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Ethereal beauty Episode 23 & 24

Episode twenty three
(Coming back)
Tanya pov
I couldn’t st©p thinking about what made kimkim run from me.
Its been two days now since we last saw each other.
Am going to kimbok today as a new student cause am no longer Tanya.
I carried my school bag from the be-d and left for school.
I drove to school with my mind still occu-pied.
I went to the principal office when I arrive at school. He is going to introduce me as a new student.
“Welcome to kimbok Tyson.” He said. Its so funny that no one recognize me.
We both went to my clas-s and he introduced me again, but this time as Tyson Lee.
My eyes where in kimkim who was stirring at me.
I don’t know what I feel this days, I feel fireworks when am with her.
I was a given a seat close to her.
“Kimkim.” I called.
She looked at me, “tyson. Welcome back.” She said and faced the teacher.
What was that formality all about?
Why been so formal?
Throu-ghout the clas-s, she did not even glance at me. Her eyes where fixed to the teacher.
Kimkim pov
Immediately the teacher left I took my books, nee-d to go get another book from my locker.
I left without looking at Tanya.
I have to do this to st©p this stupid feelings. Looking at him will make me fall more in love with him.
I quic-kly left the clas-s to my locker.
I opened my locker and kept my books inside, after that I close it back.
I turns to leave but [email protected]£ face to face with Tanya and that startled me.
“Hi tyson.” I said looking at the floor, can’t afford to look at him.
“Kimkim are you avoiding me?”
“No am not.”
“Yes you are. Now tell me the reason for it.”
“Can’t talk now, nee-d to use the restroom.” I said and left.
Tanya pov
I know she is avoiding me but why?
She is the only friend I have in school and now, she isn’t talking to me for some reason I don’t know too.
I really feel bad, did I do something wrong to her?
Is she angry cause I change? But she was the one who told me to do it.
Am really confuse and the reason for my confusion is kimkim.
My phone rang.
I sighed and picked it without looking at the callers name. “Hello.”
“Tanya.” I heard grandma’s voice.
“Hello grandma.”
“How are you pumpkin?” She asked.
“Fine as always.”
“OK, cause I have a good news for you. We are coming back to korea.” She said.
“So quic-k. Coming back now?” I asked surprised.
“Yes. Aren’t you happy?” She asked.
“I am but isn’t that to quic-k. I mean mother.”
“Don’t worry, your mother have change, she really have now.” She said.
“Grandma how sure are you? How can she change in just some few weeks.”
“She’s been going to the hospital and that have really helped ger. She no longer say anything about the killer and she seems to be happy this days. Don’t worry she have change. And also, Tina and Janet are coming with us.” Grandma said.
We talked for a while before I hang up.
How cold grandma believe mother so easily, have she forgotten that mother once pretended to have change? $h!t this can’t be happening now.
Kimkim pov
I went to be-d that night with a lot in my head.
Tanya [email protected]£ to my head again. I won’t ignore it this time, I will just let my self think of him.
I close my eyes as his images began to appear in my head. He is so cute and handsome. He is more like an angel.
My mouth curved into a smile. I can’t deny tbee fact again.
Am in love with him.
Tanya pov
A lot where in my mind but one keeps appearing and that is kimkim.
I should be thinking of my mother and about the killer but here i am thinking about kimkim.
Her pretty face, ger perfect shape. In fact everything about her is beautiful.
I should be thinking about others things going on in my life but am thinking about kimkim, smiling and forgetting any other thing else.
Am beginning to go crazy.
But why can’t i go crazy, she is cute and her craziness is also cute.
I wonder why she have been avoiding me, and also behaving weird. I hope she talks to me again.
Episode twenty four
(He is tanya)
Tanya pov
In school the next day.
Grandma told me that they where coming that day, so after school, am going over to the airport.
Kimkim wasn’t talking to me still.
What wrong have I done?
Did i say anything bad to her ?
I really miss our friendsh!p. I tried asking her the reason for her anger but she refused to tell me.
I can’t take this anymore.
I really nee-d her back, not even as a friend. But as someone close to my heart. My heart only beats for her this days.
No pov
Maya, grandma and Tanya two sisters, Tina and Janet. Arrived at the airport in the afternoon.
Tina is Maya first daughter, and first child. She is a bit tall, slim, has a model like structure. She is a fashion designer in America. She is famous and rich. A beautiful young lady. Tanya resembles her. And she resembles their father.
Janet is an average height dark haired. A doctor. She is the third child and the next before Tanya. A beautiful young independent woman. Who looks like her mom.
Tanya pov
Grandma called to inform me that theywhere all at the airport.
I told them to wait for me, it been long now since I last saw my sisters, I want to welcome them from the airport. And not as Tanya but as my real self.
I drove over to the airport. Locating them wasn’t ha-rd cause there where at the VIP lounge.
No pov
Tanya sighted them from afar, his sisters where seating with Maya. While grandma was trying to make a call.
He walked towards them.
“Hello family.” He said.
They all looked at him confused, who is he to just walk up to them and say hello family.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked.
“Excuse me, you must have been mistaken. We are not your family.” My sister Tina said.
“What? Hello, its me Tanya.” I said.
They all looked shocked at me except mother and grandma.
“Are you nut, Tanya is a girl.” My second sister janet said.
“Janet. Its me Tanya.”
“Tanya.” Grandma called.
She hvgged me ti-ght. “My Tanya she said.
“What’s going on here? Tanya did you change yourself to be a boy?” Tina asked.
“Grandma how can you fall for his tra-p, Tanya is a girl. And this boy say he is my sister Tanya? Crazy.” Janet said.
“He is Tanya.” Grandma said.
“St©p joking.”
“I will explain everything to you at home.” Grandma said.
We went home with me totally ignoring Maya.
When they got home, Tina and janet refused anyone to leave until everything was explained to them.
“What’s going on here? Someone plea-se explain all this to us.” Tina said.
“Well girls, your mother here gave birth to Tanya as a boy. But you know what happened eighteen years ago , with the fear of his death, your mother turned him to a boy. And i also knew this and helped her. So girls, Tanya is not a girl but a boy .” Grandma explained.
“What the heck?” Tina asked.
“This is unbelievable, we we’re the only ones who don’t know about this.” Janet said.
“Its just me, your mother and Tanya that knows .”
“I found a out when I was twelve. Can you imagine that.” Tanya asked.
“When you where twelve? So you thought you where a girl for twelve years?”
“This secret was hidden so well .” Janet said.
Maya never said a word all she did was stir.
Maya pov
I watched my children, my Tanya is so handsome. He looks so much like his father. How foolish was I to have hidden this cuteness for years.
They all said something and looked at me.
“Mother did you hear what we said at all?” Janet asked.
“Sorry my mind wasn’t with you.”
“I said, what do you have to say about Tanya, cause you had been quiet?” Tina asked.
I stood up and walked to Tanya. The expression on his face showed anger. He is still angry with me. I really regret what I did.
“My son is so cute, have prayed countless times for this day to come and here it is. Am really haply to see him as a boy, and I regret ever ma-king you a girl. I was so foolish and am so sorry. May you always be happy.” I said.
“You all should freshen up, am going to my room to do the same.” Tanya said and left ignoring me.
“Maya you aren’t angry?” Mother asked and I knew what she meant, I should’ve angry.
“No mother am not, can’t you see how handsome he looks. He looks so much like his father. I replied.
I am not angry, Infact am so happy.
Tanya pov
I can’t sleep. A lot on my mind.
Sometimes I wonder whether am still a teenager or now a father cause of what I have in mind.
My mother, everything, and then kimkim.
Mother wasn’t angry at me been a boy now, Infact she said she is happy, what’s going on in that woman head?
Have she really change? I cant trust her, she did something like this before and I thought she have change not knowing she planned on doing something much worst.

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