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Fall in love with me Episode 13 to 16

Happy new month guys😘😘😘
{I hate love 😠, It’s too complicated💔}
Chapter 1⃣3⃣
By Faith Godwin 🌺🌺
“You want me to go on an holiday with you to Paris so you can stay away?” I asked
“Yeah is anything wrong with that” He asked
“Everything is wrong mister man,I told I hate guys so why would i want to agree to stay with one for seven horrible days” I said
“plea-se Amora just one request from you as a fan” He said
“And how am I sure you aren’t going there to do something to me” I said
“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of me” He said
“Of course not,I can never fear a d!¢k head like you” I said
“Then if you aren’t afraid go on a week picnic with me” He said
“Just because I don’t want to go with you doesn’t mean im afraid ok” I said
“You’re afraid of me that’s why you’ve been pushing me away it’s clear to me now” he said
“Fine j£rk I’ll go with you to prove to that I’m not and will never be afraid of a j£rk like you” I said
“Yeah that’s the spirit and get re-ady,we’re leaving tomorrow plea-se don’t change your mind else I’ll know you’re a weakling” he said before leaving.
Gosh I shouldn’t have allowed him in my house in the first place. I just have to prove to an idiot that I’m not a weakling. He’ll pay for this. I promise to put n my worst behavior that he won’t even think twice before bringing me back from Paris.
I walk into the stairs to Rosella’s room to pick my clothes she bought. Where had she been all these while? Didn’t she hear me yell?
I walk into her room and found her slee-ping. Oh that’s the reason she didn’t us screaming at each other .
I can’t believe I could get her so fast like that. Francis nee-ds to hear this. Wow I nee-d to go on a one week break from my office and from women.
I drove in high speed to Francis residence to inform him about it.
“What’s up man” I said immediately I step into his house
“Hey,what are you doing in my house by this time of the day” he asked
In case you don’t know, I don’t leave the office till it’s 6:00 in the evening but I have to leave because of Amora.
“Well nothing much……..” I said as i narrated everything that happened in Amor’s house.
“Wow wealth you are really a king of girls but you haven’t win the bet yet so I can’t give you [email protected] of my wealth” he said
“And who’s talking about having your money as his. Well I just want a one night stand and I’m done” I said
“And remember this” he said as he scroll throu-gh his phone and my voice started pla-ying in the background.
That day at the office when I said I’m gonna video our S-x scene and show it to the world. Haha
“What you j£rk don’t tell me you still have this” I said laughing
“I wouldn’t want you say that you never said anything like this so I just have to record it” he said
“You’re so dumb like Elsa” I said mocking his girlfriend
“Elsa is my girlfriend man and she isn’t dumb rather you’re the dumb as-s here” he said
“Oh plea-se spare me the trash. I’m just happy that I’ll finally have the chance to fv¢k her and I can’t wait for our picnic so I could show her all the love and care and she’ll have no choice but to give in to me” I said
“You’re no longer the king of girls but king of pu-ssy” he said and we laugh.
Crazy Francis…
Wow so walter is planning on having another girl when I’m here right. Let’s see how he’ll [email protected]£ her when I get that audio cli-p. Oh yes I heard everything.
I just wanted to come beg Francis to help me talk to walter so he will accept me as his girlfriend back. I was almost getting to the sitting room when Francis pla-yed the audio cl!pthough I don’t know who they’re talking about but i have my way.
I’ll always find out.
“Hey bit-ch do you have an eye problem now huh” Anna said as she intentionally bu-mped into me. She just enjoys bullying people but i don’t really like trouble because I’m on scholarsh!phere in this school so i won’t want to do anything that will terminate it.
“What did I do this time” I asked
“You now have the nerve to question me right” she said proudly maybe because she’s Ryan’s girlfriend.
“Look Annabelle I’m not afraid of you,I just don’t want anything that will terminate my scholarsh!pin this school so don’t think I’m dumb” I said about to walk away but she drew me back and gave me a [email protected] on my cheek.
Chapter 1⃣4⃣
What Anna just [email protected] me really and I’m still standing here holding my face?
“Look how dare you,you this cheap fool” I yelled re-ady to [email protected] her when I heard someone’s voice
“St©p!!!” he said and my remain hanging in the air. That was Ryan’s voice and just so you know,everyone knows him here in Henderson highschool.
“What the hell is going on here” he asked
“Ask your filthy girlfriend,she started it first by….” I was saying when Anna bur-st into tears
“What’s wrong baby” Ryan said patting her on her head.
“This thing here [email protected] me and she was about [email protected] me again when you arrived here. She’s so troublesome and a bully” she said faking the tears so well.
What the hell did she just blab right now??
“I’m so sorry baby,she’s nothing but a slut lvsting after as always like every other girls does cheaply” Ryan said
Lol…just look at this as-s-hole who has been threatening to have S-x with me is here saying I’m cheap. Gosh wealthy people has no [email protected] at all
“You guys are so ahhhh!!!” I said and left them their stupid as-s
Well I’m Alicia Grande,a tall,beautiful and elegant girl of 18. I’m in my final year in high school which I’ll been done with in a month time. I don’t really have enough to say but with time I’m sure you’re gonna know more about me.
I walk home feeling sick about everything. I know I have feelings for Ryan,i mean who wouldn’t have after seeing his cute face or perceiving his sweet fragrance but I don’t love him that way.
I really want him by my side all day long,k!ss!nghis cute pinkl-ips everyday and so on. I really love him but all he wants from me is S-x which i can never think of giving in to him anytime soon.
And there he was saying all sort of ru-bbish in front of me just because Anna was there right or is it because I’m not up to his standard? I’m just so angry for not being up to his standard.
I walk looking so sad and dejected.
✔✔ AMORA ✔✔
Today is the day walter and I are going for the stupid picnic and I’m done packing. Rosella won’t st©p talking about it
“I still can’t believe you have finally let go and wants to be with a guy now” she said
“Oh plea-se Rose don’t be too excited over nothing it’s just for seven days and I’ll cut all tiles with him. Since that’s the only way he would stay away from me and st©p following me like a pledge” I said wearing my make up
“Wow Amora really” she asked
“Yeah really,love is not just my thing for now, I have other things to deal with and not staying committed to a guy that doesn’t worth it” I said
“Common not all guys are the same” she said
“That was what I thought three and half years ago but I [email protected]£ to realize that they are all the same but you won’t know because all they do is to [email protected] us” I said feeling so angry with Walter right now but will just keep my cool because its only for seven day and I’ll be free from his worthless talks.
Later that day, Walter arrived and drove me to the airport where we can take his pri-vate jet. We settled inside the jet before it started moving and in no time we were flying.
“Do you want anything” he asked after a long time
“No I’m fine for now maybe some other time” I replied
“Its okay we’ll soon be there in no time” he said and put his hand on my shoulder but I push it away. He shouldn’t dear t©uçh me with those infected hands of his.
The flight to paris wasn’t that long though. Well I sle-pt so I don’t know if it was long and by the time we got to paris, I was damn hungry because I refuse to eat anything offered to me by Walter.
“Welcome to my humble abode in Paris”He said immediately we [email protected]£ down in front of his car. A car was alre-ady waiting for us by the time we got to Paris.
Walter’s house was a pent house and it was so beautiful that I really want this type of house to be mine.
We got inside the house and the interior was super cute but I tried not to show it. Well cute houses aren’t really new to me but I couldn’t help it in the case of Walter.
But the problem is Walter didn’t prepare any other room in the house [email protected] from the one he stays. So I’m going to sleep in his room tonight then move to my room tomorrow.
So what am I going to do now because I can’t even see myself slee-ping in the same room with a guy……
Chapter 1⃣5⃣
How do I get Francis to give me his phone ? I really want that audio cl!pto threaten anyone trying to take Walter from me.
I’ve been tossing and turning in my be-d but haven’t come up with any reasonable suggestion yet but I know I’ll get a suggestion soon.
I smiled and went to the kitchen to get a glas-s of water before going to be-d.
“What do you mean by we’re going to sleep in the same room tonight huh” I asked alre-ady angry of the situation
“I’m so sorry Amor I forgot totally but I’ll get it fixed tomorrow” He said calmly
“So where do I sleep for the night huh,you don’t expect me to share the same be-d with you” I said again
“I’ll sleep on the couch, you can sleep on the be-d plea-se” He said so calmly that I almost want to hvg him but no that’s are guys are. Always want to form the gentle man but after getting what they want, you won’t see them again.
“Well it better be” I said as I pack my things.
“I’ll go make something in the kitchen while you freshen up” He said and when I didn’t reply, he went out and close the door. Well I promise to put on my worst behavior that he wouldn’t think twice before taking back to San Fransisco.
I took off my clothes and went inside the bathroom. Well it isn’t bad though. It was what I expected his bathroom to be. What do you expect from a wealthy guy.
I took my bath and [email protected]£ out of the bathroom to put on my clothes. I found a nice dress to wear then went downstairs. A very sweet aroma fan my nose immediately I entered the sitting room.
Wow never knew that Walter is a good cook. I found my way to the kitchen and I saw walter doing one thing or the other to produce a nice meal. I stood at the door post for a little longer staring at Walter. He’s really handsome and manly.
With his curly hair and the pinkl-ips. Somehow I imagine being his wife who [email protected]£ to check on what her husband is cooking. Ahhhhh! where are all these thoughts coming from.
“You’ve been drooling for too long Amora” He said getting me out of my stupid thoughts
“Who said I’m drooling huh” I asked
“Common baby you were” he said laughing
“I wasn’t okay….Is the food not re-ady alre-ady” I asked because I was damn hungry and I couldn’t wait to start devouring this meal that has this sweet aroma.
“There she goes trying to change the t©pic” he said
“Walter!!!” I yelled
“Alright fine the food is almost re-ady so why not wait at the sitting room while I finish” He asked nicely like a husband preventing his pregnant wife from doing anything. I think I just have to [email protected] this stupid thoughts.
I went back to the sitting room and sat down on the couch. I brou-ght out my phone and log in on Instagram to while away time. I can’t believe Walter has no worker cause I’ve not seen anyone since we [email protected]£. Well that’s not my business right!.
“Dinner is served slee-ping beauty” I heard Walter’s voice in my head and I opened my eyes. That was when I discovered I sle-pt off on the couch.
“Finally Mr you’re done” I said and yawn before fixing my feet into my fli-pflop and walking to the dinner to meet walter alre-ady dishing out the food.
“Thanks” I said as he gave me a plate of my pasta and chicken.
“You’re welcome” he said and served his and then we started eating. We didn’t talk to each other until he broke the silence
“So if you don’t mind, can I know more about you” he asked
“Hello Mr man, we just met a couple of weeks ago and I don’t see any reason why you should interfere into my life” I yelled a little
“I’m sorry,I didn’t know it would offend you. I’m so sorry” he said calmly even with the way I yelled at him.
Does this guy get angry at all
Later that night, we sleep in the same room. He sle-pt on the couch while I sle-pt on the be-d. Well he caused that for himself so he just have to bear it for today so he would remember to arrange a room for me tomorrow.
But wait, am I really staying alone with someone I ba-rely know for seven good day???
Chapter 16
I woke up the next morning and did my morning routine in the bathroom. I [email protected]£ out and prepare myself for school. I took my school bag and my cracked screen phone and started walking to the sitting room.
Our house is just a bungalow my late father built before he pas-sed away. Well those are old memories someone won’t think of remembering. We were wealthy and a happy family before my dad died but everything changed after my dad [email protected]£ home one day crying that he has been duped.
That was when the suffering started. My dad went bankrupt because he invested a lot to the fake contract that made him poor. I had to st©p schooling at that period because there was no money to pay my fees.
During that period my Dad was afflicted with stro-ke because of too much thinking and that stro-ke lead to a higher sickness which killed him. My world was shattered the day I heard my Dad was dead,never to return to again. I cried my heart out,it was just me and mum left in this world.
Mum tried all she could after dad was buried, to take Care of me. I only saw the scholarsh!pexam of Henderson highschool online some months ago which I applied for and wrote the exam. I [email protected]£ out in flying colours and that was how I ended in Henderson highschool where those rich kids wants to match your head on the floor.
“Good morning mum” I greeted mum immediately I walked into the kitchen.
“Morning my dear, how was your night” she asked
“It was more than fine mum,what are you ma-king” I asked
“Some pancakes” she said as she was done alre-ady. She brou-ght out some pancakes and put them on a plate which she kept on a train and she also brou-ght out jam and added it to the train.
“Let me help with that, you’ve done a lot alre-ady” I said and took the train from her taking it to the dining room. We ate with so much joy as we talk and laugh and somehow I missed the pres£nce of my Dad.
I walk into the school compound again feeling the zeal to learn new things today. I walk to my locker and brou-ght out the notes of the subjects that will be taught by it’s tutor today.
I walk into the home room,walked to my seat and started reviewing everything I red yesternight when the bit-ch of yesterday [email protected]£ to my seat. What does she want thus time
“Hey bit-ch” she said
“What do you want,it’s still early Anna and I’m not re-ady for any troubles” I said
“Really! Are you sure you aren’t re-ady for troubles when you are flir-ting with my b©yfri£nd” she asked
“And who the hell told you that I’m flir-ting with your b©yfri£nd” I yelled as I stood up angrily
“Well well well loser I’m only here to warn you to stay away from my b©yfri£ndelse you don’t want to see the other side of me” She said
“Annabelle you’re so stupid for coming to threaten me in my seat. I’ve tolerated your troubles enough so the next time you give me a trouble I don’t deserve I’ll do what nob©dy would expect. Mark my words” I said and sat down
“Are you threatening me?” she asked yelling
“You started it first” I yelled back at her
“You this thing” she said and [email protected] me and i didn’t hesitate to [email protected] her back and that was how the fight between us began and I didn’t hesitate to give her the beating of her life.
Well I’ve tolerated her enough and I don’t care about anything right now…
“Wake up slee-ping beauty” I heard Walter’s voice as I opened my eyes and yawned.
“Good morning” I said to him
“Morning baby how was your night” he asked
“Better” I said as I saw a train of h0t chocolate and pancakes.
Breakfast on be-d? I look at Walter and the food and I felt like hvgging him. He’s so ro-mantic but I shouldn’t fall for mere attra-ction.
“Are these for me?” I asked
“Nop they’re for me” he said bur-sting my bubbles and here I was thinking him being ro-mantic.
“Oh okay” I said about leaving
“It’s yours Amora, I was only joking. I made you breakfast in be-d” he said and I st©pped on my track then turn around. What did I just hear, Walter made me breakfast in be-d which my exes haven’t done and that’s what I’ve been dying for, to meet a guy who would serve me breakfast in be-d and Walter just did……
T. B. C

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