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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 27 & 28

He’s a Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 27
18+ rated contents
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
” Ahh…ahh.. ”
I gro-an ed and [email protected] ed as the S-xy h0tty kept stro-king my co*k
“ Tell me, is this monkey girl worth more than this feeling
So what will it be? will you go back to get a monkey, or will you come to my place andfu-ck a h0tty? ”
She asked and didn’t even wait for my reply as she started su-cking on my di-ck
“ Ohfu-ck! ”
I [email protected] ed out
Jeez! She really knows how to svçka di-ck and my di-ck was inching really bad tofu-ck her
I really, really, really want to have se-x with this h0tty… So what’s st©pping me?
Ji-a? The cripple monkey??
The girl that hits and insult me at any opportunity she gets
Am I really going to give up this sweet s-en-sation I’m feeling to go pick that annoying girl from the hospital???
I think I have my answer, I have made up my mind
Placing my hand on the back of her head, I pressed her head down pushing my d!¢k dee-per into her mouth before…. I pu-ll-ed her head away from my di-ck with a sigh
“ That’s enough ”
I said putting my di-ck back into my trou-sers
“ What are you doing? ”
She asked looking confused
“ What does it look like I’m doing, huh?
I am choosing to go back for the monkey, i’m going back to the hospital. ”
I said then reached into my wallet, bringing out some cash
“ Here take, get a cab. Now get down! ”
I ordered throwing the money on her [email protected] but she was just looking somewhat dazzled that I was actually s£nding her out
“ Hurry up! Will you.. ”
I said alre-ady getting impatient with her sluggish response
Slowly she got off my vehicle
“ This monkey girl, she most be really special to you right? ”
She asked and I just stared at her weirdly
“ No…Now get lost! ”
I replied then drove off
Special? Is she smoking cheep weed or what?
I am only going back to pick cripple monkey because I know she can be really something of a nightmare when she is mad and I’m sure she will be pretty angry for the fact I left without her
I am not going back to get cripple monkey because she is special to me
Hell no!
That lady most be a psycho to have suggest that, I regretted I even considered having se-x with her.
💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕
Dr Son had gone to attend to other patients, meaning I was all alone, no one to talk to just staring up at the ceiling and people faces
But then my stomach began grumbling and ma-king those funny noises again
“ Ouch…Ohhh “.
I am really hungry and it [email protected]£ even worse by the sight I am seeing
All of the cripple patients like myself had either had lunch or were having their lunch which was brou-ght to them by their guidance/family members or well-wishers
The aroma coming out from all their meals was hitting me directly into my nose, ma-king my mouth we-t and I find myself swallowing my saliva
I started imagining things, having funny crazy thoughts
Like I was picturing myself in a table full with food, also I was imagining how nice it would be if wss the one chewing the fat chicken [email protected] a lady close by was eating
Or the large pizza slice one fat boy was devouring with all eagerness
I’m really really hungry
I can’t believe Lee Chun just left me here to stave to death, maybe it was his plans all along
Maybe he had planned this before before coming to the hospital
Take Ji-a to the hospital then dump me there to stave to death
That stupid, big head boy!
I wish I had a phone and also Byung-ho contact I would have called him to come pick me up
But I don’t, what am I to do now??
I stayed looking all frustrated and hungry as I kept staring at all the yummy food salivating and l!çk!ng myl-ips…
“ What you doing, huh? ”
I heard a voice say and I quic-kly composed myself
Looking up at the person, I saw it was in fact Lee Chun, he has come back!
I wasn’t really expecting he will come back anytime soon, cause I know he doesn’t have se-x this quic-k, he does it for hours, the mad dog
Those it mean he didn’t have se-x with the lady afterall
But why is he staring at me awkwardly, did he perhaps saw me salivating
I quic-kly cleaned my mouth with the back of my palm incase I had any spit hanging about
” Why where you l!çk!ng yourl-ips huh? What are you thinking about? ”
He asked and I just felt like punching him
It’s like he knew I am feeling hungry and just wants to make jest of me
“ What do you care? huh? Why are you even here? I thought you left with that pretty, S-xy lady ”
I said frowning at him but he just smiled
“ I am here to take you home dummy ” He said then dressed his front hair, that covered halfway of his forehead backwards with one of his hand looking around
He looks really handsome
He brou-ght his hand down and his hair returned back to it’s former state
“ It seems everyone is eating around here huh? ma-king me feel hungry myself… ”
He was speaking and I was wondering why he was laying emphasis on hunger and food??
I was so sure now that he had seen me drooling over the people eating and he wants to mock me with that
I hate him!
He continued “…I saw a restaurant close by, I nee-d to eat, will you like to eat something too cripple monkey? ”
He asked arching his eyebrow
When he invited me to lunch I felt like jumping up and giving him a very ti-ght hvg him, while screaming YES!
I was damn hungry but I pretended not to care
“ Whatever ”
“ O..Kay
Or are you not throu-gh with your thera-py? Should I go get Mr Son again so you guys can continue ”
He said
Is he kidding me??
Does he want me to faint and die here, I’m freaking hungry
“ Heyyyy
Why you asking too many questions huh? I thought you said you hungry? You you not going to the restaurant again?..not that I’m hungry or anything
I just want to get home on time so I can rest? ”
I said swallowing my saliva out of great hunger
He smiled mischievously
“ Sure you ain’t ”
just don’t finish the whole food in the restaurant ”
He muttered in a low tone but I heard what he said
“ What? ” I frowned
Did he by any chance refer to me as a glutton??
“ Nothing ”
He said and he was still smiling and laughing inwardly as he [email protected]£ to wheel me out
What’s ma-king him laugh?
He was ma-king me angry and nervous
“ St©p that! ”
I rasped
“ st©p what? ”
He asked acting confused
“ That! ”
I said pointing to his face
“ St©p doing that with your mouth, nothing is funny okay ”
I grunted
“ Alright cripple monkey
Let’s go to the restaurant before you eat me ”
He said mockingly
“ Shut up ”
I cried hitting him ha-rd on the arm
“ Ouch ”
Episode 28
Location: Unknown restaurant
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
I just sat smiling as I watched cripple monkey rushed the meal in front of her, we are at the restaurant and I have made sure the table was filled up with delicious dishes especially meat
Chicken, beef and pork
I knew Ji-a loves meat and she was staving
I had walked up on earlier in the hospital while she was drooling and salivating over the other patients while the ate
It was a really funny sight to watch, I mean so funny but I also felt bad, really bad for her
I don’t know why, maybe because it’s never nice for someone to stave? I never really cared if anyone staved before though
I guess their is a first time for everything..
So I decided to bring her to the restaurant to eat before taking her home unless she might swallow me while we drive
I wasn’t really hungry, infact I am not hungry at all….
“ Yum… Hum… Ahh… ”
She was ma-king those funny but s£dûçt!vesounds she makes while eating and I just find my self gazing mainly at herl-ips
Her pink, round deliciousl-ips and now it was my turn to salivate and drool
but unlike Ji-a I wasn’t thinking about food but herl-ips, I was having crazy thoughts of just k!ss!ngherl-ips…
“ Heyyy
What’s wrong with you, huh?”
She asked with her mouth full with pork meat
“ Huh… Nothing ”
I quic-kly composed myself
“ Then why are you staring at myl-ips like that? ” She asked staring directly into my eyes
I struggled to find my words at first…
I can’t possibly tell her, I was thinking about k!ss!ngherl-ips
Is either she insult me or [email protected] me ha-rd …
“ Uhm.. I thought you said you ain’t hungry, huh? ”
I quic-kly changed the t©pic and she was the one struggling for words this time
“ Uhm…You
You too… I thought you said you were really hungry… Why haven’t you eaten anything yet, you just busy staring at me like a boring clown..”
She finally find her voice staring at me suspiciously as she swallowed down her chew up pork
Like I poisoned the meal or something
“ I was hungry before, really, really hungry but then..then I lost my appetite and it’s all because of you ”
I accused her
“ Huh.. Me? ”
She exclaimed pointing to herself looking gobsma-cked
“ Yes you! How do you expect me to have appetite with the irritating sounds you ma-king with your mouth, it’s so irritating, it sounds like a crying pig and it made me lose my appetite ”
I said lying
obviously I love the sounds she makes when she eats
“ Whatever ”
She just said and continued eating when I was expecting she would land me one of her big insults
I guess she is really, really hungry
“ Since you have lost your appetite, it means you won’t be nee-ding this ”
She sputter, her mouth stuffed up as she pu-ll-ed my plates to her own side of the table
” Hey… That’s mine ”
“ I thought you said you have lost your appetite ” she reminded
“ it’s not good to waste food ”
She added, and with that she started eating what was supposed to be my meal
I shook my head at amazement as she ate the whole thing clean
“ Ahhhhhh ” I exclaimed
“ Your stomach nee-ds to be checked for sure, infact you nee-d to be checked, I don’t think you are human at all… ”
I was complaining about her when I felt something [email protected] inside my trou-ser
It was my phone, a call just entered
I reached for my right pocket and brou-ght my phone out
A smile formed on my face as I saw the caller ID
📱 Byung-ho 📱
I greeted and immediately Ji-a heard me mention Byung-ho’s name she [email protected]£ really excited and get hands were inching to take the phone off me
📲 Lee Chun, where are you? Where is Ji-a?
I [email protected]£ to see her at your place but I was told she hadn’t yet returned back from the hospital by this time???
Did you leave her in the hospital? Tell me? How could you? Where are you now?.. 📲
Byung-ho in the other hand was just rushing his words and he seemed really upset about something
📱 Hey… Slow down okay, I_ 📱
I wanted to explain to him that everything is fine and that Ji-a was right here with me but he wouldn’t even let me speak
📲 I know I shouldn’t have trust you with this, you are so irresponsible, I am sure you have left her in the hospital to go have se-x with some strange sl*t..if anything should happen to her I won’t forgive you Lee Chun..📲
He ranted in my ears
He seemed so worried and concerned about Ji-a well-being that I was beginning to wonder
Why does he care so much about her?
Is he by any chance have develop some sort of feelings for cripple monkey?..
Byung-ho was still busy ranting and in my thoughts when Ji-a snatched the phone away from my hand but in doing so she mistaking pressed on the speaker bu-tton
“ Heyy
Why did you do that? ”
I asked frowning but she completely ignored me
📱 Byung-ho 📱
She called out happily
📲…I am heading to the hospital right now__ Ji-a!📲
I could hear as Byung-ho voice changed from anger to joy in an instant when he was thinking he was still talking to me but then heard Ji-a’s voice
📲 Ji-a…is that you?📲
He asked and and she giggled and laughed
📱Yes, it’s me Ji-a 📱
📲 Thank God…Where are you? I have been so worried. Are you with Lee Chun now? Where are you?📲
He asked, like he could just disappear here and meet her
📱 Yes I am with your friend, and I am in a restaurant📱
Did she just referred to me as his friend and not by my name??? Meaning I am not her friend????
📲 Restaurant??… Lee Chun took you to a restaurant? 📲
He asked aback at the thought that I actually took someone out to a restaurant
I rarely do that
📱Yes… are you home? Lee Chun’s place?📱
She asked
📲 Yes, I am in Lee Chun’s place now, I [email protected]£ to see you, I brou-ght ice cream with me 📲
📱Really! Ice cream!!!…Oh No! But I am full alre-ady 📱
📲 Oh.. Alright, I guess I will give it to one of the maids then 📲
📱 Yeah, that’s a good idea 📱
📲 Alright I will be leaving now, but I come check up on you tomorrow 📲
He said sounding slightly disappointed
📱No! plea-se don’t go. Wait for us will we soon be back home okay. We are leaving the restaurant now, plea-se don’t go📱
She pleaded for him to wait up
📲 Alright, I will wait 📲
He quic-kly agreed, his voice showing his happiness
📱Really? Thank you, you are the best..📱
She was saying looking really excited and happy…
She seem to be really fond of my friend Byung-ho and I don’t know why, but for some weird reason
I didn’t like that, I didn’t like the way she laughs and smiles when she speaks with him
Am I by anyway feeling jealous?
It can’t be
“ Give me that ”
I said snatching my phone right from her hand while she was still speaking
“ Heyyy… I wasn’t done talking ”
She complained
“ Neither was I when you took it away from me ”
I reminded and she gave me a bad stare, which I repaid in kind
📲 Hello.. Hello Ji-a.. 📲
Byung-ho was still speaking
📱On our way 📱
I said harshly then end the call…
I paid for our meal_ I mean her meal course she was the one that ate everything and then we left the restaurant heading home….
💄 Min-seo’s POV 💄
I have been restless all day, my whole b©dy has been inching me for se-x, not just any se-x
My v is longing for only Lee Chun’s di-ck
No onefu-cks better than that cutie
It’s been 3 days now, 3 days since he last filled my hole with that monster between his legs and I can’t really take it anymore
I have gone too long without his di-ck, I have become really add!çted to it, it’s all I think and dream of now
I nee-d his di-ck right now
So I went searching for him in every corner of the glas-s house and my search led me into his room but he isn’t here
Where thefu-ck are you Lee Chun! Where could you possibly be ??… Oh I remember now
he went out this morning for the hospital with that stupid cripple girl and isn’t yet back
I just hate that cripple girl whenever her name is….
Just then from the glas-s wall of the building I saw Lee Chun drive into the compound
“ He is back! ”
I jumped up in joy and my pu-ssy [email protected]£ really excited
I wanted to run down immediately to go welcome him and take him to a place where he could justfu-ck the hell out of me… but then I got a better idea
Taking off my clothes until I was standing completely n-ked
I [email protected] his be-d
I will wait here for him to come up into his room…
It’s like something is about to happen oh
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