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Doctor cutie Episode 9 & 10

[Love cures All]
Episode 9.
By: Racheal Dennis||
|| Aurora ||
At Melina’s,,,,,
My gaze focus at the entrance, wondering why Brittany isn’t here yet.
Javier and I have long arrived here,,, we’ve being here since 4:15pm, now it’s 4:56pm.
“I wonder what is keeping her!” I muttered to myself.
“Aurora!!” A f!nger snapped in my face brou-ght me back to reality.
Javier narrows his eyes as if trying to figure something out.
“You seem worried” he states.
“Yeah,,, is something bothering you?”
“Come on, you clearly have something on your mind,,, do tell me”
“It’s nothing, really”
He folds his arms across his che-st and lays back on his chair.
He studies my expression, I put up a fake smile to deceive him. But I seem to be failing at it, I’m very worried about Britt and that is something I can’t hide.
“Aurora, tell me the truth, tell me what is bothering you”
Ok,,, I guess I will have to tell him the truth.
“Well,,, I’m supposed to be meeting my friend here 26mins ago, but she still isn’t here, I’m scared something might be wrong”
He frowns.
“Wait,,,, hold up a sec,,, I thought we [email protected]£ here because you wanted to make it up to me”
Uh-oh,,, bur-sted!
I blinked innocently and shows him my cutest puppy eyes.
“Well,,, it’s,,, you know,,,”
“I don’t know, tell me”
“Taking you out is the only way I could leave the mansion effortlessly”
He ban-gs his hand on the table light and narrowed his eyes down at me.
“So,,, you tricked me again!”
“Kinda” I blinked innocently.
He falls back on his chair, clinging to his heart.
“Funk! I feel so used”
I chuckle.
“You just broke my heart!” He huffed and look away from me.
I stand up and went to his side, I pinched his cheeks gently.
“Awwwn,,, is wittle Javier angry?”
“Of course, I am!”
“What will I do to make you forgive me?”
He stays silent and did a little thinking.
“How about we visit our favorite place tomorrow?”
“That’s your price?”
“Ok,, but,,, ”
“Rora?!” Britt’s voice cuts me off.
I turn and see Brittany, she look so worn out. I quic-kly rush to her and take her into my arms.
“Ow!” She winces.
I pu-ll away from her with a frown.
“Are you injured?”
She nods.
“Come on, let’s sit down first”
I lead her back to our table and help her sit down.
She looks at me, confusion clearly stated in her eyes.
“Oh, let me introduce you,,,, Britt, meet Javier, the General’s younger brother and my only friend in the mansion”
I turn to Javier.
“Meet Britt, my best, best friend”
Javier stretches his hand and shakes Britt’s.
“Hello, nice to meet you” he said.
“Same here”
Then there is an awkward silence,,, I guess that’s what happens when two strangers meet.
“So,,, I’mma gonna go to the restroom” Javier said.
I tell he’s tryna give us some privacy.
“Ok,,, take your time, plea-se”
He nods and leaves.
I turn back to Britt and take her hand in mine.
“Britt, what happened? What did Eric do?”
Her eyes turns red.
“He has been lying to me, Rora!” She said in a broken voice.
“He has been lying about what?”
Tears starts rolling down her cheeks.
“All these years, I have put so much trust in him,,, I believed him and him wholeheartedly,,, but Eric took me for granted,,, he has been lying to my face,,, ”
She sobs, I ru-b her shoulder gently.
“What did he lie about?”
“I walked in on him with a woman,,, they,, they,,,,, ”
She couldn’t complete her s£ntence.
“Have you talked to him? Who knows,,, what you saw might just be a misun-derstanding”
“I did,,, he said he owes me no explanation,, and when I pushed it too ha-rd he [email protected] me and left,,, ”
I ban-g on the table.
“That bastard! I have always suspected he’s an unfaithful dog! And besides who gave him to right to [email protected] you!”
“The woman [email protected]£ by later and told me she’s pregnant for him,,, that’s why I didn’t come early as planned,,,,, Rora, I’m so heartbroken,
Why did Eric do this to me, I love him,,, I love him so much”
She sobs ha-rder. I put my chair closer to hers and hvg her.
“Don’t worry,,, I will make Eric come back and beg you,,, also he isn’t worth your tears.
Don’t waste your precious tears on a dog like him,,, just let him go,,, take a look at yourself in the mirror, you are young, beautiful and S-xy, any man would kill to have you by their sides.
So Eric is a fool,, a big fool and trust me he doesn’t know what he’s lost”
She didn’t st©p crying,,,
“But I love him, I don’t think I can forget about him”
“Of course you will forget about him soon,,, there are better men than him in the world”
I continue telling her encouraging words as she sobs.
|| Javier ||
“Javier!” Someone called as I step out of the restroom.
I raise my head and see my friend, Maxwell.
We quic-kly did our bro handshake, bu-mping our shoulders.
“Jesus! Max, what are you doing in New York? I thought you were in Japan”
“I [email protected]£ back for my grandma’s funeral”
I take a step back and view him.
“Man, you’ve changed” I said.
“You too, I couldn’t recognize you at first sight”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, I mean I saw you sitting over there”
He points towards Aurora.
“I saw you sitting with your girlfriend but I wasn’t sure it was you, until you stood up and head here that I confirmed it was you”
We shared a laugh.
“Well, it’s good to see you, how is your wife and kid?” I asked.
“They are fine but I left them in Japan, my wife just had our second child,, she can’t go throu-gh the stress”
“Wow! You have your second child alre-ady?!”
“Ok, it’s official,,, I really nee-d to get married now”
We laughed, he turns and look at Aurora. She is saying something to her friend, it’s obvious she is trying to cheer her friend up.
“Your girlfriend is h0t,,, what are you waiting for, hurry up and propose”
I look at Aurora and smile, I wish she is my girlfriend.
“She is not my girlfriend!” I told him.
He frowns and give me the ” really” kinda look.
“We are just friends”
“But I think you make a perfect match and I know you think of her not just as a friend”
He’s right.
I know I like Aurora but I want to be sure of what I’m feeling,,, I want to know if what I’m feeling for her is ro-mantic or platonic.
“You better make a move on her before someone else snatches her from you” he advised me.
“I heard you,,, but I nee-d to leave now, maybe we can catch up some other time”
“Yeah, take care, bro”
“You too”
Then we [email protected], he went back to his table and I head back to Aurora and her friend.
|| Aurora ||
“You aren’t gonna beg him, he cheated on you and he deserves to,,,,,”
“Ahem!” A clearing of throat cuts me off.
“Aurora, I think it’s time we head back to the mansion,, my brother wouldn’t like it if we come back late”
“But my friend”
Britt squee-ze my hand.
“Don’t worry, you can go, I will be fine”
“Are you sure?!”
“Yeah, I will call you later”
“But,,,,,, ”
“I will be fine, I promise”
I nod and stand up.
“Don’t forget to call me”
“I won’t”
I give her a brief hvg and turn to Javier.
“Shall we?” He asked.
I wave at britt before going out with him.
After a fast and short drive, we made it to the mansion.
“Javier, I’m kinda tired, I think I nee-d a long warm bath,,, so I will be in my room”
“Alright,,,, I think I nee-d a bath too, so see you later”
I head towards the stairs that leads to my room.
I got in my room and fall on my be-d, a long sigh leaves my mouth.
Not up to five minutes, I hear a knock on my door. I stand up and rush to the door, I open it and see [email protected] standing outside.
“Doctor Aurora, the General wants to see in his room”
“Why does he wants to see me?”
“I can’t say”
Hmm, I just got back, I’m feeling tired and I nee-d a good rest, I can’t attend to him tonight.
Maybe I should lie.
“Doctor Aurora, plea-se come with me”
“No, I can’t. Tell the General I’m sick and it contagious!”
“Tell him I’m sick”
“He,,, ”
“Just tell him that, plea-se”
“Yes, ma’am!” He leaves.
I shut my door and breath out.
“Phew! I can get good sleep tonight, no one to order me and f0rç£ me into mas-saging them till dawn” I said to myself.
I take off my shoes and jump on my be-d.
|| Ian ||
“General, doctor Aurora can’t give you a mas-sage tonight” [email protected] reports.
“She said she is sick and it’s contagious”
“That’s nons-en-se!” I growled.
This doctor is getting on my nerves,,,, she was very well this morning,,, she must be lying.
“Let’s go to her room!”
“Sir, she said it’s contagious”
I glared at him and he keeps quiet immediately.
“Let’s go!”
I don’t care if she is really sick, she broke my rule,, she have to face the consequences!
|| Aurora ||
♪♪ I love it when you call me s£norita♪♪
♪♪ I wish I could pretend I didn’t nee-d you♪♪
♪♪ But every t©uçh is ooh la la, is true la la♪♪
I shake my h!ps to the music pla-ying on my phone as I sing along, and combing my hair at the same time.
I just took a shower and I’m alre-ady in my nightie.
I drop the comb on my be-d and continue swaying my b©dy to the music, the music got in my head and I close my eyes involuntarily.
Suddenly my door bur-st open and I turn.
The General stands by the door, [email protected] standing next to him with two other guards behind them.
The General look so furious!
“I heard you are sick,,, but I can see you are very healthy and full of energy!!” He growled loudly.
Oh no!
What should I do now,,,, maybe I should act sick.
I start coughing.
“General,,,” cough “I’m cold” cough “I was just trying to do some exercise” cough “to keep myself warm” cough vehemently.
I start shaking to prove my point.
“Shut up! You think you can fool me with your weak acting!!”
I jumped into my be-d and cover myself with my blanket.
“I’m really sick, General believe me”
“Sick or not, you must receive your punishment for breaking my rule!!”
No, no, no,,,, he’s gonna give me military punishment.
I quic-kly jump up from my be-d and knelt in front of him.
“My most handsome General in the whole world,,, plea-se forgive me,,,,,”
“You don’t know what I look like, so don’t call me handsome!!”
Wait,, he’s right. I’ve never seen his face, he’s always wearing mask.
An idea crosses my mind, I stand up and smile.
“Right, I don’t know what my boss look like,,,, how about we re-move the mask and see the handsome face behind it”
I reach out my hand to re-move his mask, but he catches my hand quic-kly in a ti-ght grip.
“Don’t. t©uçh. My. Mask!!”
I nod quic-kly and bite my lower l!pto prevent any painful grunts from coming out.
“Guards take her to the dark cell, I will punish her tomorrow!”
“D-dark cell?”
Not that plea-se,,,, I hate dark places and I get scared,,,, it makes me feel as if those bad people are coming to get me.
I shake my head.
“General,,, we can talk about this,,, how about you give me another punishment?”
“No!” He turns to the guards. “Take her to the dark cell!!”
“Yes, General”
“No, no, no, no,,,,, ”
But they didn’t listen to me, they gr-ab my arm and pu-ll me outside despite my pleading.
“General, General, let’s negotiate,,”
|| Ian ||
“General, are you sure about this? I mean, you can’t sleep without her,,,,”
I s£nd him a harsh glare, that shut him up.
“What do you mean? That she has become my slee-ping pills now?!”
“No, sir, but,,,, ”
“But nothing!! My insomnia is cured, I can sleep whenever I plea-se,,,,,, and it has nothing to do with that stupid doctor!!”
“But she makes you fall asleep quic-kly”
“Shut up if you don’t know what to say!! Now listen, I will prove to you that I can sleep without her!!”
“Ok!” He said in a tone that says he doesn’t believe me.
“Do you think I can’t?!”
“I dare not, sir!!”
“Better! Let’s go!!”
I have being tolerating that girl because [email protected] thinks I can’t sleep without her by my side,,,,
But tonight I’m gonna prove him wrong!
Episode 10.
|| Aurora ||
The guards took me to a building outside the mansion, we walked throu-gh a long corridor before we st©pped at a door.
They open the door and pushes me in r0ûghly, I hissed out in pain when one of them pierced my fragile skin with his long nails.
“Couldn’t you be more careful?! Or didn’t you your mother teach you how to treat a lady?!” I scold them.
“We are just following an order, ma’am!” One of them said.
I soffed.
“Whatever!!” I said.
Then before I knew it, they shut the door.
At first I thought I suddenly went blind, as everywhere is pitch black. The General wasn’t kidding when he called this place “The dark cell”
Humph, luckily I was smart enough to sneak my phone along. I reach into my [email protected] and bring out my phone.
Gross,,,,, I know!
I mean who hides phone in their [email protected], right?. Well, the General left me no choice.
I turn on the flashlight and see a small bench in a corner, I walk towards it and sit down. I look around the walls, trying to find a window but found none.
I guess that’s why it’s so dark.
“Hmm, stupid General, you think this will scare me,,, hehehe,,, I [email protected]£ prepared. I can stay like this till tomorrow morning”
I lean against the wall and close my eyes.
|| Ian ||
The little girl stands by the edge of the cliff, she shakes her head as she stares at me.
Her clothes torn all over and dirty, blood gushing from her forehead.
She points accusing f!nger at me.
“It’s all your fault,,, it’s all your fault,,”
“No, it’s not,,, I didn’t do it,,, I,,,,”
“It’s your fault,,, you killed them,,, I will kill you too!”
She made to charge at me, but loses her balance and fall.
I lung forward and reach out, but it was too late, I caught nothing but air.
Feeling frustrated and guilty, I screamed.
I open my eyes as I say her name.
[email protected] strides in and rush to me. He knelt down in front of me and wipes off the small beads of sweat on my forehead.
“General, is your nightmares back?”
I nod.
He didn’t say anything but I hear him snicker.
“Why are you laughing? What’s funny?”
“Nothing, sir, but,,,,” he trails off.
“But what?!”
“I told you to pardon the doctor, only when she is around can you get a good sleep,, but you didn’t listen to me”
“Shut up! That doctor must have jinx me!”
He poured water in a glas-s and hands it to me.
“So,,, General, are you still gonna go back to sleep?”
“No, it’s morning alre-ady, I will just,,,,, ”
His laughter cuts me off and I frown at him. Instead of sobering up, his laughter increases.
I slammed the glas-s on the nightstand.
“Will you st©p laughing?”
He sobers up a little.
“Sorry, sir, but it’s just 10:57pm!”
“What?!,,, How?,,, But I sle-pt for a very long time”
“No, sir, you sle-pt only fifteen minutes!”
I frown.
“Fifteen minutes?”
“Yeah, you went to be-d around 10:43pm!”
“Damnit!” I exclaimed.
So,,, it is true that I must keep that doctor by my side?
I remember those nights she was by my side, I didn’t have any nightmares,,,,, why?
Does she have something to do with my nightmares?
“Sir!” [email protected] waves his hand in front of my eyes.
I glared at him and he quic-kly re-moves his hand.
“Should I get the doctor?”
I gritt my teeth.
“Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!! No!!”
“But you nee-d her now,,,”
“I don’t nee-d her,,, I have been tolerating her rudeness because I feel like I nee-d her,,, I don’t want her here!”
“Well,, since you don’t nee-d her, should I s£nd her out of the mansion?”
“Yes!! s£nd her away right now!!”
“Yes, sir!” He turn and head for the door.
Should I really s£nd her away?
The night is still young, I can’t possibly stay awake till dawn…
|| [email protected] ||
I step out General’s room, shut the door behind me and wait outside.
I know he’s gonna change his mind very soon,,,, he has a soft sp©t for that doctor and no matter how well he hides it,,,, or deny it, I can still see it.
The way he looks at her is different,,,, his eyes are always full of tenderness when he looks at her.
He never tolerate anyone being rude to him,,, but he tolerates her,,,, and that says a lot.
He will call me soon, countdown with me,,,, 3, 2, 1
[email protected]!!”
Told ya!
I quic-kly rushed back inside,,, I see him reach for his mask and put it on.
“Call the doctor in!”
“I thought you were gonna sleep without her today?” I tease him.
He glares at me.
“You are getting bolder everyday, you dare to question me now?!”
“No, sir!”
“Go get her!”
“Yes, sir!”
I turn and head towards the door.
“Wait,,, ”
I halt.
“B-be gentle with her!”
Oh? Did I hear him correctly?
“What?!” I asked, just to be sure I heard him well.
“Be gentle with her!”
I smiled.
“Yes, General!”
Wow! General is slowly changing,,,, caring about someone else is something new to him, very foreign.
|| Aurora ||
I’m almost dozing off when I hear footsteps coming towards my cell, I quic-kly reach for my phone and turn off the flashlight.
Who knows, it might be that cold-blooded animal.
I shove it back in my [email protected] and rush to a corner,,, I sit on the floor, my chin rests on my knees and my arms wra-pped around my legs.
The door open and I see [email protected] come in.
“Doctor Aurora, the General wants you in his room”
I stand up, grunting and pretending I’ve got a numb feet.
“So, he’s finally come to his s-en-ses!” I said.
“Come with me, plea-se”
I nod and follow him out.
We enter the General’s room, he standing by his glas-s window, staring at the night sky.
They are no stars or moon, so I wonder what he’s staring at.
“General, she is here”
The General turns and stare at me, he waves [email protected] out without taking his eyes off me.
[email protected] did a little bow and leaves.
“You want to see me?” I asked.
He didn’t say anything, only staring at me.
I sigh.
“Do you want to give me another punishment?”
He didn’t reply me, he simply walk past me to his be-d and [email protected]
“Give me a mas-sage!”
I scoff,,, after keeping me in that dark, smelling cell, he wants me to mas-sage him,, it’s never gonna happen.
I see a couch in a small area in his room, a big flat screen TV stands proudly in front of the couch.
I sit on the couch and reach for the remote control, and start fli-pping throu-gh channels,,, maybe I can see something interesting to watch.
“What are you doing?!” He growls.
I take a glance at him.
He’s no longer lying on his be-d, he sat and was glaring daggers at me.
I ignore him and continue fli-pping throu-gh the channels, finally *Lucifer* pops up.
“Are you fv¢king deaf?! What are you doing?!!”
“Shhhh,,, I’m tryna watch a movie here!”
He stands up and takes ra-pidly steps towards me,,,, he st©ps in front of me and snatch the remote control fromm me, he turned off the TV and toss the remote across the room.
It lands on the wall and its broken pieces falls on the floor.
“Why did you do that?” I whine.
He takes my hand in a ti-ght grip.
“I said I want a mas-sage!!” He said and drags me to his be-d.
“No, I’m not gonna do that tonight!”
He frowns.
“I’m tired, and besides, I’m still sick!”
“You are not sick, sick people don’t dance!”
“Well, I was getting better until you threw me in that dirty cell,,, now my fever has just returned”
“You,,,,, ”
“I’m sorry, General, but I can’t give you a mas-sage tonight”
He grits his teeth and fist his hands.
“Fine, but you are not leaving this room!!”
I arch my eyebrows.
“So,,,, can I go back to my movie?”
His gaze moves to the remote and he sm-irks.
“By all means, yes”
Then he lays on his be-d and covers himself with the blanket.
I just stand still, glaring at him, wishing I could just kill him and be free of his arrogance.
Seriously, I can’t stand him.
I grumpily sits on the table and continue watching him, soon I hear his soft snores.
Taking a closer look at his slee-ping form,,, he doesn’t seem that scary when he’s slee-ping.
Infact, he is an angel right now,, if only he could just take off his mask let me see his face.
“General! General!” [email protected]’s panicked voice woke me up.
I sit up and see [email protected] rush in, the General is alre-ady awake and he’s sitting on the couch drinking,,,,, I don’t know what he is drinking.
“General, your mother is back!” He said.
Mother? The General’s mother is still alive?
“Where is she?”
“She is heading here, sir”
Just then the door open and a gorgeous woman walks in,,,, she wore expensive clothes and jewelries.
The General stands up and walk towards her, he hvgs her with a ti-ght smile.
“Welcome, mother!”
I blinked,,,, mother?
This is the General’s mother? She seems so young, I can ha-rd ly believe it.
“You’ve grown so tall, Ian!” She smiles warmly.
She looks around and her eyes lands on me. Her smile wipes off and replace with a de-ep frown.
“Who is she? And what is she doing on your be-d?”
be-d? I look down and truly I’m on the General’s be-d.
I quic-kly jump off the be-d, but my leg got tangled with the sheets and I fall on my face.
“Since when did you start bringing women to your mansion?!”
The General rushes to me and help me up, he ru-bs my forehead gently.
“Are you alright?” He asked me calmly.
Since when does he speaks to me in a calm tone.
I stare at him in surprise, am I dreaming?
“Don’t worry, I’ll k!ssthe pain away” he leans forward and k!sses my forehead and smiles at me.
Ok,,, it’s official,,, I’m dreaming.
“Ian, what are you doing?!” His mother asked, she has an angry expression on.
The General wra-ps his arm around my [email protected]!st and pu-ll me closer to him.
“Mom, meet,,,” leans in my ear and whisper. “What is your name?”
I don’t know what is happening,,, I’m too shocked to speak or do anything.
When he noticed I’m not gonna reply him, he turns to his mother.
“Mom, meet Angel, my girlfriend!”
“What?!” [email protected], his mother and I exclaimed.
T. B. C.

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