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Ethereal beauty Episode 7 & 8

Episode seven
I couldn’t st©p thinking about everything my mom told grandma. Am really worried about her, she have turned into a full time killer. I don’t want my mom to suffer for this, I really don’t want her to.
I nee-d to clear my head.
Maybe today, i should just be my real self and stay in the shower for long.
I stood up from my be-d, re-moved my cloth and everything fake I was wearing leaving me in my manly structure, except my hair which was long. But it can be taken care of.
I put a cap on, putting all my hairs inside. I really look like the guy I am. I felt somewhat happy, this feeling is so good.
I went to the bathroom, and entered my Jacuzzi letting the water to cool off my manly b©dy.
A maid [email protected]£ into tanya’s room to clear it up. It suppose to be done in the morning but Tanya locked the door and left with the key which was a mistake.
The middle age maid entered and saw Tanya pile of cloth on the be-d, she went there and began clearing but what she saw made her baffled.
“This only belong to men, what is it doing in her room? Is there a guy here?” She asked.
She sighed and packed it away, she cleaned the house and left.
I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom after deciding on a better thing to make me calm. MinHo. I will go to his house and I think been with him will make me calm.
I looked at my be-d. Didn’t I put my clothes there? Maybe I kept it in the wardrobe, I must have kept it there. I walked to the wardrobe and there it was.
I wore a new cloth and left for minho house.
Mother left to her old women meeting while Tanya left for minho’s house leaving only me at home.
I fell so bored, I nee-d to do something. Maybe cook today, but first let me go call the maids to as-sist me. Tanya will be so happy.
I stood up and went to their room, but st©p when I heard one talking about Tanya. I opened the door a little so I can see who she is.
Its was one of the maids I as-signed to Tanya room.
“I don’t know what all those men stuffs where doing in tanya’s room, but it felt crazy. Or was a man in her room? Am really confused. Tanya is such a nice lady she wouldn’t do that. But those men wears.”
“You are talking nons-en-se it can’t be hers.” The other maid said. They where just two of them.
Tanya’s men wear? She saw Tanya wears, this can’t be. No, no, I can’t take any risk. this is bad.
I opened the door wi-dely for them to know I was in.
They both stood up and bowed.
I smiled at them, “I want to cook today so I will nee-d your help.” I said and left.
I nee-d to clear this immediately. No one should suspect Tanya a little bit.
We all went to the kitchen, all the maids [email protected]£ rushing in. They where so many in the kitchen.
“Woah!! This is gonna be great.” I said with a smile.
Some stood outside while the chefs [email protected]£ inside. The maid who saw Tanya wears turned to leave but I st©pped her. “What’s your name darling?”
“Woah lidya, such a nice name.” I said and let her go.
I cooked my son favorite, tuna bimbap with egg and veggies. He loves it so much.
Now that am done, Lidya.
“Lidya.” I called.
She [email protected]£ running towards me.
“Go get something for me at the supermarket.” I said and gave her a list.
She bowed and left.
For the sin of one, many will suffer.
When the maids weren’t looking, I put some de-ep slee-ping tablet into the food after dshing out Tanya’s, myself and mother’s own ou.
“You all can eat from this. Make sure you all eat it cause it will be great if you all taste it.”
I said and left.
Just a bite will make them fall into a de-ep sleep. Its just evening, they will wake up tomorrow and forget everything that happened.
I sm-irked and left for my office which was close to my be-droom.
I drove to minho house. A maid led me in and the first person I saw was his mother.
“Oh my goodness Tanya is this you?” She asked.
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“Yes aunt.” I said with a smile and we hvgged each other. She is like a second mother to me. “You have grown so big now.”
“And you have grown so beautiful aunt.”
“St©p flattering me. I will blush a lot.” She said ma-king me smile. She is really a jovial woman.
“Aunt where is Minho?”
“He is in kimkim’s room.”
“Kimkim’s room?”
“Yes. His cousin and my sister last child. She is his favorite cousin cause they are in the same age group. Minho is younger then her a little years gap….. Oops.” She said closing her mouth with her hand. “Minho must have told you this. Am beginning to bore you with my endless talk.” She said. I really love this woman. I smiled at her and left.
I opened the door to kimkim’s room after been directed. Minho was sitting on the chair while she was sitting on the be-d.
They both looked shock when they saw me.
“Tanya?” Minho called shocked.
Kimkim rolled her eyes and stood up from the be-d trying to leave.
“You don’t have to leave Kimkim, I will like us to hang out.”
“No thank you.”
“You are still angry with me that I know, but am so sorry.” I said.
“Sorry but am not taking it.” She said and left.
“She is really mad st me.”
“Don’t worry, she will come around.” Minho said.
I sighed and sat down on her be-d with a lot going throu-gh my mind.
“You don’t look okay.”
I f0rç£d a smile. “Am fine.” I said lowly.
The door opened, “you both should come to the dinning, dinner is serve.” Kimkim said and left immediately.
“Let’s go eat.”
“Am not really hungry.”
“Am not taking that, and besides you know my mom.” I sighed and went with him.
Aunt Janet prepared soya bean sauce with rich and kimchi. Wow. How I miss Korea food. We all sat on the dinning chairs. Kimkim sat close to aunt while i sat close to Minho.
“So Tanya, let me guess your favorite food is still the same right?” Aunt asked.
“Yes aunt. Tuna bimbap.” I replied.
“Strangely you and Kimkim have the same favorite meal.”
“I prefer mine with veggies.”
“I love mine with veggies.”
Kimkim and i said at the same time.
“Still the same.”
We all had a lively and fun dinner, something that doesn’t happen in my family.
After sometime, Lidya [email protected]£ back. She [email protected]£ directly to my office.
“Ma’am i got all you nee-d.” She said.
“Ok. Seat down.” I said surprising her.
“I said seat down.” She obeyed and sat down.
I stood up and went to lock the door. She was surprised and scared.
Immediately I did, I [email protected]£ back to my seat placing a gun on the table. She began to shake terribly.
“Why are you scared?”
“Ma’am plea-se don’t kill me. I have a kid at home and he has no where to go.” She said kneeling down.
“Sorry sweetheart I can’t do that. You saw something you weren’t suppose to see.”
“Ma’am i will keep quiet and never reveal it to anyone. I don’t even know or see anything.”
I sh0t straight to her forehead. I watched as her dead b©dy fell to the ground. Dead
I picked a stick of cigarette. I smiled.
Tanya went to her mother’s room immediately he [email protected]£ back and there he found Lidya b©dy on the floor.
“No, no, no. Mother what have you done?”
Maya puffed out the smoke in her mouth. She held the cigarette she was smoking between her two f!ngers.
“Clear the mess, what do you think?”
“No, no, no mother no.”
“Relax, she is dead and our secret won’t be out.”
“St©p fv¢king saying that.” Tanya said raising her voice.
“You raise your voice at me?”
“Yes. And I don’t care. Have never shouted at you before but I just have to. This maid had a family. Her son which she is raising singlehandedly. Her husband died and she is all her son ever have. But you killed her, why? What will the poor boy do now?” Tanya asked as tears threatened to fall from his eyes.
“Where is all this soft sp©t coming from? You should support your mother not her.”
“Can you even hear yourself mother. You first killed an innocent family because of their father act. His wife just gave birth, but you killed both her and the child and let them burn. He has two little kids but you killed them all. Mother who are you? You now kill innocent people? I always supported your murdering act in America cause you where trying to protect me and our secret but this is too much. What if i was one of those kids you killed? What if am this woman son? What if all this happened to you, how will I bear it all. You are so selfish.” Tanya said angrily.
Maya [email protected] him ha-rd across the fave.
“How dare you call me selfish, after I took care of you, made sure you where not killed. Protected you, and turned into a beast for your sake, you now call me self? You are ungrateful. Now you listen to me, you aren’t going to say anything again or I will make you regret it. It won’t be ha-rd killing you….. Oh well well, why didn’t i thought of this, minho must have been feeding you a lot of things, I will make him my next target.” Maya said with a smile.
“Don’t you dare.” Tanya said raising his voice to the highest. His face was we-t with tears.
“You should have just let me die, you wouldn’t have to suffer then. You shouldn’t have let me live, you could have killed me immediately. Thanks for letting me know how you feel about me. But if you [email protected] single hand on Minho, then get re-ady to lose.” Tanya said calmly. He cracked, “why should you care, if you can say you will do something bad to me, why will you care if I die. But just so you know, I won’t let you harm him.” He said and turn to leave but [email protected]£ face to face with his grandma who have been there watching the both of them.
He bowed and left to his room.
Immediately he did, Maya fell to the floor crying. Mrs. Lee [email protected]£ close to her, “my son. I just made my son hate me. He hate me now. I just threatened him. Mother i just did.” She said crying.
“Hush Maya, hush. He will come around.”
“No mother, I said hurtful words to him.” Mrs lee held her close patting her back.
Maya is her daughter, she don’t see her as a daughter in-law but her daughter.
Tanya sat on his be-d frustrated and shattered. He should have been killed then his mother wouldn’t do all she can to protect him.
He stood up and stood in front of his mirror to see his girly self. He hate himself now.
Grandma entered his room did he did not turn to look at her, he was still stirring at the mirror.
“Mother is like this all because of my stupid self, my stupid been.” He said.
“Don’t blame yourself Tanya, you aren’t the cause of all this.” She said coming close to him.
“Your mother have become a more dangerous person and its all my fault but what can i do. My sons and husband and grandsons where killed . Their hearts where re-moved from their b©dy, they died cause of that worthless killer. And then you where born, your mother couldn’t let you die. We saw the future in you, we saw hope, you will be the person to help us out. So she saved you. Every night, in america, and even here in korea, your mother have always wished to see you as a boy. She just want her boy but it can’t happen cause you are her only hope. She said really hurtful words cause he was angry, you know how she can be when angry. She killed that maid all because she was trying to protect you. She did wrong by that but what can we do. You just have to let go.”
“How can I? She will definitely be punished for all this someday but I don’t want anything to happen to mom.” Grandma hvgged Tanya ti-ghtly.
Episode 8
Tanya pov
I couldn’t sleep, all I was thinking about was my mother. I love her so much and I don’t want anything to happen to her.
The next morning.
I stood up from be-d, my eyes where red and puffy cause I did not sleep even for a minute.
Maybe going to school will help me a bit.
I took my bath, wore my cloth and left my room. I did not eat last night and right now am hungry but will i be able to eat?
I [email protected]£ downstairs and met mother by the dinning table.
Immediately I saw her, all what she said [email protected]£ rushing back.
‘Now you listen to me, you aren’t going to say anything again or I will make you regret it. It won’t be ha-rd killing you…..’
She said this to me yesterday. I felt so angry again, she won’t mind killing me?
I lost my appetite and walked pas-s her without saying anything to her. She really hurt me to the core.
Maya POV
I woke up so early this morning to prepare a meal for my child. All the maids where still asleep, lidya dead b©dy have been take care of.
Yesterday, Tanya did not eat so I plan on ma-king breakfast for him.
I watch as he [email protected]£ downstairs, he stirred at me for a while and suddenly [email protected]£ angry. He left. I felt a sting in my heart. I really hurt him a lot.
He wouldn’t eat, I can’t see my son going out hungry. He will fall sick if he don’t eat.
Suddenly I felt a strong headache.
I held my head as tears threatened to fall.
“Maya are you okay?” Mother asked coming to the dinning.
I re-moved my hand from my head.
“Mother Tanya haven’t eaten. He haven’t eaten since last night. He will get sick.” I said in tears.
“He is really hurt right now. You said you don’t mind killing him yesterday and am sure that left a mark in him.”
“Mother i don’t know when i said that. It was out of anger, I wouldn’t kill my son for any reason. He is my hope he is the only one I love, he is my child. Why will i kill him. He is very sad and I hate it.” I said.
Mother hvgged me, “don’t worry, he will come around.” She said.
I cried on a shoulder.
“You haven’t eaten too right?” She asked.
“No mother and i won’t eat till my child eat.” I replied.
Kimkim POV
Minho and I [email protected]£ to school together. When i arrived, student as usual admired me and I hate it. Am used to not getting attention so now it feels kinda annoying to get an attention.
“What’s that expression on your face? You look like one who just smelled a poop.” Minho asked.
“Attention.” I replied.
He smiled.
We both entered the clas-s and shockingly, Tanya was there. The school latecomer [email protected]£ before us? Surprise, surprise.
“Tanya.” Minho called.
She looked at us and i almost ran. She looked like a shadow of herself but in a beautiful way.
No makeup, and it looks as if she did not get a single sleep. She have been crying.
Minho walked to her, and she smiled which I knew was fake.
“You [email protected]£ early to school? Wow.”
“Yeah, decided to beat you today.” She said.
A group of guys [email protected]£ to call Minho out and he left. He did not even notice how sad his girlfriend is.
I should just ignore her, I haven’t forgiven her yet.
But her face looks so sad.
I sighed and sat down next to her.
“You know i kinda like it when we where still enemies. Girl you look like the shadow of yourself what’s bothering you?”
I asked.
“Nothing that concerns you.”
“Aigoo, am trying to help but here you are telling me nothing that concerns me? Too bad I can’t leave. Minho will be sad if he sees you sad.” I said.
“plea-se leave me alone.” She said.
“Sorry am not that type of a person. Now come with me.” I said and dragged her out.
“Why are we going?”
“To take your anger away.” I said as we headed to the locker. “We are going outside the school for a while, so I want you to follow my lead.”
“Am so not doing that.”
“Don’t worry, trust me and st©p been a cry baby.” I said.
She sighed, “ok.”
“Good now come.” I said.
I discovered a gate that leads outside the school with out a security there. We went throu-gh that gate and left the school.
“You are the one paying for our meal. Cause you are rich.”
“Meal? I don’t have cash with me. Left it all at home.”
“Aish, then you owe me.” I said.
Tanya POV
Says the girl who want to make me happy.
We both went to a ice cream shop.
“This is the only place my money can afford.” She said. “And trust me, this is the best ice cream shop ever. Minho brou-ght me here. Not to be jealous, cause he brou-ght me here when he lost a game to me.” She said.
We both bought an ice cream each.
I took strawberry, while she took chocolate.
We both talk about things, life and school and our point of views. Then we taunt each other. Insulting ourselves. Then she makes a joke which some made me laugh. After all this, we where done with our ice cream.
Kimkim is fun to be with.
“One more place.” She said. And we both went to a karaoke.
“I will sing blood, sweat and tears by bts.” She said.
“Go ahead.”
“Don’t have anything to sing.”
“Aish. You have to pick one.” She said.
“Fine to save time we should both sing together.” I said.
Both went to a room.
The music was pla-yed as we both joined.
Nae pi ttam nunmul
Nae majimak chumeul.
Da gajyeoga ga
Nae pi ttam nunmul
Nae chagaun sumeul.
Da gajyeoga ga.
Wonhae manhi manhi manhi manhi
Wonhae manhi manhi manhi, manhi manhi manhi
Wonhae manhi manhi manhi manhi
Wonhae manhi manhi manhi, manhi manhi manhi.
We both sang with excitement and I will say I kinda had fun.
We went back to school by eleven am.
“Before we go, let’s go somewhere.” She said. And we both went to the swimming pool.
“Do you want to swim?”
“No, I can’t swim.”
“Don’t tell Minho cause he don’t know. I was a good swimmer but I suddenly develop a phobia. I was pushed into a river by someone, I tried swimming out but a stone held my leg. I almost died but luckily I was saved. I hated swimming since that day but no one knows. Not even my father cause i still pretend to like it. But even though I don’t swim again, I love the water, its view is so amazing.” She said. She sighed, “sometimes life bring bad luck to you. Something you can’t hold and want to let out but can’t. You been yourself for a day. Someone you love saying hurtful things to you. It pains a lot. But in all, all this is just a test. You failing that test means you are worthless. But you pas-sing means you can face even bigger problems the world will bring to you. Tanya whatever is bothering you, try overcoming it in the way your heart want.” She said.
Its not as easy as she thinks. “Try talking it out with that person that hurt you.” She said.
Does she know anything about my issue?
“Don’t think am helping you, am just helping Minho cause he will get hurt seeing you like this.” She said and stood up.
I wouldn’t want him to see me like this too.
I sighed and went back to clas-s with her.
It was lunch period but we went to clas-s and our endless talk continues.
Maya POV
The maids all woke up.
I stayed in my room cause I felt weak. Haven’t eaten yet, since morning. It took a toll on me. My heart is heavy my head ban-ging. Am really worried about my child.
“Maya you should eat.” Mother said coming with a tray of food.
“No mother, Tanya haven’t eaten.”
“He must have eaten in school.”
“But not in front of me. He hates me now.”
“He don’t and never will. He loves you so much and can’t ba-re to see you hurt. He is just angry for now but will calm down soon enough.”
“Mother I still won’t be able to eat. He must have fallen sick.”
She sighed.
i stood up to go get a file, at least I can be working at home.
But the world spinned, or it was just me. I fell to the floor and everything blacked out.
Tanya POV
Teachers [email protected]£ taught and left and finally, it was time to go.
Am not sure I can go home, am not re-ady to face mother yet.
I took my bag re-ady to leave but Minho st©pped me.
“Tanya, your mom have been calling. Why haven’t you answered your phone. She called me just now but I couldn’t pick then she s£nt me a message to call back immediately.”
“My phone gave been on a silent mode. But I will call now.” I said and turn to leave but he st©pped me. “Now.” He said.
I sighed, j just have to call her so Minho won’t suspect anything.
I took my phone out of my bag and called her. “Hello.” I said.
“Tanya where are you?” [email protected]£ the voice of grandma.
“In school, why?”
“You’d mother have been rushed to the hospital. She fainted earlier.”
“quic-kly come over to our family hospital.” She said and disconnected the call.
“Oh no.” I said as guilt filled me Its all my fault.
“What happened?” Minho asked.
“Mother was ramen to the hospital.” I replief.
“Then let’s go.” He said and we left. He drive my car.
Getting to the hospital, I rushed to mother’s ward leaving Minho behind to park the car.
Mother was lying down with her eyes open. Grandma was sitting close to her persuading her to eat.
“Mother.” I called and they both looked at me.
“Thank goodness you [email protected]£ Tanya, she refused to eat.”
“Tanya you are here?” Mother asked weakly.
I sat down close to her and held her cheek. “Mother what happened to you?”
“Her blood pressure increa-sed coupled with stress. And she haven’t eaten yet.” Grandma said.
“Haven’t eaten?”
“Yes cause you haven’t. She did not eat last night too. She prepared a meal for both of you but you both had a fight and now she haven’t eaten and you know how her health is. Sort yourselves out.” Grandma said and left.
Its all my fault.
“Mom am really sorry.” I said as tears fell from my eyes.
“No you shouldn’t be. Am the one who suppose to apologize. I hurt you sweetie. Am a bad mother.”
“No mom, you are not. You should eat.” I said carrying the place of food.
“No you eat.”
“Have taken a dessert, you should eat.”
“Dessert isn’t food.”
“Fine let’s eat together.” I said.
I feed her and also ate from the food.
When we where done, I help her relax.
“Mom. I really know you are angry at whoever did what they did to my father and brother. Your anger is justified. But you can’t continue killing yourself cause you want revenge. Leave everything to me. I didn’t go to karate school for nothing. I didn’t learn how to shoot a gun for nothing. I will make sure to finish up those people and that is my promise.”
“Son you will be armed in the process.”
“No mom I wont. You have a smart child remember. Just leave everything for me and I promise to bring those s¢v-mbags to you.” I said.
She sighed, “am will miss you. and very worried I want fletylu do that.”
“Ok fine. But from now on, never exclude me out from your plan. I want to know everything you plan so I can as-sist you.” I said.
“Ok son, if that is what you want.” She said.
Mother am sorry, that is not why I want. I want to take care of them myself so I won’t get you involved.
Maya POV
I can’t and will never allow him into my mess. I will take the revenge myself. I won’t involve to get him harmed. Cause I can be killed in the process or arrested.
He still have a long way to go.
Sorry son, but your mother here is going to take this revenge herself. I won’t get you involved. I will kill all those so deserve death. And I will give you back your normal life.”
You will get to be your real self. A boy soon.

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