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He’s my mate Episode 14

💯❤💉 #HE_IS_MY_MATE 💉❤💯
As Produced by Rachel Romo
THEME: Back To School (2)
” Wake up, sleepyhead! Today’s your first day of school. You don’t want to be late on the first day, right? ” I heard Sky announce as he opened the curtains and light directly beamed in my face. Ugh! Sometimes I wished the sun had a switch so I can easily turn it off!
Another year of waking up at 6! plea-se, I’d rather stay here all day than go to school!
” Just 5 more minutes, Sky ” I gro-an ed as I rolled to face the wall and covered my face with a pillow. I’m not a wake-up person, really. You should be guessing that since the first chapter. Rachel, well, she would take couple of minutes before she can get me out of be-d. And since this unbelievable thing happened, I’m not used to be waken up anymore. Not that I want to.
” Seriously? What can you do in that 5 minutes? ” he deadpan. I ignored him and tried going back to sleep hoping that my dear brother would shut up. And he did. Wow, that was fast. I guess, wishes do come true, then.
” Sapphire, ” I directly sh0t my eyes open just hearing his voice. Adrian!
It kind of amazes me though, he seems to have like a magical power that makes me nervous when he’s around or when I see him, I’m like a magnet that easily gets attached to him. Though it’s weird, I find it plea-sing or so.
” You nee-d to get up. It’s alre-ady 6:45 and your clas-s starts at 7:00. It would be awful if you get late at the first day of clas-s ” he said and I felt him nearing me. My heartbeat starts to accelerate. Damn! Adrien what have you done to me? I used to have a normal heartbeat that rates at 60 to 100 per minute but you’re ma-king it pound 10x more! I kid you, not.
” I-I’m not going, ” I said as I buried my face dee-per into the pillow. Hey, I’m not trying to suffocate myself, okay? I just want to hide my face, I know I’m blu-shing like a tomato with an unknown reason.
” Why are you so stubborn? ” he said with a sigh. I snap at his remark. The nerve of this guy! Who is he calling stubborn? He’s the stubborn and the a-hole here!
” I believe you are referring to yourself, ” I mocked him as I sat up and turn to face him. He looked pissed at some point but he immediately replaced it with a sm-irk. Gosh, tell me why is my mate so bipolar?
” I may be stubborn but my stubbornness makes me who I am today ” He said. I crossed my arms over my che-st and rolled my eyes.
” You’re really— ” before I could rant more, he was quic-k enough to seal my mouth with a k!ss.
” Go to the bathroom and take a bath, I’ll be waiting for you downstairs ” he said and turned his heel to walk away.
Eeeh! This guy’s really UGH! I can’t think of a word to describe him!
” ARGH! Damn, you Adrian! You’re so annoying! ” I yelled even though I know he won’t hear it.
” Ditto! ” I heard him yell back. My eyes rounded before I seethe my teeth.
I just finished my hair when I heard a ban-g on my door. Does the word Knock even familiar to who the hell this person is?
” Just a sec, ” I said as I gr-ab my sling bag and took one more glance at the mirror. Satisfied with my look, I head to the door and open it revea-ling a pissed off Kayla.
” Good morning! ” I greeted her in a blithesome tone knowing that she’s not in the mood.
” What’s good in the morning when we literally have 10 minutes before the time! ” She yelled and yanked my hand and just drag me like I’m a plastic bag. When we got down, I saw Alice waving her hands goodbye but Kayla was too fast that I couldn’t wave at her back.
Adrian and Sky were alre-ady outside leaning on a red pick-up truck together with a blonde bimbo. I as-sume she’s Wendy? Oh, right! Now, I remember her, she’s the one bit-ching out with Adrian the day before he marked me. And now I fully get why Adrian wanted her. Compared to me, she was much more slimmer and taller than me, her skater Sk-irt accentuated her long flawless legs. She was beautiful, really. Her long blonde wavy hair accent her emerald green eyes. Everyone who’ve seen her might think she’s one of the Victoria Secret Angels.
I suddenly feel so low at what I’m wearing. Just a pair of skinny jeans and a black sweatshi-t. Kayla pampered herself a lot and she did a great job, not to mention she looked gorgeous in the floral dress she’s wearing.
” Took you long enough, ” Sky said as he jumped into sh0tgun.
” Let’s go ” Adrian announced and hopped in the driver’s seat. I looked at Wendy girl and she just rolled her eyes on me.
” Such a drag, ” I heard her mutter before hopping in the back seat. Kayla didn’t seem to hear her since she just went in and I followed behind. On the way to school, Sky and Kayla were arguing if Sam Smith is an Australian or British.
” I told you, he’s British! ” Sky exclaimed this time.
” Nu-uh. According to my gathered information, he’s Australian! ” Kayla retorted.
I just sighed. Adrian didn’t care since he was focusing on the road while Wendy on the other hand was busy filing her nails. I don’t know but I think Wendy hates me? Or maybe it’s all just my imagination. Besides, I should be the one who’s angry at her for ma-king out with my mate.
” We’re here ” Adrian announced and we all st©pped doing our business. Wendy, since she was at the end, got out first. Me and Kayla followed behind and Adrian and Sky got out too.
” Good luck on your first day! ” Adrian told Wendy and as the slut she was gave him a flying k!ss. I sh0t her a glare with a slight growl but she just sm-irked.
” bit-ch, ” I mumbled to myself. Adrian must have felt the tension so he pu-ll-ed me by the [email protected]!st and k!$$£d the side of my head. He really knows how to tame me.
” Don’t worry, love. I’m all yours ” he said and k!$$£d me again. I just nodded and turned to Sky, he gave me a k!sson the forehead before Kayla yanked my hand and was literally yelling at the school grounds saying we’re alre-ady late.
” Wait! I’m gonna go take a quic-k pee and be right back ” I informed her. She st©pped dragging me and told me to hurry up. Luckily, finding the bathroom was not that ha-rd . I did my business and went out. Suddenly, someone shoved me to the wall.
” You think he’s yours? ” Wendy mocked. I sm-irked. I knew she had the h0ts for my mate. Can’t blame her, he’s one of a kind like a fallen Adonis.
” Let me see, he’s my mate so basically he’s mine ” I said with a proud smile.
” Think twice, he’s mine since the very beginning ” she said with a sarcastic tone. I scoff at her statement.
” The last time I checked, he was still my mate ” I said. She sm-irked and walked towards me and since she was taller, I felt like a midget next to her.
” Oh, really? But we had s-ex. ” she said with a cheeky grain. My throat [email protected]£ dry at her statement. They did ‘it’? How could Adrian do this to me? How could he–‘
” What, now? Cat got your ton-gue? Tsk. You don’t deserve to be his mate. Not even a bit ” she said and walked away. I remained motionless and quiet. I slide myself down the floor and tears automatically fell.
” Hey, miss? Are you okay? ” someone offered a hand at me. I looked up to see a pair of dark hazelnut eyes. He had sandy brown hair and a fair complexion. He was built but not like those who go to gym. He was good-looking but not as good-looking as Adrian.
That man-who-re, good for nothing, j£rk!
” Do I look okay to you? ” I said sarcastically as I took his hand and he helped me standup. As I got on my feet, I realized he was as tall as those basketball pla-yers. A 6″1 perhaps? His muscle tee hvgged his b©dy and perfectly fitted hid b©dy. He looked h0t.
Damn, Sapphire! You have a mate!
A j£rk of a mate.
” A simple thank you would be nice ” he said as he let go of my hand. He’s right, he was only concerned and even helped me. It was my mistake to snap at him.
” Thanks ” I muttered and was about to walk away but he gr-ab my wrist that made me turn to him.
” What’s your name? ” He asked. Is it right to tell him my name? Having a new friend isn’t bad so I guess it’s okay.
” Sapphire Genesis ” I said with genuine smile. He gave me the same smile before reaching a hand for a handshake.
” Nice to meet you, Sapphire. I’m Shawn. Shawn Greyson ” he said.

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