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Golden high Episode 61 & 62

( High School [email protected]ç£)
Chapter 61
By: Summer Gold
“ Where thefu-ck are they?? Most students are leaving alre-ady ” Noah said
“ I think I know where they are,,, rooft©p. I saw the message on Michael’s phone ” Ethan said
“ Okay,,Ethan and I will go and call them ” Gavin said and they nodded
They both got up and went there,, they opened the door and met Michael sitting alone with his face buried
“ Is he slee-ping or what ” Gavin chucked and tapped him
“ Lisa?? ” he called and immediately looked up but was disappointed to see his friends
“ What the hell happened!! You’re in tears?? ” Gavin almost shouted
“ What happened to Lisa?? ” Ethan asked
“ She’s,, mad at me. She’s really mad at me,,and ,,I feel like am going to ,loose her,,,I won’t be able to take her ” he said and wipe his tears
“ You guys are cool right?? Then what happened,, why is she mad at you ” Gavin asked
“ I really messed up ” Michael said
“ How?? ” they asked at the same time
“ I k!$$£d Sofia ” he replied
“ What?!!! ” They shouted at the same time
“ What thefu-ck were you thinking when you k!$$£d her?? Did she s£dûç£you or something?? ” Ethan asked
“ You know even if she s£dûç£me,I won’t fall for that. But,,, it’s just,,complicated, am so stupid. If I didn’t k!ssher,,she’s still going to hurt Lisa,,I shouldn’t have gave in,,,am so stupid. Now she’s mad at me,,she said she hate me ,,she called me a liar,,, ” Michael said
“ It’s okay,,,,st©p talking. She should know you can’t do that because you really want to hurt her,,” Gavin scoffed..
“ No,,it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault,,, I just hope she forgives me,I can’t live without her ” Michael said
Gavin and Ethan stared at each other and then back to him,,
“ Let’s go to the dorm,,it’s really cold here. You’re almost freezing,, let’s go ” Ethan said and he got up
“ Just take heart,, she’s going to come around soon ” Gavin pat his back as they got back into the cafeteria
“ Michael! ” Sharon half yelled and rushed to him immediately she saw his face
“ Am fine ” he said and looked away
Sharon scoffed and gr-ab his hand,,she took him out of the cafeteria.
“ You cried,, why?? ” she asked almost in tears,,
“ No I didn’t,,, ”
“ Don’t lie to me,,did something happen between you and Lisa?? ” Sharon asked
He sighed and explained everything to her,,
“ That’s bad,,you’re really at fault brother. But,,,she should un-derstand and at least listen to going to talk to her though,, ” She said
“ Am really hurt,,I saw her crying because of me,,I feel so bad ” Michael said sadly and Sharon pu-ll-ed Him into a warm hvg
Sharon entered the dorm and met Lisa in tears,,she sighed and sat down on the ground beside her.
“ I know he hurt you,,, but he love you. It’s not entirely his fault even though he acted dumb,,,, ”
“ I don’t care,,, ” Lisa cut her off
“ Okay fine,,, but,,,you two just have to make things up and get over it. It’s you he loves, not Sofia. Just trust him ” Sharon said
“ Trust?? He’s just a cheater and a liar ” Lisa said in tears
“ Lisa no,,, that’s my brother,mind what you’re saying. He will never do anything to hurt you Lisa,,, he’s not a cheater neither is he a liar. I won’t take that from you,,, ”
“ I don’t care either Sharon, ” she said and climb the be-d
She covered her face in the pillow and sle-pt off
“ Wow,it’s really beautiful!! ”
“ So clas-sic,,wow,,now am jealous ”
“ Michael look like an Angel on earth,, ”
“ Can’t st©p falling in love with these too,,wow ”
The students murmured as they checked out the new school cover,, Michael And Hazel.
They were dressed neatly and each carrying some text,,their backs tou-ching each other. It look really beautiful and for the fact that they both have beautiful faces made it more clas-sic
“ It’s no more Vanessa,, that’s awesome. I prefer Hazel to Vanessa. She’s more brilliant and beautiful too ”
More murmurs from the students
“ Wow,Lisa look at that,, isn’t it amazing?? Michael look so h0t in there,,” Florence said
Lisa looked up and just walked away ,,,Florence and Lily ran after her
“ Okay,,I must say. You’re taking this too far,,do you wanna break up with him now or what?? Just because Sofia f0rç£d him to k!ssher?? You’re only ma-king it easier for Sofia. And you see now,,, Sharon is even mad at you because you called her brother a cheater,,is it up to that?? ” Lily asked
“ You guys should just go away and leave me alone,, do you get that?? ” she said and walked off.
She suddenly bu-mped into someone and she looked up,,it turn out to be Michael. They both stood still,,,
It’s almost the end of the day and they’ve not spoken to each other,,,
She looked away and walked out of his sight,, Michael immediately st©pped her and held her hand.
“ Don’t t©uçh me,,” she snapped and threw his hand off
“ Lisa am sorry,,just forgive me. Am really sorry ” Michael pleaded
“ Can I go now? ” She said
“ Sweetheart,,,, you know I will never do anything to hurt you. I won’t do that,, ”
“ Don’t ignore me plea-se,, it hurt ” Michael said and hold her hand again
“ I love you so much,,, ”
Lisa only kept quiet,, she’s trying really ha-rd to be mad at him but it seem impossible, she’s really stuck with him and she knew that.
But right now,,she nee-d to be alone and just forget about him.
“ Fine,,,,,, but I want to be alone. Okay?? Can you leave my hand?? ” She asked
“ You’ve forgiven me?? ” he asked
“ Just let go of my hand!!! ” she yelled and walked away.
Michael stared at her as she walled,,he sighed sadly.
“ Did something happen between you guys?? ” A voice asked behind him and he turned back
Sofia smiled at him,,,
“ This is all your fault ” He said
“ How is it my fault?? How did she even know about it?? ” she scoffed
“ Avoid me now Sofia,, I may do something you won’t like if I see you. Just avoid me,,do you get that!! ” He yelled angrily and pushed her out of the way
She almost fell,,
“ What thefu-ck?? ” She gro-an ed
“ Are you okay?? ” A hand tapped Lisa as she la-id her head on the desk. She was the only one in clas-s,,,
She looked up and faced Rowan,,
“ I guess you had a fight with your b©yfri£nd” He said with a sm-irk and sat down
“ So what?? ”
“ You can just come to me,I will make you feel better ” he whispered
“ That won’t happen,, I love him. Do you get that,, you should just clear the ru-bbish in your [email protected],it’s never gonna happen. ” she said
“ You keep on getting sad ,,,,,” he was shocked when Lisa hvgged him and rest her head in her che-st.
“ What are you doing?? ” he asked
“ Just stay still and keep quiet ” she snapped
That was when he noticed Michael standing just at the clas-s entrance,,,
Good pla-y,,he smiled and hvgged her back patting her back lightly.
Michael who was watching them turned back and walked away,,,his hand ti-ght£ñed up in an angry fist,,,
“ Hey Michael,, you’ve,,,,,, ” Gavin was talking but he cut him off
“Not in the mood ” he snapped and walked off
Lisa immediately pushed Rowan away from herself,,,
“ That was nothing, do you get that! ” She shouted
Rowan let out a fake smile and nodded before going out of the clas-s.
Chapter 62
“ Hey Lisa,,come on let’s go and eat something before the rehearsal starts,am starving ” Florence said
“ Yeah me too ” Lily said tou-ching her belly
Lisa nodded and dropped her stuffs into her locket,,she got up and they all walked out together.
“ You and Sharon should make things up ,,,it’s not cute ” Lily said
“ And Michael too,,he’s a mess alre-ady ” Florence said
They took their order and went to find a table,, Lisa sight Sofia and Vanessa eating and they made eye contact,, Sofia smiled at her with a little sm-irk.
“ bit-ch ” Lisa murmured and sat down
“ What did you say?? ” Lily asked
“ Nothing ” she replied and started eating
Ethan and Noah soon joined them,,Noah pe-cked Lily’s cheek before sitting down ma-king her blush,,
“ What about Gavin?? ” Lily asked
“ He’s with Sharon,, those two are pla-ying their lovey dovey ” Noah replied.
“ And Michael?? ” Florence asked
“ we don’t know,,, we’ve checked almost everywhere in school but he’s not there. ” Ethan replied and took a glance at Lisa who only eat in silence
“ He should come back before am done eating, I can’t go to that rehearsal without him. ” Noah said
“ He’s your b©dyguard or what ” Lily scoffed
“ Oh,,he’s here ” Florence suddenly said and they all looked up
He look so we-t,,his hair down to his face,,like he washed his face.
“ Where thefu-ck are you coming from?? ” Ethan asked
“ Nowhere,,,Hey are you done?? We should leave now ” Michael said to Noah
“ Are you okay?? Why is your hair dripping we-t?? And why the hell are you hiding your hand,,did you steal something or what?? ” Noah asked
“ It’s nothing,,,,, ” He replied
“ Oh my God!! Mich!! ” Florence screamed and gr-ab his hand and raised it up,,,it was dripping with blood even after washing it.
“ Geez,,,what,,, the hell ” Ethan and Noah said at the same time
Lily [email protected] and turned to Lisa who was also shocked to see his hand,,,
“ It’s okay,,,I don’t know why the blood keep on coming out after cleaning it,,,” He said with a smile and Took his hand from Florence.
“ Some,, glas-ses are in there,,,, you’re gonna get hurt if you don’t treat it ” Lily said
“ Glas-ses?? Which glas-s did you punch this time?? ” Ethan asked with a sigh
“ Restroom ” He murmured and walked away
“ Bye,,see you later ” Noah got up and ran after him
“ I lost my appetite ” Ethan said and stood up but then turn back to Lisa,,
“ Do you even have any idea how much he love you?? I guess you don’t,,, he did something wrong and he apologized, what else do you want?? If I am as handsome as he is,,trust me,,am gonnafu-ck all the girls flir-ting with me,,but Michael is different. And you still called him a cheater?? You sure don’t know who a cheater is,,you should just go and talk to him before he hurt himself more. ” Ethan said and walked out.
“ Ethan is right,, it’s ha-rd to see a handsome dude who’s not afu-cking pla-yer,,,so just get off it alre-ady. You’re hurting him,,,,,unless you want someone else to take your position. You see those girls giving him stares? They won’t hesitate before gr-abbing it,,and don’t even think Rowan is gonna love you as much as Michael. I don’t trust that guy,,,” Lily said and continue eating.
Lisa got up and walked out of the cafeteria,,
“ She’s really hurt,,I’ve never seen them fighting and not getting back together before 1 hour. Why is this one different?? ” Florence sighed
“ I guess it’s because Sofia is involved,, the bit-ch keep on telling Lisa she’s gonna k!ssMichael,,and she succeeded, that’s why Lisa is hurt. But am sure that’s enough alre-ady, ” Lily replied
“ Where is she going?? The rehearsal is starting in few minutes ” Florence said
Michael and Noah sat down quietly which is unusual, by now they would have messed with each other and laugh. Noah keep on starring at Michael,he was not smiling,it’s not the Michael he know.
He looked up and saw Sofia walking toward them,,what is she planning this time??
“ Hey Michael we have to,,,,,,,” She st©pped when she noticed Michael’s hand
“ Your,,hand ” She said
“ I told you to avoid me,,didn’t I?!! ” he yelled and Sofia scoffed
“ Am sure gonna avoid you,,,but you’re hurt ” she said worriedly
“ it’s non of your business Sofia ” Michael replied
She walked away and Michael sighed,,
“ You should really get it treated ” Noah said
“ Am fine,,,, ” he replied and was shocked to see Sofia coming with the first aid box
“ Am going to avoid you after this,,am helping you because I won’t be able to act well if I keep on seeing your blood,,and besides you told me it’s my fault ” Sofia said with an eye roll and get on her kneels ,,,she hold his bloody hand and get to work
Michael didn’t say anything,,,, he was looking at her as she did everything.
“ Gosh it stings ” he gro-an ed
“ Wow,,that’s amazing. Where did you learn that?? ” Noah asked
“ We always do this in my ex school,, I guess am good in it ” Sofia replied
“ All done ” She said and got up
“ the rehearsal is about to start ” Noah said
Michael immediately gr-ab Sofia’s hand and took her to somewhere silent
“ What are you doing?? ” She asked
“ listen,, we are going to tell the instructor right now that we’ve both agreed that we don’t nee-d to practice the k!ssscene,, we don’t nee-d any rehearsal on that ” Michael said
“ okay,, deal,,but I won’t avoid you anymore ” she said in a pleading tone
“ Just do what I said,, and I will think about it ” he said
“ fine,,no k!ss” she said and they moved closer to others.
Michael la-id his head on the table in the [email protected], he felt sleepy while re-ading a novel,the novel fell to the floor. He didn’t bother to take it,,he just closed his eyes and sle-pt off.
Lisa entered and met him that way,,she picked up the novel and dropped it on the table. She saw his hand alre-ady taken care of,,,,
He opened his eyes and saw her,,,he raised his head up and stared straight into her beautiful eyes.
She took herl-ips in and looked away,,
“ Sweetheart,,, ” he finally called
Lisa cleared her throat,,, she moved away from him and went on to pick some books she [email protected]£ for ,,she was about going out when Michael pu-ll-ed her back.
“ let go of me Michael ” She said
“ Sweetheart am sorry,,,, why is it so ha-rd for you to forgive me?? I swear I didn’t k!ssher because I wanted to,, you know I will never do that to you,,,,,, it’s just complicated and I have to do it. Am really sorry,,, ” he said
“ fine,,,,,” she said
“ am I forgiven?? ”
She nodded,, and he pu-ll-ed her closer to k!ssher but she avoid hisl-ips and it landed on her cheek.
“ Sweetheart,,,,, ”
“ no,,, ” she snapped
“ can I at least get a hvg?? I really nee-d it,,, ”
“ no,,I nee-d to go ” she said and walked out
Michael stood there in surprise,,, he was hurt and sad at the same time,, what is she doing?? It’s too much for him to hold,,she’s really punishing him ,,did he hurt her that much that she’s doing this???
Why does his heart feel so much pain?? A tear dropped from his eyes,
Hazel suddenly ran in,,,she doesn’t seem to notice him. She get hold of a text and almost ran out when she saw Michael standing,,, with a red eyes.
“ Michael,, are you,,,,,,, ” she was interrupted with the way he pu-ll-ed her to himself and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
What the hell is wrong?? She thought,but she hvgged him back anyway.

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