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He bought me Episode 11 to 15

He bought me
Episode 11
^ Jessica ^
I peeped from my room gently waiting for those enemies to approach and after few seconds , two men and a tall Lady [email protected]£ to view.
They were holding a very big gun hung across their shoulder and a revolver in their hand.
I do not know why many people are after Donald.
I set my gun and was calculating whom to shoot first.
I nee-d to be able to shoot the three of them at once   but that will be quiet impossible
Once I shoot one ,others will retaliate before I could even shoot.
I nee-d to be strategic , If they do not know that I’m with him , then my plan will work but if they know…this will be very difficult , then.
I peeped and I fell the floor all of a sudden because someone has  s£nt his kick suddenly to the door that I was standing behind
And the f0rç£ had made the door hit me to fall.
I watched one of the man entered where I [email protected], he just looked at me and stretched his gun at me.
“I’m with you ” I quic-kly said. I just nee-d to say something that will not make him b!ow my head off just like that.
“With us?” He asked surprisingly still stretching the gun at me.
“Yes, I said and stood from the floor and dusted my cloth.
” what do you mean by you are with us ?” He asked and lowered his hand down but still maintained his gallant position.
I suddenly heard a sh0t of gun and fear gr!pp£dmy soul , not knowing if it was Donald that got sh0t or something close.
I angrily gave the man before me a heavy knee kick on his thing’ He gro-an ed a bit and I hurriedly s£nt him two kicks on his chin and n£¢k.
I do not have tome to fight with him , I had to quic-kly destabilize him by hitting him on the strategic places of his b©dy.
I hurriedly picked my gun, I’m glad he hasn’t seen it yet. I hit his two eyes with the gun and hit his head too. I know it’s impossible for him to see gain for life plus he has fainted.
Remaining two enemies , I walked out of the room carefully to Donald’s room
I saw a man and a woman standing before Donald , Donald was holding his shoulder and kneeling before them.
I nee-d no one to tell me that he had being sh0t by the shoulder.
Fortunately for me , they did not know I’m behind them.
I hope it’s just three of them that [email protected]£ because once I shoot , if there are others outside , they will definitely charge in
Should  I go outside to check first to confirm if there are enemies left but what if they had killed Donald by then.
No! I’ll stay here.
“You, your father cheated on us and we promised him that he’s going to receive a news of the death of his son” the lady said and I just listened attentively.
After speaking with Donald for a while “Bye Donald ” The girl said and wanted to shoot but I sh0t her by her n£¢k immediately. Before the second man could turn to see who or what sh0t , I had sh0t him by the back
They both fell but I know they could still re-lease a bullet that could s£nd either Donald or I down , so I hurriedly s£nt one bullet each to them after which they gave up and kept gro-an ing in pain.
I looked to the side of the stairs hoping that no one was coming because I nee-d to be certain that the enemies are just three.
I ran out to confirm and I was glad to realize that the enemies are just three and the three enemies had being conquered.
“You saved me ” I heard Tucker said still holding his shoulder and I just nodded.
“I’ve always saved you and you’ve always being cruel to me ” I said that in my heart
I hurriedly called the ambulance because Donald was losing so much blood , the ambulance [email protected]£ around and carried Donald to the hospital for treatment.
Episode 12
“I stood beside Donald in the hospital , he was getting better.
” Are you fine now?” I asked
“Yes” He replied bluntly.
I want to really have a conversation with him but I do not know if he will allow it.
“Sir…do your father has something to do with those people because when they were conversing , I overheard them talk about some offence that your father had committed ” I said.
He sighed and sniffed.
“My father is one of the most powerful people at Texas and he deals on drugs ,he’s got a cartel and he’s got many enemies , those enemies are after me also since I’m his heir”
Wao! So he’s replying me? I’m so glad that he answers me. That must have being because I saved him.
“Okay sir , but can you tell me why you are depressed sir?” I asked.
He exhales and tried to adjust to a sitting position but his strength failed him.
He gave up and [email protected] the be-d back.
“It’s a long story and the worst [email protected] of it is that , I do not think I can get over it. It’s my fate ” He said and I felt pathetic for him.
“I might be of help sir , just tell me ” I said and he sough.
“You are just my property , an ordinary thing that I bought , what can you do?” He said and chuckled sarcastically
He was mocking me.The words pierced my soul and made me realize that I’m just a ‘bought someb©dy’ and that I do not have a freedom of my own.
I wanted to speak but words failed me , I was just feeling bad and horrible.
The only hope that I have is Justin who had promised me freedom but I still do not know how long it would take.
“Are you sad?” He asked and for once , I was made to think that he actually thought of my emotions.
“Erm…” I was struggling for the perfect answer to give when he spoke up
“Being sad is your fate , as a property that you are , I do not expect you to ever be happy, you are just my property. Get used to that ” He said and turned on the be-d and sle-pt off.
I’m just a property? A property…’I kept repeating those words in my heart and I just felt totally worthless.
He didn’t even see any value in what I did by saving him from death
I’m just a property….Ouch? That hurts
Episode 13
(You are the sixth lady bought)
Donald had being discharged and he had gone inside to rest. I’m glad he’s fine now.
I think I nee-ded some rest too because I had being waiting on at at the hospital but just as I was about to take my leave to my room , the door flings open and it was Justin.
I welcomed him with a smile and a slight bow of my head.
“You are welcome sir ” I said and he retorted my smile as he went to sit.
“Have your sit” He said and I obliged.
“I’m sorry for all what you had being going throu-gh? Where are your parents anyway?” he asked
“They are dead , sir ” I answered.
“Oh! Sorry about that. How you ended up becoming a property of someone in this age and time is baffling.” He said and I sighed.
“But Jessica , have your ever being told by someone that you are beautiful?” He asked and I blu-shed.
I looked at him and nodded my head. “My parents use to tell me that when they were alive ”
“Yeah…The very first day I met you, I can not but wonder how so exquisite a girl like you could be ” He said
“Thanks , sir ” I replied.
He kept quiet for a while and rested his arms on the chair , he was looking towards the face of the television.
I do not nee-d anyone to tell me that he actually has something in mind to say.
“Erm…Kimberly!” He called.
“Sir” I answered
“What do you think about me? Do you think I’m handsome?” He asked.
“Definitely sir , very handsome and blessed ” I said sincerely because he is handsome also but not as handsome as Donald.
“Don’t you think it will be perfect if an exquisite girl like you and a handsome guy like me comes together to form something…like a relationsh!p” He said but I wasn’t surprised.
I knew alre-ady he was driving to somewhere close. I do not have any feelings for him ,though.
If he wants to help , he could just help without wanting us to be in a relationsh!p.
“I’m a property , sir. And I did not think I have a freedom of my own ” I replied wisely.
“All you have to do is to tell me YES and watch how I will free you…See Kimberly , I’m beginning to fall madly In Love with you. I love you so much and I can’t just do without you. This is a simple chance for you to be free from my brother’s shell .I promise to spend on you and take very good care of you. All you have to do is tell me YES” He tried to persuade me but I only follow my heart.
Nothing is going to work out between the two of us even if it means becoming a slave for the rest of my life
“I’m sorry sir, I do not think I’m re-ady to dive into any relationsh!psir ,plea-se do un-derstand my plight ” I said and he nodded.
“I know you are scared of Donald but you did not have to ,didn’t you want to have your freedom?” He asked.
“I wish to, but I do not wanna be into any relationsh!psir ” I said
He stood all of a sudden
“It’s a rare chance my dear but it seems you do not value it , you are the sixth lady I know that Donald had bought ,and she had always sh0t them dead at a time when he’s angry. I hope you won’t regret your decision on the day he finally decides to shoot you to death ” He said and walked out.
My jaw dropped in surprise…really?
Oh my days! So five girls had being bought by Donald and killed by him
That tells that I have little chance ofsurviving here , what should I do?
Episode 14
(Find the best cloth)
On Tuesday morning , I had just served Donald his food and was about leaving when he called , I turned to him subserviently.
“We will be attending a night [email protected] together today , have you got nice clothes?” He asked and chewed a bite of the meat before him.
I lowered my head not knowing if the rules of speaking is still active or not since I had once broken it.
“Speak ” He commanded
“No really sir ”
“Get dressed , I nee-d to get some dress for you because I can’t let you dress like a widow after me to where my fellow billionaires are , leave now ” He said and I bowed slightly and left.
I walked to my room and get dressed and went to meet him at the living room , he had being waiting for me also.
We went to his car and he drove us to a very big complex. I start to choose all sort of clothes that I love and I so much enjoy that moment.
Just anyone would have thought I’m his girlfriend or at least his sister , I so much love this prestige.
We finally get to where we will pay and the cashier stated the amount.
“Withdraw it from here ” He said and handed over his credit card to the cashier.
The cashier inser-ted it in and after while returned it.
“Those clothes will look good on you” The cashier complemented.
“Thanks ” I replied him shyly and looked up to the face of Donald.
Other buyers who wants to pay were also there.
“Wait, Mr. Casheir….whom did you think she is to me?”Donald asked and the cashier giggled.
“Your blessed and exquisite girlfriend of course ” He said and chuckle. Everyone giggled lovingly. They were all surprised at Donald’s silly question
“She’s not my girlfriend ,she’s just a property. How can a little thing like this be my girlfriend , I bought her and you can just call her my slave…she doesn’t have a life of her own , I gave her all these privileges, you did not have to respect her too much ” He said and everyone there was surprised.
I was so embarras-sed that I couldn’t even look up to see anyone’s face. So disgusting…so embarras-sing. I felt so bad and tears were wanting to pour from my face but I was controlling it with all my energies.
He walked away while I followed him dragging my very heavy leg. It’s the greatest embarras-sment of my life.
On getting home “Make sure you select the best dress to wear at night ” He said and walked inside his room.
At night!
I was dressed in a pink go-wn , pink and white hills and black cap. I looked so beautiful when I checked myself in the mirror.
I walked out and saw Donald waiting for me alre-ady. He’s dressed in suit and he looked so gorgeous.
I like his posture and I wish I can tell him how handsome he is , but it will be just good for me to keep quiet at the moment.
“Why are you looking like a mascaraed, get the hell out and change ” He said and I rechecked myself from head to toe.
I hurried inside again because it’s getting late alre-ady and I wore a blue blouse and brown short Sk-irt just to look s3*xy , I walked outside with the same hills shoe and he examined it again.
He sunk to the chair and exhaled. He looked around and suddenly stood up to bring his gun
“Go inside and wear a nice cloth, if you come back here again with all these clothes that makes you look like a useless nonentity that you are , consider yourself dead ” He said and I arched my brow
Dead? I hurriedly ran inside my room and out of fear began to search diligently for the best cloth that I could wear.
I can’t afford to die just because of my silly dressing. What cloth color can I choose now?
Episode 15
(Must k!ss this l-ips )
I locked myself in the room angrily. Why is he just so wicked?
I sat on the be-d and refused to go out to meet him. After a while , I heard a knock on my door but refused to open it
“Open this damn door!” I heard him screamed but I refused.
I st©pped hearing sounds and after a while , I heard a sound of key opening the door , I know at once that he had got the master key of the house to open my room.
I hurriedly [email protected] the floor and began to behave like someone convulsing.
The door flings open but my eyes were closed, my whole b©dy were shivering. My ton-gue were stuck out like that of a dog.
I do not know what is expression was but I didn’t st©p.
After a while , I noticed he had left the room , I st©pped and adjusted my laying position. I looked to the door and I noticed he had left for something I have no idea of.
I hope it’s not to shoot me.
After few minutes , I perceived footsteps coming towards me again and hurriedly pretended again , as I got la-id in a stretcher and carried out
That as when I knew that he had called the ambulance.
Aw! I spoilt the [email protected] for him. Not my fault though. He will never st©p complaining about my dress. I just had to do something to free myself.
The doctor were performing all series of text on me while I just smiled inside. They have no idea that nothing is actually wrong with me.
I maintained a closed eye , I nee-d to pretend as much as I can.
After a while “hey! The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are absolutely fit ” I heard Donald said and I finally opened my eye.
I didn’t say a word , instead , I just looked up to him like a kid looking into the face of her mother
“Anyways ,are you fit to still follow me to the [email protected]?”
“Yes sir , But I’m poor at choosing the right cloth colors ” I said.
‘I got someone to do that alre-ady , get up and let’s go home ” He said and he drove me home.
In [email protected]!
The both of us walked hand in hand to the [email protected] just like others. Eyes were not on us but I felt that way.
I hope he would not embarras-s me here as usual.
I can not st©p wondering why he suddenly behaved cool after being informed by the doctor that nothing is actually wrong with me
I do not know his plan ,though.
The music suddenly st©pped and the coordinator said ” ladies and gentlemen ,you do not have to be surprise at the sudden music break. We want to [email protected] game and trust me , it will be fun”
The audiences cheered and gave him go ahead.
“Okay great. I nee-d three ladies to come out ” He said and every lady was just nervous to come out.
What could he be calling ladies out for , though?
I left Donald’s pres£nce swiftly and before he could call me back , I had alre-ady got to the front.
As soon as other ladies saw that I stepped out, they began to troop out but the coordinator chose I and two other ladies.
He made us stand horizontally before everyone , my eyes darted to that of Donald and he just sh0t me a killing sm-irk.
I ignored , Let me have fun here first , Donald and I will settle stuffs when we get home , I can only hope he won’t shoot me.
“We have come to realize that many people are so shy even in public. We are not trying to be irresponsible but the game is simple. These three ladies here should step down and come up with a man , It might be any man , though.
Once any of this lady come to you , plea-se just follow them up without arguing. Remember it’s a game” The coordinator said and gestured for us to step down the podium and select the men we wished.
I do not waste any time to go and pick Donald. I could see the look of anger on his face but he couldn’t speak or do anything because it’s public.
He just had to follow me up the podium like a perfect gentle man that he is not.
“Now that the three ladies are here with the men they had selected. The game is this. Each of you will k!ss your [email protected] , whomever can last three minutes without unlocking theirl-ips is the winner ” The coordinator said.
Huh? k!ss! k!ss! Like…I will k!ssDonald.
I could see anger flying all over Donald. I know he felt like shooting me right away but he wouldn’t do anything silly in public anyways.
I just kept smiling at me like I wasn’t affected by his anger.
“Time start now , k!ss” The coordinator said and I walked close to Donald while he just maintained an angry but cute face.
Who cares if he’s angry or not. I must k!ss thisl-ips this night.

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