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He [email protected]£d me Episode 11 & 12

(He [email protected]£d me )😔
Episode 11
♠️ Ethan ♠️
I dialed Mrs Daniel’s number and she picked up after 3 rings . I got it from a source
📲 well, hello mother inlaw
📲 Who is this?
📲 Ah! Have you forgotten this voice? It’s Ethan your son in-law
📲 Ethan? How did you get my number and why are you calling me?
📲 Chill mother inlaw… I just want you to cooperate with me on something
📲 Something? What? And I don’t think I’m your mother inlaw. You are not married to any of my daughters
📲 That’s what I wish to call you.
📲 Why did you call Ethan?
📲 Your daughters are here with me, how about I kill one
📲 da.. daughters? W..why ? d.. don’t do anything to them
📲 Aww, mother in law is pleading. Anyways, I won’t kill any only if you comply with me
📲 W..what d…did you want?
📲 Nothing much, you shouldn’t inform your husband about this . It’s between you and I
📲 Y..yes plea-se don’t t©uçh my daughters
📲 All I want is you in my mansion in 30minutes. Any extra minute added will put your daughters life astake .
I said and hung up…. I’m not that heartless to kill, I can only torture them. I just said that to bring her here, I mean no mother will know her children are in danger and just sit back
I know I have wronged Olivia too but I wasn’t in my right s-en-ses that moment. I was drun!kand I apologized after that, I even took the risk of marrying her and leaving my flir-ty bachelor life I was enjoying just to earn her forgiveness
She forgave me still, I just can’t st©p feeling guilty …
All I want is just to teach them how to be kind to people..
And hey, I’m very kind, just that I do get angry at any slightest thing …
I won’t do more than that because I know my good-hearted fiancee will never be happy with me if she finds out… And I just want her to have a family that loves her . My believe is that after all this, they will realize everything they’ve done to her and ask for her forgiveness then, they will become one happy family…
I know the pain of being hated by your own family who should be the one to Love you More than anyone in the world .
I know how it feels to be rejected and maltreated. Hell! I have a heart and I can feel she’s hurting inside without the love of her sisters and mother .
They means a lot in her life.
♨️ Olivia ♨️
Where the god in heaven did Ethan kept his phone? I have dialed his number numerously but he didn’t pick up ..
It might be that he’s in some kind of troubles….
I’m really getting worried..
” What are you doing there hunny ” Ethan’s mom called ..
This woman won’t kill me, I’m very certain I will develop a running stomach because of the junks I have taken in a day..
If it was to be that I was staying here, oh God! Heaven!
I will be pampered and showered with the love I never had from mother .
She made me feel the love of a mother, she even asked me to call her mum so I will not feel the abs£nce of my mother .
And my mum, what if she was here? Maybe I would have have siblings from her who might have loved me.
Sometimes I sit and cry so ha-rd seeing people with their siblings and pla-ying with them..
My case is different, I have this siblings but they hate me.
Maybe, just maybe they will love me one day ..
I didn’t realize I was crying till a tear sli-pped my eyes
” Why are you crying ? Are you hurt? Did I say something bad? ” She asked worriedly which made me smile ..
” Uhhmm, no mum I’m fine. Just Ethan, I have tried his number severally but he isn’t picking up ”
” He…”
” Did someone miss me ?”
Oh! I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Ethan entered looking so h0t .
” You made me so worried Ethan, I thought something happened to you ” I said and hvgged him..
Just some hours and I so much Miss hearing his voice .
” I’m sorry Angel, I was hooked up with some issues at the office ” he said and I narrowed my eyes at him
” Office? I thought it’s Saturday?”
” Oh yeah, I decided to complete my yesterday’s work ”
” Is that why you weren’t picking up your calls ?”
” I’m sorry Angel, my phone was on silent. I’m here now and fine ” he said and k!$$£d my [email protected] while I blu-shed..
” I’m still here Ethan and did Ethan just said sorry? Oh my! I nee-d to let Edmund know about this change. ” mum grimaced and we laughed …
This family has brou-ght nothing but peace in my life..
” The baby is fine and there’s nothing wrong with you Mrs Ethan ” the doctor said smiling at us.
I love the title, ‘ mrs Ethan ‘
” Thank you doctor ” Ethan said
” You are welcome sir but there’s one thing I wish to let you both know ” he said and stared at us while we nodded .
” Okay… ” I trailed off
” Well, since it’s your first baby. I will advice you to have constant S-x. It aids in inducing labour, it helps contract the pelvic muscles and open the cervix and again S-x makes the bladder area strong thereby helping the regulation of flow of urine. Lastly, it keeps you strong and equally grow the bond between you two ” he said and I was f0rç£d to batter my eyelashes..
Is he saying we should….
” Wait doctor, you mean we should have S-x ?” Ethan asked and glanced at me .
My face turned red in embarras-sment.. geez!
” Yes sir, it is very important for a woman to during pregnancy. She’s your wife to be right?” He asked and Ethan nodded
” So no cause for alarm, she’s all yours. And it’s for the betterment of you Mrs Ethan ” ..
My eyes met with Ethan’s and he sm-irked pla-yfully…
Goodness! Is it really important we have S-x? Oh God!
He was almost laughing at my condition right now, did he know what I’m thinking?
I looked away shyly and covered my face in my palm ..
(He [email protected]£d me )😔
Episode 12
♠️ Ethan ♠️
” Thanks doc ” I said smiling wi-dely . I can do anything to see the shy look on Olivia’s face right now.
” You welcome and don’t forget to come for check up once in 2weeks ”
” Yeah than you, let’s go angel ” I said and held her by the [email protected]!st standing up with her
” You heard the doctor right ?” I said sm-irking while she hit my arm shyly
” You don’t have to remind me Ethan “. I [email protected]£d gently brou-ght her closer to me and k!$$£d her cheeks.
” Ethan we are in public ” her face reddened as she looked around. Some pas-serby stared at us while some grimaced with the ladies s£dûç!ng me with their eyes. They should fv¢k off cause I’m with whom they can never be like
” I don’t care babes , I’m with you not anyone else and this is my hospital. They can stare as much as they want ”
Before she could object, I took herl-ips into mine.
Luckily, she k!$$£d me back..
The only thing we we’re hearing was the cl!çk!ng of the [email protected]£ra and the paparazzi videoing us ..
I’m a pop star so I won’t be surprised..
We broke from the k!ssand she hid her face on my shoulder avoiding everyone’s gaze.
We were crowded and no way out .
I had to call the guards to make way for us so they are on the way ..
Aww, my Olivia was alre-ady shivering. I totally forgot she’s not used to being in the crowd or a center of attention…
I held her ti-ght ma-king my way out of the crowd but was st©pped by the paparazzi
🎤 Who is she to you Mr Ethan?
🎤 Is she your girlfriend?
🎤 What did you have to say about your relationsh!pwith her?
🎤 Will she turn out to be your fiancee?
🎤 Or is she the new chick?
🎤 She looks pregnant, is it for you?
Ah! They kept asking questions while I just stared at them .
Normally I do get mad if I’m crowded this way but I can’t, not when I’m with Olivia.
I nee-d her to overcome her fears .
She’s too gullible and fragile
” I can’t answer all your bull$h!ts, all I have to say is that she’s my fiancee and we will be getting married soon. As for her being pregnant, my pri-vate life shouldn’t be public and any of your business. Now if you might excuse me ”
I rant trying to calm myself.. before the could ask another question, the guards were here and they began paving way for us ..
Ah! Thank goodness! I was almost suffocating .
I opened the car door for Olivia and she sat quietly. I could have let her known about this.. argh!
” I’m sorry about that angel, I should have informed you about this earlier ” I said apologetically … I hate seeing her this dull
” Uhmm it’s nothing, I un-derstand. I guess I have to get used to it ” she replied simply.
Yeah, that’s the only option. I know they will corner her more often now ..
I turned on the car radio and you wouldn’t believe it.
They were talking about us. How news can spre-ad fast
” The popular billionaire and billionaire son Mr Ethan Edmund was sp©tted this afternoon k!ss!nga lady which he said was his fiancee. We got from our trusted source about her name Olivia Daniels and the latest news spre-ading is about her being pregnant. Some said she looks pregnant with a cute little protruding belly. That’s all for now, we will keep you [email protected]£d on this very news ”
The news caster said and I sighed. Don’t they have better things to do than to be intruding in people’s life and ma-king it public ? . I glanced at Olivia and she wasn’t looking bothered much about it . Thank God!
I changed it to another station and it was still about us .. geez!
” Our news is authentic and we are very certain that miss Olivia Daniels who happened to be the billionaire’s fiancee is pregnant. People tend her to be lucky because everyone wants a man like Mr Ethan ….”
I hissed and changed it again sighing loudly..
Almost all the station was Mr Ethan this and that which f0rç£d me to off the radio. It’s tiring gosh! How do they get to know her name just now? Goodness!
” I didn’t know this was coming Olivia I’m really sorry for the embarras-sment ” I apologized
” I un-derstand, you don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault okay ” she replied and smiled at me but I know she’s scared inside of her …
Isn’t she so unique?
Some ladies out there will kill to be sp©tted like this with me but she? She doesn’t like attention….. So innocent. Sometimes I wonder if her type still exists in this world, even if they are, they’d be rare
” Thanks babes ” I said and hvgged her … I’m so happy I got her first even if it wasn’t in the best way. I will still be sorry for doing that to her …
As bad I can be, I will never take advantage of a lady because I have thorns of them throwing themselves cheaply at me …
But that very night, I didn’t know what [email protected]£ over me.
Although I blame everything on the alcohol I took so much .
And maybe God brou-ght us together that way for a reason. I mean if I never [email protected]£d her, she will wouldn’t have been sitting next to me .
Seriously, if I think about it, I do be happy that happened …

” Welcome to my world Mrs Daniels ” I said to her .
I don’t know why but my anger is subsiding .
She was all wounded and tied up together with her children.
I believe Jack did a great job by torturing her the way I wish ..
I feel so satisfied.
” E.. Ethan, plea-se let us go. We’ve learnt our lessons, I regret ever treating Olivia the way I did and convincing my children that she was evil. I was only blinded by hatred, by the fact she’s not my daughter and that she will make their father hate my children if she’s loved. I’m really sorry” she said pathetically while Sophia and Emily glared at her ..
” You shouldn’t be apologizing to me Mrs Daniels, I’m not Olivia ”
” I believe you know how it feels to be in bondage, with the time I have spent with her so far. I know she’s a cool person to leave with and your stupid reasons aren’t enough for what you all did to her ”
They were bruised and that’s exactly what I wanted ….
” I promise to ask for her forgiveness and become the mother she never had. I will treat her with love from now on. I feel her pains, I have felt what I have been doing to her isn’t all good plea-se. ” She said sincerely .
Well I’m not Olivia, and I’m very sure she will forgive them immediately.
Even after everything, she doesn’t hate them . What a heart !
” We loved her and we still do Ethan, this woman caused everything. I will never forgive you mum ” Emily said tearfully while Sophie stayed quiet….
They looked all sincere and their apologies feel genuine…
It’s not bad giving some one a last chance right?
Let me see what they will do with it ….

♨️ Olivia ♨️
” You can’t prepare any meal Ethan, you will end up burning the house ” I said laughing .
” Wait and see angel, I will surprise you. ” He said placing the pot on the [email protected] .
” Okay, what did you want to prepare?” I asked
” Sliced cheese ” he replied boldly. I’m sure he doesn’t know how to make it ..
” Okay I will help you ” I volunteered
” Don’t worry babes, I can do it. Just sit and watch me” he said running around to get things ..
He took a plate with knife and onions. Geez! Is it the first step in ma-king cheese? What’s an onion doing there in the first place?
I covered my mouth trying ha-rd not to laugh ..
I nee-d to watch this …
He pilled the back and trash it before he began slicing it …
He gro-an ed and sighed not knowing where to hold and he ended up cutting his hand …
I bur-st out laughing while he winced
” Ouch ! Is Mr chef hurt? ” I tea-sed holding his bleeding arm
” It’s just a little cut ”
” I told you you can’t do anything. Don’t tell me my hubby to be is spoilt ”
” Of course not or did you want me to prove it?” He asked huskily and I chuckled.
I wra-pped his hand with a tissue to st©p the bleeding
” You alre-ady prove you can’t do anything Mr Ethan ”
” But I can do this ” he said and held my [email protected]!st turning me to himself.
He pinned me on the kitchen counter tracing his hands on my b©dy ..
” What of now ” he said and k!$$£d my ear-lobe .
I couldn’t help but let out a [email protected]
” E.. Ethan ”
” Yes angel, don’t you think it’s time?” He whispered into my ear which made me shiver
” T..time f..for w.. what?” I asked nervously
” To do what the doctor said ” he replied huskily …
Myl-ips went dry immediately … My legs got jelly.
My b©dy was becoming sweaty from his statement..
Did he really want to……

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