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He bought me Episode 16 to 20

He bought me
Episode 16
(Teach him some lesson)
I planted myl-ips on Donald’sl-ips gently and OMG! It was so sweet , he wasn’t responding for the first few seconds but at some point , he began to respond and k!ss me in return.
I moved closer to him and he also hvgged me by the back with his right hand as we continued k!ssing. None of us could think straight at that moment. We were both lost in lvst.
“One minute” I heard the coordinator say and we continued k!ssing still. I realised that the other two couples were still k!ss!ngalso.
“Two minutes!” The coordinator said and Donald [email protected]£d me more and began to k!ssme like he wanted to make love with me right there and then.
At some point , he start to get bored and was losing the appetite to continue k!ssing. I held his head close and continued k!ss!nghim.
“Two couples left ” The organizers said ; implying that a couple had given up and so lost.
“One couple left! 30 seconds to go” the coordinator said and I was so happy.
I k!$$£d Donald more pas-sionately while he responded lightly.
“Time up! ” The coordinator said and [email protected]£ to hold my hand. He raised it up and announced me as the winner of the day.
Every b©dy gave me a round of a pause and we were told to step down the podium.
I was so glad actually but scared immediately I stepped down the podium with Donald. I have no idea what his next move is.
“Meet Me at home ” He said and walked to the car , I walked swiftly after him. He entered the car before I could even get there and drove off
Oops! I’m done for today.
“Well, Donald , we will see tomorrow!” I said and went back to the [email protected]
They have repla-yed the music and everyone was dancing. While I stood stranded watching everyone , a man [email protected]£ to me and request for my hand in dancing.
I accepted and he drew me to the midst of people dancing and we start to dance.
We were smiling at one another as we danced.
“I’m Noah” He said and pu-ll-ed me closer, He pushed me again while I turned ; we continued dancing.
“I’m Jessica” I replied still dancing with him.
“What a sweet name ” He whispered to my ears and I blu-shed.
“Everyone is here today with their spouse , why did you come alone?” He asked.
“Erm… Well, Just felt like ” I replied.
“Oh! Sorry for this question , though. But where is your spouse?” He asked
“I do not have one , I have a master…I mean; I really do not have a spouse ” I said.
“Alright…I’ll wish to be one someday or perhaps for this night ” He said and I smiled.
After a while, we went to sit and he ordered for drinks and snacks. It was my favorite snacks actually so I was eating while he kept saying all sort of gist.
I was just chuckling at the funny ones and smiling at the not too funny ones.
He’s just trying to keep my company. My eyes suddenly darted to the entrance of the hall we were and I saw Donald standing at the entrance obviously searching for me.
Oops! Donald will spoil this fun for me. He had probably thought I will find all means of going home too so he can just shoot me and die but I’ll rather have fun here first.
His face suddenly met with mine and fear gr!pp£dmy soul so ha-rd that the snacks I was chewing fell from my hands.
The man noticed it and looked towards the direction I was facing ; by then , Donald had being coming angrily towards me like he would devour me.
The man foresee what could happen and hurriedly stood to challenge Donald before he could get to me.
He blocked Donald’s way.
“Leave my pres£nce Mr.” Donald said but the man just laughed and angrily pushed Donald to the floor.
Donald fell to the floor and he was ashamed , many ladies around chuckled mockingly at how light he was.
He stood up and find a way of looking at me
“Now ,get out of here ” Donald ordered me and I stood re-ady to leave.
“She’s not going anywhere, stay behind. ” The man ordered and I just stood watching the two men.
The man faced me
“Who is this proud boy to you?” The man asked.
“My master ,I’m his property ” I replied
“Master! Property!” The man replied and suddenly some hvge men were coming from the left entrance of the hall
“Boss, what is happening here?” They asked Noah.
“This boy here is threatening my pick for the night. Can you imagine ” Noah said and the bouncers angrily carried Donald up the stairs of the hall.
“Where are they carrying him to?” I asked Noah
“To beating room, to teach him some lesson that men should learn to respect ladies “
Episode 17
(Don’t kill him)
I just kept mute
“Don’t be scared dear , he can’t do anything for you. I’m your hobby for this night ” He said and I just faked a smile
So after this night , I will be left to face the wrath of Donald.
I realized that the man’s next move might be to take me to a room and have something with me so I just told him that I had seen my period and that I will be leaving right away to clean myself up.
He didn’t even argue or f0rç£ me to clean myself , he just told me that I can leave and gave me his complimentary card ; if I ever nee-d his help , I can put a call throu-gh to him.
I was in Donald’s compound hiding behind the flowers scared of what he may do to me as soon as he comes to the house
A thought that I should actually leave his house and run away to somewhere far where he will never fine me cross my heart but another thought told me that it will be foolish and that I should just stay. I decided to stay hidden.
About an hour later, a car drove in , I peeped from behind the flowers I was hiding and I saw that it was Donald’s car
Fear grew in me that my legs were literally shivering.
“I peeped as he stepped down from the car. He leaned by his car and looked around.
His face were swollen and his cloth was soa-ked with blood.
Oh my days! He had being brutally beaten.
” sorry Donald ” I said softly.
I watched as he put a call throu-gh to someone ,after a while , two men [email protected]£ and I recognize them immediately to be ; Ronald and Ryan.
Those two guys that taught me how to fight yet I defeated them , he had suspended them for weeks and now he had called them back.
They were surprised to see him in that state and I saw them muttering some words to each other but I was in a far distance.
After a while , Donald walked inside and those two men stay around the house.
I hid still where I was and wonder if the place I was hidden is where I would be for the rest of my life.
At night!
Those two b©dyguards were still patrolling when I heard the sound of a bus that [email protected]£ to a halt before the house. In few minutes, the enemies had start climbing over the fence with heavy guns in their hand and this time they were many.
Oops! This Donald of a guy just have too many enemies. No wonder ; he lost all hope alre-ady that he could ever live long.
Ronald and Ryan saw how many those enemies were and they just surrendered at the moment , they knew that trying to fight the numerous enemies is the same as committing suicide.
The enemies tied Ronald and Ryan to the pillars of the house
I counted them , they were eight in number.
“Make sure you deal with that lady first ,before getting to Donald. In fact , bring that lady to me here ” I heard a man I as-sume to be their boss ordered loudly from the t©p of the fence that he sat on
That was when I knew that they were nine.
Three entered while four stood outside.
I’m not with a gun , I nee-d to find a way of helping Donald.
About ten minutes later , the three enemies [email protected]£ with Donald. Their boss saw it and jumped down from the fence and [email protected]£ before Donald.
“What of the lady?” He asked those men
“We can’t find her , sir.”
“Oh! Where is your lady?” The man asked Donald and while Donald was trying to raise his head sullenly to reply , the man gave him a resounding [email protected]
Donald fell to the floor as a result of the ha-rd [email protected] They picked him up again and I almost cried for Donald…Donald is really going throu-gh a lot.
“I asked where the girl is?” The man asked and raised his hand up to [email protected] Donald again.
“I do not know , I left her at the club” Donald hurriedly replied.
“Shame on you! Well, I was informed that the girl defeated those I s£nt firstly to kill you. If she’s here , she would have watched you die ” The man said and brou-ght out his gun
“We will snap your dead picture after killing you and s£nd it to your stubborn [email protected]*ck head father ” The man said and stretched his gun to Donald while Donald lowered his head. One will know that Donald had given up on life alre-ady.
“Don’t kill him” I said as I stepped courageously out of the flowers.
Episode 18
(She save him.)
I watched as their boss sm-irked on seeing me.
“Sweet girl!” He said l!çk!ng hisl-ips lvstfully
“You really love your b©yfri£nd. You even cane out for him just so won’t die” He said
“He’s my master not my b©yfri£nd” I corrected and he chuckled. He laughed sarcastically and sh0t me a look that depicts to me that I’m foolish
“Well, let me be your new master, I should nee-d you” He said.
“You see, I was really surprised when I found out you singlehandedly defeated three of my workers. That’s so impressive of you”
“plea-se ,don’t kill him” I said.
“Oh! Loyal girl. What’s your name?”
“Jessica ”
“Jessica, how about you fight with three of my men hand to hand. If you win ; I won’t kill Donald but shoot him in his two legs three times so he can become paralyzed for life but still alive ” He said sm-irking.
“Agreed ” I said and Donald [email protected]£ to look at my face. He took his face away from me and lowered it.
Their boss selected three men to come forefront and battle with me. They all gave us space , there was light everywhere and we all stood before ourselves in a fighting position.
“Jessica , did I tell you what will happen if you loose?” He asked.
“You haven’t”
“Well, I will kill Donald by shooting him on the head and kidnap you for life ” He said and I nodded.
“Agreed ” I said and folded my b!ow. I could see a look of surprise at the face of his guards , they were probably wondering how a girl like me can be so courageous but even me do not know if I will be able to defeat them or not.
I just believe I will because I have always believed in myself and I never let a day go without training to become more skilled in fighting since I know now that Donald has many enemies.
“Start ” Their boss ordered and the fight started.
“Stay behind ,I’m enough for her ” The fattest man among the three men re-ady to battle with me said and the two other men let down their guards allowing the fat man to fight me.
The fat man twisted his n£¢k and I could hear cracks of bone. He ran towards me and threw the first punch but I guided it.
He kept throwing many punches and kicks while all I do is to guide it. He got frustrated and shouted. “Fight me , you daughter of a beeeeech”
I sm-irked and did a zigzag front flit that confused him. I flew to his head ; my knees squatting on his shoulder.
I gave him an heavy hit on his head with my elbow and I felt him become light and going down.
I know he is down , I flew away from him before he could fall to the floor and flew to those other two guards , before they knew what was happening , I had s£nt them kick on their chin.
They screamed out loud as they fell. They stood angrily to fight me but before they balanced , I s£nt double kicks to their chin again.
I went to one of them and [email protected] with my hand on the n£¢k , he fainted or died instantly ; I can’t say.
The third one had stood by then and was shifting back in fear , I suddenly heard a gun sh0t and I turned in fear to see if it was Donald that got sh0t but he is not. Instead , it was the third guy.
“I sh0t him because he’s scared. I hate weak people” I heard the boss say and I smiled victoriously
“Hum! Impressive ” He said and directed his gun to shoot Donald.
I noticed that there are just five men left so I said “plea-se wait! Why not let me fight this five men , if they win , you can then shoot Donald in the leg ”
He furrowed his brow in surprise; “all my men? ” He laughed.
“Funny, those that fought with you are the weakest one among us. Just one of these five will easily defeat you. Anyways ,as you have said ” Their boss said and I went into battle with those five men.
I allowed them to beat them mercilessly just so Donald can see the sacrifice I’m ma-king for him.
I [email protected] with blood dripping from my mouth. They thought I was weak and was about to die but they never knew that it was just a tactic of ma-king then loose their guards.
While they were alre-ady [email protected] their victory , as swift as possible , I was knocking them down one after the other with my kick going straight to their n£¢k.
I finished them all by giving them all a b!ow at their left che-st.
Before their boss could know what was happening , I threw my shoe to his face from where I am. He shoot sporadically so I won’t be able to get to where he is.
I charged towards him anyways and hit him by the face , he stagerred back and his gun fell from him. He turned and ran back while I follow but he jumped the fence perfectly than I would do. Before I will jump the fence over to meet him , he had entered the car and drove away
I flee the fence back and noticed that my cloth was soa-ked with blood. I checked my b©dy and found out I had being sh0t by my side. I held my side and suddenly began to feel serious pain.
I fell when the pain [email protected]£ serious and lost consciousness.
Episode 19
(Waiting for the female agent)
I watched in pain as Donald ran to where I was , he st©pped me from falling by guiding me with his hand.
He looked into my face without saying a word. For the first time in my life , I saw Donald care about me.
But the pain was eating me de-ep and I felt like I would die soon.
I wanted to tell him “thank you, sir” and although my mouth was moving , words were not coming out.
He ran and loose Ronald and Ryan. They ran together to where I was but I gave up alre-ady.
Thinking that I was dead ,I opened my eye and found myself [email protected] a very beautiful room. I wonder if this is how heaven looks like until the door opens and I saw Ronald enter.
“How are you doing now?” He asked and for a while , I examined myself to see if I’m better
“Yes…fine. ” I replied and placed my hand on the side that was sh0t to see if it still hurts.
“I’l glad” He said and walked out.
Few minutes later , Donald [email protected]£ in.
“Heard you are getting better ” He said as he approached where I lay. His eyes were cold and depressing as always but cute, anyways.
“Yes sir ”
He nodded. “Would you like to eat something?”
“No sir…I’m fine ” I adjusted on the be-d to a sitting position.
He looked away and exhaled. Like someone thinking about something.
“We will be having a visitor in few hours to come ; My dad has ordered her to come and protect me ,she’s an agent and very skilled but what my father didn’t know is…” he said and paused.
Hisl-ips were literally shaking and I [email protected]£ more anxious to know what he wanted to say about what his father was oblivious of.
“When my father s£nt me the details of the female agent , her picture , names and other profiles. My heart suddenly [email protected]£ pierce into pieces ,she’s the reason behind my pain and sadness and when I thought I would die someday cause of depression but at least live longer a little while on earth because I would never get to see her again…” He lowered his head and finally allowed tears pour.
“Fate had brou-ght the same girl to not just my state but my house , we will be living together , going out together. My horrible past is coming to stay with me” He said and cried the more.
Even though I haven’t fully grasp what he meant , Nevertheless , I still felt pity for him and wonder what the girl could have done for him in the past that made him a mere shadow of himself.
“I try to convince father from letting her come, though. But father insists that she’s the best agent and he can’t afford losing his only heir” He took few steps away from me and looked towards the door.
He turned back at me and narrowed his look. “Just telling you, hope you guys get along”
He walked away and I stood immediately. His pain! This girl is his reason behind his sadness!
Oh yeah! I really want the lady to come over. I wish we get along so I can get to ask her what really happened in the past but what if we are not getting along?
I guess we will be fighting often then cause I can’t stand and allow him hurt Donald the more.
For the first time , Donald cared really cared me , he confided in me his pain and the person behind his pain.
Hum! I’m waiting for the agent to arrive.
Episode 20
(The girl can fight)
I was at the backyard of the house jugging and training myself more to fight. I nee-d to keep myself fit always and skilled in fighting and shooting so I can always defend and help Donald anytime the enemy shows up.
I heard the sound of a car drove in and I paused what l was doing. Could it be the lady that Donald said is coming to protect him?
I jugged from from the backyard to the front of the house and I saw the very decent car parked at our garage.
My eyes darted to Donald who was leaning by the pillar of the house with a long look that depicts that he’s sad and worried.
I felt sympathy for him and looked to the car hoping to see the person inside stepped down.
The window slide down and I saw a lady in a black spectacle , she opened the door of her car and stepped down gorgeously in her hills shoe.
Her hair are dark and long. She’s exquisite.
She walked towards Donald. “Hi Donald. It’s being a long time”
“You are welcome ” Donald replied.
She brou-ght her face to me and pressed her look on me like I was some sort of gods.
“Who is she?” She looked at Donald’s face.
“Jessica, my proper… My personal b©dyguard ” He corrected himself and I was glad from the inside that he didn’t refer to me as his property especially before his ‘past’
“Oh! Hi Jessica” She walked towards me
“Hi” I greeted bluntly cause I do not really like her ; for being the reason why Donald is depressed.
“A personal b©dyguard!” She chuckled at me and covered her mouth. She peeked at me from head to toe and shook her head.
“This girl doesn’t look to me like someone that can even kill a c0ckroach , how do you end up having this petite girl as your b©dyguard and a personal one at that?” She glanced at Donald for response.
“You could try her out ” Donald leaned well on the wall.
“For real!” She giggled and dropped her little hand bag.
“Okay , baby girl. Seems you are training alre-ady. Come over ,let’s have some hand to hand fight ” She adjusted her standing position to a fighting position. Her face [email protected]£ ha-rd ened and scary.
I’ve always believed in myself. I don’t care if she has being a special agent for many years for the government , I will try to defeat her.
I re-moved my gloves and adjusted also in a fighting position.
Donald stood and watched.
She ran towards me and s£nd me a leg kick by my left n£¢k but I bent and she missed.
I s£nt her a kick immediately to her second leg and she fell to the floor.
I stood watching her proudly as she [email protected] the floor. She couldn’t believe she fell so easily.
She felt ashamed and quic-kly giggled even while on the floor. She did a front flit to stand up.
“Seems you are tough indeed. Time to to teach you some lessons ” She said and charged towards me again.
We started to exchange b!ows , moving closer and farther.
Her b!ow hit me by my forehead and I staggered to the floor. She took advantage of that and s£nt me a kick by my che-st. I fell to the floor immediately.
Her kick were so heavy that I thought I would faint. I began to [email protected] cause I felt so much pain in my che-st.
She looked at me on the floor and sm-irked. She glimpsed at Donald victoriously
“Do you still want to continue the fight?” She asked and I shook my head.
It’s obvious I can’t defeat her for now , maybe after I had developed my fighting skills more in the future.
She stretched her hand to me and I received it. She helped me up and dusted my cloth.
She pressed my heart repeatedly and I felt relaxed a bit. I hurriedly went to find somewhere to sit cause it still hurt a little.
“She tried , though” She walked to Donald.
“Let’s move inside ” Donald walked inside while she picked her hand bag and followed Donald.
This girl can fight for real. No wonder ,she’s as-signed by Donald’s father to help Donald.
I rested for a while outside and walked inside also.

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