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Fall in love with me Finale

{I hate love 😠, It’s too complicated 💔}
Chapter 3⃣2⃣
By Faith Godwin 🌺🌺
I went outside not just to cry but to think. I can’t believe i have another family [email protected] from my mum. I had wish of having a little sister but never knew i had one alre-ady.
“Hi Amora” I heard Alicia’s voice and I turn to see a beautiful teenager. Can’t believe this is my sister. So i actually have a little sister..Wow Life is so unpredictable.
“Hope you’re not angry at my mum for what she did” She asked
“plea-se forgive my mom,I never knew she has been hiding this for years. I’m just hearing it for the first time ” she said
“No Alicia I’m not angry over what your mum said but happy that she did what she did because it gave me a beautiful sister” I said and i found out she was blu-shing
“See who’s blu-shing” I said and she laugh
“Common Amor you’re ma-king me blush too much” She said and we both laugh
“So tell me what grade are you” I asked
“Em..I’m actually in my final year in high school” she said
“Wow look who’s becoming a big girl” I said and we laugh
“Well I’m on scholarsh!p,I would have been long done with high school but because of dad’s misfortune and death, I couldn’t so I sat for a scholarsh!pexam that made me start schooling again in Henderson highschool” she said
Wow…life must have been really bad for them since father died.
“Would you like to move to San Francisco with me?” I ask
“What? you want me to go with you? Who would reject a lifetime offer of leaving the countryside? Of course I’ll go with you” she said happily
“Then get re-ady cause I’m leaving in two days time” I said and she jump happily on me
“I’ve always wanted a big sister but I’m not gonna worry anymore cause i have one now” she said and i smiled
“I’ve always wanted a little sister too but now i have a beautiful and sweet little sister” I said
“Awwwwwn You’re ma-king me blush” she said closing her eyes
Wow finally even though all my dreams haven’t [email protected]£ throu-gh,I still have the ones that has come throu-gh and that I being a singer and having a little sister….
()() ROSELLA ()()
“You still don’t want to confess who s£nt you to kill Amora huh” I yell at Roger. I know he wouldn’t have killed someone if he wasn’t s£nt to do it.
“I’m not gonna spill a word,you can do your worse” He said still proving stubborn. This is thr third day since they were arrested and none of them are re-ady to spill a word.
“Well im gonna find out even if you don’t spill” I said as an idea [email protected]£ to me. I spat on his face before walking out of the torture room. I walk to the DPO office.
“I don’t think he’s re-ady to spill anything but I have an idea” I said
“What could that be?” He ask
“Where are the culprit’s phones, I really want to see their contacts to see the person they called the day my friend went missing” I said
“Yeah that’s right Ms,why didn’t I think of that earlier ” he said holding his head.
“Maybe you we’re occu-pied with a lot of things” I said
“Why didn’t you become a detective” he ask
“Oh plea-se I’m doing all these because the lady in question is my best friend and i don’t joke with her” I said
“Oh im sorry for asking though” he said
“plea-se bring in their phones let’s check it” I said
“I’ll s£nd it in right away” he said.
I’ve checked all Roger’s boys phone and I’ve called all the numbers they called the day Amora got missing and it was just ladies responding in a slutty way. I pick up Roger’s phone and started calling the numbers one after the other. When i got to the last number, i was tired alre-ady but it was just one number to go and I just have to call it. If it doesn’t have a clue, then I’ll have no choice but to use my smartness to bring words out of Roger’s mouth.
I dialed the number and put it on loud speaker as it rang and a lady’s voice [email protected]£ up…
“Hello Roger i thought I’ve paid you for a job well done. You’ve killed Amora alre-ady so why calling me again?” the familiar voice said.
Wow I guess I know who tried to kill my friend…
[][] NANA [][]
I was crying thinking about Amora as I have always done since she got missing. My only child is gone. What am i living for ? Davis left me for Emily after giving me this house. He neglected me for another woman after all we shared and now my only eyes is gone.
“Mum” I heard Amora’s voice. Have I start hearing things because my daughter has gone missing?
“You aren’t hearing things mum, I’m here” I heard again and i turn to see my daughter – Amora
“You aren’t dead, you’re alive. Amora you’re back to me” I said as she [email protected]£ to hvg me
“Yes im back mum” she said
“Where have you been?” I ask
“It’s a long story mum. I almost died but she saved my life” she said and pointed at the door and i saw a young girl come inside followed by someone i never thought would still exist till now…
Chapter 3⃣3⃣
}}} AMORA {{{
” I’m so sorry for all I’ve made you go throu-gh plea-se Nana forgive me” Alicia’s mum said
We left the countryside throu-gh ma’am Emily boat at night so no one would see me when i enter the city and I just have to visit my mum first so she would know that I’m alive.
“It’s okay Emily since you regretted what you did though. At least let’s put our past behind us and I don’t want to hold any grudges” mum said and I was all happy
“Thank you so much Nana,I’ve always known you to be a kind woman” Emily said
“You’re welcome and besides I haven’t ask about this pretty young lady ever since you [email protected]£” mum said smiling
“Mum she’s my sister” i said
“Your sister” mum said confused
“Well she’s my daughter” Emily said
“Wow she’s all grown now. She was still the baby in the wo-mb before I left then” mum said and we laugh
“Mum her name is Alicia and she’s my sister which obviously makes her your daughter too” I said
“I know dear, you don’t have to tell me because I’m old” mum said
“I’m just happy that the family is complete now, I have a younger sister and I’m now an artist” I said happily as we hvg each other in unity.
I guess my next visit is Rose’s house….
I was at the club drinking a bottle of vodka as the DJ blast the club with music. str!ppers were str!pping, men asking slut out,people dancing and all. Well right now im back in Australia because I can’t bear the heartbreak of loosing two men at a time.
Being in San Francisco would bring back the memories and I cant handle that. I just have to come back and start my life afresh.
“Hi pretty” I heard a male voice and I turn to see a very cute guy
“Huh how can I help you young man” i ask
“I’m Landon and you’re” he ask so gently
“I’m laura” I said alre-ady feeling ti-psy
“Wow what a beautiful name for an angel” he said
“Thanks though so how can I help you” I ask
“Em…I was wondering what an angel is doing here by this time” he said and i started laughing
“Yeah yeah I know” I said not feeling myself anymore. I think I’m drun!k
“I’ll be going now” i said and stand up but the ground was going up and down and i shouted
“What’s wrong” Landon ask as he [email protected]£ to hold my arms and I felt my whole b©dy [email protected] but i wasn’t bothered.
“The ground” I said feeling scared that im gonna fall into one of the hole in front of me
“What happen to the ground?” he ask
“It’s going up and down, plea-se help me to jump that hole, I don’t wanna fall inside” I said
“Common let me take you home” he said and I felt my leg not tou-ching the floor anymore.
“What the hell, I can’t believe we still cant convince Mr Smith to give us that contract” Gracie said
“That man has always been a fool you know. Even after rendering our b©dy he still couldn’t give it to us” Georgia said smoking in anger
“You guys should just allow me think” I said to them
“Gianna common who can you possibly think at this time huh” Gracie said
“Look guys, we just killed someone because of this same contract and still the contract wasn’t given to us. I’m scared, what if the cops comes after us” I said
“There’s noway someone would have known that we have a hand in Amora’s death except one of us spill it out” Georgia said
“Yeah Gianna just relax,Roger did a ckean job so no one saw him besides what would someone be doing in a desert area” Gracie said
“It’s true though but I’m still not myself” I said
“Common cheer up girl” Georgia said and immediately , we heard the siren of the cops.
“Gracie, Georgia who’s going on here” I ask
“Did any of you report us to the cops” Georgia ask
“Who would want to go to jail? None of us did it G” Gracie said
“Your house has been surrounded by the cops and i advice you come outside now or we break in” the cop said
“What is going on, i don’t want to go to jail” I said in my mind regretting why I have to involve myself in shedding blood. It’s too late now and i have to face the consequences.
We alre-ady [email protected]£ out and I saw Roger being handcuffed with Rose and Amora beside him. What the hell is going on? Amora is alive? She didn’t die?. There were Media outside videoing us
“You’re un-der arrest for the attem-pted murder of ms Amora Stons” The cop said and handcuff me and my friends. Gosh the humiliation will be too much. What would people say about me now.
“Hello girlfriend,Shock that I didn’t die?. Well I don’t have to start telling you the long story because you’re going to where sluts like you belong” Amora said
“You’ll still be my enemy even in death” I said and gr-ab the pistol in one of the cops pocket and point it to my head
“Gianna what do you think you’re doing huh” Rose ask but i smile and close my eyes as I sh0t myself on the head. I felt my [email protected] bur-sting and life leaving me and all went blank.
Amora was so shocked as she saw Gianna stiff b©dy lie on the floor. Even though they’ve never being friends, she still didn’t wish her death but it’s so unfortunate that she took her own life.
Georgia and Gracie were alre-ady shaking inside as they were taken into the police van. They weren’t didn’t see their friend’s b©dy before the police took them away.
Chapter 3⃣4⃣ {Semi-Final}
Gianna was buried three days after her death. Her friend were taken to jail and the court hearing was the next day. The news of Amora being alive has alre-ady gone round the city that fans are alre-ady waiting for her next song. They miss her and her song alre-ady.
Walter on the other hand went to Rose and explain everything that happened in his house before Amora got missing and Rose as the un-derstanding friend thar she is, talk to Amora about it and after much argument she visited Walter and they settled everything. She pleaded for forgiveness for not waiting to hear his own side of the story.
Walter ask her to be his girlfriend and she accepted wholeheartedly. She was so happy that she finally found love after many heart breaks from guys. Her life is now ma-king a meaning in front of her everyday. She is now an artist who is very rich and famous, she now has a little sister, she got the best family and best friend anyone could ever ask of and finally, she has found love. What more could she ask for….
Today is the court hearing for Georgia and Gracie and I am just moody. I wish I can st©p the law from punishing them but I can’t. Gianna’s death really hurt me. I would never wish her death even though she was never in good terms with me. I guess her jealousy and greed took her to her early grave. I just wish all these are nothing but a dream.
Right now everyone were sitted waiting for the judge to come out. Georgia and the rest were in handcuff and their face were swollen which means that the cops must have dealt with them. Everyone stood up to his or her feet as the judge [email protected]£ in. Rose was here too together with mum. Walter is very busy to come. He said he has some very important clients today so I just have to let him go.
Everything was over now and I can’t be more than happy. Georgia and Gracie were s£ntence to 50 years imprisonment while Roger and his boys were s£ntence to live imprisonment. No one to be jealous of me anymore. No one will try to kill me again.
We – Rose, mum and i [email protected]£ out of the court with smiles on our faces. My smile vanish away when I saw [email protected] a walk up to me.
“What are you doing here you who-re” I ask immediately she got close. Seeing her again bring back some memories I don’t want to remember and that alone is ma-king me very angry.
“plea-se Amora I’m truly sorry for everything I did to you in the past plea-se forgive me” She said going on her knees not minding if anyone was watching
“I should forgive you ? After everything you’ve done to me ? You knew I loved Robert so much after many heartbreaks from guys but you were bent on seeing me hurting again” I said
“I know I would meet you here that’s why I [email protected]£ immediately before you leave so I can ask for your forgiveness. Everything I did to you were done out of jealousy plea-se I’m sorry for betraying our friendsh!pout of jealousy” She said in tears
” Just go away you betrayal I don’t want to have anything to do with you” I said
“I’m sorry plea-se. I know I never deserve your friendsh!p. I was never a good friend to you. I made you loose your pride to Roger because i nee-ded money and Roger was bent on destroying my life if I didn’t you to [email protected]£ him so he could get what he wants from you” she said
“plea-se repeat what you just said. You pushed me to Roger because of money. That explains why you persuaded me so much to accept Roger’s proposal. You’re not a good at all” I said alre-ady crying
“plea-se Amora I’m sorry,it wasn’t my fault plea-se. Roger would have killed me if I didn’t do it too and not just the money” she said
“I can’t talk to demon like you, I’m out of here” I said and ran to the car.
“Amora plea-se you don’t have to leave her like that. For she to come all the way from her house to come ask for forgiveness, you’ll know that she’s de-eply sorry. plea-se just find it in your heart to forgive her” Rose said immediately she caught up with me
“You don’t un-derstand anything Rose, She hurt me so bad in the past and she didn’t even feel remorse about it then. What if I didn’t become this famous,would she have come to ask for my forgiveness” I ask in tears
“It doesn’t matter Amora, to err is human and to forgive is divine. You should be happy the way God made everything happen this way. If it didn’t happen this way, you wouldn’t have meant your prince charming and your loved family so be grateful” Rose said
“plea-se forgive her so your heart won’t be heavy and full of grudges” she added and I clean my tears
“Where’s she” I ask
“She’s at the same sp©t you left her with your mum” She answered
I walk to where I left [email protected] a and met mum talking to her to calm down that I was gonna come back.
“I’ve forgiven you [email protected] a. You can have Robert if you want because I’ve found someone who loves me dearly so you’re forgiven” I said
“Thank you so much Amora I’ll never this” she said and hvg me and I had no choice but to hvg her back.
Walter and I walk into the lovers garden with our elegant dresses. He told me that he has a surprise for me in the garden.
“I haven’t seen any surprise Walter, why exactly did you bring me here” I ask
“To give you this” he said and since I was backing him, I turn to meet the shock of my life. Walter was kneeling with one leg and a diamond ring in his hand
“Walter what are you doing” I ask so shock
“I know I was stupid from the start by wanting to use and dump an angel like you but I’ve come to realize that I can’t do without you by my side. I want to see you every moment and every hour. I want your face to be the last thing I’ll see before going to be-d and the first thing I’ll see after waking up every morning. I want you to be the mother of my beautiful kids. plea-se make me the happiest man on Earth by being my wife. Will you marry me Ms Amora Stons ? ” He said and I was alre-ady in tears.
Who would have taught that a man would ask for my hand in marriage one day; Who would have taught I would try love one more time and meet my prince charming; So I’ll get married after all
“I love you so much Walter and I won’t mind being your wife,I won’t mind being the mother of our beautiful kids. So yes, I will marry you Mr Walter Wesley” I finally said
“Thank you so much Amora” he said and put the ring on my f!nger and we k!sspas-sionately. I felt flash light on my face and I broke the k!ssto see the media, my mothers, sister,friends and fans all there and I turn to Walter with a surprise look fill with smiles
They [email protected]£ to congratulate us and the rest was fun…
😘Authoress Faith point of view😘
The keyboardist started pla-ying the keyboard and immediately the bride – Amora step in with her very long and beautiful wedding dress. She was smiling as she walk to the alter to meet her groom.
She got to where Walter was as he took her hand and whisper to her that she was beautiful and she laugh. The priest bless the ceremony and exchange of vows was done.
“I hereby pronounce you husband and wife, you may now k!ssyour bride” the priest said and Walter didn’t waste time to re-move the veil and k!sshis wife.
There were [email protected] and shout as everyone was happy to witness the occasion. Fans were watching all over the city. Amora was so happy, she never wish a day like this would ever come in her life when she’ll be so popular that different people would watch her wedding [email protected] but God turn the table around for her and she couldn’t be more than grateful.
Alot of things has happened that should have weighed her down but she still didn’t give up. Laura alre-ady travelled back to San Francisco when she heard about Walter’s wedding but she didn’t come alone. She [email protected]£ with her b©yfri£nd- Landon. They met in the club, [email protected]£ friends and fell in love and now they’re [email protected]!ng.
Rose and Damon on the other hand are alre-ady engaged and their wedding is next month. [email protected] a and Robert later started [email protected]!ngafter Robert found out he couldn’t do without her when [email protected] a left his house saying she was tired of a one sided love.
Alicia continued her schooling in one of the best highschool in San Francisco. She’s now throu-gh with highschool and is waiting for her admission letter. She later found out she doesn’t nee-d Ryan in her life because all he wanted was to use her and dump her then go back to his perfect girlfriend – Annabelle
Everyone were at the hall where the reception was taking place. Each person with it’s [email protected] dancing to the rhythm of the music as I stare at Walter who was also staring at me smiling.
“I can’t believe I finally got married to the man i [email protected] at the club” I said
“And I can’t believe the lady that [email protected] me back to my s-en-ses I right in front of me as my lovely wife” he said and I laugh
“So you mean if I didn’t [email protected] you,you wouldn’t have come back to your s-en-ses” I ask with smiles all over my face
“Em.. maybe but I’m still happy you [email protected] me that day because it motivated me to want you the more” he said and I couldn’t help but blush.
“I love you so much Mr Walter Wesley” I said
“And I love you too Mrs Amora Wesley” he said and I k!sshim.
I broke the k!ssand went to the stage with a mic I collected from the MC. I told the DJ to st©p his music. Well I want to sing for my husband.
“This song is dedicated to My darling husband” I said as I started singing.
🎶 I use to think that 🎶
🎶I will never fall in love 🎶
🎶And then you show me 🎶
🎶That you could be everything I want 🎶
🎶 I gave my heart away 🎶
🎶They put it on a shelf 🎶
🎶And took it down only to break it into pieces 🎶
🎶And then you [email protected]£ around 🎶
🎶Pick me up from the floor 🎶
🎶You put me back together I couldn’t believe it🎶
I sang with so much pas-sion as I look at my lovely husband – Walter. I love him so much more than I could ever imagine. He completes me and I can’t believe I am married after I gave up on love.
I thought love wasn’t for me that’s why i experienced lot of heart breaks but I [email protected]£ to un-derstand that I got those heart breaks so I can be with my Mr Right. He showed me the real definition of love.
Truly love is sweet when you’re with the right person…

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