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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 71 & 72

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 71
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
Leaving Ji-a’s room, I walked to the direction of my room when I sp©tted my sister Kia coming my way from the opposite direction.
She was quite surprised to see me, like she didn’t know I was around in the mansion.
“ Hey Lee, you are back? What happened, where you able to find Ji-a? I have been calling your line since but you weren’t picking my calls ”
She said as she [email protected]£ close enough.
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket and saw 15 missed calls, about an hour ago.
Wow! That many?
I didn’t even noticed my phone was either ringing or [email protected]
I guess I was too worried then trying to find Ji-a to notice any other time.
“ Sorry cute sis, I was preoccu-pied then ” I stated, putting back the phone inside my pocket.
“ Okay, so what about Ji-a? Where you able to find her? Wasn’t she with Byung-ho? Did she accept his proposal to be his girlfriend? ”
She threw her questions at me with curious eyes.
“ Yeah I was able to find her, she is in her room now ”
I said, combing my hair backwards with my f!ngers.
“ Really? She is in the mansion now? Does that mean she didn’t accept Byung-ho’s proposal? ”
” Yeah, she didn’t ”
I said, happy she didn’t but a [email protected] of me was feeling bad for my friend Byung-ho though.
“ I knew it! I just knew it she wouldn’t accept his proposal. You both are so much in love with each other. So tell me all that happened, don’t omit a single detail. I want to hear every bit of what went down ”
She said and I knew I am in for it.
“ Okay well, when I got to Byung-ho’s place I discovered Ji-a wasn’t there with him and it was there I found out from his mouth that Ji-a rejected his proposal and left him at the restaurant.
So that’s when I called you to check if she had returned back to the glas-s house and you told me she hasn’t, so I took off in search of her…. ”
I narrated the whole story, well I did omit somethings
Like I didn’t tell her that I and Byung-ho almost fought and all the pri-vate things that happened between me and Ji-a in her room….
“ Wow! So you saved her from the hands of thvgs and you guys are now a couple?? Oh my! ”
She excliamed and I could see the bright smile on her face.
She seemed really excited about this, and I am glad at least my family are in support of my relationsh!pwith Ji-a.
“ Yeah we are a couple now and I can’t really explain to you how happy I am. I really love that girl”
I said and her smile [email protected]£ even brighter.
“ You know, if someone had told me a month back that my kid brother the S-x god would first me to fall in love, I would have [email protected]ñk that person ha-rd in the bu-tt for being an unrepentant liar.
But here we are, the unthinkable has happened, the number 1 pla-yer in the world has had his heart stolen, he has fallen to the Innocence of a pretty flower. I am really happy for you Lee ”
She said and I smiled, we both were smiling actually.
Kia has always been my favorite sister, [email protected] from the fact that she always brou-ght her pretty friends home to me, to you know… [email protected] from that [email protected], she is the sister I am more closer to because our age gap isn’t that wi-de, she is just 2 years older than me and we relate a lot.
“ But I did make lot of gains and profit from your head kid brother, you won’t believe the outrageous cash girls are willing to pay just to get scre-wed and hammered by you. A whole lot of paper cutie ” she said and my eyes dilated.
What??? Has she been collecting money from all her friends she has been bringing to me then to scre-w??
“ I don’t un-derstand…pay? Have you? Have you been collecting cash from your friends?? ”
I asked and she sm-irked
Oh my! She has!
“ What! So I have been doing the ha-rd work while you received all the good cash! ” I said really shocked.
“ Well yeah, that was the deal ” She said…
What a smart girl, so she has been using me to extort lots of money from her friends. Very smart, very smart indeed…
“ What deal?? I didn’t receive any cash not a single dime for all my heavy lifting, do you know what it takes to satisfy all those hor-nyfriends of yours?? ” I lamented.
“ Why are you complaining, didn’t you enjoy having S-x with my beautiful friends then? That’s enough payment you don’t nee-d any other payment ”
She said having a sarcastic face.
” Ahhh.. you still nee-d to pay me for my work ”
I said in a serious tone but I was actually joking.
“ That’s if you are able to catch me” She said then pick to flight.
“ Heyyyyyy ” I exclaimed then ran after her
“ I will catch you, give me all my money! ”
We ran and joke around. I am not really bothered about the money stuff, I am just really happy I have Ji-a now…
____________ ⏲️
The next day
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
Can you believe I woke up smiling, slightly laughing even. Yesterday was the best night of my life and of course I had sweet dreams although the night till the morning, all of which was about my b©yfri£ndLee Chun.
Yes, Lee Chun is my b©yfri£nd!!! I am really blu-shing.
My God! I am just so, so happy!
But hold on… Hope I didn’t dream about everything? Hope it was not in my dream Lee Chun asked me out??
Oh my God!
I am not really sure anymore, everything seemed the same.
Am I really Lee Chun’s girlfriend or I dreamt about everything???
No plea-se, let it not be a dream. I want it to be real. I really want to be Lee Chun’s girlfriend for real. plea-se let it be real. God plea-se let it be real…
I was becoming really troubled about it that I knelt down on the be-d and started pla-ying to God that it should be real and if it was a dream that Lee Chun asked me to be his girlfriend let God change the dream into a reality, like I wasn’t joking about it.
“.. plea-se God, I really want to be Lee Chun girlfriend, plea-se answer my prayers..and if that is too much can you put me back into the dream world where I can continue being Lee Chun’s girlfriend. plea-se plea-se plea_ ” I was praying but was f0rç£d to st©p when I heard a voice
“ What are you doing? ”
It was Lee Chun’s voice!
I quic-kly changed position, sitting down on the be-d with an awkward smile.
Hope he didn’t hear what I was saying, that would be very embarras-sing.
“ Where you praying? Did I interrupt you? ”
He asked.
“ No..Yes..No… actually I was done when you [email protected]£ in ”
I managed to complete my s£ntence, after some back and forth.
“ Okay, never knew you were this religious, maybe you will pray for me someday ”
He said in a smile then moved closer, sitting on the be-d.
“ So tell me how was your night, Did you dream of me MINE? ”
He said softly placing his hand on mine that was on the be-d.
Oh my! He called me Mine and he also asked if I dreamt of him. Does that mean..oh my God! does that mean I am his girlfriend for real???
It means I didn’t dream about him asking me out, it happened for real. or maybe I did and God has answered my prayers and turn my dream into reality. I really don’t care which as far as he is my b©yfri£nd…
I didn’t realize I had been quiet for too long and I haven’t given him a reply to his question yet.
“ Hey Ji-a ” He called bringing me out of my thoughts.
“ What?? ”
“ I asked a question… is everything alright, you seem to be thinking about something.. are you having doubts about being my girlfriend? Don’t you want to be my girlfriend anymore? ”
He said having a worried, sad look.
“ Noooooo! ” I shouted loudly hvgging him
” No! No! No!.. don’t ever say that again. I am very happy being your girlfriend, infact I spent all my sleep dreaming about you ” I said holding him ti-ghtly.
“ Really? ”
He asked and I raised my head up to him and nodded.
He smiled brightly “ I love you ” he cooed
“ I love you too ”
I said back shyly, he then plant a sweet we-t k!sson myl-ips…
“ You will tell me all about the dream when we get back ” He said leaving me confused.
“ Get back? Get back from where? ” I asked.
“ We are going out, I want to spoil my girlfriend today and show her off to the world to see. I want everyone to know I found an angel amongst humans ”
He said and my cheeks heat up.
“ We are going out? ” I asked excitedly.
“ Yes we are MINE ” He said cu-pping my face.
“ So I want you to go have your bath and dress up ” He said and I nodded.
“ I will let you do that, I will be back in an hour’s time to check up on you ”
He said then plant a k!sson my forehead….
I am so excited, we are going out for the first time as a couple. This should be fun!
Episode 72
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
“ What should I wear, a dress? ” I asked as Lee Chun was about to leave the room throu-gh the door.
“ Na ” He objected with a shake of the head
“ This isn’t a dinner [email protected]£, we won’t be sitting in one place, we will be moving a lot so, I suggest you wear something smart and free. A t©p and jeans trou-ser will do just fine.
And don’t worry about ma-king up course you look extremely beautiful without them ”
“ Oh.. alright ”
I said with a shy smile.
I love it when he flatters me.
“ See you shortly ”
He bidded with a smile, then left the room.
Time to go bath and dress up for my outing with Lee Chun….
___________ ⏲️
Some minutes later
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
“ Master Lee, the people from quic-kfix have arrived ”
Kyung-gu annouced in a bow, as he approved me, where I sat on one of the sofas in the sitting room – the one at the back of the building.
Taking my head from my phone I gaze at him where he stood “ What? quic-k what? ”
” The plumbers Master Lee, they are here to fix up the damage bathroom ”
He said more clearly.
Oh quic-kfix is the name of a plumbing company.
“ Oh good.. let them in and take them up to my room ”
I instructed, then took my head back to my phone.
I was actually busy surfing the internet, before Kyung-gu [email protected]£ to inform me of the arrival of the guys that are here to fix up my messed up bathroom.
Yeah, I really messed up by bathroom really bad yesterday, I only knew the real effect of what I did this morning when I wanted to take my bath.
Nothing was working, I had to bath in another bathroom. Well they are here to fix it now.
As I was saying, before Kyung-gu [email protected]£ I was checking out some cool location in Seoul that I can take Ji-a out to, I want a location where she can be free to express herself and have lots of fun.
There are few places in my head, like the popular Seoul towel, it’s a very cool site to go to, really ro-mantic I will say, plus it has a rotating restaurant which is super cool, where they serve amazingly delicious food, and I know how much Ji-a loves food.
I also plan on taking her to Itaewon, a very cool place, it’s like the heart of the city of Seoul. It’s always filled with people and fun activities, like dancing and singing – I will really love to hear Ji-a’s sweet voice when she is singing.
There are also lots of restaurants and other shops that sells anything one can possibly think of, from clothes to furniture, anything!
These places are really cool places but I am still searching throu-gh the internet for more cool places course I want Ji-a to have a great time with me, so I nee-d to give her the very best…
________ ⏲️
Some minutes later
I was ma-king to get up from where I sat to go check up on Ji-a course I believe she most have been throu-gh dressing by now.
But as I was standing up… I saw her alre-ady halfway down the stairs.
She looked really beautiful with her natural looks, no single make up, just pure natural beauty and yet she is as beautiful as beauty can be.
I love the way her long hair fall down her shoulders and I also love the redness of herl-ips, it complimented the white t©p she was wearing.
Yeah she did listen to me on the clothes she should put on. She is wearing a white cropped t©p that is showing off her S-xy stomach and a plane blue jeans with a little cut here and there, not forgetting her slightly big white sneakers.
She looks really smart and beautiful.
She is now able to walk without crutches, and she is climbing down the stairs without tumbling, though she is limping slightly.
Her legs are healing up really fast and good but I still ran to meet her as fast as I could like the super hero flash.
” Hey I got you ” I said giving her a helping hand
“ You look really beautiful ” I complimented afterwards, and I could see her cheeks red up.
“ Thanks ” She said smiling – shyly but joyfully.
I love it when she blushes, she looks even more prettier when she blushes, especially when she blushes for me.
“ Are you re-ady to go now? Are you re-ady to have lots of fun? ”
I asked and she had a beaming face.
“ Yes plea-se ”
she said in a funny way, with herl-ips pouting out that made me chuckle slightly.
“ Then let’s not waste anymore time shall we? ” I said then interlocked my left f!ngersinto her right f!ngers.
We both walked to the exit door laughing and smiling….but then we both st©pped smiling and laughing, infact we both st©pped moving when we saw him.
Byung-ho, he is here in the mansion, in front of us…
Opening the door he [email protected]£ inside, he had this stressful look, like he didn’t have much or no sleep last night.
“ Ji-a ” He called out softly and a smile formed on his face.
“ Byung-ho ”
Ji-a called back but remained with me.
Byung-ho walked towards us, or should I say walk to meet Ji-a, course he didn’t even glanced at me once
“ I am glad you are safe, I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so worried when I realized I made a great mistake of letting you go alone in that dark and rainy night.
I shouldn’t have done that, I should have made sure you arrived home safely, plea-se forgive me for this, I.. I was just too heart broken to think then, but still I should have made sure you were save plea-se forgive me.. ” He was saying then cu-mpped his hands round her face, I felt an anger in my heart when he did that but I controlled myself. At least he is apologising to her so it’s cool.
“ Byung-ho.. I was never mad at you, there is nothing to forgive ”
Ji-a said softly
“ Thank you ” He said then hvgged her
“ Thank you, thank you so much ” He said still in the hvg and I felt that anger in my heart again, but I still controlled myself…
Dis£ngaging from the hvg “ Ji-a you have to come with me, plea-se you have to ” He said holding her other hand, dragging her slightly.
“ Where to? ” Ji-a asked stiffing herself so he couldn’t drag her and of course I am still holding onto her hand.
” We nee-d to talk Ji-a, I nee-d to explain to you how I really feel, then you will un-derstand that we both are meant for each other ” He said.
What! Meant for each other??? Is he here to try and convince Ji-a to be his girlfriend again? Seems so.
” Byung-ho, I have told you alre-ady, plea-se don’t make me say this twice, plea-se I don’t want to hurt you ” Ji-a said softly and I could tell she really is sad, she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.
I don’t either but he is really crossing the line.
” Okay, you really don’t have to say anything, I will be the one doing the talking but plea-se come with me, plea-se ”
He said then tried dragging her again but Ji-a still stiff herself even ha-rder and I felt her f!ngersholding firmly to mine.
“ Byung-ho..I can’t ” She said softly but firmly.
“ W…why? Why can’t you? ”
He asked looking somewhat frustrated.
“ I am with Lee Chun, I am going out with him.. maybe we will talk when we get back or some other time ”
She said, and for the first time Byung-ho took his eyes to me.
I could see the anger in his stare ” Do you rather be with him than me? ” He said taking his eyes from me to her.
“ Byung-ho ” Ji-a called sorrowfully.
“ He isn’t worth your love Ji-a, he isn’t worth having someone like you, I am the one that deserves your love Ji-a, Me, not him. Me!
He doesn’t deserve you… ” Byung-ho was saying until.
“ St©p!©p it Byung-ho ” Ji-a shouted
“ I am with Lee Chun now,, he is my b©yfri£ndso plea-se st©p it. I love and value your friendsh!p, plea-se don’t make me chose between you both. Try to un-derstand, I am in love with him ”
She said, still trying much as possible not to hurt his feelings.
I wanted to step in at this point, but I didn’t really want to make things worse.
Byung-ho is my best friend and honestly I don’t like this situation. I just wish he un-derstands that I love Ji-a and she loves me too, I wish he un-derstands this and accept it so we all can continue being friends….
“ b©yfri£nd? Love? really??? Lee Chun doesn’t know the meaning of those words, all he knows is S-x.
Can’t you see it, can’t you see what is happening here? There is only one thing and one thing he wants from you and that’s to have S-x with you after which he will discard you.. ”
I couldn’t take it any longer, Byung-ho is trying to so ha-rd to corrupt Ji-a’s mind against me. Why???
” Enough! ” I yelled at him
” I love ji-a and I will never do anything to hurt her. You don’t know what you talking about ”
I said getting close to him, like a face off.
” Oh I do, I do know what I am talking about, I know you pretty well remember? ” He said.
“ What you knew was the old me, I am not that person anymore. I love Ji-a and I pretty much don’t care what you think. Course you possibly can’t un-derstand what I feel for her.
So I want you to leave, leave my house now! ”
I yelled pointing at the door
He scoffed at me.
“ I will leave but mark my words. I will be back for Ji-a. I love her and I won’t rest until I make her mine and save her from you ”
He said then walked away.
What! What’s this guy’s problem?

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