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Ethereal beauty Episode 17 & 18

Episode seventeen.
Tanya POV
I want to end my life.
My mom have really gotten me broken.
I don’t want to be her child.
Guilt have filled my heart, I felt so guilty for all those people death. Mother is worst now than that killer and its all my fault. I should have worked fas-ter in finding Adams. All this wouldn’t have happened.
$h!t, $h!t, $h!t, they all died because of me.
I began to hear shouts of people in agony, they where in pain. Cries of children, they all filled my ear.
I closed my ears ti-ghtly but the noises keep getting worst , I gro-an ed in pain and left my room. I ran out of the house like a lunatic, ignoring mother and grandma who where calling my name.
My head hurt, I ran and ran not knowing where I was going to. When the noise finally left, I don’t know where I was, it was more like a market. There are different markets here in Seoul and have never been to one.
I nee-d someone to hvg me, I nee-d someone to comfort me.
I called Minho but he wasn’t picking , I shouldn’t disturb him, he is taking care of his father. He is going throu-gh his own problem.
Then someone else [email protected]£ into my mind, kimkim. She once helped me so she can now.
People where stirring at me like have gone mad with the way I looked.
I sat down on a bench, don’t have her number, but I can call throu-gh the house landline.
Kimkim POV
I was ma-king apple jui-ce when the house line rang, this is strange, nothing like this have ever happen.
No one has ever called throu-gh the land line.
My sisters we’re all asleep.
I cleaned my hand and went to the living room, the telephone was close to the window. I picked the call.
The person was silent.
Still no answer. Maybe network cause this haven’t been used since.
I was about dropping it when i heard his voice which seems to be in pain, “kimkim.” He called and i could easily recognize his voice.
Am not smart but wise and a genius in my own way.
I don’t forget things that easily and I am quic-k to recognize someone throu-gh the voice.
“Kimkim plea-se come over to the market close to the popular bookclub. I really nee-d someone right now.” He said and disconnected the call.
He seems to be crying, what happened to him?
His voice said it all. I could feel pain, hurt, sorrow and dispression.
Minho told me to take good care of Tanya and that is what I will do.
I took my jacket and left the house dropping a letter for my sisters.
I took a cab to the market. When we got there, I paid the cab driver and searched around for Tanya. There he was sitting, gosh he looks like the mess of himself.
I ran to him. He seems abs£nt minded.
“Tanya.” I called.
He slowly turned to look at me. He stirred at me for a while before he did something unexpected.
He held my hand and stood up, then he hvgged me.
This is not right, he is my cousin b©yfri£nd, but I was told to take care of him and besides he looks so hurt and nee-d a shoulder to cry on.
I placed my hand at his back patting him gently. I could feel his tears falling on my n£¢k.
For the first time, I felt tears gathering in my eyes. But I closed my eyes to take it back. I promised my self never to cry and I haven’t been doing that, so why cry because of him?
But what happened to him to make him so depressed?
Tanya POV
I sat down with kimkim and I must say, she’s been a great help so far. I told her to get me some soda with beer, which she did.
I mixed it together and began to drink from it, she refused to drink saying no one will led another home.
“Life can be so frustrating, do you know what it means to be betrayed by someone?” I asked her.
She sighed and sadness was written on her face, “yes. Am facing it right now but no one knows. The person don’t know. It hurt you know.” She said.
The two of us have our different problems.
“But you don’t look sad like I am.”
“Yes, because I make sure no one notice my sadness with the faith that everything will be okay. You won’t believe the person betrayed me since when I was eight , its been a secret ever since then.”
“For ten years? Woah!!” I said.
“Just believe everything will be okay.”
“But its hunting me.”
“Then visit a doctor for help. Thera-pist or any one you think is better cause this can cause a serious damage to your [email protected]” She said.
Its not that easy.
Kimkim POV
I watched him as he drank all the content in his cu-p. He just finished another bottle of beer. He was wasted alre-ady and I couldn’t do anything to st©p him. If that is the only way for him to get better then I can’t st©p him.
“She is wicked. I hate her so much, she broke my heart.” He said.
Broke his heart? Do he have a girlfriend? That means that girl is a l£sblan.
“Why did she gave birth to me?” He asked and then I un-derstood that he was referring to his mother.
He stood up but staggered back.
I helped him up.
“Let me take you home.” I said.
I looked at him, he was just gro-an ing, with his eyes closed. He really nee-d to rest.
A call [email protected]£ into his phone. I brou-ght it out and saw swt mom. Thank goodness his mother called. I picked the call and placed it on my ears.
Maya POV
“Hello.” I heard a female said.
“Tanya?” I asked.
“No ma’am this is her friend from school. Actually Tanya is here with me but she is wasted. She really nee-ds rest so I hope you can come over. We are at the market close to popular bookshop.” She said.
Tanya has a female friend?
That aside, my son is wasted. He went ahead to get himself drun!k.
Fine I know I did wrong killing all those people, but what else could I have done. They would have reported me to the police.
I took my car keys and left the house. I drove to the market where they were.
I searched around and sighted my son, he was resting his head on a girl’s shoulder.
Why will he do that? Does he want to expo-se our secret?
I ran over to him.
“Tanya.” I called.
The girl looked at me.
“Good day madam.” She said.
“What happened to my child?” I asked.
“Well she was so worried sick about something and got herself drun!k.”
“You would have st©pped her.” I said looking at my baby. Have really hurt him, I wish I knew I would have done everything without leaving any single clue behind.
This is all that killer’s fault.
Kimkim POV
I watched as his mother mother helped him to the car.
I really pity him a lot. If there is a way to help then I will, I would have informed Minho all about this but he got his own issues now.
I went home tired and hungry. My sisters where in the living room when I got back home.
“Where are you coming from? You look so tired and hungry.” Jessica asked.
“Went to meet a friend.”
“A boy or a girl?” Rose asked.
“Really wish I could say one.” I replied.
They all looked at me confused.
“You are hungry. Your food is in the kitchen.” Lisa said.
I turned and went back to the kitchen. With a lot going on in my mind. How will I help Tanya now?
Episode eighteen.
(As a boy)
Maya watched as the maids helped her in arranging her clothes. This is it, she is leaving for America leaving everything behind even her son. Grandma have alre-ady filed the case in the police station and if she don’t leave in the next thirty minute, she will be arrested.
She stood up and picked up her husband and picture, she smiled at it. She also picked up her first son picture and placed it well into her bag.
The maids don’t know anything about what happened so they don’t know why she is leaving.
Tanya haven’t been talking to his mother which keeps hurting her.
She left the room and went over to his room, he was with his phone pla-ying a game.
“Tanya your mother is leaving soon, won’t you at least say a word to her?” She asked but he ignored her. “Tanya.” She called.
“Just go alre-ady.” Tanya said.
Maya sighed, her son is really angry with her. She walked closer to him. “Take care of yourself. I know you are angry with me, but just know I did all this cause of how hurt I was.”
“Do you know what annoys me the most?” Tanya asked pissed.
“Its the fact that you don’t regret what you did even a bit. You don’t, instead you keep blaming others. You never thought of me even once. What if everyone later finds out that it was you, then they will also come for revenge and make my life miserable. They will all know me as a son of a murderer. Do you know how all this hunted me yesterday, I lost my mind and now am thinking of going to a doctor for help all thanks to you. You have cause me pain, nothing but pain. What type of mother does that to her children? To her child? Sometimes I think you are not my mother cause a mother can never allow her children go throu-gh pain. You should go cause seeing you will make me hate you more. Grandma did a great job giving you that punishment. I hope you change but that is just a fairytale cause you will never change.” Tanya said and left leaving Maya in his room.
Maya sat on the be-d as tears threatened to fall, her son looks so hurt, did she really made him that way?
She’s been a terrible mother, she’s been a terrible person.
Tanya POV
I love my mother so much, I really do love her but what she did can’t be forgiven. She [email protected]£ a monster and she don’t feel remorse even a bit.
It might take a lot of time before I will be able to forgive cause she have really broken me.
Going back to America will really help her a lot. If she stays there for a year or two, she will surely calm down but how sure am I? She stayed in america for eighteen years and she turned out to be this way then what will a year do?
This is so frustrating. Before she comes back, I will do all I can possibly do to find that killer and deal with him myself then mother won’t have to kill anyone again.
Kimkim POV
Jessica and Lisa got their things re-ady to leave. They [email protected]£ out of their room with their luggages, I will really miss them.
“Kimkim take good care of yourself okay? Don’t let anything distract you and make sure you start going to school, you have missed a lot.” Lisa said.
“I will unnie.”
“Don’t miss us too much. You can call us throu-gh rose phone and we will always be available.” Jessica said.
I nodded with a sad smile.
“Eat your food, don’t miss a meal. Do not allow Rose finish all the food, don’t even think of starving yourself for any reason.” Lisa said.
“Lisa.” Rose called.
“Don’t worry unnie.”
“But why will you say that? You are the one who eat more.” Rose said.
“I eat more and you are the fat one. Don’t you think its not right.”
“Ya!!!” Rose said annoyed.
“We will miss our bus.” Jessica said.
They both hvgged me.
“Take care of yourself. Rose take good care of her.” Jessica said.
They waved at rose and I and left.
Will miss them.
Tanya POV
Grandma [email protected]£ to say bye to me. Mother was trying to talk to me but I kept ignoring her.
She left the house with sadness written all over her face.
Now its just me and the maids at home, no one else.
I think this will be interesting, I will focus more on finding that criminal. I will punish him myself and make sure he is s£nt to hell cause he don’t deserve paradise.
Its been a week now since Maya left. Tanya resumed school, to keep his mind away from what had happened. He also visited a doctor for a week and he felt better. He always speak to grandma and from what she told him, his mother haven’t been saying anything abut the killer.
“I hope she have really change.” He always say.
Kimkim also resumed school and in the week, the two [email protected]£ close friend. But they don’t go a day without teasing each other, it was their daily hobby.
Tanya haven’t found anything yet about the killer but is almost close to him or her. He is finding clues to the pathetic killer. Just a little more clue.
Tanya POV
Its Sunday afternoon and the house was boring, all the maids left cause today is their free day. Just me in the mansion.
I st©p up from my be-d and went to take my bath, I got dressed and wore my cloth. I styled my hair and left for kimkim house, she is more like a boredom lifter.
I drove to her house and as usual, its just her and her sister Rose.
“The beautiful queen Tanya is here.” Rose said when she saw me.
“Hello Rose.” I said smiling at her.
“Your crazy friend is in the kitchen burning the house down.” She said and that made me laugh.
I left Rose and went to the kitchen, kimkim was facing the food she was cooking. The last time i ate her food, I vomited my intestines, it was so salty.
“You should call a professional not killing yourself to make poison again.” I said.
She turned and looked at me. “Oh chimpanzee [email protected], when did you get here?”
“Just now, pig size.” I said walking towards her. “Smells awful.” I said.
“Well it smells better than your [email protected]
“You mean yours cause mine smells like flowers.”
“St©p dreaming Tan.”
“So have you done your as-signment?”
“not yet, I knew you would come so why bother myself.”
“You know am not helping you.”
“You are.”
“Why are you not smart? Infact how did you get the scholarsh!p?”
“Its a long story, you will be bored by it.” She replied and tasted the food.
“Aishhhhhhh, this tastes like dog poop.” She said and look at me.
“Uh, uh, no way. I won’t help you, do it yourself.”
“plea-se, this taste horrible.”
“Why wouldn’t it, when you only learnt how to cook ramen, rice and soya bean porridge. You can’t even cook your favorite meal. Am so not helping you again.” I said.
She pouted herl-ips, “plea-se, plea-se, plea-se, tannie, tan tan, Tanya, the only person cuter than me.”
“Are you trying to make me fall for your babyish attitude? No way.”
“I hate you.”
“I hate you too.” I replied.
“plea-se just this once and I will do anything you ask.”
“Yes promise.”
“Fine as long as you will do anything i want, no problem but think about it cause it won’t be easy for you.” He said.
“Don’t worry, I thought about it before I said it.”
“Ok. Deal.” I said.
She smiled and shift a bit. “Why did you shift? You are gonna cook it while I tell you what to do.”
She gro-an ed and stood in front of the [email protected] cooker.
Kimkim POV
I really nee-d his help if not I would have kicked him ha-rd across the face. Crazy child.
I looked at him, he was talking facing the pot on fire, he really look beautiful as a girl, wish I could see him as a boy. His side view is so beautiful, how will he look like as a boy? He will be so handsome.
Gosh, his female side is so dreamy.
“Kimkim.” Someone called my name. Who the heck is disturbing my thoughts.
He turned and look at me and oh my gosh those eyes, any guy will fall for it. I really wish i could see his male side, I really, really wish so.
“Kimkim.” The voice said and I j£rked back to reality. I look behind re-ady to slam that person for that disturbance.
“Kimkim what where you thinking about?” Tanya asked and I realized that Tanya was was the one calling me. “You should focus and at©p stirring at me.”
“Why shouldn’t I? Your chimpanzee face was confusing me, so I was trying to examine it.” I said and looked at the empty pot in front of me.
But why was I thinking about his face like that? Am I crazy? What the heck is wrong with my corrupted mind? Foolish me.
Rose POV
I stirred at the two friends and I must say, I was jealous. I never had a friend who would tease me like the way they tease each other. My schoolmates always run from me cause I was fat, I am now used to been alone without friends.
A call [email protected]£ into my phone, the two of them turned when they had the ringtone.
It was my boss, my boss who I have been crushing on.
I picked the call, “hello boss.”
“You are fired.” He said.
What the fv¢k?

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