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He bought me Episode 46 to 50

He Bought Me.
Episode 46
She ca-ressed her cheeks and look into the face of Donald for whatever reason.
She brou-ght her face back to mine and said; “you [email protected] me!”
“Oh! Yes,I did ” I replied and she bur-sted into a sarcastic laugh.
She st©pped suddenly and s£nt two b!ows to me. I had expected something of such so I quic-kly guided it and took few steps back.
“Can we st©p this now ” Donald said feeling frustrated.
I let loose of my guard and felt pathetic for Donald. I really didn’t want to do anything that will hurt him but Jennifer wasn’t willing to give up.
She s£nt a kick to my n£¢k but I was slow to guide it. It hit me by my n£¢k and I screamed as I fell to the floor cause it hurts.
She won’t st©p there , She flew and threw her two knees to my che-st.
I almost loosed consciousness cause her knees were too heavy on my che-st. I find myself coughing out blood while I toss to and fro weakly on floor.
I watched as she squatted before me and sm-irked. As weak as I was ,I angrily spat saliva mixed with blood to her horrible face and she looked away at the instant and cleaned it with the hanky on the table.
She threw a h0t [email protected] to my cheek that s£nt my n£¢k to the left almost getting knocked. It hurts so much that I could feel my cheeks literally get red and h0t.
It hurt me that I was weak to revenge. My face darted to that of Donald and he looked away.
“I’m a special agent to the government while you are just an ordinary property. Respect me ” She said and stood.
She walked inside without saying a word.
Donald [email protected]£ to me and squatted before me.
“Should I call the ambulance ?”
“No,I’ll be fine ” I said and tried to stand up but he helped me.
Aw! His beautiful hands feels so good on my hand and [email protected]!st.
His lovely scents covered my nostrils that even in my weak state ,I can’t st©p looking at him.
He helped me to a seat and we both looked intently into our faces.
“What can I do to ease your pain?” He asked but I was lost in thought of how beautiful he is.
“Hi ” He said and I [email protected]£ back into reality.
“Did you hear what I said ? What can I administer to you to get better ” He asked.
“I will be fine ” I replied and he left me.
He [email protected]£ back few minutes later with a first aid box.
He began to administer it to me and it feels so good. I can’t st©p myself from adoring him in my heart.
I never knew he is this caring and loving.
Episode 47
He stood and watched the side of my face that was hurt.
“Sorry” He said and walked away.
I smiled at how so sweet and caring he is. Who would have believed that he is this caring. He even told me ‘sorry’
I’m blu-shing right now. I pray I do not get healed soon so he can keep caring for me this way.
Anger aro-se in me as I remembered how that Jennifer of a girl wounded me.
But I’ll remain calm cause of Donald. I do not want him to feel hurt or pained cause of my actions.
I stood and went to him.
I was lost in de-ep sleep when a consistent knock on my door woke me.
I was angry at whoever the caller could be. I stood and went to the door angrily, I twisted the knob and pu-ll-ed the door only for me to see Donald.
My anger dissolved immediately.
“Sir!” I called softly.
He entered and I closed the door. What could he want with me.
He sat and I remained standing.
“Sit” He said and I obliged.
“I’ve being curious to actually know more about you. Since you [email protected]£ around ,the nightmare that made me sell you off had creaked to my dream again and it’s so frustrating. I think there is something spiritual about it. How did you ended up with your aunt?”
“My aunt was the one that adopted me after my parents were murdered on a cold blood on the 25th of July, many years ago” I was explained.
“25th of July” He repeated and I thought for a while.
“What are the names of your parents?” He asked and I told him.
His face dropped and he looked away. He stood without saying a word and was almost walking away when I spoke out.
“Did you know them sir ?” I asked but he just looked at me and walked out of my room.
I lowered my head in de-ep thought and meditation. I think he knows something about them or at most about their death.
I knew he was trying to hide his emotions by not speaking.
I should see the man that now live in my parents house and explain the strange act of Donald about my outbur-st about my parent’s death.
Episode 48.
I drove to the house of the man that now live in my dead parent’s house.
I stepped down from the car and went inside the house ,of course with a gun in my pocket in case of any issue.
I noticed the door was closed. I started eye searching around until I heard someone twisted the knob of the door from inside.
The door got pu-ll-ed inside and I suddenly hid somewhere and brou-ght out my gun in direction of whom will be coming into view.
It was the man I met the previous day. But how did he lock the door from outside yet inside.
I hid my gun at my back pocket and went to him.
“Jessica ,how are you doing?” He greeted me.
“Fine sir. ” I replied.
“Come in” He said and we both walked inside
He gestured for me to sit and I obliged. I starred around the house and the environment was a new one entirely.
I would have love to discuss all the strange things around this house with him but I’m more concerned on what actually made me drove here
“You got something alre-ady?” He asked. I knew he was referring to the case of my parent
“I narrated the death of my parent to my master ; his name is Donald. But his facial expression made it seem like he knew something about it ” I said.
“Really? I know Donald and his father very well. He knows nothing about it ” The man said.
“But his actions…” The man interrupted before I could complete my statement.
“Trust me ,he knew nothing of the matter ” The man said and I didn’t know what to say again.
How is he even so sure that he knows nothing about it? Did he really trust them that much.
I think there is more to this.
“About leaving sir ” I said and stood.
“Alright” He said and I walked away.
“plea-se don’t kill me ” He pleaded on his knee.
The men in gun chuckled.
“I’m not here to kill you. I still nee-d you. How much do you nee-d to keep quiet on this issue for life?” One of the men in mask asked.
“Half a million dollar” The man kneeling between them said.
“Deal!” One of the men surrounding him in gun said and they walked away.
Episode 49
I finally arrived home and rested my head on the wheel of the steering of the car.
There is something odd about this man. I remember few days , As soon as I mentioned Donald , he was about telling me something but I hurriedly left thinking he would tell me some other time.
But now,he isn’t re-ady to disclose any more information to me about my parents.
I would not bother going to his place again but I will definitely find whom the killer of my parents are.
I stepped down from the car and walked sluggishly inside the house. The memories of the death of my parents keeps flashing across my memory.
I remembered how that man in mask from head to toe shut my parents dead in cold blood.
I won’t rest until I find that man. I will kill him myself. If that would be the only human I will kill on earth. It worth it.
Just as I was about to enter my room , A thought of actually spying on Donald’s room flashes across my mind.
My days! That’s dangerous. If he finds out ,he could practically kill me.
But how then would I find the killer of my parents if I do not un-dertake dangerous task.
I turned and went straight to Donald’s room. I peeped throu-gh a small opening at the door to see if he is inside but gladly,he’s not.
I twisted the knob after looking left and right to confirm if no one was watching me.
The room was so beautiful but that is not my business at the moment. I began to eye search everywhere to see if I could see at least anything that could help me.
My eyes finally darted to a book that looks like a diary on the desk beside him.
I ran to where the book is and fli-pped throu-gh the pages ,I confirmed that it was his personal diary.
Is it right to take this or …?
I will find a way of returning it at night. I’m sorry Donald ,I do not mean to intrude on your privacy ,I just nee-d to avenge my parent’s death.
I placed the book un-derneath my cloth as I walked out and closed the door gently.
I went to my room with the book and closed the door well.
I fli-pped throu-gh the first page immediately to re-ad and the first image I saw was that of my Father.
Episode 50
I furrowed my brow in shock.
My father ! Why usbuis diagram here?
I was about to open the second page when the door flings open r0ûghly.
Before I could hide it ,I saw Donald staring at the book in my hand.
He walked to me and collected the book from me.
“Why did you intrude on my privacy?” He asked and I just watched him not knowing what to say.
“Answer my question?” He yelled and angrily brou-ght out his gun from his back pocket.
He stretched it to me and asked. “I ask why you enter my room without my cons£nt?”
“Erm…” while I was struggling for what to say ,he sh0t me by my leg and I fell to the floor painfully screaming
My legs began to bleed and the pain was really surfing throu-gh my whole b©dy.
He re-leased one more bullet to my wrist and I screamed out loud in pain.
I watched him walk away while I grown in pain. My b©dy was growing so weak and I knew that if no one helps me anytime soon ,I would be dead.
I wish I could help myself but I’m helpless now. I was fast loosing blood when I noticed someone enter.
“Jessica!” I heard Jennifer call and I looked to her faintly.
She rushed to me and looked around my b©dy.
“Jeez. ” I heard her exclaim and ran out.
I felt myself leaving my b©dy but I kept opening my eyes even while it was closing by itself.
I do not want to die especially when I’ve not known whom the killer of my parents is.
I hope I will be able to revenge. But It seems I will be dying now.
Jennifer entered with a first aid box and began to administer the drug to me.
“Calling the ambulance now may put Donald in trouble cause he will be interrogated on why he shut you” That was the last word I heard before everything faded into darkness.

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