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He bought me Episode 1 to 4

He bought me????
Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers
Episode 1
(Is she flowered?” )
^ Jessica ^
“Won’t you dress up , you fool!” My aunt shouted on me.
“I’m about to” I replied but she walked towards me instead and pushed me to the wall.
She held my n£¢k ti-ght and pinned me to the wall, I began to choke and keep pleading with my look.
After a while that I was almost losing consciousness , she [email protected] me and took her hand off , I fell to the floor and cried with my alre-ady red face.
This terrible life will never be over for me.
“Would you get you a3s off now and get dressed ” She yelled and I hurriedly stood and went to the bathroom.
I lost my mom and dad five years ago , they were sh0t dead by a man dressed in black from head to toe.
The man didn’t see me then but I saw him ,he’s tall and only his eye ball were left n-ked,all other [email protected] of his b©dy were kept.
Ever since then, my aunt and uncle adopted me to their home and it’s being…hell.
They had maltreated me so much , if there is anything they love : It’s to see me hurt and cry. They just want me to keep being in pain all the time.
They punish me for no reason, life had being hell for me at their home but I promised myself not to be weak and ensure that I make of something in my life.
They wouldn’t s£nd me to school but f0rç£ me to do all house chores in the house.
I have a belief that I may tell all that as a story someday that is if they had not kill me.
My aunt suddenly woke me up this morning and told me that one of the S-xiest riche-st tycoon is coming to buy me.
I did not un-derstand what she really meant but I did not wish to be sold out to anyone.
Am I even a slave? I guess I am.
I dressed and went to the sitting room , surprisingly , I saw a cute man with the pinkest ofl-ips sitting with two b©dyguards behind him.
His eyes were de-ep blue and his sitting posture was that of a perfect gentlemen.
“This is the girl , sir ” My uncle said pointing at me
He raised his head to look at me , he examined me from head to toe
“Is she flowered?” He asked
“Yes, pure , we have never allow her go out , she has always being un-der our watch” my uncle replied.
“Don’t trust people , old man” He said, stood and walked towards me.
“Move!” He said and directed me to one of the rooms.
“Lay” He said and I quic-kly [email protected] the be-d , scared of what he may do if I did not hurriedly obey.
He pu-ll-ed off my go-wn , he placed his f!ngersin my pri-vate hood as if examining something
“Good” He said as he drew his hand back, he walked back to the living room while I followed.
This is the first time a man will ever be t©uçh me  , it really tastes so sweet but it felt really awkward.
His scent is so alluring and he looks just so handsome.
“Confirmed ” He said to my uncle and signaled for one of his guard. The guard brou-ght a brief case and dropped it on the table before the handsome man.
He Zi-pped it open and I could see bails of money.
My uncle opened his mouth in surprise and pu-ll-ed the money closer.
“Thanks , so good of you” My uncle said and drew the money closer.
My uncle signaled for his wive to take it inside.
The handsome man stood and looked at me then walked out , the guards led me to his car.
“I was told your name is Jessica?” He asked
“Yes…yes sir” I quic-kly replied nervously.
He brou-ght out a gun from his pocket and pointed it at my head
I closed my eyes in fear , what have I done to him?
“Open your eye” He said and I obliged.
“I will b!ow your head off if you did not follow my rules ”
I sh0t him an inquisitive look that questioned what the rules are:
“We live a mafia life , anyone can die anytime , protect yourself with ‘this’ , you must be able to fight and defend me. You will be trained for just eight hours , after eight hours , my two b©dyguards and you will fight , If you win them, you live. If they win you meaning if you lose , I shoot you dead at the sp©t ” He said and walked to the car.
What! I did not even know how to throw a b!ow nor have I ever fight before
Eight hours training can not be enough to train me as much as beating this muscular terrible looking men, I guess I will die at last
Episode 2
(re-ady to fight)
“Jug , jug” One of the b©dyguards of the handsome man said.
I haven’t even known the handsome man’s name yet , I hope I find out soon.
As soon as I was driven to his house , without letting me enter the room, I was taking to a very large field at the backyard If the house and the two b©dyguards stood before me jugging and commanding me to do the same.
I start to jug and really; I was enjoying it just that I can never defear these two men at once. Never!
“Your hands sideways ” The shorter one said and I obliged as I jog
After series of press-ups , I wasn’t tired actually but it seems they thought I was.
“I think you should rest” The taller one said and I nodded and pretend to be tired also.
I sat at the floor levelled with gras-s and they did the same.
“Boss said your name is Jessica , right? ” The taller one asked and I nodded.
He sh0t me a pathetic look and looked at his friend. They both shook their head.
I wonder why they are feeling sorry for me.
“Well,I’m Ronald , my friend here is Ryan” The taller one said and I nodded.
‘Nice meeting you” I said feeling a bit free for the first time after five years.
“You see, I feel sorry for you that you will die after eight hours, if we did not defeat you, I did not know what boss may do to us ” Ronald said.
“Let the training continue ,I’ve always believed in myself and my strength. I may be a lady , but I’m capable. I’m strong. I’ve gone throu-gh hell in my uncle’s place yet I chose not to give up , I can’t give up here also” I said boldly and they chuckled sarcastically at the same time.
“Funny you , Jessica. Firstly , you did not expect us to teach all you nee-d to know , secondly ,it’s impossible for you to learn and master all fighting skills in just eight hours. Whatever you are visualizing might only happen in dream because we will beat you hands down ” Ronald said.
“Did you even know that the two of us will be fighting with you at the same time, start preparing for your death , Jessica ” Ryan added and I stood suddenly.
“Can I have your phone?” I asked Ryan and he looked at Ronald first before giving me.
I collected it and walked few distance from them , they know fully well that I dare not try to run away lest they pu-ll a bullet to my head because they are always with gun.
They continued chatting while I browsed ‘how to fight well’ on google. I squatted to the floor for three hours learning all the theoretical aspect of ‘how to fight well’ on Google as much as I can.
One special gift I have since I was young is the ability to learn as fast as I can.
I had re-ad as many articles as possible on google.
I then opened the YouTube application and began to download videos that teaches how to fight. I began to practice for another two hours while Ronald and Ryan just kept watching me dramatically.
They do not even bother teaching me anything again , they were just watching my act that they thought was foolish but to me ,it’s wise.
I start to practice as I watch the YouTube videos I will watch the videos for minutes , then practice. I had learnt many fighting tactics but then , I realized that I had not learnt the use of gun.
When the handsome man was talking , he said they live by this and he raised the gun , which implies: he meant, they live by the gun.
I wonder what he really meant by that , he even said they can die anytime.
Oh my days! Handsome men ha-rd ly exist this days , how can anyone kill that very handsome man , never!
I began to practice , when it was one hour left to complete eight hours,Ronald and Ryan walked to me
“Let’s do the training , even though whatever training we do now is just formality but let’s do it still anyways. ” Ronald said and I sm-irked.
I would have said I’m no more interested but I do not want to prove ‘I too know’
“Okay” I said and they began to teach me reluctantly where as , I was watching their fighting skills.
At exactly eight hours, a bell rang and a car drove in. A man stepped down , oh my! It’s that handsome man.
How in the world can someone be this beautiful? How? I ask how?
No one to answer me , though. I’m just being so inquisitive ,he’s just so alluring. If he k!ssany lady ,I’m sure that lady will faints as a result of shock and plea-sure.
Aw! See hisl-ips! so so S-xy
“The bell has rang ,right hours has clocked” He said and leaned to his very exorbitant car.
“Fight” He said and held his gun by the right hand as if re-ady to shoot any time.
Ronald and Ryan stood in their fighting position before me while I courageously maintain my fighting position re-ady to fight them.
Episode 3
(What should I do?)
^ Jessica^
Ronald charged at me firstly and I was quic-k enough to guide it , I gave him an upper punch in his chin and he gro-an ed a bit. I know he wasn’t expecting me to use that tactics.
Ryan had charged at me also but I was quic-k enough to s£nd him a two resounding kicks on his n£¢k.
I realize that the fight might take longer than expected and they may even end up beating me , but If I’m smart they wouldn’t.
I had alre-ady learnt that the best way to defeat people is to attack their s-en-sitive [email protected] Before Ryan could stand up , I jumped on him and and kicked his ‘thing’ so ha-rd . He screamed out loud and was f0rç£ to loose consciousness for a while.
I could see the look of shock in Ronald’s face l. He positioned himself well this time and pounced at me with a different tactic , his heavy b!ow s£nt me knocking to the floor
My head ached seriously , before he could come over to my laying state , I stood and pretended to be weak but I was so strong on the inside. He loose guard a little since he now saw how I was doing like I would faint anytime soon
To him , he just nee-d to give me one or two b!ows and I would faint. However , I s£nt him a straight sudden kick in his n£¢k and he choked before he fell.
I raised my two hands up victoriously and my face darted at the handsome man who was still leaning to his car with the gun in his hand.
He [email protected] and took few steps towards where I had just fought with Ronald and Ryan
“Quiet incredible that you could beat this men” He said and I lowered my head in honour
I was so happy and glad for believing in myself.
“Follow me” He said and I obliged.
I’m still very curious to know his name , I summoned courage and asked him “what’s…your name , Sir?”
He paused and looked at me.
He sh0t me an angry look that still looked handsome anyway.
“I nee-d to give you new set of rules. How dare you ask of my name? Seems you did not know me , just because you win the first stage battle ,you think you can now speak to me freely” He said and looked away and I was both shocked and disappointed.
“My name is Donald ” He said and walked inside while I followed.
“There are people that are consistently after me , I nee-d you to be loyal and guard me with all your strength” Donald said sitting comfortably at the chair in the living room while I stood before him like a servant standing before his master.
“I will do all my best to guard you , sir ” I said.
“Your voice disgust me… Don’t ever speak in this house again, cleared?” He asked and I nodded.
How is that possible? When I’m not a dumb or something. …what exactly is disgusting him in my voice.
“You nee-d to learn to use this gun and shoot it ” He said and looked at his gun like a girl looking at her teddy bear
He took me to an open space room and began to teach me how to shoot, I learnt it well but the sweetest [email protected] of the training was when he held my hand with the pistol.
My head st©pped working and my whole b©dy freeze, I can’t believe he is using his very beautiful hand to t©uçh mine.
I start to hope and pray that he doesn’t take his hand off my hand because I like every bit of it. I wish he can just hold my hand and k!ssthem…I may faint though.
After the training , he went to the sink and washed his hand well.
“I nee-d to wash my hand because I’ve t©uçhed your filthy hand ” He said as if he knew that I was curious as to why he was washing his hand.
I went to the sink and washed my hand also…I nee-d to wash his beautiful hand away from my hand too.
“What are you trying to do?” He asked but since he said I couldn’t speak , I snubbe-d him.
“Are you deaf , I said what are you trying to do?” He barked angrily and quic-kly directed his gun at me like someone that wanted to shoot an enemy.
Wait! Has this handsome man forgotten that he said i must not talk.
If I talk, I disobey the rules , he shoot me.
If i did not talk , he will think I’m rude and still shoot me
What should I do now?
Episode 4
(Shoot your leg)
^ Jessica ^
“Huhhhmmmm” I closed my mouth trying to communicate to him that he was the one that said I mustn’t speak.
“Truth, I said you must not speak” He said like someone that just remembered the rules he gave me and walked out.
I exhaled and felt relax. He could have sh0t me…why is he always threatening me with gun, what if he mistakenly shoots me someday.
Well, I’m not dying anytime soon, though. I walked out also feeling happy that I now know how to use gun but I won’t use mine to kill , I will only use it to guard him.
I walked to the living room and I saw him [email protected]£ from the dinning , he threw a gun at me and I was quic-k enough to catch it.
“It’s yours now , take good care of it” He said and walked out.
I wish I can threaten him too, I will just point the gun at him and tell him to do what I wish but I’m scared of what he may do afterwards. .
It’s better I just follow all rules here before he b!ows my head up.
We both walked inside his exorbitant car very early in the morning. Donald and I were dressing very beautiful.
I do not know where he is taking us to, I would have ask but I’d being ordered not to speak.
He drove the car himself to a very decent house ,though small but still beautiful.
“Wait here ” He said and walked inside.
“Wait where? I’m not waiting anywhere! ”  I thought and watched him enter the house then I stepped down from the car.
I ti-p toed so he wouldn’t know that I’m following him , I nee-d to know what’s going on inside there.
I finally get to the window to the house and it”s transparent enough to see what is going on inside , they might see me also , so I bent and peeped.
Donald entered and two men who were sitting but smoking welcomed him in a thick voice.
Donald sat and placed a white substance on the table. “The money ” He said and those guys took a look at the white substance , they even tasted it.
“Good!” The second bald headed man said and brou-ght out a briefcase full of money beside him.
He placed it on the table. Donald confirmed the originality of the money after opening the briefcase , he closed it back , stood without saying anymore word and took few steps to leave.
Surprisingly , I saw that ugly bald headed man re-move a gun from his pocket re-ady and directed it towards my handsome Donald
I nee-d no one to tell me that he is about to shoot Donald. I brou-ght my gun out immediately and fired his filthy hand then ran away to the car.
I hope Donald doesn’t see me but I just saved him anyways.
Less than 30 seconds after I had entered the car , I saw Donald ran towards the car with full speed. Without saying a word , he kicked off the car and drove away.
I would have asked what happened but he had ordered me not to speak.
As soon as we get home , he rested his head on the wheel of the car like someone feeling relaxed that he had just escaped.
I guess he didn’t know that I even saved him.
“I was almost sh0t dead over there and you wouldn’t even protect me” He accused me.
What’s wrong with this handsome man? Isn’t he the one that said I must not leave the car.
I wish I can just talk and remind him because it seems he forget what he says often.
“I nee-d to teach you some lesson so you can learn to protect me next time” He said and stepped down from the car and I did the same
After we walked a few distance from the car, “where is your gun?”
I raised my gun up to him.
He stretched his gun at me and said “Shoot your leg or I b!ow your head off”
Huh? Shoot my leg for what? After I have even saved you and you did not know.
How will I even tell him now?

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