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Ghost wedding batch 1

Episode One
By: Alfred Wysdom (Mr. Suspense)
“It’s been five years after graduation Sonia, and I’m glad we are both gainfully employed. I brou-ght you here to profess my undying love for you and how I want us to be together forever. Even in death and in the world to come, I will always love you. plea-se Sonia, be my wife”.
Steve brou-ght out an engagement ring 💍 and held Sonia’s left hand kneeling down. There was this beautiful smile on her face as she held unto Steve’s hand.
“You know Steve, there can’t be a no for an answer. It will always be yes, I have waited for this day to come. You are my dream come true, I will be a complete woman spending the rest of my life with you. Yes I will be your wife Stephen, in life or in death, I will marry you”.
Sonia responded to Steve’s proposal as he placed the ring in her index f!nger and they both k!$$£d.
Sonia got home, more excited than usual. Her mother noticed the excitement and decided to ask.
“My queen Sonia, this smiles in your face today is much. I know you and I know there’s something to it. Has Stephen proposed to you?”.
“Mummy, you know most times I wonder why you weren’t a prophetess”.
Sonia got up from where she sat, walked to her mom and showed her the ring in her left index f!nger.
“Yes mummy, Steve proposed to me this evening and with all joy in accepted”. Sonia said in a very exciting way.
“Come here baby, I’m so happy for you”.
Sonia moved to her mother as she gave her a good hvg and gave her some words of encouragement, advise and prayers. Then Sonia went to the kitchen to make dinner.
Steve lives with his mother, younger brother and sister. His father is late. His mother was in the sitting room watching a movie when he walked in, also excited. He went straight to the couch the mom was sitting and sat very close to her.
“You look very excited son, what has Sonia given to you today?”.
“She gave me more than I could ever imagine mom, Sonia is the best thing to have happened to me on planet earth. She accepted my proposal to marry her”.
“Oh! So happy for you my king, I had prayed for this day earnestly. Your father is not alive to witness this, but I know wherever he is, he will be happy for you. Congratulations son”. Said Steve’s excited mother with tears in her eyes.
“Thank you mummy, st©p crying. I un-derstand the feelings, you have been the best mother ever. I will always love and cherish you”.
She held Steve by the hand, gave him a hvg and blessed him. Then Steve went to his room.
Two days after the proposal, Sonia and Steve met at their usual joint for an evening hang out.
“Baby, you nee-d to see how excited my mum was when I told her about your proposal. She couldn’t hold back her joy, she gave me blessings upon blessings”. Sonia said.
“Same with my mum, she was even shedding tears of joy giving me words of encouragement and blessings. I’m glad we will finally be together as one forever”. Steve said holding Sonia close to him. And then continued his conversation.
“Baby, I want us to just travel out of town for some days. Let’s just go somewhere and have a different view of life. I don’t want us to fly this time, let’s go by road. Experience nature and it’s beauty”. Steve suggested.
“Wherever you go, I will go. Whatever you do, I will do. Your people shall be my people, where you die, I will die and there I will be buried. Your wish is my command”. Sonia responded.
“Thank you baby, this union will have no end. It started like a joke when we were kids, here we are trying to solidify it and make it permanent. I will love you till the end of time”.
Sonia, with tears in her eyes. “Same here honey, I will love you as long as I live. Nothing will ever change my love for you”.
It was a good time with the love birds, after they were done. Steve drove Sonia home and then went home.
Sonia got home, told her mother about their proposed journey. Her siblings were there as well when she told her mum about it. But her brother Henry had a different feeling towards the journey.
“Do you guys have to travel? Why not stay in town and catch all your fun. There are many beautiful places here to see nature if that’s what you guys want”. Said Henry Sonia’s elder brother.
“Big brother, there’s nothing wrong in us experiencing something new na. It’s going to be for just few days”. Replied Sonia.
“I know, just that I’m indifferent about this, I wish you guys will listen to me”.
“Henry, just allow your sister and her man to do what they want. I un-derstand the feelings both of them have at moment, allow them to express it. I will tell your father when he returns.”. Sonia’s mother advised.
“Thank you mummy, you are just the best”. An excited Sonia said.
In Steve’s house, the younger sister also had same indifferent feeling about the proposed journey, but Steve was adamant and insisted they must travel.
Episode 2
It was a cold evening in the city, Mr. Tony, Sonia’s father had just returned from work. He was served his meal by his wife and Sonia. When he was done eating, he called everyone together for a family discussion.
“Good meal as always, thank you my dear wife and daughter”. He said in appreciation, then continued.
“Sonia, I learnt you embarking on a sightseeing journey with Steve?”.
“Yes dad, we decided to just leave town for some days, since we are both on leave”. Sonia responded decently.
Mr. Tony clears his voice. “There’s nothing wrong in what you both have agreed, all I can say here is you two have to be very prayerful. You know the days are evil, make sure you pray before embarking on the journey”.
“Yes dad, we will certainly do that, just that Henry is trying to put fears into me. He keeps saying he is having a different feeling towards our proposed journey. And he is so serious about it”. A worried Sonia said.
Dad, turned towards Henry. “Just wish them well son, I know your feelings most times over things like this are real. But in this case, they will go and return”.
Henry, nodding his head in disbelief. “Dad, mum, Sonia. It’s not as if I do not want Sonia and Steve to travel, why should I st©p their journey? But what I’m saying here is I don’t even un-derstand the feelings myself. It keeps coming stronger and stronger by the day. The more I try to wave it aside, the stranger it comes. I wish you guys would just listen to me”. Sonia broke down into tears as he was talking and the mum drew her close to herself to console her.
“Enough of this Henry, st©p putting fears into everyone. We have told you nothing is going to happen to them”. (She held Sonia’s hand and prayed for her).
Mr. Tony reasoned with his son and tried to convince Sonia to have a change of mind over the proposed journey, but she had her mind made up alre-ady. The father was left with no option order than to give her his blessings and words of prayers.
“I can see you alre-ady have your mind made up Sonia?”. Said Mr. Tony.
Sonia, still lying on the mother’s [email protected] spoke with a shaky voice.
“Yes dad, Henry should st©p putting fears into everyone. Steve and I will go and return, nothing will happen to us”.
“Amen, nothing will happen to them. I don’t know why Henry won’t just do away with this negative thoughts in him”. Sonia’s mother agreed with her.
“I would have suggested you guys postpone the journey for now, but since you’ve both made up your minds, you shall go and return. The roads will be free of all evil for your sake, the Lord shall go before and after you. It shall be well with you?”.
And everyone echoed amen, including Henry.
In Steve’s house was same argument going on, he had the mother’s support. But his younger sister was a big opposing factor.
“Mummy, I have said it before and will say it again. Only if big brother will listen to me and postpone this journey, I don’t just un-derstand it myself. It is an unusual feelings I’m having, never had it this strong before”. Abigail, Steve’s younger sister said.
“Abigael, forget this feelings of yours. Your brother and his fiancee will go and return. All we nee-d do is pray for them, I equally have a strong feeling that they will go and return. Don’t always be pessimistic about certain things”. Steve’s mother cautioned Abigail.
“Mummy don’t mind her, always believing every negative thought that comes to her. Mum, our journey will be tomorrow morning”.
“It’s okay baby boy, the good Lord will go before and after you guys. No evil shall come near you and Sonia, every evil thoughts and plans of the enemies is hereby aborted. You shall go and return, it shall be well with you”.
Everyone, including Abigail echoed amen. But Abigael’s countenance still showed her disbelief in the proposed journey.
– Next Morning –
All was set for the journey, Sonia was alre-ady dressed with her bag close to her as she sat waiting for Steve who will come with a cab to drive them to the garage. Henry sat just opposite Sonia, looking at her, wishing she would have a change of mind.
Abigael on the other hand tried st©pping Steve from leaving the house, as she held unto his bag crying.
“Abigail, what is wrong with you? Why are you ma-king this look like your brother is going to die? Will you let go of his bag?”. Said Steve’s angry mum.
“Mummy, only if you know the dream I had last night. You won’t let Steve embark on this journey, the dream seem so real. Mummy, plea-se tell him not to go”. She cried the more still holding unto his bag.
“We have prayed against whatever dream you had, plea-se leave his bag and let him go”.
Abigail still held unto the bag, but the mother f0rç£fully pu-ll-ed her hands off the bag and asked Steve to go.
“Safe journey big brother, I wish you will listen to me. May God be with you. With these feelings of mine, I know dad wouldn’t have allowed you travel if he was alive. Safe journey big brother”. Abigail said as Steve walked out of the house.
“Thank you baby sister, I’ll get you some goodies when coming back”. Steve responded as he left the house.
-Sonia’s House –
Steve got to Sonia’s house to meet everyone in the sitting room waiting for him. As soon as Steve got into the house, Sonia [email protected]£ suddenly pressed. Then she rushed in to use the restroom, it took her close to twenty minutes before she was done.
While others were waiting, Henry told Steve about his feelings and advised if they would suspend the journey.
“I had a terrible dream last night about this journey, I just wish you guys will suspend it for now”.
“You talk like my sister, she has been against this journey from day one. She said while I was about leaving the house that she had a terrible dream just to discourage me from traveling. I know she’s missing me alre-ady. Nothing will happen Henry, we shall go and return”.
“Yes, nothing will happen. Forget Henry and his negative thoughts”. Said Sonia’s mother.
When Sonia was out of the restroom, the father prayed for them once again and they both left the house after the prayers. Henry sadly walked into his room.
Sonia and Steve got to the garage, paid for their seats in an eighteen seater Toyota Hiace bus. It took the bus another twenty minutes before it got filled up and then they hit the road.
Episode 3
The bus had taken off after thirty minutes, Sonia and Steve sat at the middle seat of three pas-s£ngers. She leaned on Steve as they were noticed by other pas-s£ngers to be two love birds.
Next to them was a younger man, who was busy with his phone. But would raise his head once in awhile to look at them pla-ying.
Two pas-s£ngers sat in front with the driver, a male and female. They pas-s£ngers noticed the driver kept loosing control of the vehicle, he dozes off and tries to get hold of himself.
It happened for the third time, then the pas-s£ngers at the front seat cautioned the driver.
“Oga, you know say na human beings you carry so abi? Abeg, if sleep dey catch you, just park one side and sleep small. No carry us dey take this kind risk abeg”. The male pas-s£nger in front cautioned the driver as other pas-s£ngers including Sonia and Steve also spoke. The driver as-sured them of their safety, that he was going to be more careful.
It was de-ep into the journey, most pas-s£ngers had sle-pt off. Sonia also was asleep lying on Steve’s [email protected] The pas-s£nger next to them also dozes at interval, but Steve was awake observing the movement of the vehicle.
He flashed back to the incidents that took place at home, his sister’s warnings over the journey. Sonia’s brother’s warnings as well, but he decided to take his mind off it and focus on the journey.
The two pas-s£ngers at the front seat also had dozed off, virtually everyone in the vehicle were de-eply asleep. Only Steve kept watch to monitor the movement of the vehicle. But he was far from noticing if the driver dozes or not.
It was a three hours journey, and they had travelled one and a half hours when tragedy struck. The driver dozed off this time around and the vehicle lost control, swapping from one end of the road to the other. Steve quic-kly got up and raised an alarm and other pas-s£ngers woke up. The vehicle was driving on a flyover at the time, before the driver could get hold of the steering to control the vehicle. It had fallen from up the flyover and was rolling to hit the ground. The young man who sat next to Steve and Sonia was able to jump out from the window, but before others could find their way out, the bus landed on the ground with a heavy f0rç£ and a petrol tanker driving along the road the bus landed crushed it the more and it went into flames. Burning everyone and everything that was in it, leaving nothing to trace the victims families. Everyone including Steve and Sonia.
The only survivors were the young man that sat next to Steve and Sonia and two others that were lucky to be thrown out before the bus landed. Every other pas-s£nger were crushed and burnt beyond recognition. The injured ones who were rushed to the hospital medical attention.
A team of medical experts and men of the fire service arrived the scene of the accident within few minutes it occurred. After the fire had been put off, the casualties were evacuated and were given mas-s burial.
Announcements were made on television stations, radio stations and newspaper for families who relatives embarked on a journey on the said [email protected]£ of the accident to put a call across to their loved ones to know how they were faring.
Sonia’s mother put a call across to her and she answered and told her she was fine with Steve.
“I saw in the news an accident occurred, hope it wasn’t your vehicle?”. Asked Sonia’s mother.
“No mum, it wasn’t. Steve and I are safe, we just arrived our destination. But we will be back earlier than proposed”. Replied Sonia.
“That’s okay my love, I’ve been worried. You know your brother put fear into everyone?”.
“We are fine mum, regards to Henry, I have to go now. I’ll talk to you much later”. Before the mom could respond, she ended the call.
Steve’s parents on the other hand called and he answered as well to as-sure them he was doing fine with Sonia.
Henry, Sonia’s brother was in his room slee-ping when all of a sudden his door opened. Cold shivers ran down his spine as he watches in great fear, he was still busy with his phone at the time and was about to go to sleep. While he watches in great shock, someone walked into his room wearing a white apparel and looked more like Sonia. She stood by the door and spoke to Henry.
“My fiancee and I will soon return, we shall be back earlier than proposed. Something [email protected]£ up and we must return to attend to it and then prepare for our wedding. We are safe and okay where we are now, our journey was smooth”. She said walking away throu-gh the door, Henry tried st©pping her to ask questions. But she was gone before he could say a word and then the door closed again on it’s own.
Henry sat on the be-d shivering, he couldn’t should or call the attention of his parents. He remained the way he was until his mom walked in at dawn to call him for morning devotion.
Steve on the other hand appeared to his sister and gave her same message Sonia gave to Henry. Abigail was able to scream and that drew the attention of her mother who rushed to her room to find out what the problem was.
“What is it Abigail?”. She asked a shocked Abigail who just sat staring at her mother, unable to utter a word.
After the mom had tried to calm her down, she was able to say what she saw and heard Steve say.
“Mummy”. She screamed aloud still shivering. “I just saw Steve walked into my room”.
“You saw who? What is wrong with you Abigail? Were you dreaming or something?”. I just spoke with Steve about an hour ago, plea-se go back to your sleep. You must have been dreaming”. She said trying to walk away, but Abigail st©pped her.
“Mummy, I wasn’t dreaming, Steve even spoke to me saying they will soon be back for their marriage preparations and other things. He said they will return earlier than proposed and then he walked away. He was wearing a white apparel”. Sonia said.
“I called him and he told me same thing you just said, probably you overheard us discussing and started dreaming about it. I know you are missing your brother alre-ady, he will soon return”. She said and walked away, but Abigail unable to sleep alone ran after her to her room to stay the night.

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