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He bought me Episode 41 to 45

He Bought Me.
Episode 41
Turns out you meet Donald’s property ” Kim said.
“Maybe, but she’s not her property actually. She’s s£nt by Donald’s father to protect him” I said.
“Oh! No wonder she’s just so skilled in fighting. Do you think you can defeat her?” Kim asked.
“She has defeated me many times, I can’t really say ” I replied.
“At least ,believe you can first then put in your best. I had thought you new fighting skills plus take out your time to watch her fighting skills in the previous stage fight and find her weakness. All you nee-d to find in your opponent is it’s weakness. ” he said.
“Noted sir ” I said and went to my training room and began to develop my fighting skills the more.
The day of the final battle comes. I want to make Kim proud cause he had really taken his time out to teach me all sorts of skills that could help plus I had being able to identify some areas of weakness of Jennifer.
I walked to the stage and my fans from the very first day I start to fight start to hail me. About a minutes later, Jennifer entered and the loud adoring from crowds were more than mine.
It kinda make me feel inferior considering the fact that she had grown more fan than me. Maybe because of the ways she had easily defeated her opponents.
The fight commenced and she won in the first round.
While resting and waiting for the second round , my face met with that of Donald. I expected him to be happy but he was sad instead. His face is lean and gloomy despite the fact that his agent; Jenifer is wining.
I took my eyes to my boss; Kim and I could see a look of disappointment in his face.
Oops! This Jennifer is just so good. I hope I will be able to defeat her this round.
Episode 42
The bell rang for the second round and I went to the stage, this time with a solid determination to defeat Jennifer.
As much as I have a soft sp©t for Donald and always want him to be happy, I just have to make Kim proud of me on this one.
She positioned herself and charged towards me first but I dogged. We began to exchange fist and her b!ow hit me by shoulder.
I staggered back but she was quic-k enough to s£nt two kicks to my che-st. I fell to the floor and rolled tiredly on the floor.
Pain was having it’s way in my b©dy and my che-st was as heavy as rock. I tried to stand but I couldn’t.
She raised her two hands up to the crowd and her fans yelled her name.
I just watched her as she glories in her victory. She then walk towards where I [email protected] ,she sm-irked at me and pu-ll-ed me up by my hair.
That hurts me so much.
She began to give me b!ow in my stomach while I cried out. The crowds were counting the b!ow she was giving me and when the b!ow reaches eight , I had alre-ady felt like slumping to the floor cause her b!ows were just so heavy,it’s like a stone.
I tried to fold my b!ow and I threw one to her by her chin. She twisted her head like she didn’t feel anything.
She s£nt me two more b!ows at my stomach and I fell to the floor with my eyes getting closed.
I could hear fans hailing her. I thought I had lost the match but I won’t give up as long as the bell has not being rang.
I tried my best to stand up while she watched. I staggered and couldn’t even stand upright.
My face darted to that of Donald intentionally and I could see his mouth moving and uttering some words.
I re-ad hisl-ips and noticed he was saying “I hate you”
That hurts me more. He hates me for being defeated. Oh no! Everyone in the world can hate me ,not Donald.
I screamed and find energy from no where , I went to Jennifer and threw a tough b!ow to her but she was quic-k to guide and s£nt me a left kick.
I guided it instantly and s£nt her a kick by her side. She staggered and I threw my head as a spear to her stomach.
She fell instantly and everywhere [email protected]£ silent for few seconds.
I had also fallen but not absolutely , I stood and went to the hold the ring on the stage for balance and watch Jennifer on the floor.
Her eyes were closed and she was motionless . The referee checked up on her and after a while ,he shouted ” Ambulance !”
What the heck just happened ? I t©uçhed my head wondering what energy could have being in my head that could have knocked her down so easily.
The ambulance [email protected]£ to carry her off the stage while I was announced as the winner.
My face darted to that of Donald again and this time ,I could re-ad hisl-ips saying ” I … you”.
Guess what Donald said in the comment box.
Episode 43
I blinked my face when I realize that I was only imagining him saying I LOVE YOU but in reality he was just starring at me with no expression.
I walked down victoriously to Kim. “Thanks for ma-king me proud ”
I blu-shed and he told me to follow him. I really thought I had lost but I’m glad I won.
I followed him up the stadium and then we appeared to a large room, the chairs there made it look like that of executives.
He gestured for me to sit in one of the seats and I obliged while he sat beside me.
After waiting for several minutes, some men dressed in suit began to walk in and sat , just few seconds after they are all settled ,a man I as-sumed to be their leader walked in.
He sat and everyone stood to honor him, I did the same and sat as everyone sat.
“Such a fantastic competition. It went well ” He said and smiled.
“You all did well ” He added and everyone expressed a grateful attitude in their various ways to him.
“This lady here won , Kim must have expended all his energy on this lady ,I could remember the look on his face last year after he got defeated in final” He said and chuckling could be heard from few members.
“Young lady , we are really happy to have you here with us. You won the competition and our reward is for you to ask a single thing and we will grant it for you” He said.
“Everyone in the past had asked for their freedom which I’m also expecting you to ask. If you want to ask of your freedom ,I’ll grant it this minute ” He said.
“Thank you sir ,but I do not want freedom” I said and all eyes set on me in a serious manner.
There was a moment of silence in a brief moment of introspection.
“What did you want?” The leader asked.
“I want to go back to my previous boss’s house ” I said.
“Jessica!” Kim screamed my name.
“Take it easy Kim. Who is your previous master ?” The leader asked.
“Donald !”
“Donald Johnson ? Amazing. You would rather trade your freedom to be with a man. He would sell you again just like he had plus how will you show your act of gratefulness to Kim that really thought you so much about fighting and made you win” The leader said.
“Thant’s what I want sir ” I insisted.
“Request granted. ” The leader said.
Did you think Jessica made the right decision?
Episode 44.
A driver was ordered to drive me from that very place straight to Donald’s house. They do not give Kim and I any more chance to have a conversation.
I know he must have felt sad. I never knew he had being training me for my freedom. But I really want to be with Donald. I can’t place why? But it’s kind of fun with Donald.
The car I was drove inside Donald’s compound. I guess he heard the sound of a car drove in and he [email protected]£ outside to have a view of it.
The driver stepped down while I remained in the car. I could see he and the driver walk towards the car and that was when I stepped down.
He was so surprised to see me , I just sh0t him a smile and leaned by the car.
“Well ,you know whichever property wins is suppose to request for anything from the leader” The driver said and he nodded still curious of what actually brou-ght me to his place.
“Many properties in the past had always requested for their freedom but the case with her is different ,she requested for a different thing entirely ” He said.
“What did she ask for ?” Donald asked gently.
“She asked to be brou-ght back to you and continue to live as your property ” The driver said.
“No. This is a joke right?” He couldn’t believe what the driver just told him.
The driver chuckled and went to the driver’s sit.
“She’s back bro. See you some other time ” He drove off.
“You prefer to keep being my property than being free ?”
“I just don’t want you to get hurt anymore sir and the only way is for me to be around you. ”
“Why do you care this much for me to the extent of sacrificing your freedom?”
“It’s just in my nature to care and protect people , I do not have any odd reasons ” I said.
“But you know how wicked I could be , do you think I’ve changed ?”
“Doesn’t matter sir ” I said and he stood akimbo still surprised about the decision I made.
“What is that girl doing here ?” I heard Jennifer’s say and I watched her as she stepped down the house towards us.
” what’s she doing here?” Jennifer asked again looking at Donald for response.
“She’s back”
“Back! Back where ? ”
“She’s back as my property ” Donald said.
“No ,this can’t be true. But why? Hey! Why did you have to come back here ?” She faced me.
“So he won’t get kidnapped again and almost get killed like it almost happened the last time you claim to be protecting him” I said and she sm-irked and walked towards me.
“I can see you have pride now since you defeated me at the context. If I had won, I would have asked of you to become my property for life ” She said and I just watched her without expressing any emotions.
She walked away angrily.
“You can go inside ” Donald said and I walked inside
Episode 45
“I’m really impressed with the way you won. Just when I thought you had lost , you prove your strength” Donald praise me at the living room where we both sat.
“I’ll defeat that girl anytime , any day ” I boasted.
“I guess that was just a luck on your side. Anyways, I’m glad you back as my property. After I had sold you , I felt empty. I didn’t feel protected unlike the time you are always with me ” He said.
“Jennifer is more interested in having you back than protecting you. I just knew it” I said.
“Falling in love is the least thing on my mind right now. I do not know when she will realize that I had st©pped loving her. ”
“I will let her realize that sir.” I said.
“Oh! I really wish the both of you can st©p contending”
“Unless she give in to what I want. If her interest is to protect you a 100 percent. We would have being pal but majority of her interest is to see you show her love and fall de-eply in love with her. Whereas ,she’s not really in love with you but the money you possess” I said and he sighed.
“I heard the conversation” Jennifer said as she appeared by a pillar centered beside the large living room.
Donald and I peeked at her at the same time, I was surprised she was listening to all what we were discussing but decided to hide my expression.
“And so what?”
“Oh! So what? You really think because you luckily defeated me at the context , you can now beat me right?” She asked but I remained mute.
“Plus , who told you I’m here to make Donald love me? Who told you I’m after his money?” She yelled but I remained mute still.
“Jennifer, take it easy” Donald said.
“I wish I can but don’t you see that this girl keeps giving me a wrong identity before you?” She asked Donald.
“Just take it easy. I do not really want you guys to keep fighting ” Donald said.
“Then the best way is to sell her off, sell her to a very terrible master this time ” She said and Donald lowered his head.
“Your shouts is ma-king Donald have headache ” I said and she furrowed her brow and [email protected]£ to me.
She threw a h0t [email protected] to my cheek and without hesitating ,I s£nt two [email protected] to hers.

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