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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 75 & 76

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 75
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Seoul Tower
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
What!! Who are all these girls?? They just [email protected]£ out from nowhere and flocked round Lee Chun the way ants gather round candy.
They all behaved like I didn’t exist, like I am invisible or something and can’t be seen, like they didn’t see someone was with Lee Chun when they [email protected]£ in.
They just showed up and started saying nons-en-se things to him that irritated my ear drums.
🗣️ Oh my God! Lee Chun you look so cute, so freaking cute!
🗣️ You look so yummy like ice cream.. I want to have a taste.
🗣️ S-x god can you give us ladies a taste of candy.
🗣️ Yes S-x god, plea-se come show us what you can do….
They kept saying and ru-bbing all over his b©dy – head, che-st and [email protected]
And the most annouying thing was that Lee Chun was smiling.
Eishhhh! I will break his head!
Not that I am jealous or anything..who am I kidding I am freaking jealous. So, so jealous!
I feel like breaking all their bones and knocking Lee Chun ha-rd on his head…but I can’t start fighting them course I know Lee Chun loves me, however it’s still hurts seeing girls flir-ting with him and he isn’t st©pping them…
🗣️ S-x god, I know blue is your favorite colour, come and check out the colour of my [email protected], it is blue ”
one of the ladies said, acting all sl-uty.
What! What nons-en-se!
Blue is not even Lee Chun’s favorite colour…or is it? I don’t even know, not the point.
🗣️ My [email protected] has your face on it S-x god. come let me introduce you two ” Another lady said pu-lling her go-wn up from her [email protected] with one hands, revea-ling her undies to Lee Chun.
I so want to strangle her n£¢k.
🗣️ Come with us
🗣️ plea-se come with us
🗣️ Let’s have fun together..
They kept pestering him to come with them and Lee Chun was just smiling, he hasn’t said anything since.
He glanced over at me and I frowned at him which only made him smile even more, a laugh even escaped his teeth.
He is laughing at me?? I will so kill him.
After he was done smiling and laughing like a goat he finally opened his mouth to speak.
“ Calm down pretty ladies, no nee-d to rush, you all nee-d to calm down. You want me right, my b©dy right? ”
He ended his statement with a question which all of them shouted a loud
🗣️ Yesssss
What?? He is asking them if they want his b©dy??
Eishhhh, the anger and jealousy was becoming much inside of me.
“ Alright then ”
he said smiling.
What!! What!
He just agreed.. I feel like crying and killing him
🗣️ Let’s go then
🗣️ I can’t wait to ride you S-x god…
“ Okay, but there is one problem though ”
He said, what is he talking about?
🗣️ Problem? What problem?
🗣️ What’s that?
🗣️ What?…
“ You see my b©dy, my heart, my soul and my life doesn’t belong to me anymore ”
He said and they all looked confused, even myself I was confused, like what is he saying
🗣️ What you talking about?
🗣️ What do you mean S-x god?
🗣️ If your b©dy, heart, soul and life doesn’t belong to you, who does it belong to then?
They asked, looking confused and curious.
” Well, they belong to the most amazing, beautiful and wonderful human I have ever met. They belong to the only woman in my life, my life and my pride… ”
As he spoke he rest his eyes on me, and everyone including the ladies took their eyes to me.
Oh my God! His words were so sweet, ma-king my stomach dance and face heart up but my heart was beating ha-rd because everyone were staring at me.
He continued “ b©dy, heart, soul and life belong to this beautiful lady in front of you, my love, my girlfriend Ji-a ”
He said and there was a great WOW in the restaurant followed by lengthy murmuring.
🗣️ Did he just say she is his girlfriend?
🗣️ The S-x god has a girlfriend..
🗣️ Oh my! She is so pretty..
🗣️ Not so pretty. I am more beautiful…
🗣️ Why her? What’s so special about her? Why didn’t he pick me…
🗣️ Who is she even?…
There were lot of mixed reactions not only from the ladies but also all the people pres£nt in the restaurant, some were good comment but most of them were negative – obviously coming from a place of jealousy and Lee Chun was about to make some ladies even more jealous.
Standing up from his sit, he walked slowly towards me, then plant a k!sson my forehead.
He smiled “ I love you Ji-a ”
He said then k!$$£d me on myl-ips this time, and with that k!ssthe ladies all left the table looking sad and angry.
I really don’t feel any sympathy for them, course hell no! Am I sharing my man.
“ Have you forgiven me now? ”
Lee Chun asked, with his hand on my cheek, I nodded in a blush.
He smiled “ Thank you ” He said then walked back to his sit.
As he sat, I was just staring at him. I was wondering how I ended up with the most caring and loving man in the planet.
I am so lucky to have Lee Chun, so lucky_ No, so blessed.
“ Hey, why you smiling? you should eat your food ”
He said bringing me out of my thoughts. I didn’t even know I was smiling.
“ Nothing.. I was just thinking ” I said.
“ Thinking about what? Oh I get, you thinking I can’t win you in a eating competition right? Oh I will so prove you wrong. Let’s go ”
He said ma-king a funny face and I couldn’t help but laugh.
Eating competition? Where did he get that from? That was not even in my thoughts.
“ Really? You want to challenge me to a eating competition? Really? Like seriously? ”
“ Of course, don’t think I can’t win you, my stomach is larger than yours afterall ” He said and I laughed.
He is so funny
“ Alright then, your funeral ”
I said and he smiled.
“ On the count of 3 then ”
He said and I nodded.
“ 1….2……3, go! ”
He shout the go at the end of the count and with that we started rushing the food on the table
It was so much fun as we laughed and pla-y, Lee Chun didn’t even eat pas-sed 3 chicken [email protected] before giving up and I mocked him a lot….
My experience in the tower was fun and amazing. I will so much love to come back here again.
After we were done eating in the spinning restaurant, Lee Chun took me to some of the gift shop in the tower were he bought lots of gifts, so many then we left the tower.
We got to the car and the driver took us to our next destination
___________ ⏲️
Location: Itaewon
Time: Evening
😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍
“ Are you re-ady to have fun? ”
I asked Ji-a as we [email protected]£ out from the car.
” I have been having fun since morning ” She said and I smiled.
“ Well you are about to have even more fun. How does that sound ” I said staring into her beautiful eyes.
“ It sounds great ”
She said and we k!$$£d briefly, then I took her hand – locking my f!ngersinto hers and we both walked alongside the bubbling crowd of Itaewon….
Unknown POV
“ Okay that’s them boys, let’s do this, you know what to do. Remember only the girl is to be killed, the boy has no money placed on his head, so we shouldn’t waste a bullet on him, un-derstood? ”
I said and Mubo and bu-mo nodded
“ Crystal ”
bu-mo said.
“ Great. let’s follow them and do a neat clean job, don’t b!ow your cover. We will strike at the right time ”
Episode 76
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Itaewon
😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍
Itaewon is ever so beautiful, it’s not even dark yet but the whole place is lighted up and bubbling with people.
The major road and interconnecting streets were crowded by people doing one activity or the other. Everyday feels like a festival here. Like a fun market.
As I walked with Ji-a, I saw something that caught my eyes, a not to small shop, that sells vantage clothes – A boutique actually.
What actually caught my attention in the shop, was a pair of beautiful white jackets and red caps I saw hung in the show glas-s.
What was really unique about the pairs of jackets and caps was the fact that they were identical yet one could tell one pair was made for a female and the other was made for a male.
Just perfect for Me and Ji-a.
“ Come, let’s go in here ”
I said pointing to the shop with one hand while the other was still holding her hand.
She nodded and we both navigated our way throu-gh the crowd of people… until we got to the front of the boutique.
” Wow! Check this out ”
Ji-a said as she caught sight of the pairs of vantage jackets and cap.
I guess both of us are thinking alike, why not? She is a [email protected] of me, like I am a [email protected] of her.
“ Cool right? ” I asked and she nodded still staring at it in admiration throu-gh the show glas-s.
“ I am going to get it for both of us ” I said and immediately a joyous smile formed on her face.
“ Really? ”
She beamed and I nodded with a smile.
” Let’s go in ”
I said, and we both walked in holding hands with full smiles…
Inside the shop was a little bit crowded, but not as crowded as the outside, two people can actually get separated and lost with the amount of people that are in the streets..
Ji-a was quic-k to run to where the jackets and cap was hung, and I walking to meet her from behind.
“ Oh my God!… It even has our initials on them. See ”
She exclaimed, blu-shing really ha-rd of excitement.
“ Really ”
I said, then gave the jackets a proper inspection.
It was True, the jackets actually have the first letters of our names boldly written at the che-st region of the it, letter L and J.
Not together though, the letter J was printed on the male Jacket and cap, while the letter L on the female jacket and cap.
“ So cool.. let’s try them on ”
I said then made attempt to bring them out of the show glas-s…when I was met with a loud shout.
“ What do you think you are doing! ”
A male voice thun-dered from behind us.
We both turned around to see an old, short man with a walking stick and a frown on his face, he looks like the owner of the shop.
Walking towards us “ Step away from the [email protected], step away! ”
He said in an irritated manner, pointing his wwalking stick in our faces like he wanted to flog us with it.
What’s his problem? It’s not like we wanted to steal the clothes.
We stepped away from clothes
“ Good evening father ”
Ji-a greeted him with a proper bow of the head, but he completely ignored her greetings, he even scoffed as he pas-sed us.
What’s his problem really??
He picked up a clean rag close by and used it to wipe the show glas-s clean, which is not nee-ded because the show glas-s was clean even sparkling.
Was it because I t©uçhed it? Is that why he is cleaning it? Jeez! Such a weirdo.
“ Sir, I will like to purchase those pair of jackets and caps ”
I said, trying my possible best to sound polite.
“ Not for sell ”
He said harshly.
Huh! Not for sell?? What’s he talking about?
“ I..I don’t un-derstand ”
I said having this confused look, same as Ji-a
“ What don’t you un-derstand? I said the clothes are not for sell! Or don’t you un-derstand Korean? ”
He said very rudely, walking slowly to his counter with his walking stick.
“ B..but, they are in the show glas-s, meaning they are up for sell ”
I argued, not un-derstanding why he didn’t want to sell.
” I am old not blind, I know they are in the show glas-s but I still am not selling, you can pick anyother thing not just them. They are just for exhibition not sell ”
He said and by his tone, I knew he was very serious about not selling.
The jackets and caps were really beautiful, even though they were obviously an old design, they just looked like they were made for I and Ji-a, and I really want to get it.
Well with all that, there is nothing really I can do, the man says he is not selling, I can’t possibly f0rç£ him to sell.
I was about telling Ji-a we should leave the shop, when I noticed a sad look on her face and I knew it was because we couldn’t get the jackets and caps.
She obviously likes them and I knew at that moment that it’s not possible for me to leave the shop without the jackets and caps, there was no way I was going to let Ji-a remain sad.
“ I don’t want anything else except those jackets and caps, and you most sell them to me ”
I said and the owner of the shop gave me this look, like I was running mad or something.
“ I have told you young man, they ain’t for sell, there is nothing that’s going to make me sell them to you, nothing! ” He reaffirmed.
Let’s see if he will keep true to his words then.
I reached for my jacket pocket and brou-ght out my cheque book.
I wrote down some numbers, tore the cheque leaf out of the cheque book and [email protected] it on t©p of the counter.
“ I will be taking the clothes ”
I said and I could see the anger in his eyes, he hasn’t yet gaze upon what I wrote yet though.
“ I have told you this silly boy that I am not selli_ ” he was saying when his mouth hang up in the air when his eyes mistakenly saw the figure I wrote down on the cheque.
He took a better look at it again maybe his eyes were pla-ying tricks on him and when he saw, what he was seeing waa true he turned his attention on me.
” What kind of sick prank is this? What type of game is this? I have never seen those many zeros in my life before, and you expect me to believe some boy has such and is willing to give it out for a old jacket and cap! ”
He said and I smiled slightly.
“ I am Lee Chun, son to Mr Lee and heir of the Lee’s Empire ”
I said and his eyes dilated.
“ Holy goodness! You are Mr Lee’s son?… I am seeing the resemblance now ”
” Yes, I am. Now I are you selling or not? Or should I take my money back ” I said, stretching my hand to take back the cheque but he quic-kly picked it up from the counter.
” Of course I am selling, you can take the jackets and caps infact you can take the whole shop, with this money I don’t nee-d to work anymore, I am now a rich man ”
He said with a joyous, silly smile. He was overjoyed.
“ I only want the jackets and caps ”
I said but I didn’t know if he heard me as he was busy staring at the cheque ro-mantically, the way men stare at a lady’s behind.
It’s good to be rich_ not rich, super rich.
By himself he brou-ght the jackets and caps from the show glas-s and handing it to us and immediately started closing his shop up.
I wore the female jacket on Ji-a’s b©dy and the face cap on her head and watched as the smile soon fill up her face.
“ It’s so much pretty, thank you ”
She said looking really happy, giving me a special kind of joy.
“ No, you are really pretty ”
I corrected and she blu-shed.
“ Wear yours ” She urged.
“ Alright, I will but let’s get out of here before he locks us in ”
I said and we both laughed and ran out of the shop.
Outside the shop I took off my old Jacket and gave to a homeless man who was sitting on the ground by a corner, inside one of the jacket pocket I left a filled and signed cheque leaf inside.
Then I put on the new jacket and cap, throwing one of my arm round Ji-a’s n£¢k, while her arm went round my back to my [email protected]!st. Laughing and smiling we walked.
We had only taken few steps forward when a great cry of joy could be heard from behind us.. turning around I smiled when I saw it was the homeless man, he most have seen the little something inside the jacket pocket.
Since Ji-a is happy, I am happy and I wanted to pas-s that happiness on….
We continued walking until we got to an open restaurant, with a barbecue fire on and that has a stage where random people of the public go to and do some karaoke. ( Singing along to pre-recorded instrumental versions of popular songs, the lyrics of which are displa-yed for the singer on a screen in time with the music.)
I and Ji-a sat down close together on a bench, my arm crossing her n£¢k while her head rested on my che-st.
Meats and drinks were brou-ght to us and we ate while listening to people sing, most of them singing totally off beat with frog voice…
“ Hey MINE, can I ask a favor from you? ”
I asked, pla-ying with some strings of her hair.
“ Yeah, sure you can ”
She said, her head still resting on my che-st.
” Will you sing for me, I want to hear your sweet voice ”
I said and she laughed shyly.
“ Hmm okay when we get home I will sing for you okay ”
She said I sighed.
” But I want to hear you sing now, plea-se take the mic and sing for me, I am tired of hearing all these frog voices ”
I said and she raised her face up to me.
“ Like here? Right now? ”
She said and I nodded.
“ But I am shy ”
She said looking actually shy.
“ plea-se MINE, sing for me ” I said petting her head.
“ Okay I will ”
She said and I smiled broadly.
“ Great!..go on ”
She stood up and walked shyly to the stage, thankfully the person using the mic just finished singing and she gave the mic to Ji-a.
” Good evening everyone ”
Ji-a greeted shyly her eyes on me, few people responded while many ignored.
” My name is Ji-a and I want to sing,
Everytime by Brittany Spears ”
She said shyly and started singing….

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