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He is my mate Episode 1 & 2

💯❤💉 #HE_IS_MY_MATE 💉❤💯
As Produced by Rachel Romo
THEME: Emergency Emergency 🆘
Have you ever had that feeling that you literally want to break all the damn alarm clocks that has been invented just so you could go back to sleep? I am literally itching to throw this stupid annoying little box across my room but I can’t, it would cost me another 5 dollars to buy my 6th alarm clock this year! Despite the urge to break it again, nevertheless, I smashed it down and covered my face with a pillow and went back to sleep. Finally! Just when I was about to set off to dreamland, my door suddenly flung open.
“Sapphire Kirsten, get your as-s up and prepare for school! ” Ugh. Sometimes I actually wonder if my best friend is my mom. I mean come on, she speaks and acts like one! She practically yells at me if I throw my laundry everywhere, she cooks for me (cooking is never in my field of expertise, I’m more at the eating side), and she tells me to study ha-rd for the betterment of my future and all those things mothers usually says! It’s like a mother tra-pped inside an 18-year old b©dy.
“Geez. Rachel it’s like freakin’ 6 in the morning. I nee-d to sleep, more ” I whined as buried my face on the pillow even more but not the extent that I’m suffocating myself. I’d be dead by now.
“Hey!” I whined when she suddenly took the pillow away from me and used it to hit me on my bu-tt. Argh.
“Well, let me remind you that it’s alre-ady 7:00. You literally have like 30 minutes to get re-ady before school starts. Now, to the bathroom you go,” she said and pu-ll-ed me up before pushing me towards the bathroom. I sighed in defeat. I’m left with no choice then. This is our usual morning routine, she wakes me up while I prepare myself to school like a zombie.
I should be [email protected] and going to night clubs and all but never in my 17 years of existence in this world, I’ve experienced that. Why? Simple, because I’m obliged to follow the rules and agreements in our Pack. Just like in the human world, I can only get imprisoned, get married and earn my driver’s license until I am 17. And I still nee-d to wait for freaking 6 months until I get to be liberated. Sad life for me.
I got out from the shower and sli-pped on a printed tee and paired it with some skinny jeans. I wore my favorite chucks and turned my hair into a messy bun and finished off with my favorite perfume— Bvlgari. Irritation filled me knowing that it’s alre-ady empty, so I ended up using the For her Ferrari perfume. I didn’t feel putting on b©dy spray today and decided to put on perfume rather. Oh, well…
“Sapphire!” Rachel roared from downstairs. I immediately gr-ab my bag when my eyes caught the picture frame that was on t©p of my study table. It was a picture of me and my brother, 11 years ago. I was 6 years old at that time and we were at the pla-yground, I was sitting at the t©p of the slide with him back hvgging me. If I remembered it correctly, this was the time where I got my bruise on my left knee.
When my parents died a year after (I was then 7), my brother left 4 months after their death. I still remember the pain I felt when I woke up one morning and he was nowhere to be found. I waited for him for hours, days, weeks, months, years but he didn’t [email protected]£ back. I felt alone, abandoned and forsaken. I gr-ab the sticky note that was placed at the border of the picture frame and re-ad it for the gazillion times in 10 years.
‘ I’ll be back for you —Sky ‘
I made a tsk-ed sound before I sl!pit in between the pages of my notebook and jogged downstairs and made my way to kitchen. I’ve had enough. I’ve waited for him for freaking 10 years, holding on to that note he left but nothing happened. No one [email protected]£. No Skyler [email protected]£.
” Hey, what’s for breakfa— Holy cra-p! p©rn! Oh, my v!rg!neyes! ” I cried out as I covered my eyes with my backpack, using it as a shield protecting my innocent eyes from seeing something that is not supposed to be seen.
When I walked into the kitchen, I saw Rachel and Hunter, ma-king out in my kitchen. I repeat, in MY dear kitchen!
If I haven’t mention it to you, Hunter is our Alpha Raven’s son and believe it or not, Rachel is his mate. Soon enough, if Alpha Raven will alre-ady back down from his position as the Alpha, Hunter will take over and Rachel will be our Luna. Castes was never a big deal in our pack; we treat each other as if we’re brothers and sisters.
“Shut up, Saph. You’ve seen us have S-x before so don’t go hysterical over a k!ss” she said as a matter of fact. I grimaced as I thought of it.
“plea-se don’t bring back that horrible scene! I am trying my best to forget that,” I said as I sat on one of the stools in the island counter.
It’s not like I watched them in purpose. Hell, no I won’t! It was unintentional. I nee-ded to borrow Rachel’s notes and went to her room without knocking and I saw them doing ‘it’. I directly ran after I saw that horrifying scene and never to speak about it again. It’s not my fault they didn’t lock the door! It mortified me! And it haunted me for how many days, I kid you not. I slowly put down my bag and thank goodness I didn’t witness another live show. Phew!
“Hey, Sapphire” Hunter greeted and gave me one of his boyish smiles, I gave him a sweet one in return.
“Hey!” I greeted back and we did our secret handshake which only the two of us know. Obviously, me and Hunter and close to each other. Rachel tends to get jealous sometimes but she knows we’re only friends, not that I like Hunter or anything. He’s like a brother to me—- a better brother than Skyler, I might add.
As Produced By Rachel Romo
“You are ma-king me jealous, guys” Rachel said as she placed a plate of pancakes with blueberries on the side in front of me. My all time fave!
“My baby’s jealous. Don’t worry, I’m all yours to take” Hunter cooed and I can see from my peripheral vision, he hvgged her from behind and placed small k!sses on her n£¢k. Oh, plea-se. Not again.
“Get a room, you guys!” I whined as I took a spoonful of pancakes in my mouth, not caring if it’s not lady-like. Food is my main, alright.
It’s not like I’m bitter or anything. I do believe in the sanctity of love, it’s just that, I’ve been longing to be loved for so long that it sometimes make me wonder if there is even love. Yes, Rachel and Hunter are there for me and I’m pretty sure they love me (not trying to be conceited or anything) and I’m grateful for that. But, there will be times that I nee-d more than just my friends, I nee-d my family.
“Holy, cra-p! It’s alre-ady 7:20! We have like freakin’ 10 minutes left till the bell rings!” I panicked when I looked at my wrist watch. Mama Mia! Without any second thoughts, I yanked Rachel’s hands not caring if I broke their k!ss.
“Wait, hold on. Let me get my bag!” Rachel said and gr-ab her backpack that’s been sitting on the couch. We were practically running towards the front door when Rachel suddenly ran back to the kitchen and gave Hunter one last k!ss. Oh, plea-se!
“Thank goodness, we made it! ” I screamed in victory and did a slight boo-ty dance. We arrived in school just in time or maybe earlier since the school bell didn’t ring yet. This is a first!
“I’ll see you later, alligator” Rachel bid goodbye and quic-kly went to the other way. Since she’s a year older than me, obviously she’s alre-ady a s£nior while I’m still a junior. I hurriedly ran towards the second floor where the junior’s rooms are located. I plastered a big smile on my face as I twist the doorknob of my clas-sroom and opened it. Curiosity filled me when all of my clas-smates looked at me as if I’ve grown two heads. Huh?
“Ms. Genesis, you’re 15 minutes late. Let me remind you that this is alre-ady you’re 4th consecutive late!” our homeroom teacher, Ms. Sparks hissed as I stepped inside.
Damn. But I thought my clock said its still 7:20?! I looked at it again and curse the batteries! It’s freaking broken and it st©pped at 7:20! Ugh, that explains why I thought the school bell didn’t ring yet when in fact, it alre-ady did!
“Since this is your 4th day arriving at school late, 1 Hour detention!” she shouted and pointed out the door, gesturing me to go out. I mentally cursed the damn batteries and grumpily went out heading towards the Detention room. Our school was different from the others, well aside from the fact that this is a werewolf school. We value learning and morals rather than grades so clearly, our teachers didn’t care if we get an F as long as we gained knowledge and are disciplined.
I didn’t bother to knock and directly went inside the room and as usual, I saw Mr. Franks, sitting comfortably on his swivel chair. “Good morning, Mr. Franks,” I bluntly said and sat on an armchair a few rows from him. I was the only one here besides Mr. Frank which led me to wondering. Where the hell is Rachel? She should be here too! This is so unfair! I nee-d justice!
“Would you look at that. It’s a plea-sure to see you again, Ms. Genesis. Let me guess, you’re late again?” he calmly said but full of sarcasm. Tch. I’ve been in this institution for almost 3 years and ever since, me and Mr. Franks have never been in good terms. He’s too weird and he always opposes to everything I say!
” Technically, you alre-ady know the format so proceed, ” he said and wave his hand around, gesturing me to prosecute while he la-id back on his chair feeling as if the world is at his hands. I let out a low growl before I gr-ab a paper and pen and started writing this freaking essay. It wasn’t much of a has-sle since I only nee-ded to state my reasons of being late but the fact that I had to fill the whole paper, back-to-back, is complete torture! I’m not even starting, yet but I’m alre-ady feeling tired just by the thought of filling this whole paper.
Hall Of Supernatural Stories
I took a glance at Mr. Franks and he was busy picking his nose. Eww. He’s not only weird, he’s disgusting! I nee-d to escape from here before I turn into a psycho! I know, any minute now, Mr. Franks will doze off. Obviously, I’ve been here several times and I’m pretty sure he’ll be slee-ping in a few moments.
I waited for almost 3 minutes before I finally heard him snore. And true enough, he is alre-ady asleep! I stood up, gr-ab my bag and carefully went out without ma-king any sound that could wake him up. And I succeeded!
Suddenly, the emergency alarm rang. Damn! What the hell is happening? I witnessed how the students started to run towards the fire exit. They were all running, not caring about the people they bu-mped into. Panic, horrid and fear were apparent in their faces as they shouted, pushing each other.
“Run, Sapphire! Dark Monarchy’s here! Go home! NOW!” Ms. Sparks suddenly appeared out of nowhere and held both ends of my shoulder telling me to go home. I was about to open my mouth to speak when a big brown-ish wolf [email protected]£d her and feasted on her b©dy in just a snap. I can hear students shouting in the background while I remained on my position, eyes fixed at how the wolf devoured her b©dy. I’m not hallucinating things, am I?
“RUN! ” my s-en-ses were brou-ght back to reality when one of the students who used to be my clas-smate gr-ab me by the arm. She held a ti-ght grip on my forearm as we ran throu-gh the hallway, avoiding the dead bodies scattered on the floor.
Our pack’s not weak nor that strong. But compared to Dark Monarchy, we’re nothing. They’re one of the strongest packs in the Lycan World.
The stairs was having a stampede and we couldn’t pas-s throu-gh. Damn, I nee-d to make a move! I re-moved her hold from me and head towards the staircases heading upstairs. I could hear her calling my name but I chose to ignore her and ran upstairs towards the rooft©p floor and locked the door. There’s only one access to this area and I’m pretty sure no one will see me here.
I took a slight peek from the edge of the rooft©p where I can clearly see what’s going on outside the campus. I could see my schoolmates being killed and dead bodies la-id around the cold ground. Some of the s£niors that are [email protected] of the pack’s warriors tried to fight back but they were outnumbered. And they were too strong.
I tried my best not to make any sound as tears flowed down from my eyes. Oh, sht! I nee-d to contact, Rachel! I gr-ab my phone and just my luck, its empty batt. Damn, why did I stayed up all night pla-ying COC?! I tried mind linking her but I got no response. I tried everything I could to contact her but I receive no response at all. I leaned on the fire wall and suc¢v-mb to the floor. Oh Moon Goddess, plea-se watch over my best friend… She’s the only one I have left.
I managed to stand on my feet as I looked again throu-gh the edge. For some reason, I felt the nee-d to look down at the ground floor and it kind of scares me. And there, I saw him.
As Produced by Rachel Romo
THEME: Mine!!!
His emerald green eyes was looking intently at me as if he was looking de-eply throu-gh my soul. A sweet and ecstatic scent made its way to me and it immediately made my b©dy at ease. My wolf was jumping around I was puzzled for a moment before I finally realized what the heck is going on.
“No… He can’t be,” I mumbled but it [email protected]£ out more of a whisper. This can’t be happening! He can’t be my mate! He’s one of the strongest and most powerful alpha in the Lycan World. He’s better known as the ‘Wolf as-sas-sin’ . He’s a murderer and a heartless man. He kills everyone and anyone who interferes and disrupt him. He doesn’t repute anyone especially when he’s angry, rather pissed. And above all, he hates weaklings—- especially, [email protected] He kills all [email protected] he captures, sees or encounter. And there’s a hvge possibility that he might kill me as well. His own mate.
I walked away from the edge, trying to reckon everything that is happening. I was too preoccu-pied that I didn’t even noticed the can of sprite that was laying on the ground, and
boom! I stumbled upon it. Ugh. My bu-tt landed first on the floor while I reluctantly used my elbow to support me from falling continually and it landed on the cemented floor which caused an electrifying feeling that spre-ad throu-ghout my b©dy. My face grimaced at the pain I felt.
Just then…
I [email protected] when the door suddenly flung open, revea-ling a horrifying wolf. It’s jet black fur, long nails and sharp fangs was enough to make my adrenaline rush in nervousness and in horror. He let out a terrifying growl as he slowly paced towards me while I, on the other hand, tried my best to get away from him; walking backwards, while resting my palm on my che-st, trying to calm myself. I can alre-ady hear the beating of my heart. It was pounding so ha-rd as if it wants to free from my che-st. My hands started to tremble and my knees wo-bble as I try to compose myself.
The hideous wolf growled once again and got into an attacking position. Shifting won’t be of any use right now considering that I am not trained to fight. He let out a loud snarl and I shut my eyes close as he hovered towards me…
“Mine.” like the ringing of the bell, his voice echoed inside my head. It’s him. Even with my eyes closed, I can s-en-se that the owner of the voice was my mate’s. His de-ep baritone voice is like music to my ears; although it’s cold and emotionless, it somehow made me feel relieved. I [email protected] in shock as I heard continuous breaking and cracking of bones. I slowly opened my eyes open and instantly covered my mouth as I looked at my mate with the hideous wolf’s head on his hand; he threw it at the corner and shifted his dead stare at me. I suddenly felt petrified by the way he was looking at me.
“Weakling” he muttered. I suddenly felt a sharp pang in my heart as he uttered those words. It astounds me how one word from him can affect me so much; perhaps, it’s because he’s my mate. I lowered my head in embarras-sment, trying to hold back my tears. And at that moment, two men arrived with blood almost covering them.
“Bring her. One scratch and you’re dead” though it was brief, it was deadly. He then left leaving me alone with these two men. A sly grin was plastered in their faces and suddenly [email protected]£d me by the arm, one in each side. I skrie-ked in disgust as they f0rç£fully drag me with them.
“What the…Let go of me, you monsters!” I yelled as I squirmed from their grips but it was useless, they’re too strong. I allowed myself be brou-ght by them as I’m losing my strength; trying to process everything that has happened. As we head down to the second floor, mixed emotions filled me as I saw my schoolmates’ bodies lying unconscious on the floor with blood all over them. Some were r!pp£[email protected], some were terribly bitten and some were apparently disas-sembled with claws. Tears escaped from my eyes as we pas-sed each one of them. I could ha-rd ly recognize their faces and it breaks my heart knowing that these people were once I see and meet every day and now, they’re gone.
I feel so useless and pathetic. I feel so… guilty. I shouldn’t have ran to the rooft©p, I should’ve stayed and be with them. If the second floor was a clutter, the first floor was too much to take— it was worse! My cries was the only thing that can be heard all throu-ghout the hallway even though the two men holding me are telling me to shut up. But I can’t. From a corner, I saw our principal bitten badly but he was still breathing, his eyes are still half-opened! I was about to call his name when one of the rival wolves stabbe-d his che-st with an arrow. I cried even more, telling them to st©p this violence.
They brou-ght me to the back entrance of the school where 3 large trucks are parked, each one being guarded by 5 wolves with a gun of wolfs bane in their hands. I recognized some of the students being handcuffed and is being brou-ght inside the truck. One student whom I recognize is a freshman, punched one of the guards and tried to escape but failed; he was sh0t directly at the head. I turned my head away, not wanting to see the violence happening.
“Get your filthy hands off me! My mate’s going to kill you once he finds out what you’ve done!” from a distance, I heard a familiar voice yelling. I turned my head around and saw Rachel handcuffed with silver and is being held by 3 men with one pointing a gun at her.
“Move! We don’t care who your mate is— we’re not afraid of him! Now, move you little bit-ch!” the man on the left side yelled at her and even pu-ll-ed her hair. Anger filled me seeing my best friend yelp in pain. No one can fight my best friend but me!
“Get your hands off my best friend you heartless monsters! Deal with someone your own size you bunch of d!ckheads” I yelled at them, earning their attention. The man with the gun shifted his target at me and was re-ady to shoot when he suddenly put down his gun. He wasn’t looking at me anymore and focused his gaze on the man holding me. I saw how his face paled and walked away. Umm… okay?
“Sapphire!” Rachel yelled and struggled to free from their holds but just like me, it was useless. I mind linked her telling her everything’s going to be okay and that we’re eventually going to see each other at who knows where. She nodded and I lost sight of her when they pushed her inside the truck. I, on the other hand was pushed inside a black car. Confusion was drawn all over my face but before I could even ask why I was brou-ght here instead of the truck, I felt something sting on my n£¢k.
And I lost my consciousness.

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