, he is really cute. His de-ep blue eyes….
Gosh…. Lilian what are you doing, snap out of it. I said hitting my head.
I did not know when I drifted to wonderland.
💖 Fast Forward 💖
Leave that bit-ch alone, leave that bit-ch alone 🎵
You knew that I was angry, why the fv¢k you took her home 🎶 🎶
My phone ringing tone woke me up
Hey, what’s up
You’re game for later. Right?
Yeah, bye
See you
Okay. I cut the cut.
Episode 6
💖 Patricia’s Pov (Lilian’s mother) 💖
Alfred hun, we have to get the two company emerged before the end of this year.
The Dante and Walter’s family, we are close to each other so let’s get emerge. I said.
How. He said.
What about the kids. I said.
No oo, how can you say such a thing, Lilian happiness is my priority. He said.
I know and me too, but this is for the best. I said.
We are going out Next week Saturday, if she doesn’t like him, then we’ll st©p. But if the go along, then it’s possible. I said.
It will happen Patricia if only Lilian agrees to it, I won’t bring myself to hurt her. He said.
Okay. I said.
They’ll surely get along, I know it. I said.
Why is the atmosphere like this Mom, is anything wrong. Lilian asked coming down the stairs.
Uhmm… Nothing sweetie, remember what I told you about the thing we’re doing next week Saturday. You’re coming. Right?
Yeah. She replied.
Okay, bye Mom. Am going to meet my new friend, her name is Stacie and we’re going to the Park. She said.
Okay. Take care.
💖 Lilian’s Pov 💖
I [email protected]£ down from my car, I looked around searching for her.
Hey, why do I keep bu-mping into you. A familiar voice said.
I turned to face Chad.
Oh God. I muttered.
What are you doing here? I asked him.
What am I doing here? It’s not as if you own this park, why the question. He asked.
Nothing. I said.
I tried walking away but he [email protected]£d my hand.
If I want, I can get my revenge you know.
He said turning me, ma-king me face him.
What is your Problem, I haven’t done anything to you, so why are you disturbing my life. I yelled at him.
You should be lucky, I haven’t done anything to you. He said and let go of my hand.
I walked away, just then I saw Stacie.
Hey babe. I said.
I was looking for you, I thought you got lost. She said.
No…. It’s just that a nas-ty piece of work [email protected]£ around.
Wooahh…. That’s bad. She said laughing.
We walked around the Park, taking pictures, ri-ding horses and pla-ying different games.
Let’s go to the pool. She said.
Okay. I said as we walked away.
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