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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 45 & 46

He’s a Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 45
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Unknown
Time: Night ( A week later)
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
With the back of my head resting comfortably on the chair of the moving vehicle, I glanced outside the window trying to know my exact location…
This place is unfamiliar to me, all I could see is flashing lights and strange buildings
I sighed then took my eyes off the window to the driver’s seat where my best friend Byung-ho was sitting – concentrating on the road like he was in a driving tesrt, driving to get his license
“ Ain’t we there alre-ady? ”
I asked in tired tone
“ No ”
He simply replied not offering me even a glance
Clas-sic Byung-ho, always so serious when driving. I know he won’t talk much, he is never conversational when driving
I sighed, relaxing my head back into the chair…
We are actually heading to a [email protected], a birthday [email protected] I don’t really know the [email protected] neither did I want to attend the [email protected] in the first place but I had to when Byung-ho asked me to accompany him
The [email protected] happens to be an old friend of his that [email protected]£ back from the States, although Byung-ho said I have met this person on different occasions before but his name Hyun-jun doesn’t ring any bell in my head
Well I ha-rd ly remember anyone’s name or face so I really don’t doubt Byung-ho when he said I have met this his friend
Normally I don’t care if I know the person or not, as far it’s a [email protected] where S-xy ladies would be at, I am always game to go but this night I don’t feel all too enthusiastic about the [email protected] and prospect of meeting h0t, pretty ladies, maybe because I am missing Ji-a
Wish she was here..m
“ We are here ”
Byung-ho announced as the vehicle [email protected]£ to a halt
I took my eyes to him, and shifting my gaze slightly away from his face to the driver’s window, were I could see a building – a mansion actually, beautiful but not too mas-sive
The building was overly lightened with colourful bulbs, like it was Xmas Eve
I could see young people trooping into the door of the mansion in their numbers, just the way a colony of ants match into their sand house
“ It’s a house [email protected]? ”
I said apprehensively, although stating the obvious
The thing is the number of people I am seeing going into the building and the amount of vehicles parked outside I am sure the inside will be overly crowded – Stuffy
“ Yeah, it’s a house [email protected] Let’s go ”
Byung-ho said then unbelt himself
I sighed, then slowly did same
I just found one more reason to dislike this [email protected]
Coming out from the vehicle
“ Hey are you alright? ”
Byung-ho asked, perhaps he had seen I had a moody face
“ I don’t know man, I just feel strange.. like there is somewhere else I rather be ” I said and he just stared at me for some seconds before smiling
“ I am sure it’s nothing, you will be fine soon enough, I am very sure the moment you set foot inside the building your mood would brighten up
It would be fun, lots of drinks and h0t chicks just the way you like it ”
he said giving me a friendly punch and I just fake a smile
“ I guess so ”
ru-bbing on the arm he punched, it hurts a little
” Come on let’s go ”
He said then started to the door, me pla-ying catch up
I met up with him and we both walked together to the door side by side
Getting close to the door I could hear the loud music coming out from the building, deafening really
And before I set foot into the building I know this would be one hëll of a wild [email protected]….
_______________ ⏲️
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
Time: Night ( Same day )
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
I was lying down, back flat on the be-d feeling so bored in the big room, Lee Chun isn’t around to fight with neither was Byung-ho to talk to
Lee Chun had actually told me he would be going out to Byung-ho’s house and both of them would be going to a friend’s birthday [email protected] together
Before leaving he hit me on the head and ran away, I will get my revenge when he returns back
A smile formed my face when I recalled what actually happened…
“ I will be going to Byung-ho’s place now, one of his friend is having his birthday [email protected] today, and Kyung-gu has asked me to accompany him ”
He had said after we had just finished fighting with a pillow
” Okay ”
I said then hit his head with a pillow
” Ouch ”
He cried in a laugh and I giggled
“ Do you want to come with? Do you want to come with me to the [email protected]? ”
He said afterwards staring into my eyes
I felt my heart leapt in excitement and nervousness
Is he really asking me to accompany him to a [email protected]
I wanted to say a big YES but I found myself saying something else instead
“ No ”
I said with my arms folded, I didn’t know why I said that
I watched as his face [email protected]£ sad but he quic-kly covered it up with a board smile and that’s when he hit me on the be-d with his hand and ran of the room
“ Bye cripple monkey ”
I heard his voice say as he left the room..
Instantly I regretted saying No, as I started missing him as soon as he left the room
I hope he comes back soon, not because I want to get my revenge but because I am really missing his company
This past few days, he has really changed, he comes into my room almost all the time, even at night, just like he did today to pick fights with me but I do enjoy the fights and I think he does too
Course he won’t be smiling and laughing if he doesn’t enjoy me insulting him and hitting him right?
We joke a lot, he also brings lots of yummies with him and at times take me out to restaurants just like Byung-ho but the most amazing thing of all is that for the past week the house have been completely quiet – No [email protected] s sounds and screams, meaning Lee Chun didn’t have S-x this past week!
Yes you had me right, the S-x god didn’t have S-x for a whole week!
But it seems the person that felt it the most was Min-seo, it seems she was running crazy, the way she kept chasing after Lee Chun everywhere in the mansion this past week
One will think she was begging for something meaningful and ess£ntial for the sustenance of her life, like air or water, you can never guess she was actually begging to be scre-wed
That girl is really loco and her hatred for me this pas-s week has increa-sed, she doesn’t even want to see my face
I am not saying it’s because of me Lee Chun hasn’t had S-x, I don’t think I have that type of influence over him…he would probably have S-x in the [email protected] tonight but Min-seo for some weird reasons seems to think so
She thinks I am the reason for Lee Chun unusually abstinence from S-x even his elder sister Kia is giving me some unwelcoming attitude
I don’t really mind, I am just happy with this version of Lee Chun
The pla-yful Flowerhorn not the S-x freak Flowerhorn
I miss him, I miss him alre-ady
But I don’t think he would be coming back today course it’s a night [email protected] and from what I have heard about night [email protected] it usually last till the next morning, so I am not expecting to see Lee Chun today…even though I wish he was here…
As I [email protected] so bored my eyes drifted up to the large wall clock in the room
” Ahhh ”
I sighed in frustration
“ it’s only 7:30 pm, I thought it was 9 – 10 pm ”
I can’t sleep now, it’s too early and I can’t stay inside my room either
What should I do…. Kyung-gu
Yes Kyung-gu, I have almost forgotten about him, he is my good friend too, I should go find him, he makes a good company also, not like Lee Chun or Byung-ho but he is cool
Getting off my be-d – feet slowly placed on the cool smooth floor tiles still sitting on the be-d
I reached for my crutches that were close by, and with the aid of them I got up the be-d – standing up
I have gotten pretty used to using the crutches now, I no longer feel weak while walking with them like the other day in the hospital, but to be honest I do prefer the wheelchair more – it’s much more ease and comfortable to move
Regardless I am very happy that I am walking with my legs and it won’t take too long before I won’t be nee-ding the use of the crutches any longer
Leaving my room I went in search of Kyung-gu in the big mansion….
Location: Birthday [email protected]
Time: Night
☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️
Oh my!
This place is clvstered up, one can ba-rely take a single step without having to apologise because it’s either you have hit bu-mped into someone or stepped on their foot
Plus most the music be so loud
My eardrums feels like it’s about to explode
The whole place looks like a wild American college [email protected]_well what can you expect from a boy who grow up in the States
The stuffiness and loud music isn’t the only disturbing thing going on in here, jeez! this place seemed like a p©rn film is being sh0t
I could see S-xy, pretty waitresses carrying trays of drinks, all of them walking half n-ked – wearing only [email protected] while their bøøbs were out in the open to the ba-re eyes to see
These weren’t slacked or bouncing bøøbs, these were flesh standing pointed brea-sts with big pink/red n!pp!es
Gosh! tempting to bite
Many S-xual activities were going on in the [email protected]
Guysys su-cking/ squee-zing bøøbs, f!ngering pvzzyand getting their d!¢ks su-cked while ladies were getting su-cked, f!ngered and any other thing you can think of
The only thing not happening in here is actual S-x – d!¢k pene-trating into pvzzy or @$$hole
What kind of [email protected] is this! This is not what I was expecting
I tried using my eyes to search for the [email protected], my friend, Hyun-jun but it was nearly an impossible task.
The people were just too much, even the staircase was filled with people ma-king out and other S-xual stuff – Bj and f!ngering
This is too much for me, I was alre-ady getting a boner even though I wasn’t comfortable with what I am seeing
However this is the kind of [email protected] Lee Chun loves but he looked uninterested in the things happening, like he was blind or something
His mind seemed not to be here, it seemed to be somewhere else, I wonder what he is thinking about…
Just then two ladies walked up to us with their amazing bøøbs flashing before my eyes
“ Hello cuties
Do you boys want to [email protected] us? ”
One of the girls said b!tt!g her lowerl-ips and I felt my d!¢k ring
Episode 46
Location: Birthday [email protected]
Time: Night
☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️
Oh my
I felt my d!¢k kick ha-rd at the wonderful sight I was gazing on
Where did Hyun-jun got all these girls from, their skins looks so smooth and sli-ck
And their brea-sts…oh my! is a sight not only to behold but to devour…
I am normally a guy with high self control, I love this quality of mine but all these yummies I am seeing is getting the better of me and I have lost all control
I am turned on so badly…
“ Hello cuties
Do you boys want to [email protected] us? ”
The first girl had said pla-ying with her bøøbs
” Oh my! Is this not Lee Chun.. the S-x god! ”
The second girl exclaimed in excitement and the first girl also recognized Lee Chun
“ Yes it’s him, it’s really him, oh My God! ”
The first girl exclaimed both of them staring lvstfully at him
And I knew instantly that if they were only planning on giving us only soft t©uçh before, with them recognizing who Lee Chun was it will be a full b!own ha-rd S-x now
” plea-se you boys have to come [email protected] us, don’t you want to know how this taste like S-x god? ”
The second girl said and I watched as her hands went up to her bøøbs – softly fondling with it and her n!pp!es
Her [email protected] in crime also joined her in doing same but she went a step further
With one hand squee-zing on one of her bøøbs the other hand went down into her [email protected] and was teasing her pvzzy from inside
Like she was f!ngering herself
My d!¢k is fv¢king ha-rd !
And I was left drooling at the sight
I had completely lost my s-en-ses
I want to scre-w them so bad, I really want to!…
“ I..I.. I want to ”
I stuttered stupidly with my eyes shifting from girl to the other, as I couldn’t concentrate on one alone….
But then I felt a hand pu-ll me away by my right wrist…it was Lee Chun
He wasn’t really smiling, he just dragged me away from the two ladies into the crowd of people and my s-en-ses finally returned back to me…
” Thanks man… I nee-ded that, does girls bodies totally hypothesized me ”
I said turning to face him, while still battling to get full control of myself as my d!¢k was still very much ha-rd
Lee Chun afford me a brief smile before his face went slightly cold
” Did you know this was going to be an orgy [email protected]? ”
He asked in a stern tone
“ Noooo ”
My voice [email protected]£ in a defensive tone
“ I didn’t know any of these will be happening in the [email protected], like people walking around n-ked and all ”
I explained further
And that was the truth, my friend just told me there will be lots of drinks and girls, he didn’t say anything about a S-x [email protected]
“ Who exactly is this your friend? ”
Lee Chun asked still having that interrogative tone and before I could reply….
“ Byung-ho! My friend ”
I heard someone shout my name from behind and seconds later I felt a hand rest on the back of my right shoulder
Turning around, I saw it was my friend Hyun-jun, he was smiling happily and he had four girls with him
Two girls standing on both sides of his hand, and of course they were all without [email protected]
” Hyun-jun ”
I exclaimed and we both hvgged in full smiles…
Dis£ngaging from the hvg ” I am glad you were able to make it to my [email protected] my good friend ”
He said placing both hands on my cheeks
I smiled “ Of course, how can I miss it ” I said and he beamed
“ When did you got here? Hope you are having fun? Of course you are with all these pretty things moving about”
He said wi-nking, not even giving me a chance to give a reply to the questions he had asked
“ Don’t you think this place is a little bit crampy for this kind of large [email protected]? ”
Lee Chun interrupted and Hyun-jun took his eyes from me to him
” oh my ” he exclaimed in awe, his hands dropped down from my cheeks
“ I didn’t know we have a celebrity amongst us. The S-x god himself, Lee Chun ”
He said flatteringly but Lee Chun didn’t look all that flattered
“ Sorry about the lack of space ”
He said apologetically
“Just that I have a lot of friends and I want all of them pres£nt on my special day ” he paused throwing both his arms around the n£¢ks of two of the four ladies with him toying with their n!pp!es
“ and also of course I nee-ded to provide good entertainment ”
He continued speaking with a smug but Lee Chun just huffed at him
The thing is, although Lee Chun doesn’t know who Hyun-jun is even though they have met before
Hyun-jun knows a lot about Lee Chun, infact he is a hvge fan of his art, like he adores Lee Chun because of his reputation with women
The S-x god stuff
I remembered he went completely crazy when infamous Ko-rean female artist, Tara who happens to be his favorite musician sang about how dominant and extremely good Lee Chun was in be-d
Tagging him a god on be-d, it’s from the somg Lee Chun got the nickname S-x god from…
“ Before I get distracted and forget the reason I am here, Happy Birthday bro ” I wished him well and he chuckled me a happy smile
“ Thanks
Come let’s sit ”
He said
“ Is there even any place one can sit? ” Lee Chun said with his eyes wandering around the crowded room in disdain
” Of course, of course… I will surely find a seat for you, you guys are my special guests ”
Hyun-jun said reas-suringly
“ Sure ” Lee Chun just grunted
” plea-se follow me ”
Hyun-jun said and started walking with me by his side while Lee Chun sluggishly coming behind us…
What’s really up with him today, he has been moody and now he seemed grumpy
How can he be grumpy with all these S-xy pretty ladies around and I know their is nothing more that my friend loves most than having S-x with pretty ladies…
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
Leaving my room I went in search of Kyung-gu, the house is very big, one could easily get lost but thankfully I know my way around and also I think I have an idea where Kyung-gu might likely be by this time
It’s either he is in his room or in the main kitchen organizing the preparation of dinner
Kyung-gu is like a s£nior servant, although he is quite young he is respected by the other servants
Like other house workers listen to him ans takes instructions from him, he also does supervision work, however he is always kind and pla-yful, so he is fun..
As I walked humming a song… I had to st©p when I got to a sp©t that proved difficult to cross
Oh gosh!
I have totally forgotten there is something called stairs and that I will have to pas-s throu-gh it to get down
How can I walk down the stairs all by myself?.. I can’t, I am not strong enough to walk down the stairs
But I nee-d to get downstairs, I nee-d to talk with someone, with Kyung-gu. I can’t stay alone in my room I will die of boredomness
I have to walk down myself
Standing at the ti-p of the beginning of the stairs with the support of my clutches I stared down the long round staircase
No, I can’t do this. I am not strong enough and I don’t want to take unnecessary risk that would course any further damage to my legs
That’s the last thing I want now, to reinjure my legs when it’s alre-ady starting to heal just fine…
Suddenly an idea [email protected]£ to my head
I should call one of the maid throu-gh the house landline in my room
“ Jeez!
Why didn’t I think of that before huh? Stupid me ”
I said [email protected] my forehead with my palm in annoyance at myself
Now I have to walk back to my room and give a call, so I just walked to this place for nothing
I felt stupid and it was quite a funny ordeal, I find myself laughing at myself
I am so silly, why didn’t I think of calling for one of the servants or Kyung-gu himself throu-gh the phone when I was in my room?
I laugh at myself once more and made to turn around when… suddenly I felt a hand shoved me ha-rd at my back
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”
I screamed as I tumbled down the stairs…

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