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Fall In love with me Episode 28 to 31

{I hate love 😠, It’s too complicated 💔}
Chapter 2⃣8⃣
By Faith Godwin 🌺
I opened my eyes and the rays of a bright light shine on it ma-king me to close it back. I open it again little by little till I finally opened it. My vision was blur at first but it [email protected]£ clearer in no time.
“Mum she’s awake” I heard someone said – a girl’s voice actually
“Alicia go get the doctor ” I heard a woman’s voice this time. My vision was clear now and a saw a beautiful woman staring at me.
“How are you doing pretty lady” she asked but I was just staring. So that means I didn’t die,I’m alive.
“Oh I see you don’t want to talk now but the doctor will soon be here so don’t stress yourself” she said smiling
“Oh she’s here alre-ady” she said as the doctor walk in with a young girl. The doctor did some check up on me before turning to the woman.
“She’s fine now but will un-der our observation for two days” she said
“Thank you so much doctor” the woman said
“You don’t nee-d to thank me ma’am,I’m only doing my job” the doctor said.
“But I still nee-d to thank you doc so thank you” she said
“You’re welcome ma’am,i have to go attend to other patients” she said
“Alright doctor” the woman said and turn to me as the doctor left the ward.
“So my child,what happened to you, I saw you floating in the river helplessly when I was done for the day’s work. Who are you and where are you from” she asked
I look at them speechless thinking whether to tell them or not. But they helped me so I think I can trust them.
“I’m Amora Stons, I was born and brou-ght up in San Francisco. I’m the popular Amor S everyb©dy knows” I said and I saw the woman’s daughter [email protected] but I continue anyways.
“I’ve been throu-gh so many heart breaks in the past and…..” I told her everything that happened and how I thought I was alre-ady dead.
“Thank you so much for saving my life” I said in tears
“It’s okay dear just [email protected]£ down,you nee-d some rest” she said
“This is my daughter, Alicia” she said
“Hi little girl” I said
“It’s so nice to finally meet Amor S in person. I never knew you were this nice” she said
“Em..Alicia you’ll stay here with her while I go home to prepare some delicacy and by the way Amora, my name is Emily” she said and smile
“Nice to meet you Emily,you’re so nice” I said and she smile
“You’re welcome,Take Care of her Ali, I’ll be right back” she said and left the ward.
“You’re so beautiful Amor and I really love your songs that I [email protected] before going to be-d especially the one you sang on stage some weeks back. plea-se can you sing that song for me” she asked in her sweet but tiny voice and I think I like her alre-ady that I wish I had a young sister like her.
“Alicia, I just woke from death and I’m so tired after struggling to be alive so maybe tomorrow” I said and she pu-ll up a sad face but change it immediately.
“It’s okay I’ll wait till you’re strong my role model” she said
“Thank Alicia for your un-derstanding” I told her
“You’re welcome Amora” She said smiling and I smiled too. Oh I wish I had a little sister like her that I’ll Cherish and take care of.
“What do you mean by you can’t give the G-squad that contract of modeling in W.W cooperation huh” I yelled at the manager
“Gianna that contract is not for you but it’s for Amora” He yelled back
“Are you sick in the head Mr Smith? Amora is missing and the modeling will happen tomorrow so who’s gonna do it huh” I yelled. Well it has been all over the city that Amora is missing and that who finds her will be compensated awesomely
“And that is the reason why the contract has been postponed” he yelled and I was shocked,What!
“What….you..mean..” I was speechless
“Cat got your ton-gue?” he asked
“Oh plea-se Mr Smith,Amora will never be found and that contract will be given to me” I said smiling
“And how sure are you that Amora won’t be found?” He asked
“I’m really sure Mr Smith” I smiled and walk out of hus office.
It’s been three days since Amora got missing and I haven’t been myself. I mean Amora and I are like sisters and I don’t think I’ll ever be myself if Amora isn’t found. We had no choice but to announce about her missing.
Amora’s mum hasn’t been herself too as she kept crying all the time. I’m actually in her house to make sure she don’t think too much.
The ringing of my phone brou-ght me out of my thoughts and I check the caller’s ID but it was an unsaved number. I swipe my phone to the left and answer the call.
📞 Hello Rosella on the line,who am I speaking with 📞
📞Rose it’s me Amora and I felt my system shook📞
📞Amora where have you been📞
📞Its a long story Rose and I’ll tell you everything when all these are over but first I nee-d to tell you that someone is after my life and I want you to help me contact the police📞
📞Really but why📞
📞Just do it plea-se Rose. I trust you that you won’t tell anyone that’s why I called you instead of my mum📞
📞It’s okay I’ll do that immediately 📞
📞Contact me throu-gh this number when you get there 📞
I smiled and disconnected the call. Amora is alive…
Chapter 2⃣9⃣
It was alre-ady two days and I’ve been discharged from the hospital. I’m really grateful to this kind hearted woman. I thought of contacting people at home but I don’t have my phone with me. So I collected Alicia’s own but the screen of the phone has gone beyond what anyone could imagine. I was careful in typing the Rose number so I won’t cut my f!nger.
I told rose what to do immediately she got to the station. She is to take the cops with her to Roger’s house and arrest him then torture him till he confess.
I was done using the phone so I kept it. Actually Alicia left it with me so I can use it before she gets back from work so I won’t be bored at home all alone. I went to gallery and started lookin at all her ph0tos. She’s so beautiful and I wouldn’t mind taking her with me when all these are over.
I kept checking,strolling up and I started seeing dad’s ph0to. The one he snapped with Alicia and her mum and then with Alicia’s mum only. They look so happy together in the picture and I [email protected]£ confuse. What is dad’s picture doing in Alicia’s phone???
I haven’t been myself ever since Amora got missing. I felt like I’m the cause of everything. I wish I never engage myself in that stupid bet then I would have been happy with her by my side by now. I’ve not been a good guy all these years.
I’ve break so many hearts and I think that God is punishing me for that. I just hope that my Amora is safe wherever she is because I won’t be able take it if I hear that she’s dead.
“Hey man what’s up” I heard Francis voice that brou-ght me out of my thoughts
“Hey what the hell are you doing in my office” I yelled joking
“I [email protected]£ to see the lover boy and keep him company before he kills himself” he said and I was alre-ady forming.
“What was that for Francis” I asked in a pla-yful anger
“I am saying the truth man,you were supposed to [email protected] and not falling for her you dumbas-s” he said. Was I going to take all these insults just because I’m in love?
“Is it a crime to love?” I ask him
“It wasn’t though but you failed the bet and you have to pay me half of your wealth” he said smiling and I felt like punching the as-s-hole.
“Don’t tell me you’re serious about that” I said
“Of course I’m serious. Who would reject an offer of becoming very rich” he asked
“What!” I yell
“Common bro I was joking” he said laughing. This idiot wanted to give me an heart attack but I join him in the laugh anyways.
“Francis you almost killed me with your statement that I thought I’ve lost it alre-ady” I said
“You would have look at your face just now,you wanted to murder me but thank God I escape by quic-kly saying the truth” he said and laugh
“Don’t ever try such again” I said and he nodded yes still laughing but I just ignore him and face my work. Who am I kidding? I can’t concentrate because Amora has clouded my mind that I think I’m going crazy… Ahhhhhhh!!!!
“Alicia there’s a new customer at table 7,go get his order” Sonia said. Sonia is my co-worker and talk mate in this place. The others don’t talk to me because they’re jealous of my beauty – Sonia told me told me that though.
I walk to table 7 and I was shock to see Ryan sitted there operating his phone. I cleared my throat before he raise up his head and smiled
“Em…You’re welcome to …..” I said
“…Oh st©p being formal with me Alicia. Come have a seat” he said cutting me off
“What! do you want me fired” I asked
“Don’t worry I’ll sort it out just have a seat” he said tapping the seat opposite his and I had no choice but to seat.
“So what do you want” i asked after sitting down
“Well let me say I nee-d some company” he said
“So you told me to leave my job just to seat here with you and keep you company? As your what huh” I ask
“Common Alicia you’re my friend OK” he said and I laugh
“Since when did we [email protected]£ friends Ryan” I ask
“Since when I started falling for you” he said and I felt goosebu-mps every in my b©dy. Did Ryan just said he love me or I’m just daydreaming ???
Chapter 3⃣0⃣
“Officer this is the house of the guy who kidnapped my friend” I said to the cops when we got to Roger’s house.
” So what we’re gonna do is simple. You’ll go in with me as my brother while your boys surrounds everywhere in this compound. I wouldn’t want any of them escape” I said in anger
” Alright common” the DPO said and I turn to his boys
“Make sure you give us a signal when you’re don” I said and they nodded. We walk in and I cross my mind to every negative thoughts. I’m doing this for Amora.
“Hey st©p right there” we heard and we st©p raising up our hands as we turn to see a guy with a gun.
“What the hell are you doing her and how the hell do you get in” he asked
“Well we [email protected]£ to pay Roger a visit so plea-se can you take us to him ” I said and he look at us very well before leading the way. I know he wasn’t suspecting us anymore so I use that advantage to drag his gun from him and he turn to look at me in shock.
“You don’t trust people easily” I said and shut him on hus leg. Thank God it was a pistol so it didn’t make any sound.
“Let’s go” I told the DPO who was shocked about my action. Well when Amora is involved I don’t care about anything or anyone else.
We move to the main building and there was guards everywhere. I check around the building and I saw that the cops have surrounded everywhere in Roger’s house.
“Who are you and what are you doing here” a guard ask
“I’m Rose and this is my brother and we’re here to see Roger. plea-se is he in” I ask
“Yeah but wait here let me go and inform him of your arrival” he said and walk away. We waited till I saw roger come out of the house.
“Hi what is a damsel doing out here,come on in” he said immediately he said me. I don’t think he has seen the DPO beside me.
“Hi Mr Roger, I’m Rose and here is my brother. We would like to talk to you about something important in pri-vate plea-se” I said in a very S-xy smile because of how he was just looking at me in a lvstful manner.
“Sure….why not” he said and I smiled and took his hand on mine and started [email protected]£ss!ngit as we walk out of the house. Thank God that fool I shut wasn’t there anymore. I’m sure he must have crawl to probably his room or….I don’t really care
“So Mr Roger you’re un-der arrest for the murder of miss Amora Stons” the DPO said
“What the hell are you talking about huh” he asked shocked
“You tried to kill my friend, Amora but thank God she didn’t die” I yelled at him
“Common do you even have any evidence that I really killed her huh” he asked trying to [email protected] by bringing out his gun but I was fast enough to sh0t his leg so he loss balance and throw the gun away.
“Trying to [email protected] huh, you’re so gonna rot in jail till you confess” I said in anger
“My boys are so gonna deal with you” He said breathing heavily
“Well the cops has alre-ady taken care of them” I said and immediately the cops started bringing out his boys.
“You’re gonna pay for all your crimes today Mr Roger. Only God knows how many people you’ve killed” I said as they were taken to the police van.
“What the hell do you mean by my dad is your dad” Alicia said after I showed her dad’s picture and she confirm that my dad is her dad.
“I swear Alicia that this man in this ph0to is my dad, Mr Davis Stons” I yelled
“No I don’t believe you, I’m gonna wait for mum to come back and tell me that what you’re saying is nons-en-se” she yell and her mum walk in..
“What’s going on here” she ask
“Mum I don’t know what she’s talking about. She said dad is also her dad, what the hell is happening” Alicia said in tears.
“Amora is your mother’s name Nana huh” she ask and I nod my head
“OMG what a small world. So after all these years I finally found you guys” She said with smiles
“What are you talking about ma’am” I ask
“I’ll tell you everything you nee-d to know but first let’s eat dinner” She said and I had no choice but to wait because curiosity is killing me here…
Chapter 3⃣1⃣
” What do you mean by you love me Ryan” I asked so shocked
“I don’t know how it happened Alicia. These days with you has been the best days of my life plea-se be my girlfriend” he said
“What are you talking about Ryan” I said looking around the restaurant
“I love you Alicia, I’ve been so blind not to notice you plea-se give me the chance to be your b©yfri£nd” he said
“What would people say if they find out about us” I ask
“I don’t care Alicia,they can say anything” he said
“What about Annabelle,what happens if she finds out that I’m [email protected]!ngher b©yfri£nd. You know that the both of us aren’t in good terms” I said
“I’ll handle her I promise” he said but I wasn’t convince enough
“I’m sorry Ryan,I can’t accept you” I said and walk out on him to the canteen. Throu-ghout the day I wasn’t in my right frame if mind that I do things I wasn’t supposed to do. Only for me to get home and meet another mystery.
“I know you girls must be so curious to know what I have to say about the incident earlier but I want to clear your curiosity” mum said
“So I’ll start by saying you guys are sisters” mum said ma-king my heart leap.
“What’re you talking about ma’am” Amor S said looking at me then at my mum
“You girls are sisters…step sisters though” She said
“Your mum and I were best of friends then when your father was still alive. I know I wasn’t a good friend to your mum Amora and that’s why I’ve been looking for you guys. It all happened years ago,then you were just four. I always come to the house to give your mum fruits and i saw the way your father showered your mum with so much love.
I was really jealous of your mum because she has found her soulmate while i was there still search for a better man for me and i had to do something. It went on like that till a year later. I couldn’t take it anymore so I drugged your dad and made him sleep with me. He woke up and started blaming himself when I lied that he was drun!kand had f0rç£d himself on me. He apologized and i accepted faking some tears.
Things went on the way they were till three weeks later wgen i discovered that I ws pregnant. I told your dad about it and he was confused on what to do. I told him I couldn’t abort the baby because I’ve heard a lot of danger in abortion that he just have to tell your mother about it.
The day he told your mum about it,she was broken that i regretted what i did. I know I should have waited but I was desperate of having your mom’s husband when I should have waited for mine. Your father later got married to me. It was just a court marriage with few friends both I was happy at least because I was now a wife to your father.
I noticed that your father keep showering all the love and care to your mother and neglected me who was pregnant so i had to react. I started stealing things and putting it in your mother’s room so she would be accused of stealing it. It went on for a long time and Davis couldn’t take it anymore. He bought a bungalow for her of which I never saw.
Nana left with you,who was just six years old and I never saw her again. Before Davis died,he told me to look for you guys so we can reunite and I’ve been trying for a very long time. I’m really sorry Amora. I’m sorry for the pains I caused you and your mum.” mum said and i was alre-ady in tears.
I look at Amor S and she was also in tears. I know what it feels to be neglected but I know if I was in mom’s shoe, I wouldn’t have done what she did. Mum went too far in breaking a happy home.
“plea-se i nee-d to be alone” Amor said and left the dinning and went outside.
“Mum how could you do something like that. How could you be so selfish” I whispered yell
“I’m sorry dear. Even if she’s angry with me plea-se don’t be” she said
“Mum you succeeded in breaking a happy home. Why did you act so desperate” I said
“I’m sorry Alicia I’m really sorry” She said crying
“I just want to be alone ” i said left the dinning.
Never knew mum to be so desperate and selfish. .
T. B. C.

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