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Doctor cutie Episode 3 & 4

[Love cures All]
Episode 3.
By: Racheal Dennis||
|| Aurora ||
I watch in fright as Miss Macfarlane’s b©dy [email protected] be-d, foamy substance coming from her mouth.
Her maid knelt next to her, crying her eyes out.
At that moment the General barges in, his mask still on. His eyes goes straight to Miss Macfarlane’s b©dy and I see him fist his hands.
[email protected]?” He calls.
“General” [email protected] replies.
“Check if she’s still breathing!”
“Yes, sir!”
The [email protected] guy steps forward, he puts his f!nger un-der Miss Macfarlane’s nose before tou-ching a sp©t on her n£¢k.
Then he turns to the General and shakes his head.
The General turns his harsh gaze to me.
“What did you do?!!” He question me in a gruff tone.
Me? I quic-kly shake my head in denial, I ain’t gonna take blame for something I didn’t do.
“It wasn’t me” I answered him.
“What do you mean it wasn’t you?! I remembered asking you to treat her and prove yourself!!
But what did you do?! You killed her!!” He roared.
“It’s true I didn’t kill her!”
“Shut up!! Guards take her to my dungeon and wh!pher until she confesses!!” He orders.
“What? You can’t f0rç£ me to admit a crime I didn’t commit” but nob©dy’s listening.
The guards are alre-ady here, they holds my arm and pushes me out.
I guess I’m gonna die before I even start investigating my parents death, at least they’ll know I tried my best.
“St©p!” I hear a familiar voice.
We st©p and I turn to the direction of the voice.
My eyes grow wi-de.
It’s that weirdo psychopath from the coffee shop that I [email protected] and ran away.
What is he doing here? Do he live here? Or worse; is he the mayor?
No, he’s too young to be a mayor. I just pray he doesn’t recognize or I’ll be finished for sure.
He look at me and halt.
He has a shocked expression on.
“It’s you?” He asked.
Oh no! He recognizes me; well, I can just pretend as if he’s got the wrong person.
“Me?” He nods. “No, sir, you’ve got the wrong person”
“You are the beautiful girl that spilled coffee on me! So you are a doctor!” He said in a surprised tone.
Hmm, beautiful girl,,,,, maybe I can use it to my advantage.
I nod innocently, bashing my eyelashes, and showing him my cutest puppy eyes, I pour myl-ips to crown it all.
I see him gulp down slowly, his eyes rests on myl-ips. I almost sm-irked but that would just spoil my acting.
“Let go of her!” He commands the guards.
They hesitate, looking at the General for permission.
“Javier, what are you doing?!” The General asked.
Javier,,,,,so that’s his name.
“I don’t think she killed Miss Macfarlane, we can’t arrest without evidence that she is the murderer” Javier said.
“Yeah, Javier is right, you can’t punish me without evidence!” I add in boldly.
Javier pushes the guards off me and take my hands his, studying my wrist if I sustain any injuries.
“Javier!!” The General’s voice boomed.
I quic-kly pu-ll my hands away from Javier’s and see the General glaring daggers at me.
“Ian, let’s find out what really happened before we arrest or punish her” Javier suggest.
Miss Macfarlane’s maid rushes forward and bow before the General.
“General, there’s nothing to find out, she killed Miss Macfarlane!”
I scoff and wanted to say something, but Javier st©ps me and face the maid.
“How are you so sure she killed Miss Macfarlane?”
“Because I was here, Miss Macfarlane died after this doctor tries to feel her pulse”
“She’s lying, I didn’t t©uçh your fiancée, she didn’t let me” I defended myself.
The maid opens her mouth to speak again but Javier shuts her up with a glare.
“Brother Ian, I believe now we really have to know exactly what happened when,,,,,, ”
He turns to me.
“What’s your name?” He whispers.
“Aurora!” I reply.
He turns back to the General.
“We nee-d to know exactly what happened when Aurora was inside the room”
The General stays silent for a few minutes, he keeps clenching and unclenching his fists.
“Fine, let’s take this to my study!” He finally said.
We all leave the room and head towards a staircase, but not before the General ordered two guards to stay with Miss Macfarlane’s b©dy.
After walking in silence, we st©p at a door. [email protected] open it, it leads to a long hallway.
We walk throu-gh the hallway and arrive at another door, but when [email protected] opens it, it thankfully reveals a study.
We enter, the General sits on a swivel chair, Javier sits on another chair in front of the General’s desk, while [email protected] stands next to the General.
The maid and I stand in front of the General and Javier.
“You!” The General points at me. “What happened?!”
I cleared my throat.
“So after Claudia took me to Miss Macfarlane’s room,,,,,,,,,”
“So, which hospital are you from?” Miss Asked me.
“Central hospital” I replied.
She looks at my clothes and shake her head, disgust clear in her eyes.
I don’t blame her though, that weirdo psychopath damped his coffee on me.
Her maid walks back in with a tray of food, she drops it on a table in front of Miss Macfarlane.
Miss MacFarlane starts eating, when she’s done, her maid put the plates aside.
We stay in silence for like 10minutes before she gestures me to come over.
“You can feel my pulse now” she said.
I carried my kits, before I can get close to her, I saw her clinging on her stomach. Foamy substance coming from her mouth, within seconds she’s fallen on her back.
And her b©dy went stiff.
“What did you do?” The maid accuse me.
“What do you mean what did I do? I haven’t even done anything!”
“You jinxed her with your bad luck!”
“Jinxed? Who still believes in that?”
Is she joking or what? How can I possibly jinx her,,,,,,, is that even a word these days,,,,
“Guards, guards, guards!!” She start calling.
“What are you calling the guards for,,,,, I didn’t do anything!”
Soon two guards rushes in.
Ok, I know I’m in a General’s mansion but that doesn’t mean their guards are always on earsh0t.
This must be a conspiracy,,,,,, are they trying to frame me,,,
“Inform the General, Miss Macfarlane is dead!” She said.
The guards nod and rush out.
End of flashback#
“That’s how it happened!” I concluded.
“See? Ian, she isn’t at fault, she’s innocent!” Javier exclaims.
The General cleared his throat and eyed Javier, Javier shrink back into his chair.
“We don’t know for sure if what she said is true, so until I find out the truth, she and the maid will be locked up!”
Locked up? No, I can’t let him lock me up or nob©dy will ever know the truth. And if the truth isn’t find out, I’ll be dead. And if I’m dead, I won’t get justice for my parents.
I nee-d to find a way to make him keep me out of his prison or dungeon,,,,,,, whatever!
“Guards take them away!” He commands.
Two guards [email protected]£ to my side and the other two went to the maid. But I didn’t let them t©uçh me before I fall on my knees and start shedding tears.
I forget to tell you guys, I’m a great actress too,,,,, a very skilled one at that.
“General, General” I cried out, forcing a grieving sound from de-ep down my throat.
I take a peek at everyone’s expression.
The General frowns, Javier is gawking at me in surprise, though his face held amusement.
While that [email protected] guy, well, he’s something else. His expression remains neutral.
“General, this is injustice!”
“Injustice?! How dare you say that to my face!!” He roars at me.
Though his voice is scary but I didn’t flin-ch away.
“This is injustice, give me a chance to investigate this case on my own,,,,, plea-se, General,,,,,”
“Nob©dy has ever investigated a case they are involved in and I’m not gonna change that,,,,,, Guards, take them away!!”
I wh!pmyself on the ground.
“plea-se, General, plea-se, plea-seeeeeeeeeeeee!”
I continue crying louder and louder, I see the General wince and ru-b his ear.
“Ian, I think we should let her investigate this, she might do a better job” Javier cuts the General off.
“No! I can’t let her, she knows nothing about investigating a case!”
What? He doesn’t know I’m an expert in all professional,,,, I can be a detective if I want to.
“I,,,,,” Javier s£nds me a look that says,,,, keep quiet.
So I shut my mouth and let him speak.
“What about I take over the case and investigate it, then you can let her as-sistant me”
“Ian, she can be of great help in this case”
The General doesn’t say anything, he just glares at me throu-gh his mask.
I wonder if he never takes it off.
“Fine, but you have three days to investigate!”
“Three days?!” I [email protected] “That’s too short!”
The General ban-gs on his desk, his eyes hooded with anger.
“Three days is enough! We nee-d to report back to the mayor!!”
Javier jumps off his chair and gr-abs my hand.
“We’ll get back to you in three days” he said.
He starts to pu-ll me outside, but I halt when I remembered something.
I turn back to the General.
“General, now that I’m [email protected] of the investigation, I believe you wouldn’t want me to step out of the mansion,,,,, so where should I stay?”
“How dare you ask the General that!” [email protected] growled.
The General raised his hand to st©p him from taking any action.
I roll my eyes. They are behaving as if the General is God.
Not that I’m rude, but I hate proud people like him.
“You are a suspect of murder, why do you think I will let you stay in my house?” The General asked.
“Well, for one, I have to stay here to get clues easily.
And secondly, if I stay outside you wouldn’t believe my evidence,,,, you will think I manipulated something”
“She is kinda right, Ian” Javier supports me.
I sm-irk, I have a solid back up alre-ady.
“Why are you agreeing with her, Javier?!”
“Don’t get,,,,,,,”
“Fine! She can stay in one of the guests rooms!” The General said angrily.
I smile.
“Thank you, General”
“Don’t thank me, get out!” He yells.
Javier gr-abs my hand.
“Let’s go!” Then he drags me outside.
|| Ian ||
It infatuate me that, that female doctor speaks boldly to me, no hint of fear in her tone.
And she is ma-king me go back on my words.
I don’t like her the first time I saw her and I didn’t want her to stay, but I still let her stay.
I wanted punish her until she confesses her crime, but I still have her a chance to prove her innocence.
Now she is familiar with Javier.
No,,,,, I must find a way to s£nd her out, she might be after something,,,,,, she has a motive.
Else she wouldn’t try ha-rd to let me hire her.
After this case, she is leaving.
|| Unknown ||
“How is it going?”
“Miss Macfarlane’s maid has being s£nt to the General’s dungeon”
“What about Miss Macfarlane?”
“She is dead!”
“Good, find way to enter the dungeon and kill that maid before she spill everything!”
“Yes, sir!”
|| Aurora ||
We made it back to the living room, where my luggage rests against the wall.
“So, you are a doctor?” Javier asked.
Well, fake doctor but you don’t have to know that.
“Yes!” I nod.
Then I remembered how I [email protected] him and ran away, I guess I have some apologizing to do.
“You’ve got some nerves,,,,,,”
“Hey, I’m sorry for [email protected] you like that last time, it’s just,,,, ”
“It’s fine, I un-derstand” he smiles.
I arch my eyebrows but nod.
I pu-ll-ed my luggage up.
“Can you plea-se point me to the guests room?”
“Oh, I’ll walk you there!” He takes my luggage from me and start walking off somewhere.
“Thank you” I said and follow behind.
“So, what are you doing here?” I asked him.
“I live here sometimes”
“Do you relate to the General?!”
“Yeah, he’s my elder brother”
“Oh, that’s why he listened to you”
“I guess”
Then I decided to ask me a question that has being nagging me.
“Why did you want to help me on this case”
He st©ps at a door and open it, we both step in and I take a quic-k look around.
This room is smaller than Miss Macfarlane’s room, but it’s still way bigger than mine.
“This is the guest room you will be staying”
I nod.
“It’s nice, but you haven’t answered my question yet”
“Yeah, why do you decide to help me on this case”
He stares at me for a moment before he sits on my new be-d.
“Because I have a feeling that I can trust you, you don’t look like a bad person” he narrows his eyes. “Or are you?”
“No! I’m 💯 percent good!”
“I trust you”
I sit next to him on the be-d and sigh.
“Your brother only gave us three days to solve this case, how can we make that possible?” I asked.
I nee-d to find the real murderer fast, then I can have time to find my parents murderer too.
“About the case, we will start tomorrow, right now I want you to rest”
“Rest? There’s no time for that, we nee-d to find the murderer before your brother throws me out of the mansion”
Just then my stomach growls and I remember that I haven’t had anything to eat since morning.
My cheeks flame up in embarras-sment.
Javier chuckles.
“Someone is hungry!” He tease.
“How about I take you to the kitchen and get you something to eat”
Hmm, they must have delicious food here. I almost agreed, but I remember how Miss Macfarlane died after having breakfast.
I shake my head quic-kly.
“Why aren’t you hungry?”
“I can’t eat anything from that kitchen, who knows if everything item in there has being poisoned”
Javier [email protected] and taps my shoulder.
“We’ve just got our first clue”
I frown at him in confusion.
“What do you mean?”
“The food, we should also check the food she ate, maybe it was poisoned!”
He’s right,,,,, wait, why didn’t I think of that.
“Come on, let’s go get the food before the cook throws it leftovers away” he said.
I nod and we rush out.
Episode 4.
|| Aurora ||
We step into Miss Macfarlane’s room, my eyes search the room and zero on the food.
I quic-kly pick up the plate and take it closer to my nose, trying to perceive it and see if I can notice any smell out of place.
Javier holds my hand and st©ps me.
“What are you doing?”
“Perceiving it?”
He chuckles lightly.
“You can’t detect the poison that way, let’s find another way, an easier way to find out if it’s poisoned” he said.
I nod, he’s right.
I don’t think even real doctors can detect a poison just by the food,,,,,, or can they?
Javier takes the food from me, take my hand and start pu-lling me outside.
We walk down the stairs towards the main door, he opens it and we step out. Then we walk towards their backyard, we st©pped at a cage.
He drops the plate of food and opens the cage, a big Germany shepherd dog rushes out. I quic-kly jump on Javier’s back and shuts my eyes ti-ght.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“Don’t let that thing near me!” I said.
“Wait,,,,, are you scared of dogs?”
I didn’t say anything, I only nod and I feel his b©dy [email protected], then I knew he’s laughing.
“Don’t be scared, Oscar won’t bite”
“I’m serious, it doesn’t bites”
He doesn’t persuade me anymore, he turns to the dog and commands it.
“Oscar, eat!”
I take a peek with one of my eyes closed and the other slightly open.
The dog starts eating on its master’s command, it doesn’t know if the food is poisoned.
After Oscar finishes the food, it doesn’t take long before it start barking loudly. It barked for 5-10 minutes, before it finally [email protected] and same foamy substance start coming from its mouth.
I start to feel kinda guilty for it.
“Aurora, see, it’s the food, it’s poisoned!”
I got off his back and look at the dog with guilt. I bend towards the dog and kicks it a little, hoping it’ll just stand up and start barking at me, scaring me.
But it didn’t.
“Don’t tell me you are feeling bad”
“I am!” I stand up.
Javier chuckles.
“It’s just a dog, Aurora”
“It’s not just a dog, this dog had life, it was fine and healthy when we got here, now it’s dead! I feel like this is our fault”
“It’s our fault but we did it to verify something”
“We could have find another way”
“Which other way,,,,, by feeding it to you?”
I sigh. He’s right again we did it for a good purpose.
“Oscar, plea-se forgive us, we didn’t mean for you to die. plea-se don’t come into my dream and scare me ok?!”
I plead with the dog.
Javier laughs.
“It’s ok, it has forgiven us. Now what should we do next, we’ve known that the food was poisoned”
“Next is people that t©uçhed the food, the cook and maid, but I don’t think the cook poisoned the food”
“Why do say that?”
“Because I’ve seen and spoke with the cook”
“For how long did you spoke with her?”
“Hmm, I think 10minutes”
“10minutes and you don’t suspect her? She’s the cook, she has more opportunity and time to poison the food”
I nod thoughtfully.
“Yeah, I think she’s a suspect too. But before you kill someone, you must have a motive. What motive could she have?”
“That, we will find out tomorrow”
“Why tomorrow?”
“Because right now, everyone that [email protected]£ in contact with that food is on high alert. So from now till tomorrow, we just have to study them”
My eyes lands on the dog.
“But we should take this to the General and tell him it was the food that killed Miss Macfarlane”
Javier shakes his head in disagreement, I frown.
“Why?” I asked.
“Ian, wouldn’t agree to meet us today”.
“I don’t know, maybe he has other things to do?”
“Why? We have one evidence, he nee-ds to see it right away!”
“I know my brother, maybe he’s trying to get some sleep now, he wouldn’t like it if we interrupt him”
“Sleep? He can do that at night!”
“I wish!” I hear him muttered un-der his breath.
“Nothing, let’s wait till tomorrow, plea-se”
I sigh and nod.
I wonder why the General can’t see us today again, it’s just morning after all.
Even God doesn’t get tired of listening to our one thousand prayer requests everyday.
Over pompous, egoistic bastard.
“What’s on your mind, Aurora?”
Your overpompous brother! I f0rç£d a smile on my face.
“Nothing, I’m just thinking of where to get good food” I lied.
“I know a place”
“No, it sure must be an expensive place since it’s find out by you”
“It’s not expensive, I’m not as rich as my bro, so I also have to save money too”
I smile, I interlock our arms.
“Well, let’s go then!”
“Ok, but first let’s keep these in a safe place” he gestures to the remaining food and the door.
“They are solid evidence!” He adds.
I nod in affirmation.
“Hm-mm,,,, hmmm-m,,,,!” I [email protected] as I munch on the large piece of pizza in my mouth.
My eyes slightly close as the sweetness take over my s-en-ses.
I hear Javier chuckles.
“I will take that as a sign that you like the pizza” he said.
I give him a big thumbs up.
“I-love-it-this-place-is-just-the-best-cheap-but-delicious-great-quality,,,,,” I said with the large piece of pizza stuffed in my mouth.
“I knew you’d like it”
I nod and we continue to eat in silence. Until Javier broke the silence.
“So, Aurora, you jumped on my back because you’re scared of dogs” he states.
I nod.
“Why are you scared of dogs, they are such a loveable and cute animals”
I drop the slice of pizza on my hand and raised my head and glare at him. I point my index f!nger at him.
“Don’t call those monsters loveable or cute in front of me ever again!”
“Those animals are anything but cute, I’ll never forget that horrible day of my life”
“What happened?”
I sigh, it was the day my parents were killed. But I’m gonna skip to where the as-sas-sin was chasing after me, I can’t tell him about my horrible past.
“I was only 11 years old, I didn’t know what happened but I suddenly find myself running from a man,,,,,,,, ”
He chased me to the edge of a cliff, not having anywhere else to run, I st©p.
He notices there’s a cliff behind me, he didn’t stress himself, he simply raise his leg and March my che-st, then I fall.
I thought the cliff would be de-ep, I guess he thought so too but it isn’t. It was just a few meters down, I land on my back.
Though the fall wasn’t that far, I still had a dislocated ankle.
I decided to find my way back to our home. I made it back to a busy street but it wasn’t my street and I don’t know if it’s even close to my street. I seldom leave our home, so I ba-rely know anywhere.
Suddenly a big dog start running towards me, my eyes grew wi-de in fear.
Then I start running too, but I didn’t run too far before it pounce on me. Its teeth pierced into my skin, I felt like my right arm is separating from my b©dy.
I couldn’t chase it off, until a Gods£nt [email protected]£. The lady chased the dog away and took me home to cure the wound, since it was alre-ady giving me a fever.
End of flashback#
“Since then, I don’t like dogs. I hate them to the core, don’t ever mention them in front of me!” I ban-g my hand on the table.
“Yes, ma’am” Javier said.
I keep my stern expression and glares at him, but he only bur-st into fits of laughter.
He points at my face as he laughs.
“What?” I asked.
“Are you trying to look fierce? Well, wipe the sauce off your cheeks before that”
I t©uçh my face and truly I had sauce all over, I scoff but soon join in his laughter.
“Ok, the pizza was too sweet” I said.
“Then I guess we should be coming here often, we can make this place our favorite place, yeah?”
“Good! Now, let’s head back to the mansion, my brother shouldn’t know we left the mansion or we are doomed”
I nod and stand up.
I take out my purse and placed my bill on the table, but Javier takes my money and hands it back to me.
He puts both our bill on the table with a large ti-p. I smile and put my money back in my purse.
“Oh, you are different from other girls” he tells me as we walk towards the exit.
“How am I different?”
“Most girls would have st©pped me from paying for them, but you didn’t”
“Well, I wanted to pay but you st©p me and paid instead, it’s not like I f0rç£d you, so why would I st©p you.
I ain’t gonna st©p anyone from doing me a favor, I’d gladly let you. After all, I’m saving up for my dream car” I said.
He laughs briefly.
“I like you, you are true to yourself, you don’t pretend”
“It’s a good thing, right?”
“Yeah! It’s a very good thing!”
We made it back to his car, he opens the door for me and I enter. He turns round and got into the driver’s seat.
“You like going to places poor people like us go to eat, why?” I asked him.
“I told you before. I’m not as rich as my General brother, so I spend wisely, though I’m not broke!”
I nod.
“It’s good”
He starts the car and drove off.
We made it back to the mansion in no time, we got off the car and head inside the mansion.
“Aurora, I had a long flight coming back home. I should probably head back to my room and get some rest”
“Ok, I should head back to my room too and,,,,,,, maybe unpack my luggage”
“Hm-mm, see you later!” He heads off somewhere.
This mansion is so big, you either pas-s throu-gh a long hallway to get in your room, or take a long staircase.
Mine, I have to pas-s throu-gh a long hallway that has the General’s study along the way before I get to my room.
I head towards the hallway.
I walked past the General’s study, but I come back and st©pped in front of the door.
I have an itching feeling that I should tell the General about our progress on the case. I know Javier told me not to tell the General first, but I just can’t hold it in.
I knock on his door and wait. Few minutes later I hear a faint come in.
I open the door and step in.
“General” I called.
He raised his head and saw it’s me, he frowns.
“You again?”
“I just thought I should inform you of our progress on the case”
He didn’t say anything, he just turn his attention back to whatever he’s staring at,,,,,,it seems to be a ph0to frame.
“We’ve found out that Miss Macfarlane died of food poisoning, but we don’t know who poisoned her yet”
He still doesn’t say anything.
Then I see him ru-b his forehead as if he’s having a headache, shortly after he yawned.
I guess he’s tired.
“General, you are tired, why don’t you [email protected] a bit” I suggest.
“I’m not sleepy, get out!”
Humph! He’s clearly tired and really nee-d a nap. I know I’m a fake doctor but I know when someone nee-ds rest.
Then I remembered Javier whispering something like the General can’t sleep even if he wish to.
An idea pop in my head.
“General, you don’t wanna sleep, how about I give you a mas-sage”
I quic-kly rush over to his side, but he st©p me with a raise of his hand.
“Why? It will help relax your muscles”
“I said no!”
“Why? It’s just a mas-sage!”
“I don’t let women t©uçh me, now leave!”
I scoff.
“I’m a doctor and I t©uçh both genders, just imagine I’m a male doctor”
“No! Get out!” He yells, but quic-kly start ru-bbing his forehead again.
I sm-irk.
“I will take that as a yes!”
I went to the back of his chair, I place my f!ngerson both sides of his head and starts moving them slowly.
“What are you doing?!”
“Shhhh! Just enjoy it” I whisper in his ear.
He sighs but doesn’t say anything more.
I continue moving my f!ngersslowly and soon, I feel his head dangling. I look and find out he’s slee-ping alre-ady, I smiled.
I can’t let him sleep in this position or he’ll have a stiff n£¢k later. I look around and see a be-d at a corner in his study, I put his arms around my shoulders and slowly help him to the be-d.
I la-id him on the be-d and a long breathless sigh leaves my mouth. Hmm, this General is just too heavy.
I wanted to leave but his hand gr-ab mine.
“Don’t leave,,,,, stay,,, don’t leave” he murmurs.
I frown, is he mistaking me for someone in his sleep?.
I look at him, he look so stiff even in his sleep, maybe I should do him a favor. I should give him a b©dy mas-sage and help him relax his muscles.
I went on my knees and my f!ngerswent into work.
Just then the door bur-st open and [email protected] rushes in.
“General, I,,,,,,,”
“Shhhh!” I shush him.
He frowns and I points to the General’s slee-ping form. He halts and surprise flashes throu-gh his eyes.
Then he bur-st into a wi-de grin and give me a thumbs up.
I frown in confusion, why is he giving me a thumbs up?
Then he rushes back out.
3 hours later,,,,,,
I flin-ch back as the General’s eyes snap open.
I had just finished mas-saging him.
He looks around with a de-ep frown and his gaze zero on me.
“What are you doing here??!!”
“You fell asleep so I helped you to be-d”
He look at the be-d, his chair then back to me.
“How?” He asked.
What does he mean by how?
“I was just giving you a heads mas-sage and you fall asleep on me”
He looked at the wall clock in his study.
“For how long did I sleep?”
“Three hours!”
His frown de-epens even more.
“Strange,,,,,” he murmurs.
How is it strange.
“So, how did you sleep?”
“Get out!”
“I. Said. Get. Out!!” He growled lowly.
What an egoistic bastard,,,, ungrateful c0ck!!
“What are you still doing here,,,,, GET OUT!!”
I pick myself up and leave quic-kly.
Don’t expect any help from me,,,,you arrogant General.
|| Ian ||
Immediately that female doctor steps out, [email protected] rushes in.
“Congratulations, General, you sle-pt straight three hours, this is the longest you’ve sle-pt in ten years!” He smiles.
I stretched my muscles and find out they are more relaxed now. I frown, how come?.
“General, doctor Aurora is indeed a great doctor, she got you to sleep and you sle-pt soundly”
“Shut up!” I growled at him.
“s£nd four of my guards to guide the entrance of my dungeon, whoever poisoned Miss Macfarlane might also be behind my father’s death”
“You think so?”
“Yes, if we find my father’s killer, we will get clue of phoebe’s family’s killer”
He nods thoughtfully.
“Now, get the guards there!”
“Yes, sir!”
Then he leaves me to my thoughts.
Why did I keep going back on my words because of this female doctor?
I don’t let women t©uçh me, yet I let her, why?
And I sle-pt soundly when she was mas-saging me,,,,,, I didn’t see Phoebe in my sleep this time too.
I have different doctors prescribe slee-ping pills for me all these years, but none worked. Here, she did it without pills.
I don’t sleep more than thirty minutes everyday for ten years, but I sle-pt three hours today,,,,,, why is that?
I must stay away from this doctor,,,,,,, she is up to no good!
T. B. C

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