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He is my mate Episode 8

💯❤💉 #HE_IS_MY_MATE 💉❤💯
As Produced by Rachel Romo
THEME: Biased
“Don’t try me, Sapphire. The moment I snap my f!ngers, you’re going to regret everything you’ve said,” I gulped at his words. His eyes displa-yed pure horror and his knuckles were clenched. Like a ticking clock, he was about to explode. I knew one wrong move, I’ll be lying on the ground, dead.
I took a de-ep breath as I help my chin up, high. I’m not going to lose to him. Not now that I am an inch close to escaping from this place.
‘You mean, escaping from him,’ my wolf countered, scowling at me. I mentally sighed. She was right. No matter how many times I try to turn the tables, at the end of the day, it was him I was afraid of. Not this place, not my brother but my own mate.
“Then just kill me! You’re the Wolf as-sas-sin, right? You hate— no— despise, [email protected] and your mate happens to be one. And she’s a weakling too. Now, kill me,” my voice was starting trembling as I spoke but I tried my best to compose myself, “I’d rather be dead than be with someone who can’t even bear to be in the same room with me,” I trailed off, harshly wiping the tears that was streaming down my cheeks.
Why do I have to be such a crybaby?
He looked at me with hate in his eyes, his veins were looking like it was about to explode, and his nails were re-ady claw me. I gulped several times, not breaking my stare with him.
‘I’m sorry,’ I called out to my wolf. She just stared at me with sympathy and un-derstanding before giving me a nod. It pained me with the thought that my wolf couldn’t get the ‘happy ever after’ she wanted because of me. I hated myself that she had to be stuck with me, someone who wasn’t worth loving. My wolf deserves all the happiness in the world, even if that happiness has nothing to do with me.
‘Hush, Sapphire. I am happy. I have you,’ she wagged her tail around and more tears fell from my eyes. With everyone who left me, my wolf was the only one who stayed with me.
I heard Adrian’s loud growl which snapped me out of my reverie. He plunged towards me, pushing me back to a ha-rd wall. I whimpered painfully, I even heard a few cracks which I am certain due to his ha-rd push. He raised his right hand re-ady to claw me when suddenly, someone pushed me aside, avoiding Adrian’s hit.
I heard [email protected] around the room. I looked up and saw Skyler standing on my place with a hvge claw mark on his left che-st. The white shi-t he was wearing shred as numerous amount of blood pooled it. My eyes rounded and I quic-kly ran towards my brother who was still standing in the same position, his eyes scowling at Adrian who looked taken aback. He looked like he wasn’t hurt at all.
“You’re fully aware what will happen to you if you kill her, Adrian. Your wolf will die and you’ll soon follow,” I [email protected] at what he did next, he gr-ab the collar of Adrian’s shi-t and leveled his face with his, “[email protected] f!nger on my sister again and I swear to the Moon Goddess that I will kill you with my own ba-re hands. I don’t give a damn even if we’re best friends,” he said throu-gh gritted teeth as he pushed Adrian away.
It was then, Sky winced in pain as he held the wound on his che-st.
“Sky, are you okay?” my voice was filled with worry as I held his face in my hands. He didn’t respond but instead, let out a painful gro-an . The wound wouldn’t st©p bleeding and it alarmed me even more. “Let’s get you to the clinic,” I whispered as I placed his right arm over my shoulder while I held his back to support his weight with my left arm.
I handed him over to one of the men who was kind enough to offer his help. He must’ve noticed that I was struggling to carry Sky. I asked him to take my brother to the clinic which we obliged immediately. When I was sure, my brother was well-taken care of, I turned to my best friend who was still lying unconscious on the floor.
“Damn it! I don’t ever want to see your f ucking face again!” Adrian growled as he pointed an accusing f!nger at me. He was still furious. His claws and fangs were nowhere in sight but his eyes was still clouded with anger. I shook my head.
“Don’t worry about that because I’m leaving with everyone else and you’re never ever going to see us again,” I replied coldly as I helped my friend up. As what I did earlier, I placed her arm over my shoulder and held her [email protected]!st to support her. We started walking towards the door when I suddenly paused and turned to face him.
“You really are the monster that I thought you were,” and with that, I left him.
I brou-ght Rachel to my room. It took a lot of time and strength to do so. The stares and glares I got as I carried her up weren’t helping either. I la-id her in be-d and tuck her in the sheets. I wiped her face with warm water using a towel to freshen her up a bit. She looks so helpless.
I sighed as I placed the towel at the bathroom sink. I stared at myself in the mirror, my eyes were red and my nose was puffy from all the crying. I was a disaster. I bit myl-ip, trying not to cry again.
Do I really want to leave and forget him forever?
I shook my head. Why was I having second thoughts? I’m going to leave and that’s final. He was too much to handle. All the hurtful words he said to me. All the things he did to me. And if Sky wasn’t there earlier to save me, that would’ve been the end of me.
And then, it was too ha-rd for me to breathe.
I opened the window of the bathroom but it wasn’t enough. I nee-ded space. I nee-ded air to breathe! Tears [email protected]£ out from my eyes as I ran out of the pack house. I tried to level my breathing but no, it was as if my airti-ght was closed. My b©dy couldn’t take it anymore so I had to shift to my wolf.
We finally made it outside and the clean air greeted us. It was now easier to breathe and it paced back to normal. Yet, we continued running and running as if we were being chased. We found ourselves back at the waterfalls where me and Sky met once again. We walked towards the lake and drank from it, tired from all the running. We rested on t©p of a rock and sorted out everything that happened today.
And suddenly, we heard a twig break. Our heads snapped towards the direction of the noise. We immediately got into an attacking position, carefully feeling the surroundings. And out of nowhere, a midnight black wolf jumped from the bush and in front of us. My wolf growled at the stranger before tackling him to the ground. I was expecting her to claw him or something but instead, she li-cked his face pla-yfully. I [email protected]
They looked so in love. I wonder when it will be our turn to be in love. I shook off the thoughts. We will never be.
I stared at them at the back of her mind. They cu-mddled and pla-yed together. They looked like they have their own world where no one else mattered but the two of them, with no problems, no hate, just their existing love. My wolf nudged his n£¢k, cudd-ling to him and he li-cked her snout in response.
The scene pained me. I can’t bear this. I f0rç£fully shifted back to my human form. My wolf growled angrily at me for doing and tried to take control but I shut her off. I mentally face-palmed when I realized that I had torn my clothes earlier when I shifted and now, I’m bu-tt n-ked in front of my mate who was still in his wolf form, staring at me.
Good thing it was my back that was facing him so he only had to see my bu-tt. I walked towards the lake and directly dived into the clear waters.
Something I can boast about myself is that I am a pretty good swimmer. I had the highest grade on swimming clas-s from fifth grade up until ninth grade and I had won first place at a swimming competition back when I was in seventh grade. It only st©pped when I was in tenth grade when a new boy from Hawaii arrived and well, took my place. I wasn’t holding a grudge on him or anything because he was a pretty nice guy and a really good swimmer. Turns out, he was also a surfer.
I swam dee-per to the lake, looking at the view around me. The water was crystal clear so everything was apparent and visible to the eye. It wasn’t that de-ep, about 10 feet, I guess. Pebbles sat at the be-d of the lake and sea weeds scattered around the area. There were small fishes swimming around but I doubt there were snakes here.
After a few more swims, I decided to retreat back to shore. And just as I was about to reach the surface to catch some air, something [email protected]£d my ankle and pu-ll-ed me back down. I take back what I said a few moments ago, snakes exist in this lake!
It happened so fast that I couldn’t catch my breath. Water started filling my lungs and I tried to kick off what was entangled on my angle, which thankfully, loos£ned its grip. And in that moment, Adrian appeared in front of me, n-ked. He cu-mpped my face in his hand and stared at eyes, his emerald orbs boring to my hazelnut ones.
It took me a lot of self-control to not look further down his well-built six pack abs. I stared back at him and his eyes were telling me something I couldn’t trace. And in a blink of an eye, he leaned his face towards me and claimed myl-ips, giving me air. I, unmindfully closed my eyes at the contact and cu-mpped his face in my hands. I felt his hand encircle around my [email protected]!st as he de-epened our k!sseven more. This moment was beyond perfection.
And then, it hit me. This isn’t right.
I pu-ll-ed away from the k!ssand pushed him from me. He gave me a confused as if asking me what was wrong and all I could do was shook my head, telling him that this is wrong. I started swimming back to the surface, which thankfully, no one pu-ll-ed me back down.
I caught my breath as soon as my head reached the surface. I couldn’t count how long we were un-derneath. I reached the ground and sat on one of the rocks, still catching my breath. That man is really trying to kill me. This is alre-ady his third attempt! He deserves an—- Wait, where is he?
“Adrian?” I called but no one answered. I looked around, trying to find a n-ked man with jet black hair and emerald eyes but I found none. He didn’t possibly drown did he? My eyes rounded in horror. He transferred his share of air to me! Oh my gosh!
As Produced By Rachel Romo
I quic-kly dived back into the lack and saw him lying on the be-d of pebbles, unconscious. I swam to him and [email protected]£d his arm, bringing him back to shore. The flow of the water helped me which less£ned his actual weight. I la-id him on the ground and started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him. Good thing I paid attention to Health Clas-s.
“Wake up, you idiot!” I continued pumping his che-st but he didn’t even budge. It was scaring me. He can’t die! A lot of people depends on him! His pack nee-ds an Alpha. Sky nee-ds his best friend. And I nee-d him… for my wolf’s sake. He just can’t leave this world because he ran out of breath and drowned in the lake.
“Adrian, st©p ma-king jokes and wake up!” I was getting more anxious at every second and I didn’t have any other choice left so I leaned to his face and gave him a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Yet, his eyes were still. I leaned in again and gave him another resuscitation. Still, no response. I gave him another one, a bit longer, hoping he would wake up this time.
I was surprised when a hand held the back of my head, keeping me in place. I opened my eyes and saw Adrian alre-ady wi-de awake and enjoying! I was about to pu-ll away from the k!ss, I mean, the resuscitation when he held both sides of my [email protected]!st and k!$$£d me aggressively. I squirmed from his hold but it did nothing. Argh. This mischievous son of a gun.
Hisl-ips started moving against mine and it didn’t take long for me to lose control and respond to his k!sses. Hisl-ips were sweet and it was very add!çting. I felt him ni-bble my lowerl-ip, asking me to open my mouth and I did. He slid his ton-gue inside, expertly, exploring every corner of my mouth.
He manageably sat up, without breaking our k!ss. My arms automatically wra-pped around his broad shoulders as he de-epened our k!sseven more. A [email protected] escaped from my mouth when his hand cu-mpped my brea-st. I completely forgot that we were both fully n-ked and here we are, ma-king out beside the falls. I don’t know if that counts in the ro-mantic list.
My hands started pla-ying with the back of his hair and I felt him [email protected] between our k!sses. He started trailing his way to my jawline down to my n£¢k, giving me small bu-tterfly k!sses. I tilted my head to the side giving him more access to my n£¢k as he su-cked on it.
It only hit me when I felt his ha-rd member poking my stomach. F uck. I immediately pushed him away from me and got off of him. I was certain my face displa-yed shock all over. I know we were only down to the second base but if I haven’t st©pped him, we would’ve gone to third base or even end up a home run!
“What’s the problem?” he asked, gently as he reached up his hand to t©uçh my face but I quic-kly [email protected] it away. His brows knitted in confusion as if he doesn’t know what the problem about this whole situation is.
” ‘What’s the problem?’ ” I scoffed as I repeated his question, “This is the problem, Adrian! You were practically yelling at my face to leave this bloody pack earlier and now, you’re k!ss!ngme? So what is this, we threaten each other’s lives and then what, k!ssand make up?” I snapped as I glared at him.
“Now, don’t put all the blame on me. You k!$$£d me back, Sapphire! Keep in mind that it takes two to tango. Don’t make it sound like this is all my fault! I didn’t choose you to be my damn mate. Heck, if I had the freedom to choose whoever my mate would be, you wouldn’t be in my list of options,” his voice was dripping with anger as he spoke those words. His words were like venom and I was slowly dying hearing them.
My heart felt like it was stabbe-d fifty times. It felt like my heart was squee-zed so ti-ght, the blood couldn’t run anymore. And I felt like I was drowning in the same way as he did, breathless. Stupid, Sapphire. What made you think that there was a thin strand of hope that he’d actually care for you? You’re way out of his league. You’re just a simple and plain girl, in short, a boring person. Why would he want to be with someone like you?
“I’m leaving,” was all I said when I couldn’t take the pain any longer. I was so close to tears and I didn’t want him to see me crying, he’d think I’m weak. I’ve had enough of his hurtful words. It felt like one more hurtful word from him, I’d completely break down. I turned my back on him and started walking back to the pack house. My knees were starting to get weak, it felt like I’d reach back at the pack house for years.
“Sapphire,” he called but I didn’t look back or even answered. Don’t turn your head, Sapphire. It took me a lot of self-control to not to and I successfully did. I suddenly froze when I felt a clothing being wra-pped around me. And what alarmed me more was when I felt his strong arms around me and his warm minty breath fanning my nape.
“At least wear this when you go back to the house,” his voice s£nt shivers throu-gh every [email protected] of my entire being and I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad one. I held the blue bu-tton down he handed me, closer. It was only then I realized that I was n-ked and I was recklessly walking back to the house.
“T-thanks,” was all I could say before shrugging his arms off of me and hurriedly put on the clothes he gave me. Good thing it st©pped at my mid-th!ghs or else, people would’ve seen something that shouldn’t be seen. I started ma-king my way back to the house and this time, no more st©pping.
He may have handed me his clothes to save myself from embarras-sment but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to leave.
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