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He bought me Episode 31 to 35

He bought me
Episode 31
“I can see you are becoming a big girl now ” The man walked away from the entrance and went to sit.
“I do not know you sir ”
“I know that , I should be the one asking what you [email protected]£ to do in my house plus you barged in like a thief”
“Oh! I’m sor…” I tried to apologize but he interrupted
“Never mind. I was expecting you. I knew you would come back sooner or later in search of who killed your parents.
” Did you know why I bought this house?” He asked I shook my head.
“Sit down ” He said and I obliged.
“Well, I bought it to find out whom the killer is. On the day I parked inside this house. I began a thorou-gh investigation on whom the killer is but the killer is too smart to trace. ”
I kept watching him,listening attentively to every bit of his word.
“One nee-ds no one to tell someone that the as-sas-sin was well trained. I didn’t st©p at searching this place alone. I proceed into finding the series of people that died in the same week.
I did find out but couldn’t find them having anything in connection with your parent.
I listed those that died on the day your father died and It was just a man.
I found out that the man who was also killed with your dad also had his wife and children killed on the same day which means that same as-sasin murdered them” He said and swallowed.
Hum! This is getting interesting now. This man had alre-ady made my investigation easy.
“plea-se ,go on sir “I said after realizing that he was just smiling faintly and looking into the air.
” I went to the man’s house and everywhere was locked. It hasn’t be sold at the moment. I was strolling round the house finding any clue when I saw a car drove in roghly.
I was quic-k to hide but peeped carefully to see who it was. It was a young boy , If I see him; I recognize him.
He walked into the house and [email protected]£ out with something in his hand ; I really can’t say what it is. Then he drove away.”
I thought for a moment but I still can’t continue my investigation form where he paused.
“plea-se , proceed sir ” I requested and he nodded.
“Get me water!” He said and I stood and get him water. He gulpd it in and exhaled.
“I began to find series of pictures on the internet , day in and out just to find out whom the killer is but couldn’t.
As a matter of fact, I invited a professional artiste to draw the diagram of the boy I saw cause even if he is not the as-sasin , he might have come connections with them or at least be a clue to the killer of your parents ”
“Wao! This is so impressive sir. But if I may ask sir. Why did you take it upon yourself to investigate this ha-rd into the murder of my parents?”
He smiled and gulped in water again.
“You father, I and one Mr. Bruno use to be very close friends and we were in a three men deal when your father suddenly died. I nee-d to know if one of us had killed him or the source of his death was from outside.
If I find out that it’s not Bruno that killed him , I wouldn’t have fears of being killed too. But if Bruno killed your father , then I might as well be dead anytime soon”
“Oh! But why do you suspect your business [email protected]?”
“Cause we are in a very delicate and illegal business. We did not really trust each other, we just did it and we are cashing out big time. ” He answered and I nodded
“My boss would have being expecting me , sir. I nee-d to go”
“What’s his name?”
“Donald sir” I replied and walked away.
“Hey! Hey!” he called as I walked out.
“I’m late alre-ady sir. See you some other time ” I said and drove away
Episode 32
I returned back to Donald’s house that very day meditating on what the man narrated to me.
I hope the man finds out more specific details on whom the killer of my parents were.
I drove in and I noticed Jenifer walk from un-der the shed located at an edge of the compound to where I just parked the car.
I stepped down and tried to ignore her but she called me “Hey! ”
I paused not turning back. I took few more steps away not saying any word.
“Are you so barbaric not to respect me? ” I turned to her.
“Who gave you the right to drive this car to wherever you went?” She added.
“When did this car become yours? Why not go inside and ask the owner if he gave me the right to drive his car instead of asking me ” I answered.
“I hope you know that standing before you is the special agent for the government ” She boasted.
Before I could say any more word , she added. ” And hope you realize that you are nothing but a guard to Donald and that he can dispose you anytime ”
The last s£ntence may be true , though. I felt somehow at her words and decided not to drag any more words with her.
I walked away from her and went to [email protected] my room. My primary concern now is not even about this proud Jennifer of a girl but the killer of my parents.
The door slide open by itself and I turned to see who could be at the door.
It was Donald.
He walked in sullenly and walked towards me. I adjusted to a sitting position and wondered why he had come to me.
“Can I have my sit?” He requested.
“Sure boss”
He sat and looked to the ceiling of the room.
“Recently , I kept having some horrible night mares. I see you always in my dream chasing me with knives ” He said.
“Huh? Why in the world will it be me. I have no issues with you , Sir?” I said.
“Maybe , but I’m thinking of a way to avoid that dream cause it’s now persistent ,I think the best option is to sell you off to another rich mogul. ” my face dropped into sadness on hearing that.
“I’ve being a good servant sir , plea-se don’t sell me off. I have no idea of what is causing your nightmares ”
“I’ve made up my decision alre-ady. I just [email protected]£ to inform you” He walked out.
Episode 33.
Following Day. ..
I was so sad , extremely sad that Donald had thought it fair to sell me off after all I had done to protect him.
A night mare that I do not even know nothing about. I was dressed in my red go-wn and strolled to the living room when I saw Jennifer walking towards my room.
“Was just about to invite you over, follow me ” She said and I wondered why she’s coming to invite me over.
I followed her to the living room and I met a man , very handsome with a curly hair and a bright smile standing.
His ear rings we’re shining and obviously very exorbitant.
“Here she is”Donald said to the man and the ma sh0t me a smile.
“Wow! I’m buying her ” I heard the man say and that was when it dawn on me that the man before me is the one to acquire me.
I really wish I do not leave Donald. Not just because of my interest but because of his safety also.
Donald handed a file to him and he scribbled some words into it. He handed over the book back and looked into me.
“I’m barrister Kim. I’m your new buyer and I just made a contract with Donald. plea-se get dressed and let’s leave right away ” He said to me.
“Like right now?” I asked looking at the face of Donald, Jennifer and the man but they didn’t respond.
It worst when I do not even have freedom over myself. I walked inside and get dressed and pack my luggage and followed the man out.
I could see the look of happiness on Jennifer’s face. I walked out with Barrister Kim. How he [email protected]£ a barrister at this very young age still surprises me.
I entered his car and to my surprise, he wasn’t with any b©dyguard.
He was the driver himself and he drove me to his house.
He stepped down and I did too.
“Welcome to my abode. Fortunately for you. I don’t usually buy people and if I do , I do not treat them like a slave. ” He said shooting me gentle man smile.
I just stood watching him not knowing exactly what to say.
“Come over “He said and I followed him inside.
” How good are you in fighting?”
“Very good sir ” I took pride in myself and he chuckled.
“How about we have a duel?” He asked.
“I do not want to beat my boss sir ” I answered and he laughed.
I was f0rç£ to smile too and he challenged me to walk outside with him.
This man is just so cheerful. Not sad not ma-king life a difficult one like Donald.
The man and I stood in a fighting position and began to fight.
In just thirty seconds. His two heavy kicks s£nt me off to the ground that I not only fall , I lost consciousness.
I woke up on a very beautiful be-d and golden be-droom and darting my face around, my face met with that of Kim; smiling as usual.
“I do not know how a beautiful lady like you end up being a property being sold here and there, ” He said and my mind darted back to the killer of my parents immediately.
My face dropped into sadness but I quic-kly faked a smile. I do not want him to know anything about me. At least, not yet.
“Don’t be sad. You won’t regret staying here. I thought you said you can fight?” He tea-sed and I smiled and looked at him.
“How about we fight again?”
I furrowed my brow on hearing what he said
“Just joking, be fine as soon as you can,” He said smiling and walked away.
Hum! I like Kim. He’s free.
I picked my phone beside me and the first notification I received was that a certain billionaire had been kidnapped just an hour ago.
Seeing the location that the operation takes place, I was scared alre-ady that it shouldn’t be who I was thinking.
I re-ad further searching for the name of the billionaire that was kidnapped and I finally found it.
Oh, my days!
Episode 34
I ran hurriedly to meet the man and stood a distance away from him.
“Sir, plea-se I just re-ad now that Donald had being kidnapped ”
“How is that our business?” He asked sm-irking.
“Erm…plea-se. I nee-d to safe him” I said and he chuckled.
“You so funny , Jessica. I hope you know you do not own yourself. You are not allowed to have feelings for your master ”
“I do not have feelings for…”
He interrupted me before I could complete my statement. “I saw it on your face. Now , tell me why you would even think of saving someone that sold you for virtually no reason?”
I was dumb for a moment and the right words to reply him with weren’t coming.
I do not think I have feelings for Donald , I just want him to be protected. He might have made a silly mistake of selling me but that shouldn’t st©p me from saving him.
And that girl of a Jennifer ,can’s she just protect him , thought she always take pride in being the special agent for the government.
“I still have to protect him sir. I would have done the same to you even if you sold me out ” I said.
“Wow! ” He [email protected] “Quiet impressive of you. You can go back to your room. You are to protect me now, forget about Donald. ” He said and I stood with a heavy heart for a while hoping he changes his mind but when I realized that he isn’t re-ady to alter his decision. I walked away.
I feel so pathetic for Donald. I do not know what may be happening to him now. I feel like smashing that girl of a Jennifer. I so loathe her now for allowing evil to befall Donald.
I put a call across to Jennifer and she picked it almost immediately.
“Hi , where is Donald?”
“He’s being kidnapped. I sincerely didn’t know how it happen. We sle-pt in our various room the night before only for me to wake and find out that he had being kidnapped. ”
“Did you hear yourself. And you refer to yourself as an agent for the government , a special one at that ” I scolded her expecting her to bur-st out.
“I sincerely…I…just confused. I wasn’t expecting sh!ts like that to happen so soon” She said and all her words just kept irritating me.
I hung up thinking of every silly means to find Donald. Where in the world could he have being kidnapped to?
I wish I could sneak out of this house without Kim having to know. If he finds out later , how in the world will I explain where I had gone to.
I do not want to dare him but I must protect Donald too.
I put a call across to Jennifer again.
“Hi Jennifer ,what’s up?”
“Hi Jessica”
“Do you have an idea who got him kidnapped?”
“His Dad’s rivalry of course. They couldn’t get to Donald’s dad cause the man is heavily protected and guided 24/7 so they [email protected]£ for the son. I feel terrible because his father trusted me to protect him but now I had failed. ”
I felt sincerity at the voice of Jennifer and I finally [email protected]£ down and decided to reason with her on how to find Donald.
“Has his father being informed?”
“He should have heard about it ,everyone has known alre-ady” She said almost crying
‘Calm down. Do you know the base of his Dad’s rivalry?”
“Yes , I do. But ma-king any move of going there is equal to suicide ”
“I don’t care. I’ll go but I nee-d you to take me there ”
“Oh! I will. But will your new boss allow that?”
“I’ll find my way and protect Donald first , then get re-ady for whatever punishment he may want to subject me to for going out without informing him. Let’s meet at PARK 6 ” I said.
“5: PM” I replied and hung up.
I began to get dressed and I ti-p toed out of my room gently. I watched left and right and noticed that Kim wasn’t in sight. I pas-sed the backyard of the house but there was no step downstairs which means I have to jump.
The height was scary but after much exhaling, I jumped over and fortunately for me , I didn’t feel much pain.
I smuggle my way into the houses nearby until I get to a new street. I took a cab straight away to Park 5.
Episode 35
I got to the place and sat by a bench waiting and staring around for Jennifer to show up.
After few minutes of intense anticipation , Jennifer finally showed up from a car that had just parked at a nearby garage.
She looked around for me while I waved my hand so she can sight me. She did sight my pres£nce and walked towards me.
“Hi Jessica”
“Hi” I retorted her greeting and stood. “Where is the place?”
“Are you sure you are re-ady to do this , Jessica”
“I am. Just tell me the place alre-ady” I requested.
“It’s a suicide missi…”
“I said I knew , just tell me the place ” I interrupted angrily at her persistent discouragement.
“Fine ” She said and walked me to a street , she pointed the house to me and I nodded.
“Thanks ”
“How can I help?” She asked.
“Help? You didn’t help Donald when you were suppose to , how are you so certain that you can help him now?” I asked and she looked away pathetically.
I excused her and walked towards the house. It was well fenced and of course guarded.
I walk to the entrance boldly and planted a gentle knock on the iron gate.
The gate opened and a fair short man [email protected]£ into view.
“Whom did you request to see?” He asked.
“You ” I replied and walked s£dûçt!velyto him. He was surprised and confused at the same time but he stood still.
I ru-bbe-d his che-st and k!$$£d the air while twisting my b©dy like that of snake.
A smile formed on hisl-ips as he examined me from head to toe.
“But I’m at work, now” He said.
“Does it matter , I brou-ght a c0nd0m” I said to him and win-ked and his mouth dropped in surprise.
I could see bu-lge form on his trou-sers and he turned his head back in search of whatever.
“We gave to be quic-k , then ” He said and gestured for me to enter.
He quic-kly directed me to the small hit built for him at the house but I could see heavily built and armed men patrolling the house prepared for anything.
This is going to be serious that I thought.
I stood inside the but waiting for the man and he did come after a while. He began to un-hook his belt and I just walked towards him and knock him down with a b!ow in his n£¢k.
I peeped from the glas-sy window of his hut that allowed whoever is inside to see who is outside and does not allow those outside to see who are inside.
I count the number of men who were at the front of the house patrolling with heavy guns.
They were four. But they were well built and with the way they are walking around. They seem to be prepared for any move.
I watched and strategies how to take them down in a moment.
I cried out like someone was hurting me while I watch their reactions from the glas-s.
“They paused and inclined their ear to the sound coming from me. They wanted to be sure that they were hearing the round sound and I persist in re-leasing the sad sounds also.
Two waited while two walked towards the baseman hut.
I kept crying and stood at the entrance hoping I can easily knock the two if them out without sounds.
I was glad when I saw a. Very heavy iron rod that the gateman uses.
I picked it and the two men entered one after the other with their guns hung on their shoulder.
While they were wondering what the cry was for , I hit the two at the head with the rod and they fell without ma-king a single sound.
I st©pped the cry and waited for the reactions of the two other men. They kept patrolling and I suddenly let out another scream so they could show up.
They did looked at themselves and walked towards the door again. I did the same thing I did for the other two.
I walked out of the Gateman’s but afterwards and ran in the house carefully.
” your father made us do this, We have to kill you before he thinks of saving you, shoot him” I heard a man say from the inside.

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