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He’s a Ko-rean S-x god Episode 65 & 66

He’s A Ko-rean se-x god 😋
Hide your Wives!
Episode 65
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
“ Lee Chun.. Oh my God! Lee Chun what have you done! ”
Kia exclaimed in shock as she [email protected]£ into the bathroom – seeing all the mess I have done.
I was mute just sitting on the watery floor_ Yes watery floor, course water from the broken tap and sink has almost flooded the whole bathroom, threatening to move to the room.
But I didn’t mind, I just sat down there, head buried to the floor and an overwhelming emotional pains.
“ Lee Chun.. what happened here. Oh God! You are blending! ”
Kia stated freaking out.
I wasn’t really paying attention to her I haven’t even glanced at her since she [email protected]£ into the bathroom…
She quic-kly left the room..only to return back some seconds later with a piece of small light cloth in her hand, she then ran to me.
I wonder how she didn’t fall down course the floor was we-t and surely sli-ppery.
Crounching down “ How could you do this to yourself Lee Chun! What were you thinking? What could have made you do this?.. ”
She kept nagging as she wra-pped the light piece of cloth on my wrist.
I still haven’t yet said anything at this time, to be frank I wasn’t myself.
“ Tell me what happened here? How did this happen? ” She asked yet another question, but I remained mute
“ Is this because of Ji-a? ” She said and this time I raised my head up to her face.
Just hearing the name Ji-a is enough to get my attention..
But I really don’t know if hearing her name then was a good thing course it made me feel worse, the pains I felt in my heart increa-sed.
“ It is about her ” She said in sure tone
“ Oh you poor are in love with her ”
She said and I felt the tears building up in my eyes.
Kia [email protected] me ti-ghtly ” What has that Cripple Monkey done to my kid brother? She has stolen his’s alright, everything will be fine, it’s alright”
She said whilst still hvgging me ti-ghtly.
I nee-ded that hvg, I truly do.
” I have lost her, I let her go ” I muttered and she dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“ No, you didn’t lose her. Yes you let her go but you didn’t lose her, at least not yet.
You can still have her back, I know I and her may not be best of friends, but clearly she means a lot to you and you mean a lot to me.
I can’t stand seeing you like this, it’s really disheartening.
But If you love her so, what’s st©pping you from being together with her? ”
She said and I sh0t a stare at her.
“ I do love her, I love her so much ”
I said my heart aching when I said that.
” Then what’s st©pping you from telling her this? Go tell her how you feel ”
She said and it sounded so simple in her mouth.
“ It’s too late now, I have lost her to another ” I said.
“ I told you before, you haven’t lost her, she is still very much in your reach”
She said and I really didn’t un-derstand what she was saying.
Didn’t she see Ji-a leaving with Byung-ho? Didn’t she hear when Byung-ho said he wanted to ask her out?
So what is she saying she is still in my reach.
“ What are you saying? She is with Byung-ho now, he most have asked her out alre-ady and both of them are probably in each other’s arms ”
I said sorrowfully.
“ You silly boy, you are forgetting one thing, one very important thing ” She said ma-king me confused, as I wondered what I was forgetting.
” And that is?? ” I asked in a confused look.
“ For a relationsh!pto start it depends on the girl and girl alone, the guy is free to woo and persuade her but it’s all rest on the girl’s respond, just one word will depend if the relationsh!pstarts or fail even before it begins.
How are you so sure Ji-a would say YES to your friend Byung-ho proposal instead of NO? ”
She said and I was left thinking.
“ I..I don’t know. Why won’t she? ” I stuttered.
“ Because is in love with you silly! Can’t you see it in her eyes that she is madly in love with you?
Didn’t you notice it in the way she stared at you when Byung-ho was taking her away? She was practicing begging you with her eyes to prevent her from leaving.
Don’t tell me you couldn’t see it? And you are supposed to be an expert in all things relating to girls, how come you couldn’t tell she is equally in love with you, if not more in love with you, than you are in love with her, and if you think you are hurting right now?
I can’t imagine how she would have felt when you let her go with another man, she would probably think you don’t love her and that would hurt her more than anything.
So you have to go to her Lee Chun, you have to go and apologize to her first then confess your feelings to her. Do this and st©p acting like a child ”
Kia said and I felt my heart beating really fast as she spoke.
Ji-a is in love with me? Is she really that in love with me that she wanted me to st©p her from leaving with Byung-ho?
I know she felt something for me but I didn’t know it was a strong feeling, and I never want to hurt her.
Did I really hurt her by letting her go with Byung-ho? Will it be right for me to go after her despite the fact I know Byung-ho is in love with her?
I am really confused.
“ What about Byung-ho? He is my best friend and he is in love with Ji-a… I can’t hurt him ”
I muttered and Kia just stared at me
“ I un-derstand, but listen carefully to what I am about to say now… ”
Location: Smith’s Mansion 🏛️
🛍️ Mia’s POV 🛍️
I closed early from work today and I went straight to Smith’s place, he actually invited me to have dinner with him in his house and you know what that means.
I am really starting to become more of an add!çt to Smith’s t©uçh, he has me fallen for him completely at this point…
The dinner was pretty ro-mantic, just me and him in a dark dinning room, with lots of colourful burning candles.
The food tasted exceptionally delicious but this was just the appetizer, the main dish is Smith’s b©dy and it seems it won’t be long before I get to eat it.
He is alre-ady giving me that look, that look that makes me we-t and arou-se without a t©uçh…
Standing up from the dinning table he walked slowly towards me, he walked pas-sed me st©pping at my back then he placed his hands on my shoulder blades.
“ Work most have been restful, let me help you relax ”
He said gently mas-saging my shoulders
“ Umm.. ”
I [email protected] ed softly as his strong hands fondle with my shoulder blades
It feels really nice
“ How do you like it? Am I applying too much f0rç£? ” He asked.
“ No, it’s just perfect ”
I replied, with my eyes slightly closed enjoying his t©uçh.
He continued on with what he was doing but slowly started mas-saging down my shoulders to my brea-sts region and I could feel his softl-ips on my n£¢k.
He was k!ss!ngmy n£¢k while his hands creeped inside my go-wn from the t©p, heading to my bøøbs
” Ahh… Ahh ”
soft [email protected] s flew out of myl-ips when I felt his hands on my bøøbs.
He was fondling with both my bøøbs at the same time and the feeling was heavenly
I could feel my n!pp!es growing bigger and ha-rder.
And my pvzzy? You don’t nee-d to ask it was damn we-t!
” Ahhh..Ahhh ”
I [email protected] ed out even more louder as I felt him squee-zing my n!pp!es.
He squee-zed them r0ûghly that it hurts but it made me only more hor-nyand as he was squee-zing my n!pp!es his mouth find it’s way to mine.
Locking hisl-ips on mine he k!$$£d me pas-sionately – using his ton-gue and everything.
It was crazy sweet!
And I find myself [email protected] ing into his mouth, my S-xual hor-mones on the very high…
After awhile he dis£ngaged from the k!sscatching his breath and I use that opportunity to catch my breath also.
He didn’t let the fire die down though as he was at it again, lifting me up to my feet he locked hisl-ips in mine again – k!ss!ngme r0ûghly.
I k!$$£d him back, as r0ûghly as he was k!ss!ngme, like it was a competition and I want to be the winner.
But there was no way I was going to be the winner in this
“ Ahhhh ”
I [email protected] ed into his mouth as one of his hands were on my bu-tt cheek squee-zing it and the other in my honey pot – ru-bbing the entrance.
Damn! The tingling s-en-sation was killing!….

Location: Chan’s Mansion 🏛️
☺️ Byung-ho’s POV ☺️
30 minutes after leaving the restaurant yet the rain was still coming down heavily, occasionally the lightning strikes and the thun-der roar.
The weather is pretty cold, super cold really. I nee-ded to get myself warm so I was ma-king myself a cu-p of h0t chocolate…
I was busy stirring the liquid contents in the mug with a tea spoon when I heard a loud noise, at first I thought it was the lightning and thun-der again…
But the noise was really persistent and I know it can’t possibly be a thun-der sound.
So I stood up from where I sat in the dinning table and walked to the sitting room… it was then I realized that someone was actually knocking on the door, more like ban-ging on the door.
Who the hell can that be?
Walking to the door, I opened it up and someone just pushed himself in
“ Ji-a! Ji-a! Ji-a! ”
It was Lee Chun, he was soa-ked in rain water and was just screaming Ji-a’s name like a man possessed
“ What are you doing? ” I asked
“ Where is Ji-a? I nee-d to see Ji-a. I am sorry Byung-ho but I love Ji-a and I can’t lose her.. She doesn’t love you, it’s me she loves.
You have to un-derstand this, plea-se you have to let her come with me, I am here to take her.
Tell me where is Ji-a?… Ji-a!.. Ji-a! ”
He was just rushing his words and resumed screaming her name while searching for her
“ She isn’t here, st©p screaming. She isn’t with me ”
I said instantly a sad look [email protected]£ on my face.
“ What, where is she then? ”
He asked coming to meet me.
“ I don’t know man, she rejected my proposal and left me in the restaurant, I thought she was heading back to the mansion ”
I said
“ What?… She never [email protected]£ back to the mansion ”
He said his eyes reflecting his fears…
Episode 66
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizk!ss💋
Location: Chan’s Mansion 🏛️
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
“ Come on Kia pick up your phone…pick up the damn call! ” I yelled tossing back and forth in Byung-ho’s sitting room.
I have been trying Kia’s number for like a minute or so but she isn’t picking up her calls and it’s driving me crazy.
I want to find out from her if Ji-a has come back home to the mansion course I don’t know I am having a really bad feeling about Ji-a, I just feel so restless, maybe it’s because I had dialed Ji-a’s number first and it was telling me it was unreachable.
“ Come on Kia! plea-se pick your call! plea-se! ”
I yelled some more and Byung-ho was just staring at me strangely.
He most be thinking I am running mad or something, he doesn’t un-derstand what I am feeling.
Ji-a is my life now.
Finally Kia answer her call, thankfully and hopefully I will hear some good news that will keep my heart and spirit at rest.
☎️ In call
“ Hello Lee ”
“ Kia, is Ji-a there at the mansion? Has Ji-a come back home? Has she? ” I said, rushing my words.
“ Slow don’t Lee, I can’t hear a single thing you saying ”
Kia said and that only added to the tension I was feeling alre-ady
“ Has Ji-a come back to the mansion? ” I repeated, this time trying to sound more calmer.
“ Ji-a? No I haven’t seen her, she isn’t in the mansion…”
She said and my heart sank.
Like I felt great fear grip me, I can’t explain the feeling but I know my whole system was malfunctioning.
Oh No! She isn’t in the mansion. Where could she have gone to?
Where are you Ji-a?
“ ..Hello Lee, are you there?… Lee… Lee Chun.. ”
Kia was still speaking but I wasn’t listening and later the call ended.
☎️ Call ended.
I really don’t know who ended the call, whether it was me or Kia, I wasn’t even thinking about that.
My mind was just thinking about Ji-a. where could she be? The condition outside isn’t good at all, the rain is still falling heavily and she herself is on clutches… Hope she is save?
Oh my God, I have never been this worried in my whole life.
“ What did Kia say? ”
Byung-ho’s voice brou-ght me slightly back to my s-en-ses.
“ Is Ji-a back at the glas-s house? ” He further asked..
And all of a sudden a great anger [email protected]£ on me.
“ You promised me you would look after her, you gave me your words that you will take care of her. How could you have left her? How could you have let her go outside despite her condition? Worse, in a raining dark night? Why did you break your promise to me. Why!
” I said in a pained, angry tone, the anger was really consuming me.
“ I..I didn’t break my promise..she left, there was no way I could have st©p her, there was nothing I could possibly have done.
I mean she rejected my proposal, she left me heart broken, weak and crushed, it was a struggle for me even to get myself. You don’t un-derstand how it feels to be rejected… ”
He was saying when I just exploded.
gr-abbing him by the n£¢k of his shi-t, I pu-ll-ed him close to me, in a strangling grip “ How can you be this selfish? I thought she is your friend, so because she rejected your proposal you allowed her to walk into the dark raining night.
Doesn’t her health and safety matters to you? Are you only after yourself? So course she said No to you then you no longer care about what’s happens to her
Is this the type of love you feel for her? Tell me! ”
I said the last two words screaming into his face.
He looked frightened
“ What are you doing Lee Chun? Let me go, what has gotten over you ”
He said in a shaky voice.
“ If that you weren’t my childhood friend I would have hit you on your face to the point no one would be able to recognize you, not even your own mom ” I said in a gro-an , before letting go of his shi-t.
He coughed, holding on to his n£¢k..
“ You are running mad, you going insane Lee ” He said ru-bbing on his n£¢k.
“ I will go look for Ji-a now and If you know what’s best for you better go on your knees praying that nothing bad has happened to her, unless I will make you pay ”
That was the last thing I said to him before leaving his house.
I entered into my car and drove out of his compound in search of Ji-a but I really don’t know where to start from in the big city of Seoul.
God plea-se help me find Ji-a
plea-se keep her save till I find her, plea-se!
🛍️ Mia’s POV 🛍️
We k!$$£d and [email protected]ç£each other’s b©dy from the dinner room up to the stairs until we got to his room.
We were feasting on each other’sl-ips so r0ûghly and hungrily, it felt like it was our very first time to make love and we were both too eager to see each other’s n-ked bodies for the first time.
Entering inside his room he closed the door shut and then pinned me to the door.
He took myl-ips while his hands went on a searching mission all over my b©dy.
Eventually one hand found it’s way to my left brea-st – squee-zing the life out of it from outside the light fabric of my dress.
And his other hand went all the way down in-between my things, f!ngering me r0ûghly this time with two f!ngers…
My God!
I couldn’t control myself.
I couldn’t concentrate, being k!$$£d, having my bøøbs squee-zed and pvzzy f!ngered at the same time was too much to handle
I felt my [email protected] pushing, as his f!ngerswent in and out my pvzzywalls in fast pace.
fv¢k! I was about to ¢v-m!
I don’t know if Smith knew this or not but he st©pped k!ss!ngme and bent down, levelling his head to my pvzzy, he sank his mouth into my v and started eating me up
Gosh! It was crazy sweet!
At one point I really didn’t know if I was about to ¢v-m or pee, I just knew I was about to re-lease some liquid…
My hands went holding the t©p of his head and my mouth was wi-de open with my head tilted backwards resting on the door.
“ Ahh….Ahh… ”
My [email protected] s [email protected]£ out soft and draggingly
Finally I cli-maxed and I felt my legs becoming wobbly and unsteady, it felt like I was about to fall.
The shaking on my legs was much because Smith was still busy eating me up, he was still busy feasting on my v – l!çk!ng my jui-ce completely clean.
His ton-gue where doing magic inside my hole and once again that S-xual urge returned back to me…
Standing up, he k!$$£d me r0ûghly ma-king me taste my own jui-ce in his mouth.. then he picked up and carried me to the be-d.
Lying me flat on the be-d, he pu-ll-ed off my dress, leaving me completely n-ked.
Then he un-buckled his belt, Zi-pped down – bringing out his mas-sive ha-rd cøck
Oh my!
I can’t wait for that rode to drill me ha-rd
And I didn’t have to wait long as he stationed himself in between my legs… Then he pushed his ha-rd member inside my sli-ppery hole.
“ Ahhhhh…. ”
He wasn’t gently, he was rou-gh and fast
Slamming and thrû-sting into me with much vigor…
😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋
I have been driving aimlessly throu-gh the streets of Seoul in search of Ji-a, I have no idea where she could be and I am getting really frustrated and scared.
The damn rain doesn’t want to st©p and it’s really blurring my vision.
How can I find Ji-a if I can’t even see the goddamn road!
Who am I deceiving? There is no way I can see her in this dark raining night, this whole exercise is pointless and futile…
But I can’t give up, she is out there somewhere, alone and probably freezing to death. I have to find her.
So I continued driving… As I was driving slowly, I [email protected]£ across what looks like some people pla-ying in the rain.
Two men and a lady.. wait, they weren’t pla-ying, it was more like a fight. The lady was struggling with the two men.
What’s going on here, are they trying to abduct her or what?
Hold on… That’s not a lady… That’s Ji-a!!!

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