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He bought me final Episode

He Bought Me.
Episode 71
^ Jessica ^
Jennifer walked away angrily too.
I sighed and lowered my head while shaking it slowly.
“But I never said I love you? Why is Kim taking this too far?” I asked Donald.
“I don’t know. This time ,you have to st©p protecting me and protect yourself . As you can see ,Kim said it metaphorically that Jennifer and he would never allow anything in resemblance to relationsh!pcome up between us. ”
I sighed and slump to the chair , Donald sat too and looked into my face..
“Jessica , for real…you never loved me?”
“I never loved you.”
“But why did you always protect me ,even with your life. No property would ever go that extent for their maser?” He said.
“I can’t explain. But I never lo…, let’s just forget about it?”
After a brief moment of silence ,he spoke up and said;” We nee-d to work on your freedom.”
“Yes, let’s get going?” He said and we both stood.
I followed him and to where he parked his car outside. We stepped in and he began to drive.
“So where are we going to?” I asked after few minutes of moving in the car.
“To the grandmaster ! I want him to declare your freedom.” He said.
“But you bought me?”
“Yes ,I did. But trading men and women is illegal in the country, we masters can only do that because of how much power the grandmaster willed in the government. So ,anytime we buy a property ,we register their names and details with him. We pay him a sum to make it legal . That’s how human trade works amidst rich men here ” He explained and I nodded.
“Grand master !” Donald called on seeing the grandmaster. He bowed his head.
“Welcome Donald. ” The grandmaster said and then looked to my face.
“Oh? This is the lady that won the last competition. Nice meeting you again. ” He said. “Come in.”
Donald and I both walked to his inner chamber and stood.
He sat and said; “So , what did you come for?”
Won’t he even tell us to sit or something?
“You willll remain this way ,you don’t sit in grandmaster’s chamber.” Donald whispered into my ear and I nodded.
Thank goodness I have not being too forward to sit.
“I want my property’s freedom. This girl standing before me; Rachael.”
“Oh! ” The man thought for a while and said; “Why would you want her freedom?”
“She has being loyal and protecting ,grandmaster.”
“Hum!” The man scoffed. “I hope it’s not love happening between you two.”
“Nothing of such.” Donald replied and the man stood.
He walked to a large desk in the room and rested his two palms on it.
“I will grant her freedom but let me not ever hear that you both are into any love shiiiii….I hope you know it’s against our rules for a property to fall in love with her master and vice versa ”
“Very well sir?” Donald replied.
The man went to where a set of computer is and began to operate on it. It soon displa-yed my picture and my details.
The man did some stuffs on that very page and turned away from the computer to us about three minutes later. ” Her freedom has being granted ”
Donald looked to my face happily and I smiled thankfully at him.
“I will forward the sum to you, grandmaster!” Donald said and the man nodded.
We had ba-rely taken two steps out when the man called; “Donald!” Donald turned to the man. “I hope you didn’t forget the consequence of disobeying the laws of the Masters?”
“Yes ,grandmaster?”
“Fine.” The man turned back to his computer.
Donald turned to me and we both walked out.
Episode 72
While Donald drive us back home ,I reduced the music he was pla-ying in the car and said; “why is it that everyone doesn’t want us to fall in love?”
“Because it’s against the rules of the camp.”
“Why can’t you st©p yourself from falling in love with me?”
“I wish I can but…I had really fallen so de-ep. Maybe if you had not come back from Kim ,I would have gotten over it. Cause the feelings started by growing gradually.”
“Interesting! And what if I finally fall in love with you ,how do we fight these people?”
“We will elope.” He said.
“Run away? ” I chuckled. “they will find us still….anyways ,I do not love you and I hope you get over your love sh!t too.” I said.
We arrived at his house and we both stepped down .
He [email protected]£ to my side and stood right beside me.
“You are free now Jessica , what next?”
“What next!” I repeated.
“Yes , what next? Are you…erm, are you going to live elsewhere?”
“Why? Are you chasing me away?”
“Oh no! I just think you can get over issues with Jennifer by staying in a new abode since you are now free.” He said.
“Jennifer never knew that I’m free, right?”
“Sure ,she has not known.”
“Are you planning to tell her?”
“Why…why should I?”
“Good. Let’s keep it a secret. It’s not yet time for me to leave this place , alright? I still nee-d to protect you and…probably frustrate Jennifer till she leaves you!” I said.
“Hum! Fine. ” Donald said and we both walked inside.
About five hours later , I suddenly heard shouts , something like a quarrel between two people.
I stood and walked to the direction of the shout only for me to see Donald and Jennifer at the kitchen.
I watched them trying to un-derstand what the shout was for.
“Donald! Why? Why do you have to pay for her freedom?” Jennifer asked like someone in pain.
“It doesn’t affect you.” Donald replied.
Gosh! Why in the world did Donald have to tell this to Jennifer. Thought I told him not to tell Jennifer.
“Now ,that she’s free. You guys can now make your love work right?”
“But she never loved me.”
“Really…she never loved you, right? Hum! ” Jenifer scoffed. “I’m killing her in forty eight hours. Watch!”
Jennifer said and walked out while I quic-kly hide so she would not see me.
Episode 73
I walked to my room and get myself prepared for any silly act against me
I didn’t sleep in my room that same night ,I was outside all day.
There wasn’t any move of someone about to kill me or something for the last 30 hours now but I still kept myself on guard.
Later at night ,I was at an empty room when I suddenly heard sounds. It was like a door was being f0rç£d to open.
I opened the door of the room I hide sullenly and peeped. I saw about five men dressed like soldiers at the door to my room.
They finally broke the door to my room and entered.
But two amidst them were standing outside.
“Not inside .” One of them said out loud.
“What! Did she know we are coming or what? ”
“She must be inside this house ,I believe. With the way this room is set , she’s definitely inside.” Grace said.
I had to look well to see that one of those standing and dressed like soldiers is actually Grace.
Well , she’s like a tom boy , she stands ,eat ,talk and do stuffs like a man.
“Fine ,you …check downstairs. You …check over there…” He dispersed them one after the other to search and commanded that if anyone sees me ,they should speak throu-gh the com they all had in their ears.
Good! If they are not skilled enough….taking them down shouldn’t be a problem.
A man and a woman began to approach me and that was when I see clearly that the man that had being acting as their boss is Kim.
Jeez! I can never beat Kim here on earth and in Jupiter ,the guy can fight….just so good I’m fighting. I’m not sure if I can even defeat Jessica too cause she’s so good also..
Gosh! They must not find me.
I hide well inside the room ,the light of the room was off alre-ady.
I can only pray that do not check inside and switch the light on and what if they do?
I fight till I die then.
I set my two guns in my hand re-ady to shoot any one shootable since it’s obvious they had come for me.
Episode 74
^ Jessica ^
The door flings open and before Jennifer could turn the light in the room off ,I sh0t both Jennifer and Kim by their [email protected]
I went ahead and switch on the light and watch them [email protected] the floor with gun in their hands still.
I knew they can use the little energy they have in them to shoot me. I shoot them by the wrist they were holding a gun with and their gro-an ing increase.
“Did you come to kill me?” I asked and neither of them replied ,instead they were just gro-an ing.
I began to hear rush of legs approaching where I am. The sound of the bullet must have alerted them.
I stood at the entrance and as they began to come into view I sh0t them each by their stomach.
I went back to see Kim and Jennifer rolling and gro-an ing on the floor still.
I went to Jennifer and made her look into my face.
“What did you want from me ?” I asked and she st©pped gro-an ing for a second. She spit into my face and I stood.
I kicked her by her [email protected]!st angrily and re-leased two bullets into her stomach.
They would have killed me anyways.
“You killed ….her?” I heard Kim struggle to say while holding the [email protected] of his b©dy that was sh0t.
“Yes,I do.” I replied and he tried to stand. “We didn’t come to kill you.”
“Oh really? So why are you with guns?”
“Just… to scare ….you.” he gro-an ed louder in pain.
“Well ,I’m prepared too. ” I said and stretched the gun into his head.
He giggled. “If you kill a master ,the grandmaster would come for you…and I do not think you can stand that ”
“I can stand anyone that tries stand between Donald and I ”
“Common!” He gro-an ed slightly and adjusted on the floor.
“We both know you never loved Donald. So?”
“But he loved me and …maybe I may love him too soon cause I like to be around him.” I said and Kim quic-kly took his gun on the floor that fell.
I re-leased two sh0ts into his heart before he even raised his hand to shoot.
Bloods were streaming down from their bodies.
Donald [email protected]£ into view about few minutes later and saw all of them laying in the pool of blood.
“What happened here?”
“They [email protected]£ for me and I defended myself. “I said and he sighed.
He ran to Kim and held him by his blood filled face.
“He’s dead.” Donald said.
“The grand master himself would come for us.” He said.
“Really? But why?”
“Kim is his son. ”
“Yeah,but what you did is fair. I had confirmed who killed your parents?”
“The grandmaster himself. I’ve s£nt the proves to your system. So get prepared for a war with him.” Donald said.
Episode 75
^Jessica ^
I was packing my luggage re-ady to leave Donald’s place. I realize that staying with Donald at a time like this may cause him more harm than good.
I do not think there are people after him unlike those days. Plus he seems to have built stamina enough to stand and fight for himself.
“Jessica!” He called and I paused what I was doing. ” Are you leaving me for real?”
I stood upright and looked to his face.
“You told me a lot about the grandmaster yesterday ,how dangerous he is and …. Common baby, I nee-d to leave so the grandmaster won’t kill us both when he finds out what I did for his son. ”
“I find out alre-ady.” I heard a masculine voice said from behind me and I turned fearfully to the direction of his voice.
I couldn’t see anyone at the entrance where the voice [email protected]£ from.
I looked to the Donald and saw that he didn’t bother to turn.
“Donald!” I called and he hesitated for a while before speaking.
“It’s the grandmaster!” He said and my heart beats fas-ter than usual in fear.
“Grandmaster!” I whispered with my mouth shaking.
“Yes ,It’s me..” I turned again to the direction of the voice and the man finally [email protected]£ into view.
I hurriedly brou-ght my gun from my back pocket and stretched it at him.
“You broke rule number 7; Don’t you ever point a gun or any harmful thing to the grandmaster.” He said and went to sit.
He isn’t disturbe-d with the gun I stretched to him for any reason.
Donald covered the edge of the gun I was holding with his Palm and brou-ght my hand down.
“Grandmaster! I have sinned.” Donald knelt before the grandmaster while I stood.
“You started all these by confessing that you love a property. Even if you love her , you aren’t suppose to confess it. You broke rule number 12 and 8.” The grandmaster said.
“Punish me as you wish ,grandmaster ” Donald said.
The grandmaster looked at me with a grin. “Hum, I do like the fact that my daughter is bold and courageous.”
“I think it’s not the right time you call me your daughter. I know you [email protected]£ here to kill me but I don’t see that happening ” I said and he laughed .
He tried to pu-ll his hand inside his pocket and I quic-kly stretch the gun at him believing that he was about to bring out his gun and act smart.
“Hum! Common! Wait!” He said and di-pped his hand inside his pocket.
He brou-ght out a folded envelope and threw it to me.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Thought you are smart enough to know what to do with it.” He said ,sitting majestically and looking directly into my face.
I bent slowly while still pointing the gun at him .
I picked the envelope and brou-ght out the leaflet in it.
I re-ad it all throu-gh and the gun dropped from my hand. I squee-zed my face in confusion.
“You are ….” I stammered
“Yes ,I am . ” He said. “I’m your father.”
He stood and took a step forward. “It saddens me that you kill your brother ; Kim. But he could have killed you anyways ”
“How ? But I know my real parents.” I said.
“Everything you nee-d to know has being s£nt to your Email. You were sold to them actually when you were just a day old ” He said and walked close to me slowly.
He hvgged me and I let myself hvg him too.
“Father!” I called softly.
“It’s alright my daughter.”
We dis£ngaged and he looked to the face of Donald. “Donald, feel free to have her as your woman.”
I looked to Donald’s face and all I can see is an absolute look of surprise.
I walked to Donald and he held my f!nger while looking into my face. I’m really good at maintaining eye contact so we kept exchanging glances.
“Jessica ,are you still doubting the fact that you love me?” He asked gently.
“I’ve loved you from the very first day you [email protected]£ to buy me from my uncle but I’m strong enough to never confess it to you or let it get to my head unlike you.” I said and I can see teary smile formed on his face.
We kept staring at each other and the grandmaster yelled. “k!ss.”
We smiled at each other and let ourl-ips interlocked. We began to k!ss.
“If there is anyone seated amidst us who has one or more reasons as to why we couldn’t knot this couple together , kindly stand now or sit forever ” The pastor said and I was so nervous.
It’s my wedding day and all eyes are on me. I’m here standing before the man of my dream: Donald.
I had loved Donald with pas-sion and wish with so much enthusiasm in the past that someday ,Donald and I will end up together as husband and wife.
Everywhere was quiet and gladly ,no one stood to go against our marriage.
“With this , we tie this couple together in love ,union and peace. Let everyb©dy say ; ‘Amen’.” The pastor said and everyone echoed the ‘Amen’
“Jessica ,do you promise to stand with Donald in times of pain and in times of love ? Do you also promise to stand with him in sickness and in health ,in dry season and we-t seasons?” The pastor asked.
“Yes ,I do.” I replied .
He repeated the same question to Donald and he agreed.
“You can now k!ssthe bride ” he said to Donald and Donald walked to me gently.
He planted his adoringl-ips on mine and we began to k!ss.
Five years later!
Donald and I along with ; ra-phael ,Clifford and Maraiana. We all stood before the house re-ady to enter the car.
We all are going for shopping. ra-phael is my first born followed by Clifford while Mariana is the last born.
They are adorable and beautiful. They are our precious beings.
I have decided that we all go shopping at a day like this.
We all stepped inside the car and in about few minutes later ,we arrived at the shopping complex.
It was one of the largest in Texas and we began to shop.
I noticed I didn’t see Mariana again and I pla-yfully searched around for her but still couldn’t find her.
I went to where Donald stood and told him that I can’t find Mariana.
“Really? Where could she be?” He asked and went to meet ra-phael and Clifford.
“Did any of you see your sister?”
“No.” They both replied and Donald and I exchange glances.
“Where is my baby!” Donald began to cry while I furrowed my brow.
“Why are you crying ,we will still see her. I’m so sure of that. She might have just get carried away by some events.” I said and turned from him re-ady to go in search of her.
“She’s right here?” Tucker said and signaled for her to come into view from the big desk that he had made her hide.
“Aw…”I ran to Donald and pla-yfully [email protected] his shoulder. “You made me scared.”
He k!$$£d myl-ips and turned to Ralph and cliff who were staring at us but quic-kly turned their faces away.
He laughed and I chuckled too.
“Dad , let’s go to the cinema …I’ve got a [email protected] movie showing that I must watch.” Cliff said.
“Oh really?” I asked.
“Mom , don’t mind him. We will be watching the movie I choose .” Ralph said and I sighed.
“Marian , who are you supporting amidst your brothers?” I asked .
“Erm…None. I’ll pick my own movie too.” She said softly I giggled.
“Alright ,fine. Let’s just go anyways ” I said and we all walked to the cinema.
The end

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