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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 33 & 34

He’s a Ko-rean se-x god
Hide your Wives!
Episode 33
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
Time: Day
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
I just sat there staring at Lee Chun because what he just told me was quite strange, it sounded like he was jealous or something…
But why will he be jealous? He doesn’t like me. Does he??
I know he doesn’t, if he has the chance he will rebreak my legs again he most be planning something devious
“ O…kay
So let me get this right, you saying you want to be the one that takes me to the hospital because you want to protect me from the doctor? ”
I asked and he nodded
“ Yes ”
“ Really?
You want to protect me from the doctor that has been treating me for the past weeks and that has helped heal my legs?? ”
I said
“ Yes exactly ”
He said with all seriousness and I stared at him suspiciously for awhile
“ What? ”
He asked, feeling uncomfortable by my stares
“ You know how dumb you sound right? Doctors do the opposite of harm, they treat and help people ”
I said
“ Hey… Are you trying to educate me on the duties of a doctor, huh? ”
He asked frowning slightly
“ Yup, course you clearly nee-d educating – you saying nons-en-se. Dr Son means me no harm, he is nice and sweet person. I like him ”
I said smiling but he just rolled his eyes
“ You seem to like all the men huh? first it was my friend Byung-ho and now you like the creepy doctor ”
He said arms folded together, looking like an angry cute 10 years old child
Like seriously???
Take a look at the person accusing me of liking all the men, a silly boy who goes around having se-x with all the women in South Korea
I decided to tease him a little
“ Well yes, I like cute handsome men like Byung-ho and Dr Son too bad you are ugly looking ”
I said and that upset him a lot
And he looks quite cute handsome when angry
“ Whatever
I have told you the reason, so I am the one taking you to the hospital right? ‘
He asked, I could have said No course I am really enjoying seeing him angry
But I decided to spear him course he looked like he will cry
“ Okay.. but you have to behave with me unless I will introduce you to my best friend again ”
I said waving my five f!ngersat his face and I am sure he un-derstood what I meant
h0t [email protected]!
_____________ 🕰️
Location: Saving Lives Hospital
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
Cripple monkey might think I am silly and that saying a whole lot of nons-en-se, but I am sure of what I am saying about this Dr Son of a guy
At first I thought he was only doing his job, but as days went by I was sure he wasn’t just doing his job, he was infact taking advantage of Cripple monkey’s condition
The way he [email protected]ç£and spends time in messages her legs, I have been watching and studying him, he doesn’t do same with other patients that has similar issues as Cripple monkey….
Wheeling Ji-a into the thera-py hall I saw Dr Son in a crouched position, busy with a cripple patient, a little boy not more than 10 years old..but as soon as the idiot sighted Ji-a he sprang up from where he was and [email protected]£ to us
“ Ji-a how are you doing today? ”
He beamed, looking overly excited
I am sure he is really happy because he is thinking about how he would [email protected]ç£Ji-a’s soft [email protected] again
Just thinking of that is getting me really upset and I feel like punching that sick smile off his face
“ I am going great ”
Ji-a replied innocently
“ Very good, and your legs? Are you feeling any pains there? ”
He asked and Ji-a shook her head
“ Nope ”
“ Are you sure? Not even slightly? ”
He said stressing the last word like he was expecting her to say YES
” W..well I guess I still feel some slight pains but only when I try walking without the wheelchair ”
Ji-a said and the doctor made a worried face like he had just heard of a terrible news
But I know that’s exactly what he wanted to hear, the sick b*stard is looking for an excuse to mas-sage and [email protected]ç£Ji-a’s legs again
” That’s not a good sign, you ought not to be feeling any pains, I will have to check that out, a proper check up nee-ds be done on both legs we don’t want to run the risk of having a bone not joined properly do we? ” He said and Ji-a shook her head alre-ady feeling troubled
“ Don’t worry you will be fine, I know the right place to t©uçh all you nee-d to do is tell me where hurts, but I can’t do this here we have to go into the pri-vate ward ”
He said and I could swear I saw him smile lvstfully
I had to step in
“ Wait, hold on… What do you mean pri-vate ward? Why can’t you do the check up here in the open? Why most you go into the pri-vate ward when is here you normally attend to all your patients? ”
I questioned staring directly at his ugly face
“ Well because there is no be-d here obviously, or do you see one? ”
“ be-d! ”
I said in a loud shout with my eyes almost bulging out from it’s socket
Everyone’s attention were now on us and that was what saved him, course I felt like strangling him to death but I really didn’t want to create a scene
“ Yes be-d ”
He repeated
“ why in hell’s name you nee-d a be-d for huh? ”
I asked seriously holding myself from punching his ugly face
“ Yes a be-d is nee-ded for this, an OPERATING be-d ”
He said emphasizing the word operating like he knew my thoughts
“ In other to carry out a proper check up on her, she nee-ds to lie down flat on her back so it will be easier for me to work on her legs and check if any bone ain’t fixed properly in it’s joint”
He explained but everything he said just sounded like complete bullsh*t to me
What I was hearing in my own head was ‘ I nee-d a be-d so I canfu-ck her the way I like ‘
I am really angry but I don’t know why this is bothering me so. I mean I really shouldn’t care if he wants to have se-x with Ji-a or not right?
Not like she is my friend or anything and I definitely don’t like her one bit! She is freaking annoying but why then am I getting this upset over her matter??
“ I thought we were here just to do a little check up so she can take her clutches and we leave, what’s all this talk about proper check ups and be-d huh? ”
“ This is normal hospital procedure. I have to make sure she is healed properly ” He said and I just scoffed at that
“ Yeah right, normal hospital procedure my foot ”
I muttered loud enough for him to hear
” Heyyyy flowerhorn!
Why do you like picking fights and coursing troubles huh?
It’s my legs not yours and I want the good doctor here to do what he feels is best so I can heal properly so st©p your tantrums okay! unless I will have to [email protected] some s-en-se into you ”
She said waving those her deadly f!ngersat me and before I could speak she turned to the doctor
“ plea-se can we get going now ”
“ Of course, of course ”
He replied eagerly wheeling her away
“ Hey… I want to come with ”
I said and he paused wheeling her
“ No, stay where you are I don’t want to hear your annoying voice ” she said then he continued wheeling her away and I just watched as he wheeled her into a room and closed the door shut…
_____________ 🕰️
10 minutes later
Cripple monkey is still inside that room with that sick per-vert doctor, I know it’s been only 10 minutes but it feels like they have been in there forever
I am just so restless, pacing back and forth as if my wife was in labor room
many thoughts were running throu-gh my head as I was picturing all the possible scenarios that could be happening inside that pri-vate ward
And all the scenarios involved that stupid doctor having se-x with Ji-a
I wonder what’s going on in there? Is he tou-ching her inappropriately? What is he doing to her?
I nee-d to know
I can’t ba-re this
I have to get into that room whether Cripple monkey or the doctor likes it or not
Walking to the door, I turned the door nub slightly but it didn’t open
The son of a bit-ch locked the door! Why???
I am getting in regardless, so using my arm and shoulder like a bulldozer I ramped into the door and it opened up wi-dely my f0rç£ pushing me inside the room
There I saw Ji-a lying down back flat on a be-d while Dr Son had two of his hands R0m-ncing her left thick
He had this shock look as I broke into the room and without any question asked
“ Ahhh my Nose! ”
He cried out as I landed a ha-rd clean punch straight at his nose
“ You sick psycho have broken my nose… Ahhhh ”
He cried holding on to his nose that was clearly bleeding, I didn’t even know what to say to him
Ji-a was just looking all shocked and confused
“ We are leaving this hospital now ”
I said then lifted her from the be-d and up on my shoulder
“ What’s wrong with you! Let me go ”
She struggled but I just carried her away from the room and out of the hospital….
What am I doing?
Episode 34
. 💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
Oh my! What has gotten into flowerhorn? I think he has finally lost it
He f0rç£d the door open, looking like a man possessed with a thousand demons and he had his eyes set on Dr Son
Without any explanation or reason whatsoever he jumped on Dr Son and hit him ha-rd right in the face…
Oh my! Why will he do that??
There was blood gushing out from Dr Son’s nose, blood spilling down on the floor
There was blood everywhere! and Dr Son looked really hurt
The poor man, Lee Chun have broken his nose
What’s wrong with him? What have Dr Son done to him? Why is he acting like a maniac?
What exactly is going on?
I am kinda scared and a lot confused…
Turning his attention to me, Lee Chun walked to be-d
“ We are leaving this hospital now! ”
He said in an angry tone and before I could say anything… I found myself up on one side of his shoulder
He had lifted me up
Is he sick? or nut???
Oh my! What is he doing?
Is he abducting me or what? I really don’t un-derstand what is going on here
I tried coming down from his shoulder, I tried struggling away from his grip but he held me firmly, I never knew he is this strong
“ What’s wrong with you? Let me go!… Let me go now!”
I demanded but he behave as if he was deaf and just carried me out of the ward like I was a sack of pillows
” Let go of me now!… Flowerhorn I said put me down!… Heyyy big head, I said put me down now! I will hit you ha-rd if you don’t, I ain’t kidding. Put me down now!… ”
I can’t demanding, amid struggling – hitting his back with my hands
I even used my threatening voice on him but that didn’t seem to st©p or scare him he just carried me walking pas-sed everyone
It is quite embarras-sing, I mean everyone eyes were on us, on me
Gosh! Who am I kidding, it’s so, so embarras-sing!
But I couldn’t help but wonder what’s gotten into Lee Chun’s head, has he run mad or something? why doesn’t he want to listen to me and drop me?…
He carried me all the way from the hospital building to the car park where he gently dropped me into the pas-sage seat and fastened my seatbelt before jumping onto the driver seat
Kicking the engine to life, but still hadn’t moved yet
“ Will you tell me what in hell’s name you doing? Where are you taking me to? Why did you hit Dr Son?… ”
I threw him a million questions, staring angrily at him but he had his face straight facing the windshield…
He was quiet for some seconds, before he finally spoke
“ I am taking you to another hospital and I will make sure that stupid doctor lose his job in fact I will make sure he doesn’t get to work in any hospital in South Korea again, he will end up cleaning people’s toilets for a living and trust me I can do this and I will do it ”
He said still facing the windshield but from his side view I could tell he was really upset
But that’s the thing, what’s getting him all upset, to me he is just behaving like a person on drugs
“ Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why will you want to do that huh? ”
I asked and he turned to look at me
“ Cause_ cause that’s what he deserves, that guy is a sick b*stard who takes advantage of the female patients. How can they allow such person work for them huh? It means this hospital is also run by worthless people
I will have to get this hospital closed down too…”
He was ranting, he wasn’t really ma-king any s-en-se to me
Taking advantage of female patients?? Getting hospital closed down??
“ What are you saying? You are not ma-king any s-en-se whatsoever, do you do drugs? I think you do
You just beat up an innocent man, abduct me and now you talking nons-en-se about closing down a hospital??. What kind of a person are you? ”
I said and he chuckled bitterly
“ Did you just call Dr Son innocent, oh my! That guy is the opposite of innocent, he is a snake! a per-vert!
He was clearly taken advantage of your condition.
You should have seen the way he was ru-bbing and R0m-ncing his hands all over your [email protected] and I swear the b*stard was l!çk!ng hisl-ips, if I didn’t st©p him I am sure he would have done more than that
I should have punched him again even ha-rder and re-move all of his front teeth ”
He said and had an animated face, like he was alre-ady visualizing in his head how he will punch Dr Son teeth out…
I can’t believe all this drama was because of his sick, baseless as-sumption that Dr Son was taking advantage of my situation to S-xually haras-s me which is totally not true
Won’t I know when I am being S-xual haras-sed?
The doctor is only doing his job, he is only trying to make sure my legs heal properly but now Lee Chun has broken his nose
What a stupid boy!
“ You know not every guy thinks like you do, you know? ”
I said
“ What do you mean by that? Not all men think like me? ”
He said
“ Yeah, I mean not every guy thinks with their di-cks like you do. I can’t believe these scenes were because of something your sick mind cooked up
Ahhhh… I feel like strangling you right now!
So because you saw the doctor mas-saging my th!ghs your sick mind concluded he was S-xual haras-sing me?
How many times will I tell you this, he is only doing his job, get that into your big empty head ”
I said alre-ady pissed off
He just ended my session with the thera-pist because of his distorted thinking and now I wouldn’t get my crutches…
“ I know what I am saying, you are just too naive to know what’s happening ”
He said
“ Well it takes a per-vert to know a per-vert ”
“ St©p calling me a per-vert okay! I am not a per-vert ”
He said flaring up slightly
“ Oh really?
Then explain this, what do you call a person who have se-x with anything on Sk-irt? ”
“ Is that your definition of a per-vert? What school did you attend, probably not a government approved one ”
He said mockingly and I hissed
“ Besides your narrative of me is false, I don’t sleep with everything on Sk-irt only the h0ttest and S-xiest of them all ”
He added and I just rolled my eyes
“ Whatever
The point is that you are a se-x add!çt and that makes you a per-vert! ”
“ I won’t deny the fact that I like se-x infact I love it but I am nothing like that stupid doctor you adore so much but who is actually pretending to be an angel and all good but is busy S-xually haras-sing gullible females like your kinds… ”
He was saying
Hold up, did he just call me gullible? He deserves a h0t [email protected] for that but I am going to let it slide just this once
“ You know what? I am tired of this discussion can you plea-se just carry me back to the doctor, apologise for your stupidity so I can continue with my thera-py and get my clutches ”
I said
“ That’s not happening ”
He said in frown then hit the throttle to the fullest and the vehicle sped off from it’s state of rest….
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
I drove out from the hospital premises in high speed, moving so fast that Cripple monkey was screaming out in fear
I nee-ded to get far away from this goddamn hospital and that sick thera-pist
I know Cripple monkey is really angry at me, to her the thera-pist is an angel while I am a demon, well I meant be a demon but I am better than a demon who is pretending to be an angel
She is really innocent and naive she can’t un-derstand the twisted schemes of someone like her dear thera-pist
I nee-d to get her to another hospital where she can be given her clutches and maybe some little check up if nee-d be…
We didn’t spend more than 5 minutes on the road before I locate another hospital, thanks to something called Google map and my high flying speed
Stepping on the [email protected] I brou-ght the vehicle to a sharp st©p
” We are here ”
I announced
“ I feel like throwing up… I don’t you ever drive so fast again! Ever! ”
Ji-a complained, clearly still shaking from my fast and furious driving
I smiled “ Sure ”
“ And where is here by the way? ”
She asked
“ A hospital of course, don’t you want to get your clutches anymore, huh? Ain’t you seeing this hospital is much more bigger and finer than the previous one, I am sure the doctors here are way better too ”
I said
“ I still prefer Dr Son ”
She said arms folded
“ Too bad then, cause you are never going there again! Ever! ”
I stated then [email protected]£ out of the vehicle, walking to the boot to get her wheelchair
I saw no wheelchair when I opened the boot
Where is her wheelchair?…Oh jeez
We left it at the other hospital, I didn’t take it along with me when I f0rç£fully carried crippled monkey away from the hospital
Well, she won’t be nee-ding it anymore as she is about to upgrade to clutches anyways, so we are good
But how will she move from the vehicle to inside the hospital building where she can receive her clutches?
Well I guess I have to carry her again but this time not f0rç£fully, hope she accepts and not start an argument over this…
Walking to her own side of the alre-ady opened door
I turned my back at her crouching down
“ Climb on my back ”
I said
“ Why should I do that? ”
She asked, her voice showing her confused state
“ Obviously, so I can carry you into the building ”
“ No thanks, I rather move with my wheelchair, where is it? ”
She said
“ Well…that won’t be possible, I kinda forgot it back at the other hospital ”
I said smiling slightly
“ What!.. you did what? ”
“ Yeah, so I have to carry you on my back, so… ”

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