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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 61 & 62

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 61
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
Some minutes after my elder sister Mia had finished introducing her actor b©yfri£ndto the family and the excitement had finally died down, I stood up from the dinner chair
“ Hey ” I called to one of the maid, same maid that informed me Ji-a said she wasn’t having dinner
“ I want you to take Ji-a’s food up to her ” I said as she [email protected]£ close.
“ B..but Madam Ji-a said she isn’t having dinner tonight ”
She said having a confused look.
“ I am aware of what she said, but I am telling you to take her food to her ” I said calmly.
“ But, she made it clear she wasn’t hungry, I don’t think it will be wise to serve her dinner, it would just be waste and my mother always told me it’s not good to waste food ”
She said and she was starting to piss me off.
“ Are you stupid or what? ”
I spat and instantly she [email protected]£ scared, also having a silly, sad face.
“ Did I ask for your opinion, huh? Do you think I care about what your mother says? ” I said in a frown and she shook her head pathetically.
“ I.. I am sorry Master Lee ”
She apologized, head buried to the ground and she seemed like she was about to cry.
“ Keep your sorry to yourself and go do what I asked you to do now! ” I yelled an order and she confused her steps a few times before she finally got her composure back, walking to the direction of the stairs with a tray of food in her hands.
I felt kinda bad the way I treated her, I was too ha-rd on her, just I was angry_ rather I am angry.
The thought of Ji-a not eating food is troubling me much, to me it seems almost the same thing like she was lying on a sick be-d.
I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, anything bad at all, even the slightest thing like not having appetite.
So when the maid kept insisting it was best to leave Ji-a alone it b!ow up my anger…
“ Hey, st©p ” I ordered and she st©pped walking.
I then walked up to her
“ I am sorry for shouting at you and what I said about your mother. Your mom is right, it’s not good to waste food. Can you forgive me? ”
I said sincerely and she lift her head up to my face, eyes staring into mine.
“ Yes Master Lee ” she said
” Thank you ”
I said and a smile returned back on her face.
“ Give me the tray, I will serve her myself ”
I said and she looked stunned, but still handed it over to me.
“ We don’t want the food to waste right? That would upset your mom, so I will make sure she eats even if I will have to feed her myself ” I said and she looked even more stunned.
Not only her, everyone pres£nt in the room, including Mia and her actor b©yfri£ndSmith, they all looked stunned.
I just smiled and climbe-d up the stairs with the tray of food in my hands….
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
” Hey shut up stupid stomach! ” I said, talking to my own stomach.
I am lying on the be-d and my stomach keeps ma-king funny, hungry sounds.
I was hungry but I don’t feel like eating. I really don’t have the will to eat.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I feel so sad and confused.
Lee Chun told me his friend Byung-ho is in love with me and wants me to be his girlfriend.
I still can’t believe Byung-ho is in love with me, but that’s not really the reason why I am sad.
Lee Chun is the course of my sadness, he and he alone.
I don’t think he loves me, he might like me, he might care about me but I don’t think he loves me, not as much as I love him.
How could he say The k!sswas a mistake? My first k!ssa mistake?
He is saying the memory I can’t ever get out of my head is a mistake? The moment I cherish the most is a mistake? How can he say that?
And how can he advise me to agree to his friend proposal? How can he tell me to be Byung-ho’s girlfriend?
He didn’t even care to ask me how I feel. He didn’t even care to know if I love Byung-ho or not.
he wasn’t thinking about me but himself, he was re-ady to hand me over to Byung-ho like a piece of exchangeables.
That hurt me, that hurt me a lot.
How can I be Byung-ho’s girlfriend when everything about me loves Lee Chun? Well I guess he doesn’t feel about me the way I feel for him, that’s why it is so easy for him to give me away.
I just want to sleep but don’t want to wake up course I don’t want to face Byung-ho tomorrow..
It will be so weird when he ask me to be his girlfriend, I mean what will I say to him?
I don’t love him but I do like him, he is a very nice person and is my good friend but I don’t get bu-tterflies in my stomach neither do my heart race when he is around me.
I don’t feel that spark and I definitely don’t think or dream about him. How then can I be his girlfriend?
I don’t know, but I really don’t want to hurt Byung-ho’s feelings by rejecting him, I think the best thing for me to do is just leave this house and everything about Lee Chun, Byung-ho. Everything.
It would be best if I go back to the orphanage home and live my life the way I have been living before I met Lee Chun….
My stomach started speaking again, this time more louder and it hurts, a lot!.
“ Argggg ” I gro-an ed holding on to my stomach
“ What’s your problem huh? why are you ma-king noise and coursing me pains huh? Alright then continue, even if you talk all night and hurt me, I still won’t be eating anything tonight so I advise you let me be ”
I said, talking to my stomach like it was a human being.. and just then I heard a knock on the door and my heart l leapt when I heard the voice
“ Ji-a, can I come in? Are you still awake? ”
It was Lee Chun’s voice, what’s he doing here?
Instantly I felt this excitement inside of me and I just want to see his face. I almost forgot I was angry at him, but then I did remember I was angry at him.
“ What do you want? ” I said in a harsh tone.
“ plea-se can I come in first? I will tell you what I want then ” He said.
“ No, tell me what you want or you can go back to where you coming from ”
I said, still using my harsh tone on him.
He went quiet for some seconds…
“ I just want to see you Ji-a, plea-se don’t s£nd me away ”
He said in the most heart melting way that I couldn’t refuse him even if I wanted to.
“ Come in ”
I said, giving my permission and the door opened up.
He walked his handsome self into the room and I was alre-ady becoming nervous…wait a minute
He has a tray of food with him. He brou-ght his dinner to my room? He most be really hungry then.
“ You know you could have finish with your food before coming here, that would have been much better ” I said and he smiled slightly.
“ This isn’t mine ” He said
“ Huh… Then who’s? ” I asked
“ Yours of course. This food belongs to you ” He said walking towards the be-d.
Huh? What is he talking about
“ But..I remember telling one of the maids I won’t be having dinner tonight ” I said.
“ Do I look like one of the maids to you? ” He said then sat down on the be-d
“ plea-se sit down properly ”
He said afterwards.
What is he doing?
“ What for? ” I asked
“ So you can have your dinner ” He replied.
“ I am not feeling hungry ” I said
“ You have to eat ” He insisted
“ No, I don’t want to ” I insisted back.
” Why? ”
He asked staring de-eply into my eyes.
“ Why?..Don’t I have the right to decide if I want to eat or not ” I said and he smiled.
“ Of course you do. Okay if you ain’t eating then I won’t be eating either and I am really hungry ” He said.
What! Why won’t he eat?
How not me eating affects him from eating?
“ You have to eat if you hungry ” I said.
“ No, I won’t eat unless you eat ” He said
” What?.. alright then don’t eat, I don’t care ” I said but I really don’t mean that.
I do want him to eat, I do care a lot..
” Ahhhhhhhhhhh ” he suddenly screamed out holding on to his stomach.
” Hey.. what’s wrong with you? ” I asked really worried.
“ I am really hungry, my stomach hurts a lot ” He said ru-bbing his hands on his stomach and squee-zing his face.
” Then eat something, what’s wrong with you? Do you want to fall sick! ”
“ You have to eat too unless, I am not eating ” He said and he looked like he was in serious pains
“.. Okay, okay I will eat but you have to eat now before you die ”
I said then hurriedly open the food bowl
It was rice and lots of chicken meats.
I dish out the rice and some meats inside a plate, then took a large quantity of rice grains with the chopping stick
“ Open you mouth ”
I said, but he shook his head
“ Eat it first ”
He said and I put into my mouth and started chewing
“ Now open your mouth ”
I said and his mouth went wi-de open
I fed him with my own hands, I really don’t know what I was doing, but just couldn’t stand seeing him in serious pains…
Episode 62
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
” Come on open your mouth, you have to eat some more, unless you fall sick, so open up wi-de..”
Ji-a was saying, her hand that was holding on to the chopping stick that is full of rice grains close to my mouth.
This would be like the tenth time she would be feeding me with her hands and I couldn’t help but smile inwardly.
She is so sweet, so sweet and caring.
I know she was angry with me but as soon as I faked being in pains she [email protected]£ really worried.
I [email protected]£ up here to feed her but it was the rephrase that is happening now as she is the one feeding me.
I ain’t even hungry, but for her, I will eat plenty, like a madman…
I opened my mouth wi-de again and she empty the rice grains in my mouth. I chewed on it.
“ Your turn ”
I said squee-zing my face slightly while holding onto my stomach.
I was still keeping the pretence going, I was still acting like I was dead hungry and I am still feeling much pains in my stomach.
That was the only way I know she will eat and like I said earlier on, I am re-ady to eat for her.
She fed herself again then took a big chicken [email protected]
“ Here, bite ”
She said, bringing it close to my mouth.
I bit a meduim chunk from it and chewed on it.
“ Have another bite ”
She said, I haven’t even swallowed down the one I am chewing she is alre-ady asking me to have another bite.
I obeyed the queen and took another bite, this time a small chunk but my cheeks was filled with chicken flesh.
I struggled a little before I was able to swallow them down but she still wanted me to have yet another bite.
“ It’s your turn to have a bite remember? ”
I reminded and she stared at me for a while before taking a bite from the same chicken [email protected]
The way she chew the chicken flesh, I found myself staring at herl-ips.
I don’t know how she does it but everything about her is a total turn on, I bet anything she does can turn me on.
But no matter how I am turn on, no matter how I want her, I will never and can never do anything selfishly, I can’t harm her.
I care so much about her to do anything she doesn’t want to do…
“ You are staring ”
Her words brou-ght me out of my thoughts
“ Sorry… I was just thinking ” I said, taking my eyes away from herl-ips.
“ Thinking about what? ” She asked but didn’t wait for my reply
“ Let me guess, you are thinking about how the k!sswas a mistake right? ” She said in a low sad tone.
Is she still thinking about that?
I didn’t know that would hurt her feelings, if I had known I wouldn’t have said that.
Although I can’t have her as my girlfriend, I don’t want her to ever feel sad. So I am going to try to cheer her up tonight, maybe for the very last time.
“ You know the best things in this life mostly happen by mistake ”
I said and she stared at me like I am saying nons-en-se.
“ You don’t believe me? Alright I will prove it to you. What is better than winning a lottery ticket? Isn’t that done by mistake? ”
I said and she stared at me again.
“ That’s not mistake, it’s luck dummy ” She said and I chuckled slightly
“ Really? Isn’t luck achieved by mistake ” I said
“ Nope, it’s not. Someone that wins the lottery ticket didn’t buy the tickets by mistake, he/she bought the ticket hoping to win and if that person eventually end up winning, it’s not by mistake course they expect to win and luck was on their sides.
So luck isn’t mistake”
She said and it was ha-rd to argue with her logic
I smiled “ Okay, maybe, just maybe you are right in this but you can’t fault this my next point ” I said
“ Okay then, let me hear it ”
she said and she was gradually becoming more jovial.
“ Tell me, what’s more beautiful than life and this universe? ”
I asked and she had that confused look.
I bet she doesn’t know where I was going with this.
“ This life is beautiful and lovely. But you know it all [email protected]£ about by mistake. A mistake known as evolution brou-ght about our amazing and beautiful universe and life itself
So you see the best things in this life does happen by mistake ” I said hoping for an applaud from her instead….
“ Ouch ”
I cried softly as she tapped the side of my head.
“ You really are a dummy. This life isn’t by mistake and evolution is trash logic created by proud men who wants to take God’s praise to themselves.
This life didn’t come about by any mistake or evolution but was created by God silly ”
She said and I almost laugh but held myself from doing so.
Is she really siding creation over evolution???
“ You un-derstand this men are really wise men, this scientist that brou-ght about this theories are really super smart. they most know what they are talking about. So…”
“ It’s like you want me to start calling you by your special name again. Flowerhorn ” She said rolling her eyes
“ Yeah true scientist are smart, but tell me why do they study really ha-rd ? s£nding many years in school? Why do we learn different skills?
Since this life and this universe [email protected]£ by mistake, we should all live by mistake then
So if I should dump a million broken glas-ses in one location and then come back in 50 years time would it have built itself up into the glas-s house? Like this building?
Can it even build isn’t into a small glas-s cu-p? ”
She said and she got me seriously thinking, course what she said made lots of s-en-se.
“ My father once said, men has not even been able to know how many fishes are living below the sea, that is close to them how then do you expect them to know how the universe [email protected]£ about? Or the one who made it?
But just listen to the birds sing…the animals [email protected] you will know someone way wiser than man is seated up above and is ma-king everything move and function at it’s time ”
She said and honestly I didn’t have any other thing to say.
“ Okay, I give up. Nothing best comes by mistake. I know nothing at all, you win ”
I said alre-ady weak and she bur-st out laughing, she laughed really ha-rd .
I frowned my face but later on I started smiling. I was glad she was happy….
“ Thank you ” she said afterwards.
“ What for? ” I asked
“ For ma-king me eat and laugh I nee-ded that ” She said
“ Which? ”
“ Both ” She said and I smiled
“ Your are welcome… I should get going now ” I said then stood up carrying the tray I brou-ght to the room
Walking to the door
“ Lee Chun ” she called out and I st©pped, turning around.
“ Goodnight ” she said and I smiled
“ Goodnight ”
I said then left the room after staring at her for some lengthy seconds….
The next day
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
Time: Evening
☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️
Today is the day I will finally ask Ji-a out, I can’t really wait. I can’t wait to make her my girlfriend and take her away from this mansion.
I think I made a mistake, I should have let Ji-a stay in my house the very first day at the hospital when she begged I take her with me.
Well it’s never too late, she will be living with me from today hence forth. I will take very good care of her, that is for sure….
I arrived at the glas-s house in my black Bugatti, I was also putting on a black fitted suit.
A beautiful red roses with me and I have a brief case with me, inside the briefcase is a pretty red dress.
I bought the dress specially for this dinner, I want Ji-a to wear it when she accompanies me to the restaurant. We will be eating in a very fanciful restaurant so I want her to be the prettiest lady there.
Getting inside the building
“ Hey plea-se can you inform Ji-a that I am here ” I said to one of the maid of the house.
She was about going to do what I asked when I saw Lee Chun coming down the stairs.
We both just stared at each other as he walked to meet me..

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