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Fall in love with me Episode 17 to 22

Happy Sunday Guys ☺☺☺
{I hate love 😠, It’s too complicated 💔}
Chapter 1⃣7⃣
By Faith Godwin 🌺🌺
I walk into Francis house looking so S-xy on my dress as always. He was so surprise to see me in his house on a day like this.
“Hey Laura what’s up” he said smiling
“Francis dear” I said and hvgged him
“To what do I owe this visit because the Laura I know won’t visit me on a good day” he said. Well he’s right though because I just don’t like Francis but I have no choice but to come ask for his help right now. .
“plea-se Frank I’m so sorry for all the bad things I’ve done to you then,plea-se don’t hold it against me” I pleaded
I have no choice but to plead for him to forgive me so my plans can work out fine.
“It’s okay Laura I hold no grudges” he said
“Thank you so much Francis,I know you’re so kind hearted but jealousy won’t let me see that” I said truthfully this time
“But why were you jealous huh, you had Walter all to yourself then so why” he asked
“I was jealous of the way you flow with Walter then that he doesn’t give me his attention sometimes but now I don’t think that would be necessary because he hates me now ” I said
“Why did you leave him to Australia eight years ago” he asked
“It was bad influence frank and I regret everything. To have left such a guy that cared so much about me,I’m the most foolish human on earth” I said
“You shouldn’t have left, I mean you guys were the best couple so many envy of years back in college but you spoiled everything” he said
“I’m sorry” I said
“Do you know that the day you broke up with Walter was the day he wanted to proposed to you but you scattered him and made him throw away the ring” he said
What the hell is he talking about?? Walter wanted to proposed to me on that fateful day but I spoiled everything with my wanting to explore. See what my explore has caused me. I missed a lifetime opportunity and maybe by now, Walter and I would have gotten married but….Oh my God
“You mean he was trying to proposed” I asked shaking
“Yes Laura he was but you were so stupid to have broke up with him” He said
“plea-se Francis I’m really sorry help me plea-se” I said crying
“You turned Walter into a wom-anizer – a [email protected] He has broke so many hearts,had S-x with so many ladies just because he wanted to revenge on woman” he said
“I’m so sorry Francis, I didn’t know plea-se help me talk to Walter to forgive me,I’m re-ady to make amends plea-se” I cried
“I don’t think I can do something right now Laura” he said
“plea-se there must be something, plea-se help me. I’m re-ady to correct all my wrongs” I said
“Alright I would see what I can do okay,plea-se just st©p crying alre-ady” he said consoling me
I’ve missed it gosh, how could i have made this big mistake. I would been married to Walter if not for my carelessness. I hope he forgives and accept me back…
“Alicia I don’t know you as a fighter so when do you become one huh” the principal yelled at me
“I’m sorry sir but she started it all” I said pointing my f!ngersat Annabelle
“Will you st©p that, I’m talking to you and you’re pointing at your opponent” he asked angrily.
“I’m sorry” I said
“This is my judgment, the both of you will go on two weeks suspension and when coming back make sure to bring your parents. Meanwhile there shall be detention for you both for the rest of today so you guys can learn your lessons” he said and I went on my knees.
“plea-se I’m so sorry sir it won’t happen again sir” I said crying while Annabelle was just there laughing as she walk out of the office
“Ms grande plea-se leave my office” he said
“I’m sorry” I said
“I think I should just call the security to throw you out of my school remember you’re on scholarsh!p” He said
“No no I’ll leave” I said and got up and walk out of his office. I [email protected]£ out to meet Mr Leo – the detention master waiting for me and I was lead to the detention room by him. Gosh I don’t want to give my mum an heart attack because of my misbehavior…
I wow as I saw a very beautiful garden in front of me with a waterfall at the end of the garden. It has a small lake which it’s source comes from the water fall. Walter decided to show me around Paris but I had decline because I thought I had seen it all. I mean, I travel to countries for concert and Paris is not excluded from the countries.
*you only come here for concert and not to have fun* my sub conscience told me and that wasn’t a lie at all because my manager won’t let me when I have so many messages from fans to attend to….
I was lost staring at the beautiful garden before I felt a strong hand wra-p around my [email protected]!st and the s-en-sation that follows was what I couldn’t explain. What is this guy doing to me???
Chapter 1⃣8⃣
I was just bored doing nothing but watching TV since Amora has traveled. I really miss her and her argument. My bossy friend, always want to be right in everything that’s why we argue a lot ☺.
The sound of my phone ringing brou-ght me out of my thought. I check the caller’s ID to confirm who it was and I nearly threw away my phone when i found out it was Damon calling. I swipe my phone to the right and place the phone on my ear.
📱 Hello Beautiful Rose 📱
📱 Hi Damon 📱
📱 How are you doing today 📱
📱 I’m fine but just bored 📱
📱 Really, you’re bored? You want me to come over 📱
What! he wants to come over? No I won’t allow him to come because I might just do crazy things.
📱 No Damon I’m fine 📱
📱 But you’re bored, I just want to come keep you company 📱
📱 Never mind I’ll be fine 📱
📱 Okay how about I treat you first dinner this evening, will you come 📱
Gosh this guy is taking my breathe away. How can he be so handsome and ro-mantic at the same time.
📱Em… I …I … It’s fine by … me 📱 I said nervously. Oh Gosh
📱 Alright dinner it is then, I’ll text you the address of where we should meet 📱
📱 Alright Damon take Care 📱 I said before disconnecting the call.
OMG I’m going on a dinner [email protected]£ tonight. I would have to look for a beautiful dress. Wow I’m so happy!!!
Yeah today is the third day of we visiting Paris and let me say it has been fun all the way and I don’t regret following Walter down here. By the way where I this guy. I [email protected]£ out of my room and started searching for him. Well he has no choice but to arrange a room for me.
And he still gives me breakfast in be-d. I walk around the house but couldn’t find him and i went back to the sitting room looking frustrated. Where could he be?
I was thinking when I saw a figure in front of me sweating. Actually the figure was Walter and he was so S-xy right now that i found myself drooling. Gosh look at his hair, so curly and dark and his face , always handsome. What about hisl-ips, so pink and re-ady to be k!$$£d. Then his manly che-st was so broad, with is packs and all.
I realized that I’ve been staring for so long, so I [email protected]£ back to reality.
“Walter where have you been?” I asked
“Where you missing me?” He asked smiling and i was almost tem-pted to k!sshim. Gosh what is wrong with me?
“Common st©p the teasing and tell me where you are coming from” I said
“Just guess ” He said
“Common Walter ” I said becoming impatient
“Well where I went to shouldn’t concern you because I’m not your friend not to talk of being your b©yfri£nd” He said and walk pas-s me to the kitchen.
I couldn’t believe my ears, did Walter just snub me?
“Walter come back here and tell me where you’ve been” I said and walk after him to the kitchen.
“Amora plea-se st©p being noisy” he said
“So I’m being noisy huh” I asked feeling hurt that he called me noisy
“I’m so sorry okay I didn’t mean what I just said” he said and hvg me to himself.
Believe me when I said I was having fireworks in my tummy. What is wrong with me?
“Look Amor I really care about you and I hope you’ll give me a chance” he said after dis£ngaging the hvg
“Walter plea-se let’s move on to something else” I said trying to change the t©pic
“Common Amora tell me more about yourself plea-se” I said trying to act concerned.
“Like i told you before Walter, I can’t tell you about my life period!” she said
“Alright it’s fine I won’t disturb you again” I said
“I’m hungry Walter” she said
“Let’s order for pizza” I said as we walk out of the kitchen
“Walter!” she called
“Yes” I answered looking at her
“I’m sorry for talking back rudely, just that I’m not re-ady to talk about me yet but I promise to tell you everything about me” she said.
Am i imagining things or what? Amora apologizing to me???
Chapter 1⃣9⃣
Right now I’m sitted with Damon in a five stars restaurant. He look so handsome this evening and I am not left out. I make sure to appear so beautiful too.
“You’re so beautiful” he said ma-king me blush
“Thanks” I said smiling
“Good evening cute couples,welcome to Spice Eatery,I’m Dorris and I’ll be your waitress for the evening. So what should I offer you” The waitress asked
“What would you like to take” he asked
“Anything” I replied
“Anything is nothing so my princess tell me what you want exactly” I said b!tt!g his lowerl-ip.
“Well some French fries would do” I replied
“So Dorris get two bowl of French fries and a bottle of wine” he said as the waitress took our order and went away.
“You’re looking stunning in that dress” he said
“You’ve said that before Damon” I said blu-shing
“I’m sorry but I can’t help it, you’re taking my breathe away with your beauty” he said
OMG why is he so ro-mantic. The waitress [email protected]£ back with our order and we started eating and chatting. He told me about himself from when he was little and I couldn’t help but laugh at interval when he’ll say some funny moments about his childhood.
It was so much fun as we chat and laugh. I told him about myself too but re-moved some funny moments of my childhood so he won’t tease me with it. I really enjoyed myself and I didn’t want the [email protected]£ to end but it [email protected]£ to an end anyways.
“Thanks for tonight I really enjoyed everything about the [email protected]£” I said looking so happy
“It’s nothing my princess, I would love to have more of this with you if you would be chanced” he said
“Of course I’m always chanced” I said immediately and laugh
“Alright that’s a good night then” he said
“Yeah good night” I said and walk to the gate then wave him.
I thought he was supposed to call me back and k!ssme. Isn’t that how it happens on movies? OMG Rose what are you thinking about. I laugh at my thoughts. Well I’ll never forget today… It was the best and I can’t wait fir another [email protected]£…..
💞 [email protected] A 💞
“I’m sick and tired of all these Robert what is going on,you don’t seems to care about me anymore” I yelled as i followed Robert to the sitting room.
“plea-se [email protected] a i don’t want your troubles this night. I nee-d a break plea-se” he yelled back
“I won’t take this anymore Robert, you’re not treating me right. Why can’t you forget about Amora. She’s never going to come back to you” I said feeling hurt
“Just let me be [email protected] a” he said
“Robert plea-se I’m sorry if I wronged you, let’s just go back to how we were before.” I said kneeling
“Look [email protected] a i hold no grudges against you but can you plea-se give me some time to think huh” He asked and I just nodded
Amora why are you taunting me this way. Is it because I snatch Robert from you? I’m so sorry plea-se forgive me. Now i realize the type of friend I was to Amora. I wasn’t a good friend at all and I don’t think I deserve her forgiveness.
This spirit of jealousy can make someone so desperate that it can just make someone do something drastic that you won’t realize till it’s too late. I hope Amora forgives me…
I woke up the next morning but didn’t bother dressing up for school. I just have to look for something to do that would fetch me money before the two weeks suspension ends.
I [email protected]£ out of my room afte brushing my teeth and walk throu-gh the corridor to the sitting room and then to the kitchen. Mum was ma-king breakfast alre-ady like I expected.
“Morning mum” I greeted
“Morning my princess, how was your night” she asked after seeing me.
“It was awesome” I replied
In case you don’t know, I alre-ady told mum what happened. She was mad at me throu-ghout yesterday because I couldn’t control my anger and so i allowed it to take the best [email protected] of me. But she [email protected]£ to my room last night to apologize for yelling at me and now we’re cool.
“Em…mum I was thinking maybe I could look for something that would fetch me money before the two weeks suspension would end” I said. Well we leave in the country side so it won’t be ha-rd to find a good paying job in a day.
“It is not a bad idea Alicia so go on my dear” she said
“Thanks mum,you’re always the best” I said and hvg her
“You’re welcome my dear” She said…
I love my mum….
Chapter 20
I woke up early as usual to make breakfast in be-d for Amora. Well all these will soon st©p after i get what i want from her. Actually Amora didn’t apologize yesterday. It was just my imagination.
I was done in no time as I place everything on a train. I carried it gently to her room.
“Waky waky slee-ping beauty” I said softly and she stare a little before opening her eyes.
“Good morning slee-ping angel” I said immediately she opened her eyes.
“Good morning” She said simply
“Go brush your teeth and come and eat breakfast” I said
“Alright” she simply said before walking to the bathroom.
{}{} GIANNA {}{}
I can’t believe that old fool didn’t fall for our plan after all the threat. I guess I just have to do the only thing I wouldn’t think of doing – killing Amora so she could get out of the way for me.
I really want to be famous and well known over the world and not just this city of San Fransisco
“Hey girls” I said walking to meet them in the living room.
“What’s up bit-ch” Gracie said
“I really can’t believe that old fool wasn’t shaken after our threats” Georgia said
“I don’t really un-derstand what Amora has that we don’t have” I said smoking the cigratte I just lighted
“I told you Gianna, let’s kill this bit-ch” Gracie said alre-ady getting pissed
“Well girls since all our plans to get Amora out of way didn’t work out,I have come up with a plan to finally get her out of the way and that plan is to kill Amora and I’ve made up my mind to do that immediately she’s back here in San Fransisco” I said shocking my friends.
“Wow that’s the spirit girlfriend” Georgia said
I laugh and inhale a lot of smoke before puffing it out….
“So frank have you talk to him” I asked as I drank from the jui-ce he offered me.
“Not yet Laura, he’s not in the city right now but immediately he gets back, I’ll talk to him ” He said
“It’s alright Francis I’ll wait” I said
“Em…plea-se I’ll be right back” he said and left the living room without his phone and the idea of me having that audio [email protected]£ into my mind and I took his phone.
Thank God it doesn’t have a pas-sword so it was easy for me. I went straight to the sound recording app to search for the cli-p.
After a long search, I finally found it and I s£nd it into my phone immediately. I deleted everything in the recent used app then off his phone and place it back where I found it. I heard footsteps hurrying down the stairs and I look to see Francis alre-ady dressed up to go out.
“Em..Laura there’s an emergency at the office so I nee-d to be at the company immediately” he said
“It’s okay, I’ll just leave. I was about leaving though” I said carrying my bag and smiling like I’ve just won a lottery.
“Okay I’ll talk to you later ” he said and we walk out together.
💕 RYAN 💕
I look at Leo and Liam as they rack their [email protected] thinking of an idea for me to get Alicia in my be-d. Well to me,I don’t have a girlfriend because even Annabelle is a slut in this school. I can’t [email protected]£ someone who would just be fv¢king all the guys in this school.
I’m the proprietor’s son and I have the right to do anything. Alicia isn’t even my clas-s but she gat the things I want in a lady – big b©©b s and as-s. I turn to the twins and yeah Leo and Liam are twins and they’re the only friends I can trust in this school.
“So Leo any idea of getting Alicia” I asked cause I’m getting impatient alre-ady
“Well I think we should capture her and tie her up then you do whatever you want to her” Leo said
“I don’t think that’s a good idea cause she can report us and say we [email protected]£d her and I don’t want to be a criminal among the students of this school” I said
“Well I think you should use the pla-yboy method or maybe tell her you’ll pay her after warming your be-d. You know girls loves money, maybe she’ll agree to your demand” Liam said. He always bring good suggestions.
“Well I think the pla-yboy’s method will be nice. Thanks guys” I said and sm-irk.
Get re-ady to fall in love with me…
*He doesn’t know she’s alre-ady in love with him* lol😂
Chapter 2⃣1⃣
It’s evening alre-ady and I was alre-ady getting dressed up for my [email protected]£ with walter. Today is the fifth day since we [email protected]£ to Paris and I won’t say i don’t like that I’m here – it’s been so much fun and I’ll like going on another vacation again to cool my mind off some things and not being busy with concert and modeling.
I walk majestically with my red short go-wn to the living room. It wasn’t short because it got to my knees. I got to the living room and saw walter in his black suit which fit him so well.
“You’re looking pretty tonight Amor” he said and k!$$£d the back of my palm and I felt like melting gosh how can he have this kind of charm.
“Thanks Walter and you aren’t looking bad yourself”I said with the last self control in me.
“So shall we my princess” he said bringing out his palm
“Of course my prince” I said and lock my palm in his and we walk outside to the car.
He open the car door for me and I hop in before he went to the driver’s seat. I thought he was taking us to a restaurant not until I saw a beach.
“Walter what are we doing in a beach” I asked surprise
“Don’t worry you would soon know come on” he said as he hold my hand and led the way. I was shocked when I saw a garden with a table set at the middle and two chairs placed opposite each.
On the table were different types of delicacy with red roses littering everywhere in the garden. I felt like crying when I saw all these. None of my ex did all these things Walter is doing for me or is it that he is the one for me? I can’t thank him enough for everything.
I couldn’t just help but hvg him and I did. I know he was surprised but I just shut his l!pup with my index f!nger. I smiled as I went to take a seat.
“Walter I’m re-ady to tell you everything about me” I said when we where done eating.
“Wow finally my patience wasn’t in vein” he said and I smile
“Well this is the story of my life,the reason why I hate men and love….
“…….and that’s the reason I changed and [email protected]£ a cold hearted lady.That was why I was always pushing you away because to me all guys are heart breakers. They use and dump ladies without having conscience.I lost my pride because of love, I almost lost my life because of love so I thought love was a dangerous thing. I never wish to choose this way for my self but that was the only way to st©p me from falling in love again” I said with tears all over my face and I think it has ruin my make-up by now.
“I’m so sorry Amora,I never knew you pas-sed throu-gh all these. That was why you didn’t want to tell me about it because it seams like reopening an old wound. I’m here for you and I promise not to let you go” he said standing up from his seat and walk to mine patting by back after k!ss!ngme on the forehead.
I never knew she has avoided men all these years just because she doesn’t want to love again after countless heartbreaks and here I am having se-x with any lady I found attrac-tive just to have my revenge on girls only because Laura broke up with me.
Now I realize I’ve been heartless all these while because of just an heartbreak. I’m the worst man on earth and all the ladies I’ve hurt, I don’t deserve their forgiveness.
I look at Amora and all my thought of having her in be-d change immediately. The only thought in my mind was to protect her. She’s so beautiful and right now I felt like k!ss!ngherl-ips but no she’ll think I’m trying to take advantage of her sad story…
“It’s okay Amora,would you like to go home now so you could rest okay” I said and she just nod and I hold her and led they way with her.
I took her to the car and [email protected]£ back to take her purse and our phones and ran off to the car. I entered the driver’s seat and ignite the car back to life then drove off.
We got home and before going to our different room, I told her not to think about the whole situation and she just nod and left to her room.
I promise not to hurt her again….
Chapter 2⃣2⃣
It was morning again and I couldn’t wait for Amora to come back from her trip because this house is damn boring. Today will be the sixth day and luckily,I’ll be expecting her tomorrow. I really nee-d someone to talk to about my newly found feelings I’m having towards damon. Well damon and I have been so close and we actually went for another [email protected]£ after the last one and it was awesome. But I’ve been having this feeling since the day I met damon at the mall and I can’t explain. I haven’t [email protected]£d a guy be for to be frank but I’m not a v!rg!nbecause I was [email protected]£ by a guy who don’t know because I was drun!kin my final year in school.
That experience will never be forgotten in my heart. I mean do you know how it feels for someone to lose her pride to some random guy after keeping herself for years? I know I should have hated guys because I was [email protected]£d but I just can’t judge all the guys because of a guy’s mistake. Not all guys are s¢v-m.
But now I really nee-d someone to enlighten me more about my new found feelings. I’m pretty sure I like damon because of his appearance but love? I don’t think so. I walk into the kitchen and I met madam Clarissa alre-ady ma-king breakfast. Actually, madam Clarissa is a beautiful woman in her late forties.
“Good morning madam Clar” I said as I got in
“Good morning my child,how was your night” she asked
“It was nice madam Clarissa” I said and get a bottle of water from the fridge before gulping it down unto my system. I was about leaving when the idea struck me to tell madam Clarissa about my feelings towards damon. Maybe she can tell me a bout it since she’s older and must have felt that way towards her husband be for they got married.
“Madam Clarissa” I called
“Yes rose” she answered raising up her head
“I have something to discuss with you if you don’t mind” I said
“Go on my child if its something I can find a solution to” she said
“Well there’s this guy I’ve been going out with and I’m beginning to like him so much,I can’t do a day without seeing or talking to him. Infact I want to be with all the time. I don’t really know about this feeling but I really don’t want it to end” I said everything in one gulp.
“My dear rose, have you heard of the word love ?” she asked
“Of course love us everywhere. Everyb©dy show love to everyb©dy” I demonstrate
“Not that kind of love my dear but the one that deals with b©dy and soul” She said
What kind of love deals with the b©dy and soul?
“I don’t un-derstand madam Clarissa” I said
“You know it’s surprising to know that a celebrity like you don’t know what’s the love between b©dy and soul but I’ll tell you anyways” she said
“You see a lot of couple out there right” she asked and I nod
“What do you think made them choose to become husband and wife, it was because of the love and the trust they have for each other. The characters you just told me about you wanting to be wanting to be with the guy all the time. Not getting enough of him shows that you’re in love with damon. The love that deals with the b©dy and soul” she finally said
What I’m in love with Damon but…but what if he doesn’t feels the same???
I walk into the living room looking so happy that I got a job at Grande’s h0tel. Mum has to hear this immediately but I found out she’s not at home. Maybe she went to work. Mum work in a river bank. Well she transport people and goods across the river with her boat.
I just relaxed on a chair in the living room smiling over my new found job. The pay is great even though I’m working for only two weeks. I [email protected]£ back from my dream land when I heard a knock on the door. Who could that be,mum doesn’t come home this early and I don’t have any friends that’ll come and visit. Well I’ll have to check then.
I walk towards the door and open it and I was dumbstruck to see Ryan at the front of my house. What’s he doing here and how did he know my house???
T. B. C

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