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Fall in love with me Episode 1 & 2

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{I hate love😠,It’s too complicated 💔}
By Faith Godwin🌺🌺
I [email protected]£ back from the restaurant looking so exhausted from the day’s work. Mr Frederick wasn’t even helping at all. Always commanding someone to do this and do that mtcheeeew.
“Hey mum” I said as I step into the living room.
“Amora dear,you’re back” mum said
“Yeah mum, I’m back” I said
“Go freshen up and come let’s have dinner together” mum said and I smiled. My mum is the best
“Alright mum I’ll be back to a jiffy” I said and went to my room. Our house is just a bungalow my father left for us before he died. Yeah, my dad is dead but life has to go on. I took my bath and put on a purple handless go-wn before heading to the living room with my phone. Dinner was alre-ady served
“Wow mum this taste yummy”.I said smiling
“It was specially made for you my dear” mum said
“Thanks mum. Um..mum can I take some of these to Robert? It’s been long we spoke to each other and I was thinking if I should use this food to make up for we being [email protected] for sometime” I asked
“Sure” mum replied
“Thanks mum, I’ll just hurry up with my food so I can visit him” I said happily. Can’t wait to see my Robert…
I walk into Robert’s living room and saw clothes littering everywhere both on the couch. How can Robert leave his sitting room so unkept like this?. I started picking all the clothes and then I eyes caught something. I went to pick it and found out it was a [email protected] What the hell is going on here.
“Robert! Robert!! Robert!!!” I yell his name,walking to his room. I started hearing [email protected] s. OMG let it not be what I’m thinking. I opened his room and saw what made my whole world grumble. Robert was ma-king out with my best friend, [email protected] a.
“Robert” I yelled in shock
“Robert what is going on here” I yelled in tears. I was alre-ady shaking inside. Robert wanted to say something but [email protected] a beat him to it
“Well in case you don’t know,I’m Robert’s new girlfriend so look elsewhere my dear amora” she said
[email protected] a, how could you do this to me. I thought you were my friend” I said in tears
“Yeah we were friends but you keep having everything good so I had to react” she said
[email protected] a, you’re so shameless and as for you Robert its over” I said in tears and ran out of the room to the sitting room to get my phone. I didn’t bother carrying the basket of food I brou-ght.
“Amor wait plea-se I’m sorry” Robert yelled after me but I’m not turning back.
Why is my life so filled with heart breaks. Why I can’t I live my life like every other lady. Am I cursed to always have heart break at the middle of every relationsh!p. I just hate my life. Love is just so unfair to me. I was so de-ep in my thought that I didn’t see a moving vehicle coming my way. It happened so fast,the car knock me down. I felt blood gushing out of my nose,mouth and my clothes were we-t. See what love has done to me. I fall in love so easily.
Love is so unfair to me and from how henceforth,I promise myself not to love again. I HATE LOVE!!!
Her name is Amora Stones,twenty-one years of age and a beautiful lady. She has a nice figure eight shape. She has always dream of being a singer. She has a nice voice but there was no one to see her throu-gh. She then met Roger Matthew who promise to put her throu-gh the line of music. She later fell in love with him and Roger use her and dump her without helping her. Her second b©yfri£ndwho also promised to helo her,[email protected]£d her and cut all tiles with her and then She met Robert. Robert promise her heaven and earth but she caught him having S-x with her best friend. She promised never to love again.
Who will change that her statement?
What happens when she finally [email protected]£ a world known singer?
Will she ever love?
Find out in this intriguing story.
Chapter 1⃣
By Faith Godwin🌺🌺
I opened my eyes to see myself in a room. It was blurry at first but [email protected]£ clearer. I saw mum sitting beside me with her head on the be-d for support.
“Mum” I called and she woke up
“Oh my God, Amora dear, thank God you’re awake” she said smiling
“How long have I be here?” I asked
“For over a month now” mum said “I’ll go get the doctor” she added and left then [email protected]£ back with a doctor who would be in her late twenties. She did a little check up on me and re-moved the almost finish drip.
“It’s a miracle that you’re recovering so fast miss amora” the doc said
“Thanks ms” I said
“Mrs Stones, plea-se get her something to eat,I’ll leave you guys now” she said and walk away.
“Thank God you’re alive, what happened to you. You went to Robert’s house but got into a accident and I’m surprised Robert hasn’t come to visit you since you got into an accident” mum said and that was when I remembered what happened. So Robert really cheated on me with [email protected] a. I can’t really believe my own friend betrayed me.
“Mum it’s nothing. Robert travelled the day I went to his house. He got an urgent call from his father. Maybe that’s why he never [email protected]£” I lied. You don’t expect me to tell mum what happened. She’ll be so heartbroken and bittered. I don’t want to bother her with my problems anymore
“Let me go and get you food,I’ll be back” she said,k!$$£d my cheek and left.
My mum is just the best and I’ll make sure I do everything possible to be an artist(singer). Roger,Raymond and Robert will pay for what they did to me…
~A week later~
I sat on the couch crying out my eyes because of all the pains I’ve went throu-gh. Mum went out to get some few things from the grocery shop that’s why I’m just letting out all my emotions throu-gh this tears. I was Discharged yesterday and I’m not still that strong to start all these stressful jobs.
“There’s a competition coming up next week sponso-red by Mr Lucas Richmond. Its a competition where people with nice voice comes to show there talent. There are supposed to be 200 contestant in the competition but only 189 has come to registered for the competition. Its free to register and there are only going to be 10 winners who would be trained in the music world and then become great artist in the future. Hurry up now to Hudson’s Palace to register and collect the form. Its free” the television said
What! This is a golden opportunity for me to become a star. Oh my God,I never believe this type of thing is going on. But wait, the speaker said only 200 people are to perform and only 189 has registered. Oh my God it’s 11 people remaining to be selected. I have to hurry.
I quic-kly ran to my room to get dress. I wash my face because of my baggy eyes. I look at the mirror and saw that I was good to go before taking my purse and phone. I lock the door and Bord a cab to Hudson’s palace immediately.
God plea-se I pray the form doesn’t get finished before I get there. The cab st©pped and I jump out and pay the cab man then rush into Hudson’s palace. Wow this place is heaven on earth. It’s so beautiful and spacious. I was directed to the place where contestants are being registered and thank God just three people are there. I have to wait before it got to my turn.
“Your name miss” the attendant said
“Amora Stones” I replied and she typed in my details.
“Twenty-one” I said
She did some few things before handing over a form to me with smiles
“You’re lucky,this is the last form” she said
“Thank you” I said and collected the form like my life depends on it.
“Alright you can go home and start preparing for next week. Come on” she said
“Wow thank you” I said and went home happily
I can’t believe my luck. See what Roger,Raymond and Robert couldn’t do after slee-ping with me,i got it without stress. Well I promise to pay them back in their own coin by the time I’ve made it. Can’t wait to tell mum the good news.
“Good luck my dear” mum said and hvg me
“Thank you mum” I said and smiled.
Today is the last day of the competition and only 15 contestants are remaining of which I’m among. Of course I know how to sing very well so why won’t they choose me. I’m not boosting though but it’s my gift from heaven so I just have to boost of what I have at least.
“Bye mum I’m getting late alre-ady” I said
“Bye my child” mum said and I wave her goodbye before boarding I cab to Hudson’s palace.
I [email protected]£ down in front of my destination and I paid the cab man before heading inside the big hall throu-gh the back. Well I’m at the back of the stage. Everyone is alre-ady waiting for the competition to start. I was given another clothes to wear and a makeup artist did my makeover. When I look at the mirror, I couldn’t recognize myself.
The competition started and contestants were called upon. Well I was the last to perform so no worries. It got to my turn and I [email protected]£ so nervous because the people out there was too much. If I want to become a star, I just have to face crowds. I walk out to the stage and people started [email protected] When there [email protected] died down, I started my song.
🎤We look out and see the world🎤
🎤It takes everything we have to face it 🎤
🎤Without a sound we take a step🎤
🎤Inside our hearts are racing 🎤
{Download re-ady for everything by Landon Austin}
I sang with so much pas-sion and the hall was turned upsidedown by the time I st©pped singing. It took up to five minutes before everywhere was calm. We were all called upon and the judges said some few things to make the audience laugh.
It was time to start calling the winners and my mind wasn’t there anymore.
“Landon Gideon,Sophia Damon,……….and Amora Stones” the judge called my name. Oh my God I’m among the winners. I’ll become a star. My long time dream is here. I’m so grateful to God.
I’m now an upcoming star. Oh my God thank you.
Being a star,here I come…
Chapter 2⃣
##Three years later##
The door to plane opened as pas-s£ngers started trooping out of the plane in duos or one. Someone also [email protected]£ out looking so beautiful as hell,she was wearing a mask which she wasn’t putting on well and might fall anytime soon
“Hmm, home sweet home” she said as she breath in the air. Her mask fell down immediately she [email protected]£ down from the plane. As she was about picking it, her fans recognize her immediately
👥 isn’t that Amor S. OMG she’s the one
👥 never knew she’s this beautiful
“So much for having so much fans” Amora said and walk so fast to her car and her guard opened the car door for her as she steps in. Fans were head over heels in love with her and her songs and she was glad she finally made it but she’s now with a cold heart. She doesn’t want to hear the word LOVE bcos she so much despise it.
She got her mansion and step out of the car. She was so wealthy now so no one could [email protected]£ her.
“OMG Amora dear” her mum said immediately she step into the house
“Mother” she called and went to hvg her mum.
“It’s been three good years without you here” her mum said with tears. It was a tears of joy
“I know mum but we do communicate on phone” Amora said
“Of course u know that’s not enough” Her mum said
“Mum I had a very long day today,I nee-d to rest” with that, she walk upstairs to her room
“Dude I guess you’ve gotten into her temple since you’re behaving like a 5 year old kid” Francis said ma-king me laugh
“Yeah of course,what do you expect” I said feeling like a king.
“I know dude, you’re a king of girls” He said laughing
“Sure I am” I said
“So what’s the [email protected]£, I really nee-d a new bit-ch to warm my be-d for up to a month” I said
“Heard of Amor S” He asked
“Of course, Who doesn’t know Amor S” I said
“Go [email protected]£ her” he said
“Of course I can [email protected]£ her” I said
“I bet you can’t get her, I heard she’s a Cold freak” he said
“Who wouldn’t want to to [email protected]£ the almighty Walter. I’m handsome and h0t so no one says no to a Greek God” I said proudly
“I said you can’t even dare go close to her not to talk of [email protected]!ngher as-s” he said
“Alright let’s make a bet, if I’m able to win her over between two weeks then you’ll give me half of your wealth but I couldn’t win her over, then I’ll give you half of my wealth” I said
“Then so be it” he said
“I’m gonna show you that I’m the king of girls” I said proudly
“So how’s the company man” Francis ask
“It’s going smoothly,trust me. I fired all the un serious ones that only comes to my company and lazy about” I said
“Really dude, you’ve got nerve” he said
“Yeah, it’s my company so I have to manage it well, I worked so ha-rd to make it were it is today so no one can just come a destroy it for me” I said
“It’s true though” he said
“Are you gonna rock the str!p club tonight, I wanna get la-id with some slut you know” I said
“Of course I wanna get la-id too” he said and we laugh
“So dude I’ll see you later at the str!p club, I just wanna check on something” he said standing
“Alright man I’ll just go check on my company” I said I stand up too
“Will see you later” he said and left. That’s Francis for you.
Well I’m Walter Wesley, the only son of my parents. I have two sisters who base in Korea. Well they’re married and have kids. I’m actually the last child of my parents and I’m a pla-yboy. Yeah, I’m not re-ady for any fv¢king relationsh!peven though I’m fv¢king twenty – seven. I’m not re-ady to stay committed for now. I want to live life a little. I’m gonna taste up to fifty vir-ginas before finally staying committed I guess. I guess there is no word like love in my dictionary because love is so not my thing. I just fv¢k and go at least you enjoyed my money.
My parents are alre-ady sick of me but that’s their headache guess I’m ma not going to do what I don’t think exist. I’m a pla-yboy and I like it that way. Well enough about me.
I walk to my room to get dressed then walk downstairs to get my car keys. I walk outside to my new Bugatti I bought three days ago. One thing I didn’t tell you is that my other name is WEALTH. I drove out of my mansion into the road. I put on the radio and Amor S music was pla-ying. She got a nice voice though. Well now I remember my bet with Francis.
I must make sure I get her fv¢king as-s into my be-d. I’m Walter Wesley, nob©dy dares turn me down. I rode into my company and I got down from the car. I walked inside and all the employees were alre-ady shaking. Well I don’t take it likely with these guys. I don’t want my company to go bankrupt. I’m very serious wen it comes to my business. I entered the elevator to the seventh floor. I met my P.A and she greeted me but I just ignore her
“Meet me in my office” I said and walk into my office and sat down in my seat.
“You called me sir” she said
“Yeah what are my schedule for the day” I asked
“Sir you have a meeting with Mr Oscar in an hour about the restaurant your want to renovate” she said
“Is that all?” I asked
“Yes sir” she said
“You may leave now. Take this files and work on them. I nee-d a perfect job. I give you thirty minutes to finish up with them” I said
“But sir thirty minutes is to small to work on….” I cut her short
“No buts ms, I want that file in thirty minutes of you lose your job” I yelled
“Okay sir” she said sadly and left but I careless…. They’re so useless.
“Mum I’ve told you time without number to let this matter slide. I don’t want to get married because guys are all the same” I yelled
“Amora dear, do you think your father will be happy were ever he is to see his only child not happy” mum said
“Mum I’m happy without any man in my life” I said
“plea-se my dear don’t do this to yourself” mum said
“I Hate love and there’s nothing to be done. Mum you just made me lose my appetite” I said and stood up to leave
“I don’t want this discussion to continue because I’m fed up alre-ady. I don’t want to get married period” I yelled then walk upstairs to my room. Mum just have to un-derstand me sometimes…
T. B. C
Walter made a bet to win Amora’s heart, will he ever succeed ??

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