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Doctor cutie Episode 23 & 24

[Love cures All]
Episode 23.
By; Racheal Dennis||
|| Javier ||
I rack throu-gh my closet, looking for an outfit to wear for tonight’s dinner.
I know it’s not a [email protected]£, but I must look good, who knows, I might see someone that catches my eye there.
Suddenly, my door bur-st open and Dan rushes in.
“Sir, the General is kneeling outside!”
I paused and turn to him with a de-ep frown.
“Shut up! Don’t let Ian hear you, or he might kill you!” I cautioned him.
“I’m not lying, he’s being kneeling for five hours now!”
I roll my eyes and goes back to searching for the perfect outfit.
“Dan, nob©dy can make Ian kneel un-der the sun for five hours,,, unless that person has got a death wish!”
“Sir, it’s true,,, I tried begging him to get up and let me take his place but he wouldn’t bulge”
I st©p racking my closet and turn to him with narrowed eyes.
“It’s best you see it for yourself, sir!”
I sigh,, maybe I should check it out, but I don’t think Ian would kneel un-der the sun.
“Wait,,,, don’t tell me today is April first!”..
He shakes his head.
“It’s not”
“Today’s not April’s fool day?”
“No, sir”
“Hmm, let’s go then,,, but pray to heaven that you aren’t tricking me or I swear, I will cut your ba-lls off and feed them to our dog!” I threatened him.
“I dare not trick you, sir”
“Lead the way then”
I stay frozen in my sp©t when I see Ian kneeling outside, am I dreaming?
I [email protected] myself to confirm if this is actually happening live.
He raises his head, I blinked ra-pidly. I walked closer to him and gr-ab his arm, then I pinched his skin and he yells.
“What the fv¢k are you doing?!”
“I wanna know if I’m dreaming!”
“Then fv¢king pinch yourself to find out!!”
I take a step back and lean towards Dan.
“Is this my brother?” I asked him.
“Yes, sir!”
I turn back to Ian.
“What on earth happened? Why are you kneeling down?”
“Miss Aurora punished him!” [email protected] reply, that’s when I noticed his pres£nce.
Ian sma-cked the back of his head and [email protected] gro-an .
“You talk too much!” Ian growled at him.
“I’m sorry, General, but plea-se set me free,,, my legs are numb alre-ady, should I get up now?”
Ian glared at him.
“You want me to free you while I’m still kneeling?!”
“But I wasn’t the one that punished you” [email protected] grumbled.
“Shut up!”
I laughed at the show pla-ying in front of me, this is what people call back to s£nder. Ian punished [email protected], now he’s serving the same punishment.
[email protected], how long have you two been here?” I asked.
“Almost six hours!”
I [email protected] dramatically loud.
“That’s such a long time!” I said and look at Ian’s expression.
I bur-st into laughter, like seriously, I never thought I’d live to see this day. A day when the great General will get punished,,, and by a woman.
Ian glares at me as I continue laughing.
“Are you done laughing?!”
I shake my head and continue laughing.
“Give me five more minutes to laugh, this is a rare show”
I sit on the ground and hold my stomach, laughing more,, I can feel my eyes tearing up.
“Will you shut up now!!”
Ok, I guess I’ve had enough,,, I stand up and try to sober up.
“But you’ve been here for a long time, why not get up now?!”
“Phoebe said I should be here until she gets tired” Ian said.
“Really?!” I almost bur-st into fits of laughter again, but Ian’s glare shut me up.
I shake my head looking at him.
“My dearest brother, you are just a sulker for love! Look what love has turned you into,,, powerless General” I tease him.
“That shouldn’t be your problem!”
“Right, it’s not my problem,,, but since I’m a good man, a true gentleman who doesn’t hold grudges,,, I will go and beg Aurora on your behalf!”
He doesn’t say anything, I take that as my cue and turn and head inside to Aurora’s room.
“Aurora, Aurora it’s me, Javier, plea-se open your door!” I said as I knock on her door.
I waited for a few minutes but didn’t get any response, I knock again and met with silence.
Is she ignoring me?
I give the door a little push and it open, I peek inside and my eyes land on her be-d.
I chuckle when I see her lying on her be-d, legs and arms spre-ad all over the be-d. I step into her room.
Her room is so cool, I know if I spend 10 minutes here I will fall asleep too.
I smile. She is here enjoying herself,,, having a dreamless sleep and my brother is kneeling un-der the sun.
So, when did she intend to wake up and free him?
Poor Ian, he didn’t know what he’s gotten himself into,,, this woman is a,,, what’s the word,,,,, whatever!
I should wake her wake up.
|| Aurora/Phoebe ||
My snaps open and I sit up quic-kly, I look around frantically and my eyes land on Javier.
He stands at the foot of my be-d sm-irking. I fist my hands as if I can charge at him any minute.
“Javier, why did you wake me up from my sweet and peaceful slumber?!”
He scoffs and start going to and fro in front of my be-d.
“You wicked woman, here you are slee-ping like a baby, the coolness in your room luring you dee-per into the land of sleepiness.
But my poor brother,,, oh, my so, so, so poor brother, may the good Lord bless his soul. He is kneeling outside, watching as the sun goes down” he said, shedding imaginary tears.
At first I was confused and didn’t know what he was talking about, then it dawned on me.
Ian is still outside, oh good heavens, I completely forgot about him. But I smiled extremely wi-de when I remember that Javier is also an accomplise.
I lung at him and pu-ll his right ear down, stomping on his feet too.
“Ouch! Why are you beating me?!” He cried out.
“You were also [email protected] of the plot,,, you ran earlier this morning, thinking I’d forget about it!”
He chuckles nervously.
“My lady, I swear on the clothes I stole from Ian, what happened this morning had nothing to do with me. I wouldn’t dare to trick you”
I pu-ll his ear ha-rder.
“Yes, yes! In fact, I warned Ian against it, but you see my brother, once he’s made up his mind he wouldn’t listen to others”
“Why do I have a feeling that you are lying?! You must be the mastermind!!”
“No, I’m not, really!”
I let go of his ear and gr-ab his cheeks.
“No, no, no, not my face, not my pretty face plea-se. I am going on a [email protected]£ tonight, plea-se don’t make me look ugly”
“plea-se, you can punish me anyhow you like when I get back, but plea-se let me go on my [email protected]£ with my pretty face first!”
I thought about it for a moment, I’m not that heartless, I can let him go. I re-lease his cheeks and head towards the door.
“When you get back later, come to me to receive your own punishment!”
He didn’t reply, I turn back and glared at him.
“Yes, ma’am!”
“Now go get re-ady for your [email protected]£!”
“Thank you, ma’am” I sm-irked and head out.
My heart broke when I saw how tired Dean looked, though he was still kneeling straight.
I rushed towards him and knelt in front of him.
“Dean, I’m so sorry, I forgot you were kneeling here”
He smiles and shakes his head.
“It’s nothing, this is nothing compared to the training I had”
“So,,,, you aren’t tired?”
“No, my Phoebe, if you want me to continue for another six hours, I still can”
“But you look so tired”
“That’s because I was un-der the sun”
“You are such a fool!” I told him.
“I’m your fool, I’m only your fool” he replies.
I hear someone gro-an ing and soon a thud follow, I turn and see [email protected] lying on the ground breathing heavily.
“Miss Aurora, plea-se set the General free, I can’t continue with my punishment, plea-se help me!” He said softly.
I sm-irk and wipe Dean’s forehead with my handkerchief, I stand up when I notice there’s no more sweat on his forehead.
“I can set him free but I want him to continue his punishment in a different way!”
“What way, my Phoebe?!”
I look him in the eyes and smile sadistically.
“Be my slave for today!”
“Huh?!” [email protected] [email protected] loudly in surprise.
“Miss Aurora,,are you trying to insult the General?!”
“Shut up, [email protected]!!” Dean yelled at him. “This is between me and my wife, you are not allowed to interfer”
I don’t know why,,,but I feel bu-tterflies in my stomach when I heard him refer to me as his wife.
I like how it sounds.
“Sorry, sir” [email protected] said.
Dean turns to me, a wi-de grin on his face.
“I will be your slave,,,I don’t mind if it’s even forever, I will be your slave!”
I smile.
“Good, stand up now”
He nods and quic-kly got up, he gr-ab me into his arms as soon as he’s on his feet.
“Thank you, Angel”
“Have you forgotten my name? It’s Phoebe!”
“You are my Angel”
I smile and feel myself blush a little, I push away from him.
Maybe I should tease him.
“Hey, you shouldn’t hvg me like that next time, I’m someone’s future wife you know”
He frowns.
“You are no one’s wife, you are mine!!” He said in a possessive tone.
I bite my ton-gue to st©p myself from giggling, he look so h0t right now.
[email protected] clears his throat.
“General, can I get up now?”
Dean rolls his eyes.
“You are such a lazy as-s, get up!”
“Thank you, sir”
[email protected] gets up and dashed inside. I frown, I thought he was dying moments ago, where did this strength comes from.
Dean clasp our hands and leads me back inside, my stomach sees that as the perfect moment to growl.
“I guess”
“I’ll tell the cook to prepare you some food”
“No? Why?”
“You are my slave today, so, I want you to prepare the food”
His eyes grows wi-de.
“Yeah, don’t tell me you don’t know how to cook”
“I,, I,, I do! Yes, I do!”
“Good, I want noodles”
I’m very hungry so noodles will be the fastest and easiest food for him to prepare.
“Yeah, noodles!”
He leads me into the living room..
“Ok, I will get it done now”
Then he head towards somewhere, the kitchen I guess.
15 minutes later…..
Dean walk into the living room.
“Angel, your noodles are re-ady, I’ve placed it on the dinning table”
“Ok, I wanna take a bath when I’m done eating, so go get the water running for me!” I order him.
He rushes upstairs, while I head to the dinning room.
I sat down and open the plates, I almost gag at the smell that welcome my nose.
I look at the food and I lost appetite instantly. It looked like it was overcooked, but I’m hungry, I guess I don’t have a choice.
I de-ep the fork in and take a small amount in my mouth, I couldn’t swallow it, I spit it out immediately.
What in God’s name did this General cook.
“Deaaaaaaan!!” I yelled his name.
I hear ra-pid footsteps approaching the dinning room, soon, Dean appears in front of me.
“My Phoebe, why did you call for me?”
“Dean, why is the noodle so salty? And why does it have a strange smell?”
“Oh, that’s because I added salt and a little bit of garlic”
I stare at him with my mouth wi-de open.
“Salt and garlic? In noodles?”
“Yeah,,,, I-I thought it will make it taste good”
I ban-g my hand on the table.
“I thought you said you know how to cook!”
He scratched back of his n£¢k nervously and didn’t say a word.
“Forget it, is the water re-ady?”
I sigh as I stand up.
“Maybe I should take a bath first”
I head towards my room, I heard his footsteps following behind me but I didn’t say anything.
I step into my room and he also followed suit. I look at him with a frown.
“I wanna bath”
“I know”
“So why are you in here?”
“To help you bath!”
“What?! Y-you,,,, y-you,,,,, ugh!! Get out!!”
“Oh, sorry!” He said and steps out.
I glare at the door, this slave of mine is a handful.
Episode 24.
|| Javier ||
I look at my outfit one more time and nod with a smile.
“Perfect!” I told the other me in the mirror.
Dan comes in and whistles when he sees me.
“You look handsome, sir, going somewhere?”
“Yeah, a beautiful damsel is taking me out on a [email protected]£!”
“I thought it’s the guys that usually take girls out?” He asked confused.
I turn to him and put my hands on his shoulders.
“It’s a thank you dinner”
I nod.
“Then why are you dressed up in fancy clothes like you are trying to impress someone”
I narrowed my eyes at him and he faces down quic-kly.
“Am I still your boss?!”
He nods his head.
“Good, so st©p asking me too many questions!!”
I picked my car keys from the dresser.
“I will be off now!”
“Yes, sir, drive safe!”
I hmm yeah and rush out,,, I don’t know why I’m secretly eager to see her tonight.
|| Brittany ||
I sat in front of my dresser, my towel ti-ghtly wra-p around my che-st. My gaze move to my be-d, I la-id my outfit there feeling confused.
I have never had dinner with any guy before, so it’s kinda new to me. I don’t know which outfit is the right one to wear, or if I should apply make up or not.
My heart is surprisingly beating fast,,, but why?.
After much thought, I got up from the chair, I close my eyes and pick an outfit from my be-d.
When I open my eyes, I found out it’s a pink go-wn that st©ps at my mid th!gh. I decided to just go with it, I added a littlel-ipstick, wore my earrings.
He said it’s a thank you dinner, I shouldn’t get all dressed up, right?
Just then, I hear my doorbell rang and I swear my heart almost rip off my che-st.
I picked my purse and rush to the door. I open it and the scent of his perfume first sweeps across my nose, I close my eyes and breath in enough of it.
I open my eyes and take in his clothes, he’s dressed in black leather jacket and [email protected] giving him the bad boy vibes.
“s£norita?” He look me head to toe and smile. “You look fabulous” then he wi-nks at me.
I scoff mentally, as if his outfit haven’t put mine to shame.
“You don’t look bad yourself” I said.
I can give him more reasonable compliment than that, but I don’t wanna feed his ego cause I know he’s got too much of it.
“Thank you, I honestly don’t know why I wanted to look good for you. But hearing your compliment made me realize my efforts wasn’t wasted”
“Oh! Well, I didn’t dress up for you” I said sarcastically.
He simply laugh and shake his head.
“I know” he takes my hand. “Come on, let’s go”
“I haven’t picked a place yet”
“Don’t worry, I’ll pick the place and you’ll pay the bills”
I shut the door and we head towards his car.
He held his car door for me, I got in and shut it. He got in the driver’s seat and drove off.
I rest back in my seat,,, I’m gonna experience what it feels like going on a [email protected]£ today.
|| Aurora/Phoebe ||
I was about stepping into the bathroom when I suddenly remembered something.
My clothes aren’t here, I’ll have nothing to change into.
Instantly my door opens and Dean steps in. I frown, was he standing by the door.
“My Phoebe, do you nee-d me?”
“Yeah, I might have to borrow one of your t-shi-ts and bo-xers,, I don’t have any clothes here”
“Ok, I’ll be right back!”
I nod and he rushed out. I too, rushed back in the bathroom.
I step out of the bathroom, Dean is standing by my be-d with a blue t-shi-t and white bo-xer in his hands.
He stretched them at me.
“Thanks” I took them from him.
I observe the shi-t and bo-xer, the shi-t is ok, but I can’t say the same for the bo-xer, it seems to be a little big.
“Get changed, I wanna talk to you about something” he said seriously.
I frown. Is it that serious that he nee-ds to say it seriously?.
“Ok!” I nod anyway.
I walk back into the bathroom.
|| Ian/Dean ||
“General” [email protected] called me immediately Phoebe entered her bathroom.
I turn to him with a frown.
“Why didn’t you knock before coming in?!”
“What if my Phoebe was n-ked? Or was that your intention? To walk in on her n-ked?!” I growled lowly.
“I’m sorry, General, that thought didn’t cross my mind”
I eyed him for some minutes, before I gr-ab his collar and drag him out of the room.
I shut the door and raised an eyebrow at him.
“General, your PA is here” he reports.
“My PA? It’s alre-ady 7pm,, why is he here so late?”
“He said something happened in your company that nee-ds your urgent attention”
I frown de-eply.
“Did he tell you what?”
“No, sir!”
“Take him to my study, tell him to wait for me there!”
“Yes, sir!” He leaves.
|| Aurora/Phoebe ||
I wore the shi-t, it’s a bit oversized and it ba-rely covers my bottom.
I wore the bo-xers and,,, goodness, I’m short of words. I quic-kly took it,,,, it’s way, way, way too big, I’d rather wear only the t-shi-t.
Just as I step out of my bathroom, Dean walks in. His eyes trail down my n-ked legs, slowly his gaze follow my legs up and rest on my che-st.
He li-cks hisl-ips and I swear I saw his eyes change colors.
That’s when I realized I wasn’t wearing a [email protected], I quic-kly cover my che-st with my arms. His gaze made me realize how little to no clothes I had on.
But watching ro-mantic movies has taught me a few things, this is the perfect outfit to drive men crazy.
“Wow!” He whispers.
His gaze move back to my legs.
“Y-you look so,,,, h0t!!”
I feel my cheeks heat up and I let down my long hair to help hide my blush.
“I guess, I’ll just make you wear my t-shi-ts everyday”
I roll my eyes.
“You wish!” I stretched his bo-xer back to him. “It’s too big”
He takes it and begin to observe it. I sigh.
“So, you want to tell me something?”
“Oh, yes, but let’s sit down”
I nod, we walk towards the couch in my room and sat down.
“So,, my Phoebe, I know it’s gonna sound funny and stupid to you”
He paused and gulp.
“I,, I want us to go back to how we were 10years ago”
I frown.
“How we were?” He nod. “How were we? I don’t un-derstand you”
He takes my hand in his gently.
“I want us to go back to when we love each other, care about each other, I want you to give me a chance to love and care for you again,,,, and I promise I will do a better job this time”
I re-move my hands from his.
“Love? Love!” I scoff softly. “We don’t love each other, Dean”
“We do,,, we have always been in love with each other,, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you,, I know you won’t remember as you were still so little then, but trust me I’ve always been in love with you for a very long time now. plea-se, let’s go back to how we were”
I sigh and got up.
I know Dean love me,, and I think I do too, but I’m not here for plea-sure, I’m here on a mission.
“Dean, we can’t go back, let’s just forget about 10years ago. 10 years ago took so much from me and I wanna leave it in the past”
Dean stands up too and stands next to me, he turns me to face him.
“Ok, let’s forget about 10years ago,,, let’s talk about our future,, I want to be in your pres£nt and future, plea-se let me in, I’ve being alone for too long and I have missed you greatly all these years.
But now that you are here, I don’t want to miss you anymore. I want to be stuck with you, plea-se let me”
“Dean, I can’t let my past mistakes repeat itself,,, I don’t want to be involved with you, it doesn’t do me any good.
I was too attached to you in the past and that brou-ght the deaths of my parents. Now I’m here to find their murderer, I ain’t here for [email protected]磔
He holds my shoulder.
“My Phoebe, listen, your parents died 10years ago because I was just a boy and couldn’t protect them.
But now it’s different trust me, now I can protect you, I’m stronger now. plea-se, let me find your parents killer with you, let me share some of your burdens.
I’m re-ady to do anything to help you this time, you don’t have to be scared of anything, I’ll be there whenever you nee-d me. I swear I will be at your n£¢k and call, plea-se give me a chance”
I stayed silent and think for a while.
What happened 10years ago wasn’t our fault, should I sacrifice my happiness for revenge?
Is that what my parents would want for me?
I don’t think so,,, my parents won’t be happy knowing I’m not happy.
He lifts my chin and look me in the eyes.
“My Phoebe, I promise I won’t let any harm come to you, just let me love you, plea-se”
He sounds so sincere, like he’s saying this from the bo-ttomof his heart.
I smile unconsciously.
“Ok, but if you want me to love you back, you will have to ask me out formally”
He frowns.
“Formally? I-i literally just poured my heart out to you,, I just asked you to be mine”
I scoffed, hit his che-st and turn away from him, I cross my arms across my che-st.
I hear him sigh, I feel his arms wra-pped around my [email protected]!st from behind.
“Ok, fine, I’m sorry. What do you want me to do? I mean, how do you want me to ask you out formally?”
“Take me out on a [email protected]£! With candle lights and flowers everywhere! Don’t tell me you know nothing about [email protected]£s”
“No, I know nothing about [email protected]£s. You are my first”
“I’m serious, you are my first in everything” he paused and turn me around to face him. “Wait,,, has anyone take you on a [email protected]£ before?!” He asked with a de-ep frown.
Oh? He seems like he’s jealous. Maybe I should tease him a little.
“Yeah, lots of them”
“What?! How many, precisely?!”
“Like,,, five, six,, no eight,,,, ugh I can’t remember”
He lets go of me, his shoulders tensed and he fist his hands.
“I’m gonna find them and I will kill them, I swear!!” He growled lowly.
His expression is priceless, I bur-st into laughter.
“I was joking, I’ve never been on a [email protected]£,, but I do watch movies!”
“You were joking?”
“Yeah” I replied.
I see his tensed shoulders relax and he smiles.
“My Phoebe, plea-se have mercy on my poor heart”
“Nope, [email protected]£?”
“Yeah, I promise I will take on a [email protected]£, but why don’t we start our [email protected]£ now?”
“Let’s sleep in my room today!”
“Sleep in your room?”
He nod.
“On your be-d?”
He nods again.
I frown but suddenly [email protected]
Sleep in his room and on his be-d,, is he thinking of slee-ping with me tonight?
“No, angel, we are just gonna sleep” he said.
Did I say that out loud?
“Yes, you did”
I glared at him, he chuckles and hvg me.
“So, what do you say,,, plea-se don’t say no, you know I can’t sleep without you in my room”
“Fine, I will sleep there”
He smiles and k!sses my forehead.
“Good, how about you wait in my room, I have something to attend to in my study”
He puts his hand on the small of my back and leads me out.
|| Ian/Dean ||
“Good evening, sir” my PA greets as he sees me enter my study.
I hmm in reply and sit on my chair.
“Josh, it’s late alre-ady, whatever you wanna say can’t it wait till tomorrow?”
“I’m afraid not, sir” he said in a panicked tone.
“What happened?”
“Mr Rogers accused our company for stealing his project, he’s coming to our company with his lawyer tomorrow noon!”
I frown.
“When did this happened?”
“Last week, sir”
“Last week?! How come you are just informing me?!” I growled.
“We thought we could handle him,,, but today, he made a scene in front of our company. Our investors has been calling since morning, asking what this is all about,,,, some even threatened to withdraw from our company”
I ban-g my hand on the table.
“Something as hvge as this happened last week and you are just telling me about it?! Is this what I pay you for?!” I growled.
“I’m sorry, sir, I will,,,,,, ”
“Shut up!!”
I see him flin-ch back in his chair.
“Call my lawyer, tell him to meet me in the office tomorrow morning!”
“A-Alre-ady done that, sir” he stutter.
“After we sort this out, we will talk about your punishment!!”
“Yes, sir!”
“Get out!!”
“Yes, sir” he stands up abruptly and runs out as if his [email protected] is on fire.
[email protected] walks in, laughing at Josh as he runs out.
“General, I didn’t know you still got it in you. I thought you’d gone soft since miss Aurora could punish you”
I throw him a very harsh glare and he shut his mouth immediately.
“Shut up, [email protected]!! Phoebe is my future wife, she had every right to punish and order me around!!
She is the only one that can to [email protected] me if possible, bit that doesn’t mean I’ve gone soft. I’m still the beast I was, now get out!!”
“Yes, sir!”
He head towards the door.
He halts abruptly.
“I don’t want to hear others saying Phoebe punished me,, if I do, you’ll be severely punished!!”
“Yes, sir”
“Now, scram!!”
“Thank you, sir!!”
He rushes out. I ban-g my hand on my desk, I’m so damn furious!
Thank God I have my Phoebe waiting on my be-d for me,,, maybe if I hold her I will calm down.
T. B. C

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