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He is my mate Episode 16

💯❤💉 #HE_IS_MY_MATE 💉❤💯
As Produced by Rachel Romo
THEME: Mate Of An Alpha
I woke up with the sun light beaming throu-gh my face. I slowly sat up and stretched my b©dy.
I can hear some of my joints move due to no exercise. Geez, I should take a run sometimes.
Ahhhh~ that feels so good.
My b©dy feels so relaxed but damn my head hurts like hell! It freaking hurts like someone hit my head with a bowling bowl.
I looked at my surroundings and saw white all around. Am I dead?! How the hell did I die?! Is it because of consti-pation? No, that would be absurd. Headache? No, that would be way more absurd. Oh my gosh! Maybe because of a Heartbreak!
” Sapphire! ” the door bust open, revea-ling a worried Sky and Kayla rushing towards me.
Sky directly squee-zed me in his bear hvg but at this moment, it felt more like a, ‘Worried Brother hvg’. Get it?
” I’m so glad you’re okay, I was really worried about you! ” Kayla said as she pla-yfully [email protected] my arm.
” She just woke up, Kay and you’re alre-ady abusing her ” Alice [email protected]£ in with a tray of food in her hand. The aroma of newly cooked eggs and bacons hit my nostrils ma-king me growl in hunger.
” How are you? Are you okay? Do you want to rest or eat first? ” Sky bombarded me with non-st©p questions.
Eh? What is wrong with these people? I’m not sick, am I?
” I’m fine. Geez, you people are the one’s who are not fine. Can someone plea-se tell me where am I and what the freaking hell happened? ” I asked as my brows furrowed together. I’m so confused.
” You mean, you don’t remember? ” Kayla asked in disbelief. My brows furrowed more. Did I miss something?
” Remember what? ” I asked in confusion. They looked at each other, hesitating to tell me. Alice placed the tray on the be-dtable before speaking.
” Sapphire, the thing is— ”
” Alice ” a very familiar voice said st©pping Alice telling me what happened.
Really? No one will tell me the truth? Tsk.
” Alpha, ” they all bowed slightly at him as he slowly walked towards me with an unre-adable expression on his face.
” Leave us, ” he commanded and the three of them left. Sky mouthed me an ‘I love you’ and left before I could reply.
” Did you sleep well? ” he asked as he sat down on a stool beside my be-d. He looked so handsome with the black muscle tee and blue faded jeans although he looks handsome in everything he wears without even trying.
” Adrian, ” I called him and he directly snapped his head at me, his dark grey eyes bore into my hazelnut ones.
” What happened? ” I asked him, eager to know. He took in a de-ep breath and for a moment I thought he was going to tell me but no, he didn’t.
” Eat your breakfast first, ” he said as he took the plate of eggs and bacon. I slightly rolled my eyes. If no one’s going to tell me, fine.
” Open your mouth, love ” he said, no, he demanded and just like a pup, I opened my mouth and he fed me a spoonful of bacon.
” Ow! ” I exclaimed and spit out everything he fed. It was freaking h0t! I think my ton-gue just got burned. Owwww~
” Sht! I’m so sorry, damn! Here drink this… ” he said as he let me drink a glas-s of water. He held the glas-s while I drank, you could picture us a mother feeding her child.
” I’m really sorry, love. I didn’t know…” he said as he k!$$£d my forehead. I whispered an, ‘It’s okay’ but he still felt sorry. To wipe his guilt away, I gave him a k!sson thel-ips. Gosh, how I missed his softl-ips on mine.
He was aghast at my sudden action so I was about to pu-ll away when he held my nape and de-epen our k!ss. He li-cked my bo-ttoml!pasking for entrance and I gladly let him. My arms encircled around his n£¢k wanting more.
He went on t©p of me while I la-id back on the be-d, not breaking our k!ss. I can feel the longing and de-sire every k!sshe gave me and that made me want more.
When I ran out of breath, I pu-ll-ed away but he didn’t st©p. He started k!ss!nghis way to my jaw down to my n£¢k, leaving hic-keys along the way. My hands pla-yed with his hair while his hands was busy drawing circles on my [email protected]!st.
” Adrian, ” I [email protected] ed when he hit my soft sp©t. My mind wants to st©p but my b©dy won’t just cooperate with me. My wolf was not helping at all, she wanted more! She wanted to mate!
” A-Adrian S-St©p, ” I managed to say when he was about to lift my shi-t up. But he didn’t listen, when I didn’t let him take of my shi-t, he rip it into half leaving me with my black lacy [email protected] Flaming de-sire in his eyes as he looked at my b©dy with lvst.
Oh, no. This is so wrong.
” Adrian! ” I exclaimed and he snapped his head at me and I pushed him away ma-king him fall to the floor.
” Sorry! ” I exclaimed as I went down from be-d and offered a hand for him to take. He held my hand and I was about to pu-ll him up but instead he ulled me towards him ma-king me fall. He exchanged our position and now he’s on t©p of me while I’m un-der him.
He held both of my hands in one hand and put it above my head. He gave me a sm-irk before k!ss!ngme… On the forehead.
” C’mon, love ” he said and helped me up. I [email protected] frustration. Damn, you Adrian Clark! He took of his shi-t and hand it to me.
” Put that on, I don’t want anyb©dy seeing you in that state rather than me ” he said. I blush at his words and directly put it on.
” Adrian, tell me. What really happened? ” I asked for the last time. He looked at me and held my hand.
” Dr. Marshall said you fainted due to over-fatigue but don’t worry he gave you sh0ts alre-ady to ease the pain ” he said and hvgged me, my face buried in his che-st.
So, that’s it? Over-fatigue? But why did Sky, Kyla and Alice looked like it was ha-rd to tell?
” Let’s go, love ” he said and opened the door. My brow furrowed in confusion.
” To where? ” I asked.
” You’ll see ” and he drag me to who knows where.
Hall Of Supernatural Stories
I’m planning to take her to the one place that I never wanted to go. To the place where I saw my pack suffer and face death with me not being able to do anything. To the place where I once called home.
I know, someday she’s going to ask me who I am really and what happened in my life. And throu-gh this, I want her to know everything from my terrible past up to how I [email protected]£ one of the most feared Alpha in the Lycan world.
” Where are we going ? ” she asked for the nth time as she looked around the surroundings.
” You’ll know. Just wait, ” I said as I held her hand that was on her [email protected] while my other hand is on the steering wheel. I looked at her for a brief moment and k!$$£d the back of her hand before turning my gaze back to the road.
I don’t know but I think I’m starting to fall for her. No matter how much walls I create, she always breaks it without even trying.
‘Took you long enough to realize, idiot’
My wolf said in a sarcastic tone. I hushed him and focused on driving. My wolf was right, it took me a lot of time before realizing how much she means to me. But I know, I haven’t fully accepted her, well, [email protected]
After 4 hours of driving, we finally arrived at the place I call hell. Painful memories [email protected]£ rushing throu-gh my head and I tried pushing it back. I know I have to leave my past and bury it for good, and coming here is the only way.
” Love, wake up. We’re alre-ady here, ” I said as I held her face. She fell asleep during the ride so it was kind of quiet driving towards here.
” Are we here? ” she asked in a sleepy tone ma-king her voice so fcking S-xy. Sht! This is not the right time to have a boner, Adrian
” Yeah, ” I said and went out of the car. I walked to the other side of the car and opened the door for her. She muttered a thanks and held my hand that I offered. We walked towards the old abandoned building while holding hands.
The closer we get, the more nervous I [email protected]£. I can hear the loud thuds of my heartbeat and I can feel the sweats forming on my forehead.
” Adrian? Are you okay ? ” I heard her ask but I didn’t look at her. Instead, I just held her hand ti-ghter as-suring her that I’m fine.
The front door was busted so it wasn’t a has-sle to get in. The building was completely dark but we, wolves have a built in night-vision so it was apparent but not that really clear.
” Adrian, w-where are we? ” I can s-en-se the anxiety in her voice. I k!$$£d her hand like telling her that it’s alright. I hope so…
I brou-ght her to the second floor of my former pack house. As we stepped on the wooden stairs, you can hear the wood creak due to oldness. I remembered, I used to [email protected] my toy cars here and mom would tell me to get out of the way.
Mom …
” Adrian! Run! Go! Get out of here! ” mom kept shouting as I saw her lying on the floor, clutching her stomach. The pack house was on fire and everyone in the pack house was alre-ady dead.
My tears was flowing endlessly as I stare at my father who was alre-ady lying dead beside mom.
” Mom, ” I sobbe-d as I was about to run to her but two masculine arms [email protected]£d me.
” Adrian !!!” I can hear my mom shout and ran towards me but she suddenly st©pped as blood gushed out from her mouth.
” Mom !!!” I shouted as I saw her drop on the floor with a man holding a wolf’s bane behind her.
He had a dragon tattoo in his arm and that was one thing I wouldn’t forget.
” Adrian! Hey, are you okay ? ” I heard Sapphire call as she held both ends of my shoulder.
” Yeah, I’m fine ”
As Produced By Rachel Romo
Sapphire’s POV
” Soooo.. mind telling us what were you two doing there? Alone? ” Kayla and Alice invited me to a nearby bar and they’ve been interrogating me about me and Adrian’s whereabouts ever since we arrived at the place.
” I told you guys, nothing happened! We just… talked. That’s it ” I said truthfully as I sip on my Piña Colada. Nothing really happened right? I mean we just checked the place out, talked and showed some of our different sides.
” Oooh… Do you mean, dirty talking? ” Alice cooed as she and Kayla high-fived each other.
” Whatever you guys. ” I said as I continued drinking. Alice and Kayla was busy chatting about how h0t David Beckham is, and I sure do agree. Even if he’s got a family alre-ady, he’s still smoking h0t!
” Hey, I’m just gonna go the restroom ” Alice excused herself and made her way to the crowd.
” So..How are you doing with your mate? ” I asked Kayla. She looked at me first before staring down at her drink. I wonder what’s wrong. Are they having a fight?
I just shrug and sip on my drink. Maybe she doesn’t want to talk about it.
” Saph, have you ever been into a situation where you just want to [email protected] your mate’s face freaking ha-rd ? ” She asked out of the blue.
I let out a small chuckle before answering. ” All the time ” I replied with a wi-nk.
” Well… The thing is, me and Lloyd got into a hvge argument. His mom [email protected]£ a few days ago and she’s literally being a bit-ch to me! Like she said I don’t deserve his son and such. I told Llyod we should let her move out but he said I nee-d to be more open and un-derstanding to her… ” she paused for a moment as her eyes started to brim with tears. I pat her back telling her that it’s okay.
” I-I got furious at him! How dare he tells me to be more un-derstanding to her! I’ve been open and friendly to her since day 1 a-and she won’t even take a single glance at me! What more could I do? I can’t just suffocate her mother like I’ve been wanting to ” she said as she cried on my shoulder. I ru-b her shoulders and telling her that it’s okay and that everything’s going to fall in place.
” You could talk to the Alpha about it.. Maybe he can do something to help ” I suggested once she was starting to calm.
” You think so? ” She asked as she looked at me with red puffy eyes and smudged eyeliner. I nodded. I’m sure Adrian can do something about it, I know Adrian wants the best for his pack and he’d do everything for them.
” Wait, what’s taking Alice so long? ” I asked as I looked around. It’s been like 10 minutes since she left and she hasn’t comeback yet.
Suddenly, we heard a loud scream from the bathroom. Though the loud booming speakers was all around the place, the scream was heard all over. Me and Kayla looked at each other and thought the same thing.
We directly ran towards the bathroom and damn! The door’s locked! I’m struggling to open the door but ugh!
” Move away ” Kayla said as she stepped back. I do as I was told and in just a swift she bust the door open.
We directly went inside and saw Alice being pinned on the wall by some h0t [email protected] guy. And what shock us the most was he was b!tt!g her n£¢k!
” Mine ” we heard him growl.
That only means one thing… she just found her mate.
Adrian’s POV
” Where is she? ” I asked as soon as I arrived at the dungeon.
” She’s at the interrogating room ” Sky said as he followed behind me. I went to the room and saw her sitting on the steel chair with handcuffs on.
She looked at me with confusion and was about to run to me when one of my men held her shoulder down.
” Get your fu-cking hands off me, you j£rk! ” She screamed as she shrug his hand away.
” Alpha, what am I doing here? Help me, I didn’t do anything wrong! ” She yelled as she looked at me with pleading eyes. Psh. That won’t work on me.
” Explain this, Wendy ” I said as I placed the bottle of s£ntiment toxin on the table. She was shocked but quic-kly tensed up. I got my men to do some work and found out Wendy was the one behind everything. Those Varsity Guys admitted that Wendy would have se-x with them if they would do anything she says. This b!tch!
” W-what’s that? I-I don’t know w-what the hell is that ” she said as I saw fear in her eyes. Tsk. Talk about denial tactics.
” St©p the drama, Wendy. Tell me, how did you find out about this? ” I asked calmly. My wolf was raging to rip her head off but I tried taking control.
” I-I don’t know Alpha! ” She pleaded as tears fall from her eyes. Psh.
” Answer me while I’m asking you nicely ” I said as my eyes started to turn black and my wolf raging in me.
” A-Alpha! I swear.. I d-don’t know! ” She said as she knelt down in front of me. I don’t fcking care she’s a girl.
Anyone who messes with my mate has to deal with me.
” I’m going to ask you one last time. How did you find out about the s£ntiment? ” I asked her calmly. She looked at me while tears continued streaming down her face.
” I don’t know ” She whispered and the next thing I knew, I was pinning her on the wall with my hands around her n£¢k, strangling her.
” Tell me! ” I shouted as my grip on her ti-ght£ñed even more.
” Adrian.. that’s enough ” Sky [email protected]£ in and held my shoulder but as if I couldn’t hear him, I continued straggling her.
” Adrian! If we kill her we won’t be able to find out who gave her the toxins ” Sky said and my grip loos£ned at his words.
” Tch! Deal with her, I’m out of here ” I said as I glance at her who’s on her knees, holding her n£¢k while coughing.
I walked out of the room and into the pack house where I saw a small crowd in the living room. My brows furrowed at the sight. What’s happening?
I walked over to the crowd and tried to take a look but I just couldn’t see properly.
” What’s going on? ” I asked as I put both of my hands in my pocket. Everyone st©pped and looked at me. They bowed their heads and greeted me which I just neglected. They stepped back so I could see what was happening and I saw Alice lying in the sofa, unconscious with a bite mark on her n£¢k.
” Who did this? ” I asked as I held the mark.
” I did ” a tall, built-man with jet black hair [email protected]£ out of nowhere and swept the small hair that was covering Alice’s face.
” And you are? ” I asked as I raised my eyebrows. Who the hell is he? Tsk.
” Alpha Jax. From Lux Pack ” he said as he held out a hand for a handshake.
I just stared at his hand and looked at Alice. What could possibly be his relation to her?
” What are you doing here? ” I asked as I glared at him. He just sm-irked and ignored my question and instead placed a k!sson Alice’s forehead. Everyone [email protected] and kept on telling how sweet they are and bla bla.
” Don’t ignore my questions you bastard! Who the hell– ”
” Adrian, that’s enough. ” Sapphire held my arm and it automatically calmed me. I looked at her and her hazelnut eyes stared back at mine.
” He’s her mate ”

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