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Diamond in the forest final episode

Before they left Mikai
whispered to Remi’s ear “your
brother is too shy but he is so
“hahahaha…Dami is only shy
because of you…he is never like
this, maybe you have effect on
him…don’t worry with time he
will adjust to your pres£nce, I
will see you tomorrow at the
palace. You will get to meet
the kind princess, my good
friend Ope and so many others
there, I’m glad you and Pah has
adapted to the environment
alre-ady, Ore will stay here with
“plea-se forgive the prince and
marry him, he likes you and he
is so handsome…Ade has his
features…he will make a great
father and a fine husband too…
“shhh…what do you know…I
have told you before that you
act like an over grown adult… ka lo…be going…
Mikai laughed out before
leaving with Sipah and others
to the palace that evening to
spend the night there.
The following day Remi was at
the palace with Ademide her
son and did exactly what her
grandma instructed, the Oba
got up on his own as his health
was restored back, so also is
the Queen. The land was totally
healed as the Oba mount his
throne again.
Few days later Leja and Nike
was brou-ght out as their
judgement began
After the Oba, the Queen
mother and the cabinet men
has pleaded for Remi
forgiveness of which she
forgave everyone of them as
Sipah encouraged her to do.
Leja and Nike was brou-ght out
and Nike was telling Leja as
they were esc-rted towards
the Oba’s throne hall.
“Remi will forgive me, she is
my sister after all, blood is
thicker than water, she will not
let them cast me off…because
we are family and I am
carrying your child too…Remi is
not so heartless to allow them
to pas-s a harsh judgement on
me…she will consider my
condition…I know I wrong her
but she will let it go…what are
sisters for…she has always
have a soft sp©t for me…and
forgives me anytime I offends
her…she is not wicked…she will
soften up when she sees me…is
only you Leja that will go and
suffer…if I had my way on time
I would have terminated this
pregnancy but it was too late
after the plan with the prince
did not work out…well I’m at
Remi’s mercy and I know she
will plead on my favour
because we are family…
“you are very crazy…you think
with your an-us, look at the
kind of trouble you brou-ght
me into, I curse the day I agree
to join hands with you to do
harm…I curse you and
everything about you…
whatever trouble awaits me
yours will be double because it
was a grave sin you
committed, the land curse you
for so many evil you and your
mother has done…who knows
if the land has strike her dead
alre-ady for all the evil she
did….so because Remi was soft
you kept taking advantage of
her…you will suffer Nike…the
gods indeed has vindicated her
and she will marry the Prince
and become the next queen, I
couldn’t even st©p what the
gods of the land has
instituted…the forest couldn’t
st©p her…she is a destiny child
and I was digging my own
grave when I started messing
up around her…had I know I
will never have involve in such
evil…you should be regretting
all your evil now…not looking
for a way of escape and think
Remi will consider you because
you are related or being
pregnant as if you consider
that when you planted so
much evil against her…you are
so evil and I hate you so
much…I just plead to the gods
to forgive me…I wish I will be
giving another chance to right
my wrongs….and make it
right….i just wish…
The guards hush them to keep
quiet as they approach the
throne hall.
Guards were s£nt to go and
fetch Iya Nike to join her
daughter and get her own
judgement but as the guards
got to Iya Nike’s place she was
dead and swollen in her room,
they found out she drank
Iya Nike couldn’t bear the pain
of her sickness, she has tried
different herbs but keep
getting worst, the pain
increa-sed everyday, her leg
started swelling up and began
to decay which made her
unable to work, when she ha-rd
that Nike and Leja have being
locked up after they were
found guilty of a crime against
Remi and the Oba, Iya Nike
knew that her end was near
and decided to kill herself
before anyb©dy would.
Her sin was heavy and she
knew the gods were punishing
her for them, she did not only
kill her husband but also Iya
Remi and planned with her
daughter to kill the Oba and
destroy Remis’s family.
She was tired of life and ended
it with her own hands with the
remaining poison she used for
Iya Remi.
She died and was there for
days without anyb©dy
noticing, Nike was in cell and
did not even know that her
mother was dead.
The guards took message back
to the palace and they have to
take her out and bury her
immediately and burn down
her house because it was a
taboo in the land the way she
Nike was weak from wailing,
she cried out her eyes when
she ha-rd her mother was dead,
she pleaded to Remi to have
mercy and forgive her but
Remi told her that she has
forgiven her and Leja but their
other crime was with the Oba
and the entire land and not
with her anymore.
Judgement was pas-s on Nike,
and Leja. They were to be
banished into the evil forest,
same place they s£nt Remi,
Nike gave a heavy cry pleading.
Remi begged the Oba to reduce
her punishment and that of
Leja and the Oba gave them
five years to live in the forest,
they can return after that if
they survive the forest
Sipah aske Remi to give Leja
the direction to their forest
home so they can live there.
Remi did. She describe-d the
place for them. Leja thanked
her and left with Nike to the
forest, Remi asked Ore, the
monkey to go with them so
that he can guide them to the
forest house
Ore un-derstood the sign and
jumped on Leja’s shoulder as
they head to the forest.
Sipah picked interest in Ope
and the Oba approved of their
union, they got married.
Everything Leja had was giving
to Sipah includes the land the
Oba gave him. He built a house
and live with Ope as his wife.
The princess got married to
It took time for Remi to love
the prince again as the prince
did everything possible for it to
happen and he won her back.
She fell in love with the prince
after Sipah got married to her
good friend Ope
Remi married the prince in a
grand ceremony that lasted for
Mikai was living in the palace
with Remi
Years later, Sipah sometimes
visit the forest and spend days
with Leja and Nike who was
pregnant again for Leja after
she gave birth to his daughter,
Sipah taught them the word
and how to forgive their selves
of their pas-s wrong, he was
always going to visit them in
the forest.
Leja and Nike later return back
after their five years was over,
Nike changed greatly and wish
she has never allow her
mother’s hate towards Iya
Remi to influence her, she
regret all her evil deed and Leja
was happy to see a new Nike
as they returned back to the
kingdom and the live in the
outSk-irt of the kingdom.
Leja [email protected]£ a good friend to
Sipah and from there the entire
family let go of the past as
Sipah preached to them non
Many [email protected]£ to know the truth
and [email protected] the light. Sipah
[email protected]£ the first man of God in
the kingdom and Leja was
following his every step, Nike
and Ope found friendsh!pagain
as their children grow up
together, Ore was not left out
as he was always found with
Grandma later k!$$£d the earth
goodbye and she was greatly
[email protected] with the good years
she helped the kingdom.
Dami and Mikai feell in love
and got married years later.
after the Oba and the Queen
joined their ancestor the Prince
[email protected]£ the next Oba and Remi
was the new Queen and all the
people loved her.
They had two daughters after
And years to come we all know
that Ademide , the diamond
child, who is the seed of crown
will take over the throne as he
was born to do
Until then, let’s enjoy the
kingsh!pof the new oba with
his Queen, Remi who is filled
with wisdom as she rule along
side her husband, in love and
fair judgement to all.


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