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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 73 & 74

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 73
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
😍 Lee Chun’s POV 😍
Immediately Byung-ho left the room I walked to meet Ji-a.
“ Don’t listen to anything he said, they ain’t true. I love you, you know this right? I love you Ji-a and that’s the truth. I will never do anything to hurt you, I will never! ”
I poured my heart to her, praying and hoping Byung-ho’s words haven’t corrupted her heart against me…
” I know, I know you do, I know you love me ”
She said, without an atom of doubt and that gave my whole system live again.
Planting myl-ips on her forehead, I gave her a k!sson the head that lasted for some lengthy seconds.
She wasn’t affected by Byung-ho’s words, I can smile again, course I really don’t know what I will do if she st©ps loving me, I don’t want to even think about it…
” Lee Chun ”
she called softly, and I could s-en-se the worriedness from her voice.
“ What’s wrong MINE? ”
I asked with my hands cu-mpped round her face.
“ Byung-ho…will he be fine? Have we hurt him?..Have I hurt him? Will everything be fine between the three of us again? ”
She said, her eyes full of worries and sadness.
Her questions where quite ha-rd to answer, frankly I don’t have an answer to them.
I haven’t seen Byung-ho behaving in the manner at which he is behaving, I guess he really is in love with Ji-a, but I also really love Ji-a too.
We both love Ji-a but only one can have her and the only way to settle the matter was for Ji-a to choose by herself, which she did, she has chos£n and I am her choice.
Byung-ho should respect that, if she has chos£n him instead of me, although it would hurt like hell, I would have let her go with her heart de-sire which is him, because to me her happiness matters first than my feelings for her.
If she will be happy with him then I will just have to live with that, but now she is happy with me and there is nothing anyone could do to change that.
I know it hurts but Byung-ho has to un-derstand this and respect Ji-a’s decision…
” I can’t say if you have hurt him, the only person who has hurt him here is me, I have hurt him a lot, but if there is anything I know about my best friend Byung-ho, is that he is a good person and has a heart of gold.
He might be hurting now but I am sure he will come throu-gh soon enough and everything will return back to how it were, the three of us being good friends ”
I said, trying to sound as optimistic as possible, anything that would get Ji-a more relaxed and re-move that sadness I am seeing on her face.
Course I hate seeing her sad, I so much hate it!
“ Are you sure about that? Course I really do hate seeing him sad ”
She said, her sadness hurting my soul.
“ Yes I am, I am ” I said and pu-ll-ed her in for a hvg
“ Everything will be alright, you will see, the three of us will be okay ” I said patting her head and I pray and hope my words come true.
I really don’t want to lose my childhood friend, who is my best friend but if I have to choose.
I will pick Ji-a over him.
“ He loves me, but I can never let you go Lee Chun, if that’s make me a bad person towards him, I am sorry but I don’t think I can ever be good, course I can’t st©p loving you Lee Chun, I can’t ”
She said almost in tears and her words really t©uçhed my heart, and it only gave me more reasons to want to love and care for her more.
I didn’t say a word, for some minutes I just remained in that position, hvgging her ti-ghtly.
There is nothing to say for now, we only nee-d each other’s b©dy and soul….
__________ ⏲️
“ I will un-derstand if you no longer feel like going out anymore today, after all that happened, it will be alright if you want to rest in your room. I will pick another convenient time for us to go out as a couple ”
I said, but I wasn’t really happy about it. I really wanted to spend some time alone with Ji-a and have fun.
“ No!.. I don’t want to rest, I really want to go out with you. plea-se still take me out ”
She said, and I smiled as she said exactly what I wanted to hear.
“ Are you sure you still want to go out with me? ”
I asked to confirm.
“ Yes ”
She replied with a nod of the head, and I plant a k!sson her forehead.
“ Alright, let’s get going ”
I said, holding her hand and that smile I love so much returned back to her face.
I wish she can be smiling always, I can’t get tired of seeing her smile. I can’t!
“ Yeppie! ”
She cried out joyfully, giving me that sweetness in my heart as a happy smile appeared on my face….
Walking out of the building, but still in the compound.
“ Wait here, let me get the driver ”
I said to her and she had that confused face.
“ Ain’t you the one driving? ”
“ Well, I wanted to be the one to drive us before, but I have changed my mind ” I said and I could see she [email protected]£ more confused.
“ Why ”
She asked and I drew nearer to her hands on her [email protected]!st.
“ Course I won’t be able to concentrate on the road with you looking this beautiful, I will be so tem-pted to give your sweetl-ips a k!ssand that would be sweet but dangerous as we could get hit my a moving truck.
There is no way I can k!ssyou again if I am inside the grave right? Or maybe I can ”
I said adding a little bit of humor in my tone.
She was blu-shing and laughing “ You really silly ”
She said hitting my arm softly
“ But do go get the driver, I don’t want to land in the hospital again because you choose to k!ssme while driving ” She said and I chuckled.
“ Will be right back ” I said, stealing a k!ssfrom herl-ips before leaving to get one of the drivers….
Location: Unknown
😎 The Boss 😎
I was busy relaxing my head, as I [email protected] n-ked, with only my shorts on in the portable be-d outside the open balcony that has an elevated swimming pool on it.
I was lying down, with my back and head slightly tilt upwards, and a glas-s of whiskey in one of my hand while an open magazine was in the other hand.
It is actually an £r0ticmagazine, with lots of pictures of half n-ked girls and also completely n-ked girls.
Quite an interesting view, I was enjoying myself when…
“ Boss, I just received the call, they are in Itaewon ”
One of my men, Crusher by name, [email protected]£ reporting.
Sitting upright on the be-d “ Good, very good. Then go, go fetch does three idiots from the pit and bring them to me, it’s time for them to finish their job ” I instructed.
“ Alright boss, right away ”
He said then quic-kly left, to do what I had commanded.
I dropped the magazine but continued sipping from my glas-s of whiskey, and also enjoying the refreshingly natural air from the surroundings.
“ Ahh.. life is sweet ”
Minutes later I was now seated with an expansive robe covering my n-kedness.
Three men were standing in front of me, two of them were covered in bandages as they had lots of cuts and wounds on them, while the third saw looking like a normal human but the three of them are big time idiots.
They are actually my men, the most useless of my men, they couldn’t even get a simple job done and because of their failure I lost a whole lot of money and one thing I don’t joke with is money.
“ So I have decided to give you fools another chance to redeem yourselves. You guys have to get the target this time and the client doesn’t want her captured, she wants her dead. This is an as-sas-sination mission.
Are you boys up for the task? ”
“ Yes boss ”
The three of the chorused.
“ You can count on us boss, she is as good as dead boss, we won’t fail you this time around ”
The one who has no bandage amongst them said.
“ You better don’t, unless your dead bodies will be used to replace her’s instead ”
I said sternly….
Location: Seoul Tower
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
“ There you go,. watch your steps ” Lee Chun said helping me out of the Range Rover sport.
“ Thank yo_ ” I was about thanking him when I caught sight of the building.
“ Wow ”
I exclaimed in amazement at the sight of the towel.
It is so large and high, damn it’s too tall!
“ Wait to you see the view from up the lower you are going to love it ”
He said.
Are we seriously going to the t©p of this building???
Jeez I think I am about to pas-s out, like faint.
I don’t do too well in hight. Yeah I am kinda scared of high places…but I guess it will be fun with Lee Chun with me. I feel safe around him
“ Okay but always hold on to my hands ” I said and he smiled.
” I am never letting go of you MINE ” he said…
Episode 74
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss
Location: Seoul Tower
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
To get to the t©p of the tower, I and Lee Chun had to ride a gondola ( cable car )
Jeez scary!
The towel is actually located in a mountainous region that’s why it nee-ds a gondola for easy access to the tower.
In case you wondering what a gondola is, I will tell you.
In simple terms, it’s a floating bus in the sky, yup! You heard that right, a bus floating in the sky.
Well it’s actually not floating, it’s been held and propelled by strong cables hung high above the ground and it’s completely safe, but it’s quite scary to me course the floor of the gondola we were ri-ding was made up of transparent material, like glas-s so I am seeing the ground from the high height I was.
Jeez, it felt like I could fall throu-gh the floor, so scary.
I was hvgging Lee Chun ti-ghtly with my eyes closed throu-gh out the ride to the tower.
“ Are you scared? ”
Lee Chun had asked at one point when he noticed my eyes were closed.
I shook my head in disagreement, even though I was really scared.
He chuckled slightly “ Really? You ain’t scared? ”
He asked and I nodded.
“ Then open your eyes then, since you ain’t scared ”
He said and I held him even more ti-ghtly.
“ No ”
I said with a shake of the head, and he chuckled again.
“ But you are missing out on the fun Ji-a, this is a special gondola, I made us ride in it so we can have a more trilling experience ”
He said.
” But it’s scary ”
I muttered with my eyes still closed.
” Do you trust me? ”
He asked and I nodded.
“ I do ”
“ Do you trust, I will never let any harm come to you? ”
He said, his hands gently placed on my [email protected]!st.
” I do ”
“ Then open your eyes ”
“ But I am scared ” I muttered a confession, almost in tears.
“ You don’t have to look down, just look at me, my face. I nee-d to see those eyes plea-se, plea-se don’t hide those beautiful eyes from me, plea-se don’t ”
he said and I found myself opening my eyes even though I was still scared.
I took my face up to his as instructed, and I could see he was alre-ady gazing down at me, his eyes fixed on mine, like he looking at a mirror.
“ You are really beautiful Ji-a ” He said softly and my cheeks red up slightly.. I was beginning to let go of my fear of height.
“ plea-se don’t get tired of me telling you this, don’t get tired of hearing you are beautiful from myl-ips course I will be saying it a lot to you everyday.
Your beauty never seize to amaze me, you are really beautiful, so beautiful ” He cooed, his words feeling my stomach with bu-tterflies and at this point I had completely let go off my fear of height. I have forgotten I was ri-ding a gondola.
I just want to continue hearing him speak those sweet words to me…
” You can look down now, we have gotten to our destination ”
he said and I slowly took my face down.
He was saying the truth, I didn’t even know when we got to solid ground or when the gondola [email protected]£ to a st©p.
“ Great ”
I said in a wi-de smile.
“ You hungry? ” He asked
What! How did he know I was hungry??
The fear of ri-ding the gondola had made me hungry.
“ Yes ”
I said shyly, with a slight nod of the head.
He smiled “ Then let’s go eat ” He said taking hold of my hand
“ Have you ever had to eat your meal while spinning? ”
He asked while we walked and that seemed like an odd question.
“ Huh…why will I eat while spinning? What would course me to spin anyways? ”
I asked but only got a smile from him as response…
We continued walking and inside the tower is a double Wow!
It’s so beautiful, with lots of gifts shops inside… finally we got to a place were we st©pped walking.
It seems like a restaurant. Thank goodness! My stomach has alre-ady started complaining to me.
A man on white long sleeves shi-t, a black trou-sers and shoe with a black suit jacket welcomed us into the restaurant.
By his dress code and his manner of approach, one could guess he is an attendant or maybe a waiter.
“ plea-se kindly follow me ”
He said politely and respectfully.
We followed him and he took us to an empty table, but as we walked I felt something strange, it seemed like the floor was moving also, like turning.
I don’t really un-derstand, but everyone in the restaurant including Lee Chun seems not to notice it as they all, including him had a normal look.
So I thought maybe it was me, the hunger was ma-king me think the room was spinning or something..
“ plea-se exercise a little patient, someone will be coming now to take your orders ”
He said with a smile before returning back to his duty post – entrance of the restaurant…
We sat down at opposite sides of the table, facing each other and soon enough, another man, a waiter [email protected]£ to our table and took our orders…in no time our table was filled with lots of yummies.
Chicken! Beef! Pork! Fish!
It was a paradise of food!
I was delighted with the dishes on the table but my mind was still somewhat distracted. I could feel that the floor including the table was moving slightly but why isn’t Lee Chun reacting or saying anything about this? Hasn’t he noticed it yet??
“ Will that be enough for you? Should I order for more ” He asked.
Jeez, the table is alre-ady full with food, where does he plan to keep the food he wants to order again.
” No thanks ” I said then lean forward on the table, drawing nearer to him
“ Ain’t you noticing anything strange? ” I asked in a whispering tone.
“ Strange? Strange like how? ”
He said looking lost.
“ So you ain’t noticing anything weird or strange? Nothing at all? ”
I asked again, this time with a little bit emphasises.
He gave me a confused look and with that I started eating, as I was now of the thought it was the hunger ma-king my head spin and I was thinking it was the room that was spinning.
As I rushed my meal there was this weird smile on his face, it was kinda ma-king me uncomfortable.
” What? Why are you staring at me like that, huh? ”
I asked with a slight frown
He chuckled ” This is quite funny ”
“ What is? ”
I asked not impressed by his laughter.
” I know you most be thinking I ain’t noticing it, but I am, everyone are too. the room, this segment of the building is actually revolving. Like it’s slowly spinning in 360 degrees. You ain’t imagining it babe, the floor is actually moving. Just look out the window you will notice we are moving”
He said with [email protected]ûghty smile on his face.
Wow! It is true
“ I am angry with you, why didn’t you tell me this since, and I was here thinking my hunger is messing with my head ”
I said, pretending to be angry.
He chuckled “ I am sorry MINE, plea-se forgive me, it’s just that I so much loved the look you had on your face when you noticed the floor was moving for the first time. You looked so beautiful and cute ”
He said, ma-king me smile, but inwardly as I was still pretending to be angry.
“ Go away, you are a bad b©yfri£nd. You ma-king fun of your girlfriend ” I said arms folded
“ Come on MINE plea-se forgive me, I am sorry. I will never make fun of you again I promise, plea-se.. ”
He was pleading and I think, he thinks I am angry for real.
My poor, handsome b©yfri£nd. He is so cute.
I am enjoying him begging me, so I think I will pretend to be angry a little bit longer, so he can beg me more.
“ Other b©yfri£nds make their girlfriends happy mine is ma-king jest of me. I ain’t forgiving you ”
I said holding myself not to laugh
“ Ahhhhhh… plea-se you have to forgive me, you can hit me if you want to. Like those your h0t [email protected] in the face ”
He said and I chuckled slightly and right about when I wanted to tell him I was only kidding some strange girls showed up from nowhere.
“ Oh my God!… It’s Lee Chun!… The se-x god! ”
They screamed and camped round him.
That’s my man!

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