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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 31 & 32

😋 He’s a Ko-rean se-x god 😋
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Episode 31
18+ rated contents
Location: Lee’s Mansion
Time: Evening
☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️
Ji-a seemed very interested in knowing about Lee Chun’s embarras-sing childhood moments
She was eagerly urging me on to tell her every single detail and I was amazed at her inquisitiveness and charmed by all round cuteness
It was ha-rd for me not to stare at her pretty innocent face
“ So tell plea-se!
Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! ” She rant in an adorable manner that only brou-ght a smile on my face
“ I will ”
I said and she calmed down but fixed her gaze directly at my face and she had expression like
‘ Start talking alre-ady! ‘
“ Okay, so obviously I got fed up with Lee Chun’s obse-ssion over Kate and his unending ranting about her every single day so I thought if both of them become friends or started [email protected]!ngthat would help calm him down and st©p disturbing me about anything concerning Kate
But the problem was that Lee Chun was crazily shy around her, I knew he would never walk up to her on his own accord so I went behind his back and made a plan that would surely bring him and her together.. ”
” Really
What did you do? What was this plan? Tell me ”
She asked looking more like a cute five years old child
“ Well, I wrote a letter ”
“ A Letter? ”
She repeated with her eyes wi-dening out
“ Yes, a love letter and I gave it to Kate saying it was from my friend Lee Chun ”
“ Wow ”
She [email protected] and then giggled slightly, her pretty smile and laughter brighten up the whole surrounding
Damn! She is really pretty
“ Tell me, did she like the contents of the letter? Was she happy? Or angry? What was her reaction? plea-se tell me! Tell me! ”
She spoke briskly
“ She was trilled, apparently Kate also had a thing for Lee Chun, and I was glad because that meant my plan was half way completed, all nee-ded to do now was bring them together so they could at least have some sort of discussion.. ”
I was saying but had to pause when Ji-a muttered some words
“ Even when he is little all the girls still liked him huh? ”
She said in a low tone, frowning slightly
“ Yeah I guess, Lee Chun was really cute when he was little, so much adorable”
I said but she just rolled her eyes
‘ Like whatever ‘
Her frowning face still really pretty
“ I bet his head was just as big ” she said and I smiled slightly
“ plea-se do continue with the story, what happened? Did they meet? How did it go? ” She further said and I continued
“ Yeah they did meet up, I arranged everything but obviously I didn’t tell Lee Chun we were meeting up with his crush Kate unless he wouldn’t have come to school that day… Oh I forget to mention that Kate was in fact our junior then, she was in grade 5 while we were in 6.. ”
I was saying but then she interrupted me with a bur-st of laughter…
“ So he was scared of a little girl? Flowerhorn is such a coward, he just have a big head like coconut for nothing ”
She said still laughing slightly
“ Well we were all little then, can I continue? ”
I asked, i wasn’t offended by her interruptions, I actually find her laughter enjoyable and sweet
“ Sorry
plea-se do ”
She said then [email protected]£ mute, staring at me with all seriousness like I am a TV set
“ Okay, so I had told Kate to meet us in the pla-yground at the sound of the closing bell, I told her there is something Lee Chun would love to tell her
And I also managed to convince Lee Chun to come with me to the pla-yground to get my soccer ball which I forgot at the soccer field, obviously that was a lie
I just wanted him to come with me so he and Kate would meet up
Though he was insistent on going home, I managed to make he come with me
Everything was going on perfectly, My plan was simple and straight forward
Lee and Kate both would meet up in the school pla-yground and would have to interact with each0ther because the pla-yground was usually empty and lonely during closing hours..
But I was so wrong, I forgot to tell Kate to come alone or I expected her to come alone but she [email protected]£ with the whole grade 5 clas-s!
I and Lee Chun arrived before her so it was impossible to leave, they all encamped around the three of us I, Lee Chun and Kate
Giggling and murmuring about how Lee Chun is in love with Kate and how both of them were b©yfri£ndand girlfriend
they were also ma-king comments about the love letter Lee Chun supposedly wrote for Kate but they didn’t know I was the one that actually wrote the letter. Infact I haven’t even told Lee Chun about the letter then
Kate was blu-shing and smiling but Lee Chun looked frightened and sick, he was really nervous and sweating all over
He wasn’t only dealing with the pressure of standing in front of his crush but he had all the piercing eyes of the grade 5 clas-s on him… I guess it was just too much for him and he broke down completely
He couldn’t utter a single word even when Kate was asking him about the love letter and why he asked her to meet up with him he couldn’t speak, he just stood muted there sweating all over like it had rained
and when he eventually f0rç£d himself to speak all what [email protected]£ out from his mouth was complete and utter jargons
Soon after the giggling and murmuring turned into all out mocking laughter and f!nger pointing, leaving Lee Chun devastatingly embarras-sed and crushed
He ran out of the pla-yground in tears…”
As I spoke I could see Ji-a’s face becoming pale and sad
Her eyes had become slightly red and we-ttish, It seemed she wants to cry
I never expected this would get to her to this extent
I had to pause my storytelling to check upon her
“ Hey… Are you alright? ”
I asked, and she wiped her eyes with the back of her palm
“ I am fine…just it’s kinda sad. I never knew kids could be so mean… Why would they laugh at him? That most have broke little, poor, Lee’s heart ”
She said sorrowfully
“ Yeah it did, he was really broken after that. He missed the subsequent days of school for that week
And after he [email protected]£ to find out the [email protected] I pla-yed in all that happened – I am talking about the love letter I gave to Kate and me trying to [email protected] matcher between him and his crush
He was really furious with me, he didn’t [email protected] spoke to me for like 2 weeks, at some point I was scared I had lost my best friend for good…but for some reasons he forgave me and I am glad he did, couldn’t imagine my life then without Lee as my friend
We were inseparable ”
I said then chuckled alittle when the memories of when I and Lee Chun were little kids suddenly [email protected]£ to mind
Ahh! Does where some good old days
“ Was that the reason he grew up to be a di-ckhead? ”
She asked and I chuckled slightly
“ Well.. I can’t say for sure, I mean I don’t believe one event that happened way back when we were just kids could change and utter his life completely
Plus I don’t believe Lee Chun is a di-ckhead. He can be wild. Yes, and he loves women true, but he is a super cool and sweet guy
And who can blame him for following many women really?
He is super rich and handsome plus every girl are willingly throwing themselves at him
So I guess if Lee Chun is a di-ckhead then the ladies who threw themselves at him are also di-ck_ ”
“ pu-ssyhead ”
She beats me to it and we both laughed ha-rd
“ pu-ssyhead?? Oh my! Really? ”
I said and she shruggled ma-king a funny weird face
That got me laughing some more….
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
The bi*ch just kept screaming and crying wildly as I scre-wed some s-en-se into her from every single hole I can find on her b©dy
Even between her b00bs
I made sure I ban-ged the living hell out of her and when I noticed I was about to c-umming
I made her knee and emptied everything on her face and the sl*tty bit*h li-cked the deposit of my sperm that fell on her mouth
She was fully satisfied but I was disgusted by her sight
I remembered I didn’t want to have se-x with her in the first place, I wasn’t feeling like having se-x, especially with her but she s£dûç£and manipulated me into doing it
“ Take your clothes and get out of my room! ”
I yelled at her
She was acting all sluggish and lazy so I [email protected]£d her by the arm and dragged her from my be-d, down to the floor
“ I said get out! ”
I yelled angrily pointing to the door and she flin-ched
“ Out now! ”
I yelled some more and she [email protected]£ scared
“ I will leave but let me wear back my clothes first plea-se ”
She pleaded…
But I only gave her enough time to only put on her undies before kicking her a$$ out my room with her dress in her hands
“ Bit*h ”
I swear as I slammed the door shut on her face…
“ Ahhh ”
I sighed taking in fresh air…
Now time to think of more better and important things
So Ji-a think she is so smart? Well she is quite smart, I will hand that to her, she managed to deceive me into accepting a fish with a b-utt head as a nickname
It’s now I’m just realizing how stupid and silly the name sounds like
Flowerhorn? What a silly name
How could I have fall for that huh?
I will have to get back at cripple monkey, cripple monkey is not even as silly as Flowerhorn
Gosh! This girl has pla-yed me for a fool!!
How can I get back at her now? Think!
Think! Think! Think!
Well she likes to eat lots of food like some kind of animal, elephant_ No, more like a whale
Yes, a big, cute pretty whale..
Wait, what am I doing? Am I praising her? or looking for a way to make her cry and suffer?
Come on Lee Chun, you have to get your act together, you nee-d to make her pay
Cripple monkey most pay for humiliating you. Yes she has to
She has always make jokes about my head saying it’s too big, what b©dy [email protected] of her’s can I use to make joke of her?
I can’t use her legs course that doesn’t bother her anymore
Think! Think! Think!…..
Gosh nothing
I got nothing!
She is so pretty, I can’t make fun of her b©dy
[email protected] on the be-d
“ Cripple monkey, I will get you back ”
I said aloud to myself but I couldn’t help but smile when I pictured her face in my head
She is just so pretty and funny
What’s wrong with me really???..
Episode 32
Location: Lee’s Mansion
Time: Day
A week later
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
I am so excited, like I am really excited! Guess why?… If you can’t guess, don’t worry I will tell you
Today I will finally get to kick this sorry a$$ called a wheelchair out of my life
I am sick and tired of sitting on it
Yes! I am able to walk now!
I am so happy, I feel like [email protected] with a buffer of chicken wings and pork chops
Yes, my own way of [email protected] is eating, especially meats, lots of meats
Yeah, can you keep a secret? I love food
It’s feels like forever that I have been sitting on this goddamn wheelchair it has almost become a cage but today I will be set free like a birb
I am able to walk again, by myself_ well I still nee-d the as-sistance of the crutches course my legs ain’t too strong enough
But don’t feel sad for me, it’s only temporary, in a few days I won’t be nee-ding even the crutches again course I will be jumping up just like a rat_
What No, not rat, I don’t like rat… I will be jumping up like a dog – more of a cute small adorable puppy…
I am dressed alre-ady, I will be going to the hospital now for my routine check-up and to collect my clutches. Byung-ho was supposed to be the one to take me to the hospital infact he wanted to take me but Mr big head Flowerhorn kept insisting he wants to be the one to take me
I really don’t un-derstand him, I don’t un-derstand what’s wrong with him, he has been acting really strange around me these days
I have caught him severely just staring at me, like my b©dy and it’s kinda creepy but… I shouldn’t be saying this
But I think I kinda like it anytime I catch him staring, I always have this tingling s-en-sation in my nerves and my intestines starts acting all funny
Oh gosh!
What does that mean??
Why do I feel that way? And is not that I even like him.. Or do I?
No, I don’t, he is annouying and a complete per-vert who loves se-x too much, only yesterday he sle-pt with another pretty lady again and that one nearly brou-ght down the house with her [email protected] s and screams
Plus now Lee Chun has developed this sick obse-ssion of giving me a horrible nickname since I fooled him and made he accepted Flowerhorn as his nickname
Such a fool, a really cute fool…
I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door suddenly opened wi-de and someone walked right in without even a slight knock
Speaking of the devil
“ Dragon eyes what are you still doing here, ain’t you supposed to be downstairs waiting for me… ”
Lee Chun says and yet again he has brou-ght up a stupid nickname to give me
Yesterday he had called me ‘ Egg head ‘
A day before yesterday it was ‘ [email protected] ton-gue ‘
And a day before that was “ Iron fist ‘
And now ‘ Dragon eyes ‘
Where does he even come up with these silly names?
“ Really dragon eyes? Really?
Is that the best you can come up with, huh? ”
I said looking at like he had something silly on his head
“ What? Isn’t good enough_ I mean bad enough? Doesn’t it make you angry? Like make you mad that you want to rip me [email protected]? And cry in your be-d? ”
He asked high-spirited
Is he seriously expecting me to say Yes to that?
“ Nope, not at all. It doesn’t make any s-en-se, just st©p trying you can’t get one better than me. Flowerhorn is a clas-sic and it suits you perfectly with your big head
Not your silly dragon eyes, dragons don’t even exist you dummy. So just st©p this your revenge mission ”
I advised but frankly he was coming up with pretty bad nicknames that I don’t like and I am only pretending that they are silly and don’t affect me so he won’t start calling me them for real
“ Never! ”
He yelled
” I will keep searching and looking for the perfect horrible name for you, I won’t rest until I have my revenge and make you cry in your pillow”
He said and he was looking and sounding more like a madman to me
” Huh
Is that the reason you are insisted on taking me to the hospital, so you can have your revenge on me by leaving me in the hospital like you did the other day, course if so I rather Byung-ho take me ”
I said frowning slightly
“ N..No
The other day was a mistake, I didn’t plan to leave the hospital without you, I have told you this severally ”
“ Yeah right..
So what’s st©pping another mistake from happening since you think with your di-ck
You will probably do same thing again if you see a pretty girl in the hospital ”
I said
“ Hey… I don’t reason with my di-ck okay, I said that was a mistake okay! ”
He said and I scoffed
“ So why? Why have you been insisting on taking me to the hospital huh?”
I asked narrowing my gaze to his face, like I want to re-ad his mind
“ Nothing ”
He shrugged
“ Okay then
I don’t want to go with you. I am going to the hospital with Byung-ho. Thank God I have a phone now.. ”
Yeah quic-k [email protected]£
I now have a phone, my very first phone, Byung-ho bought it for me as a gift and I am excited about that too
“.. I am going to call Byung-ho now and tell him to come take me to the hospital ”
I said then reached for my phone that was lying on the be-d…but Lee Chun beat me to it
He took the phone before I could
“ Hey!
That’s mine…give it back ”
“ I know it’s yours, but I am not giving it back until you promise me you won’t call Byung-ho ”
He said
Huh, is he going mad or what? Why will he seize hold of my phone and make me promise nons-en-se before he will give it back?
“ What??…Give me my phone now unless I will come into your room at night when you fast sleep and I will hit you so ha-rd that you will go into coma, you won’t wake up again ”
I threatened angrily and he [email protected]£ scared
“ Hey… plea-se don’t do that, take ”
He muttered lowly, timidly stretching out the phone to me
I r0ûghly took my phone from his hand like I wanted to beat him or something
“ Next time if you repeat this, I will come to your room in the night but I won’t use my hand this time, I use a shoe to hit your head ha-rd ”
I said demonstrating with my face and hand and he quic-kly held his head with one hand probably imagining the pains
“ I have given it back to haven’t I? ”
He said frowning
“ Yeah, I said next time dummy ”
I said rolling my eyes then made to dial Byung-ho’s number
“ Why do you want Byung-ho to take you to the hospital and not me huh? ”
He asked and I paused glancing at him
“ Because I don’t trust you, plus I like Byung-ho, he is way better than you, he makes me laugh, he isn’t mean and boring like you and he buys me lots of sweet stuff
Like ice cream ”
I said l!çk!ng myl-ips with my ton-gue but then I caught Lee Chun staring at myl-ips, like he was drooling
He quic-kly composed himself when he saw I had caught him
“ Y..You like food too much and I ain’t boring ”
He stuttered alittle and I just stared at him in a weird way
“ What? ”
He asked, looking slightly nervous
“ Nothing ”
I shrugged
I have always noticed anytime I am eating or l!çk!ng myl-ips with my ton-gue he always give me that drooling look he just did
I wonder what’s his problem with me l!çk!ng myl-ips. Hope he isn’t thinking of k!ss!ngme or something course I will [email protected] some s-en-se into him..
I searched for Byung-ho name from my contact list to give him a call, it was pretty easy getting it course he is the only name on my contact list
I really nee-d to call Byung-ho course frankly Lee Chun is behaving weirdly, he might be really serious about getting revenge for the nickname I gave to him that he might do something really crazy
like drive and dump me inside a waste truck or something…
I was about dialing Byung-ho’s number when Lee Chun said something
“ plea-se let me take you to the hospital ”
He said softly
Huh? He is begging
What’s really wrong with him, why is he so determined to take me to the hospital?
Am I missing something here???
“ Huh? ”
“ I will buy you lots of ice cream and I know you like pork a lot, I will buy you a whole bunch of meat just don’t call Byung-ho okay, let me be the one to take you to the hospital Okay ”
He said but I just stared at him with a surprise but confused look..
“ No, you can’t bribe me with that. You have to tell me why you want to be the one to take me to the hospital unless I am calling Byung-ho now ”
I said my eyes fixed on him, he sighed weakly
“ Okay… W.. well, the thing is I don’t like that thera-pist, what’s that his name.. Mr Son
“ Huh..Why? ”
I asked curiously
“ I just don’t like him, I don’t like the way he t©uçhes your b©dy all over, I think he is up to no good, I have to be there to keep an eye on him ”
He said and my jaw dropped
It sounded like.. it sounded like Flowerhorn is jealous or am I mistaken?

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