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Ethereal beauty Episode 19 & 20

Episode nineteen.
(Am fired)
Rose POV
How could he fire me just like that?
He just said am fired and hang up, what have I done? He gave me the permission to take a month break and now this?
“Unnie you haven’t told me what happened? What did your boss said?” Kimkim asked.
Tears flow down my eyes, that is my only source of living. I wasn’t able to finish college. Now this, why am I so unlucky?
“Unnie why are you crying?” Kimkim asked.
“My boss called.”
“Yes I know he called, what did he say that made you cry?” She asked.
“He said…….. H…… he said….. Am…… Am fired.” I replied.
“What?” Kimkim asked.
“Why? Why would he fire you?” Tanya asked.
“I don’t know, he just told me that am fired and hang up.”
“Who does that?” Tanya asked.
Kimkim POV
How could he do that?
Who fires a staff like that? He just said it and that was all.
Rose once told me that she had a crush on him, now this is gonna be heartbreaking for her. Her crush fired her, this will break her heart.
If I see that man, am gonna break his nose. How dare he do that? Don’t he know that she has a sister who can break a skull with her hand?
Am so gonna deal with him.
Rose stood up.
“Unnie where are you going to?” I asked.
“Am going to my room.” She said.
“Are you going to harm yourself?”
“Why should I? Am not that foolish, just nee-d to cool down and think about why this happened with a cool mind.” She said and left.
“That man.” I said.
“Who fires their staff that way? This is still confusing, haven’t heard of it before.” Tanya said.
“It happens a lot, some heartless employers do that.” I replied. “My poor sister, she will be so broke, she had a crush on him and now he just broke her heart. Foolish man.” I said.
“We can help can’t we?”
“But how?”
“Why don’t we go to the man.”
“Yes you are right, he will listen to you. You are Tanya Lee, so how won’t he listen? Your power, wealth and influence will f0rç£ him to take her back.”
“Yes, isn’t it a good idea if you threaten him?”
“You are crazy pig size, you know I can’t do that.”
“plea-se. Double plea-se, do it for Rose, she is broken.” I pleaded.
“Aish!! Fine, fine.” Tanya said.
I don’t know why I did what I did next, but I hvgged him real ti-ght.
“Kimkim.” He called. And I quic-kly move away a bit from him. “I couldn’t breath, where you trying to kill me?” He asked.
“Sorry, I was just excited.” I replied with a smile. “We should leave now, I know we’re she works but its two hours from here.” I said.
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“Then let’s call him.” Tanya said.
I picked up Rose phone which she left behind and dialed his number.
He picked and i gave it to Tanya after putting it on loud speaker.
“Hello.” Tanya said.
“No this is her sister.” Tanya said.
“Oh. Where is she?”
“None of your business. Mister who the heck fires someone from work like that?”
“That is why I asked about her. It was a mistake on my path, I can never fire Rose. I wanted to call another contact but dialed hers instead without knowing. That wasn’t for her. I tried calling but network issues.” He said.
“Oh, I will inform her, but you should be careful, you caused a serious heartbreak.”
“Am really sorry, plea-se can i speak to her?” He asked.
“I will give her the phone.” Tanya said and hang up.
“Such a big mistake.” I said and collected the phone from him, I left and went to meet Rose. I told her what happened and gave her the phone to talk to her boss.
Tanya POV
I went home that day after spending a lot of time with kimkim and Rose.
I met a car parked outside the mansion.
“Who is that?” I asked the security.
“He said I shouldn’t inform you until you meet him. He is someone we all know.” He replied.
Who could he be?
I gave the car key to the driver and walked to the car.
A man [email protected]£ out of the car. I couldn’t believe who I saw, no this is a dream.
What the?
“Uncle Mark.” I called.
“My sweet Tanya.” He said with a smile.
I hvgged him.
He is my uncle, my mom brother. My favorite person, Infact he is like a father to me.
“You we’re coming and couldn’t inform me?”
“So sorry about that. How have you been? Saw your mother in America last week, she wasn’t happy at all. Met your grand mom and she told me all what happened. Am so sorry I never knew about all this, I really am. I should have helped in any way I can but am just finding out. Am such a bad uncle.”
“No, its not your fault. Let’s go inside.” I said and we both went inside.
“Where are the maids?”
“Today is their free day so they all went home.” I said.
“So home alone.”
“Must be bored.”
“A lot.”
He laughed.
“So let me make something for us to eat.”
“Let me as-sist you.” He said. He was actually the one who taught me how to cook. The best uncle. Mother wouldn’t do that, even though I was dressed as a girl, she won’t cause de-ep down am a boy.
“So uncle are you here for a business?”
“No am here for you and am leaving soon.” He said.
Kimkim POV
I la-id on my be-d and Tanya image kept on appearing in my head. His imagined boy look.
If he cuts his hair, st©p putting makeup, wear a male cloth. He will be so gorgeous.
But why am I really thinking about him been a boy? What’s wrong with me today?
First, I was thinking about his face as a boy in the kitchen and then I hvgged him and now this? I think am beginning to go crazy. No, am crazy alre-ady.
His voice will be melodious as a boy, he will sound like an angel with that voice as a boy.
Gosh, am thinking about him again. I nee-d to sleep.
Sleep idiot.
Tanya POV
After dinner,, uncle retired to the guest room while I went over to my room.
I brou-ght out my [email protected]©p after Jeff s£nt me a message that he s£nt a message on my email.
I went throu-gh my email message and cli-cked on his. Another led to the killer, we are getting closer to him. This is about whom the spies my mom killed have been calling before and after the death of my uncles, father, brothers, and male cousins.
The killer actually killed 14 people in my family, all males, what did they do to him?
I will find that killer and avenge my family death.
Kimkim POV
The next day.
I went to school early as usual while Tanya [email protected]£ late as usual, its now a [email protected] of him.
During the break, Tanya suggested we go take ice cream outside the school before lunch time is over.
We both went outside.
We bought the ice cream and sat down to take it.
My eyes went to his face and my mind wondered to him been a boy again.
I nee-d to st©p this.
“Tanya.” I called.
“Have you ever wondered what you will look like as a boy, I know you have seen your self as a boy a lot of time. I mean without your long hair.” I asked.
“I will be ugly without my long hair.”
“No you will be cute.” I said not even knowing when I said it. Am going crazy.
Episode twenty
(My first suspect)
Kimkim pov
Tanya is used to been a girl so trying to tell him to change back to a boy will definitely be very difficult.
But why bother? Minho might not like him as a boy, I shouldn’t bother myself again.
“I want more ice cream.” He said standing up. “Should I get one for you?” He asked.
“Yes.” He left.
He [email protected]£ back few minutes later with two cone of ice cream.
He stretched his hand to give me one.
I smiled at him and collected it but not without our hands tou-ching and when it t©uçhed, my heart skipped a beat. I felt something I’ve never felt before. Things where exploding inside my stomach, my heart felt like it was about to explode.
“Kimkim. He called.
I looked at him and then again I felt my heartbeat increasing.
“You seem lost, what’s wrong?” He asked.
My heart is about to explode, I nee-d a doctor cause I might have cardiac arrest. Help my beating heart.
“Kimkim.” He called again.
I stood up and gave him back the ice cream, “am full now. Am going back to school, thanks for the ice cream.” I said and left.
Why am I feeling this way?
In the movies have watched, anytime a girl feels this way, it means she is falling for the man.
That can never happen, I will never fall for chimpanzee [email protected] and besides, he is my best cousin [email protected]£. I can’t do that.
I rushed back to clas-s, I nee-d to take care of this heart beat before it embarras-ses me someday.
Tanya pov
Kimkim just left without a reason, she’s been weird this days, hope she is okay?
But why did she left in a hurry? This is her favorite ice cream and the kimkim I know won’t do that to what she love.
She is ma-king me so confused.
Kimkim pov
I watched as he walked into the clas-s. His cute girl self.
Cute girl self? What am I saying? $h!t I nee-d to be treated before this gets worst.
Why did I call him cute?
Kimkim get your head back, he is a girl and am not sure he is ever going to be a boy again, get your [email protected] back, you idiot.
He smiled at me.
Gosh that smile…………
Tanya pov
After school that day, I went home famished.
But I met something delicious waiting for me.
“Tanya, you are back.” Uncle said coming out of his room.
“Yes uncle.”
“You look tired, go do your business in your room and come and eat the delicious meal made by your sweet uncle.” He said.
“Really? You made this?”
“Yes of course. Told the chefs to rest a bit while I do the cooking for my beautiful niece.”
“Thanks uncle.” I said and went upstairs.
I can’t wait eat, so hungry.
After taking a shower, I [email protected]£ back downstairs. Uncle was at the dinning waiting for me, I went to join him.
“So Tanya, how did you feel when you found out that your mother burnt down that [email protected]?”
“Really guilty. She is my mom and she did that, I felt hurt and pained and couldn’t st©p blaming myself.”
“I too feel your pain and that of your mother. Maya was a nice woman but not anymore. She was a kind and sweet little sister who cares for others. She was so selfless and don’t mind giving up her life to save others. She was the best sister I could ever ask for. Do your mother told you her story?” He asked.
“No uncle.”
“Well your mother was the type of woman who can do anything to see her family survive. She don’t mind doing a million jobs in a day. We where poor and I was still a student. She sacrificed her education for me. She was betrothed to a man who she loved dearly, they love each other so much. His family where so good to us, they helped us in so many ways. Then your mother had to leave for seoul cause she got a job at the Lee’s mansion as a maid. She fell in love with your father and that news broke the heart of her fiance. He tried all he could to make Maya fall in love with him but no, your mother have fallen real ha-rd for your father. Her ex lover left heartbroken and from that day on, we never saw him again, neither him nor his family. Your father and mother wedding was fixed, but a week before the wedding, someone killed our parent. We don’t know who that person was. Your mother was heart broken. After mourning their death, your mother married your father. They had their son, jimin, but he was killed and so was your father, leaving your pregnant mother heart broken.”
“And also, the person who killed our parent was the same person who killed your father’s family.”
“That killer is heartless.”
“Yes he really is.”
“I must find him and he must pay for all this.”
“Yes make him pay.” He said and smiled, “mind if I give you a clue?”
“Yes plea-se.”
“Try looking for your mother ex lover. It can be him cause we never made anyone broken as we made him. And besides, why destroy your father’s family and ours. Its revenge.” Uncle said.
“What is his name?”
“That is for you to find out. I will only tell you if you find out something important, you are close to it.” He said.
I will make sure I find this killer and kill him myself.
Kimkim pov
I couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing and tossing on the be-d. Tanya was the only one on my mind.
I nee-d to kill this developing feeling.
But how can I fall for someone so easily? Just in two weeks?
He is minho lover, so why fall for him?
I nee-d to st©p this.
I closed my eyes to sleep but his image kept appearing.
$h!t, whyyyyyyyyyyy?
I don’t know how I sle-pt that night but all I know is that I woke up the next day.
I left for school after getting re-ady.
Tanya wasn’t in school, thank goodness.
Tanya pov
I watched as uncle got re-ady to leave.
What he said have been on my mind, it might truly be that lover of mom cause he was treated unfairly.
I must find that man and if he is the one I must make him pay for everything he did.
“Tanya.” Uncle called. “Take good care, and when you find something important, let me know then i will tell you who that b©yfri£ndis.” He said.
“Ok uncle.” I watched as he left. I am really going to miss him. Now I know a very important clue about who might be involved. My first suspect.
Kimkim pov
Tanya haven’t come to school yet and the first clas-s is almost over. Did something happened?
Right when I was thinking about him, he entered the clas-s. He walked straight to his seat without the teacher saying a word.
“Hey.” He said to me, but I ignored.
“What’s wrong with you?” He asked in a whisper, but i couldn’t turn to look at him cause my heart is exploding.
I heard him sighed.
So who still think its uncle Mark?

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