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Daddy’s girl Episode 63 to 65

Daddy’s Girl.
Written by Feathers
Episode 63
Ivy’s POV
I sat before the cops at the police station.
“You shouldn’t be coming here often miss Ivy, you might be traced by these people.” The cop sitting before me said.
“I know…I’ll probably not come again after this, I just want to tell you this, it will be helpful in your investigation.” She said.
“Fine, tell us.” One of the cops said.
“Kyle had two friends who are members of the same gang with him, their names are Kian and Jace.” She said
One of the cops scribbled what I as-sume to be the names I just mention in a book.
“Thanks for the information. ” The cop sitting before me said and I stood.
The one standing said; “Did Kyle offended you?”
“He is my b©yfri£nd. I just want to be honest and let you know that I’m not in support of crime in case the law catches up on him.”
“Alright! ” the cop said standing said and I walked away.
—-At Night—-
I was watching a movie in my room when the window got broken all of a sudden.
I was scared, I turned towards the window and someone jumped in.
Before I could search for my phone to call the cops , the person had stretched his gun to me.
“I saw you enter the station, you sni-tch!” The person said.
The voice did not sound in anyway like that of Kyle.
They have started to monitor me for real, I should have being careful.
“Any last word before I kill you.” The person said.
“plea-se don’t kill me, I went to tell the cops a different thing, plea-se.” I lied.
“Thief reporting thieves.” Those were the last words I heard before I heard and felt a gunsh0t at my stomach.
Kian’s POV
I paced around my room, it’s being a while that I had set my eyes on Kaden.
Even if he want to travel , he should tell me at least. I was really disturbe-d. I hope he hasn’t hurt himself.
“Kian! Are you alright?” Jace asked as he appeared behind me.
“I can’t find Kaden, I don’t know where he could be.” I complained.
Jace thought for a while and said; “Did you not tell us that Kaden was jailed by Adam Seth just because he was in a relationsh!pwith Chloe?”
“That’s right.” I replied.
“Hmm! And Kaden confessed the truth to Chloe recently right? And even told her to ask her father?” Jace asked.
“That’s….right. But what are you insinuating?”
“I have a feeling that Adam Seth might have kidnapped your brother.” He said.
“Kidnap Kaden? For what? Kaden is no more in a relationsh!pwith Chloe, so?…or…you might be right….maybe because he told Chloe the truth about her past.”
Jace, Kyle and I broke inside Adam Seth’s house at night.
We had defeated all guards who tried to stand in our way.
we are more skilled than all of those guards guiding Adam Seth.
Our faces are covered and we had promised not to converse with each other so we would not get implicated.
Adam Seth had heard our voices in one way or the other before.
I ordered Kyle into Adam Seth’s room, to keep him mute till I confirm if my brother is with him or not.
I s£nt Jace to Chloe, to ensure she never make any move of calling the cops.
While I searched for my brother.
After searching for a while, due to the nature of the job I do, I could suspect and disern where someone is kept when kidnapped.
I went straight to where my intuitions led me and I broke the room mercilessly.
I found my brother in the dark room and untied him. I helped him out of the room
“How were you able to find out where I was?” He asked.
“When we get home, we will talk about it.” I said and j£rked back when I heard a voice behind me.
“I doubt if you can get home.” The person said. It was Adam Seth. He was holding a gun.
Episode 64
Kian’s POV
“Drop your gun or I b!ow your head off.” Adam Seth threatened.
Trying to be smart now might hurt either Kaden or I.
If it were I alone , I could have pla-yed a swift subtle game on him but I won’t like anything to happen to Kaden.
I had come to save him afterall.
“I have always suspected you ever since I employed you as the b©dyguard of my daughter…I was wondering why you look exactly like this stupid boy?” He said referring to Kaden.
“Adam Seth!” I called his name and grinned. “He’s my brother. I [email protected]£ to save him. If you were in my shoe , you could have done the same.”
“Indeed! I kidnapped him cause I want him to stay away from my daughter. I alre-ady have someone I want my daughter to marry, when she is of age and have finished or almost finishing her university, I will inform her.” He said.
“Your choice sir , but you do not have to kidnap my brother.” I said.
He was still stretching his gun at us while I keep praying that he will mistakenly drop his hands.
“He should know why I kidnapped him…don’t you?” He asked Kaden.
“I have no idea…or…oh! Because I told your daughter that she and I used to be lovers?” Kaden asked.
“Exactly.” Adam Seth replied.
We were all silent for few seconds.
“Will you let us go now?” I asked.
“No, both of you are staying there till I’m re-ady to re-lease you.” He said.
“You know that won’t be possible right?” I asked.
He sm-irked.
“Indeed! You really think I’m joking.” He said and sh0t Kaden at the heart. It was the last thing I was expecting.
Kaden fell to the floor and continue to bleed. I cried out loud in pain but still couldn’t make any move lest he shoot me too.
He took few steps back and locked me and my brother up in that dark room.
“At least s£nd my brother to the hospital!” I pleaded but he turned deaf ears as he closes the door.
I was so angry, I wish I can get a gun and re-lease bullet into the man’s head.
I called Jace immediately.
“Hello Jace , are you still with Chloe?” I asked.
“I couldn’t enter her room, she might identify me by my scent, I’m standing at the entrance of her room.” He said.
“Adam Seth just sh0t Kaden and he is really bleeding, I have been locked up too. The man might be coming after you, you should break into Chloe’s room and let’s use her as leverage to get out of here.” I said.
“un-derstood.” He replied and I hung up.
Gosh! Kyle spoilt everything. I told him to watch after Adam Seth, where could he have gone to.
I dialed his number.
“Kian!” His voice [email protected]£ throu-gh.
“Where in the world are you?” I yelled angrily. “Adam Seth just sh0t Kaden.”
“What! I can’t find Adam Seth in his room, he must have outsmarted us by hiding somewhere secretive cause I searched almost every hooks and crannies in the house but still haven’t find him.” He replied.
“We nee-d to be smart now, I have instructed Jace to hold Chloe as leverage so we can get out of here. Find Adam Seth and kill him.” I ordered.
“But that was not the plan?” He disputed.
“He sh0t my brother, just kill him…he might call the cops too.”
“Alright.” Kyle replied.
I held Kaden who was fast loosing blood, his eyes were closing and opening.
“plea-se stay with me Kaden, don’t die…plea-se. We will soon get out of here.” I cried as I watched my brother bleed.
His eyes finally closed, his hand dropped and his breathing st©pped.
Episode 65
Chloe’s POV
I was stunned when the door to my room suddenly broke open.
I was so scared. The person cane close to me and pu-ll-ed me up.
He made me stay before him with gun to my head. His scent seems familiar but the gun on my head can’t make my [email protected] process anything.
I was scared that I was going to die. Have they hurt my dad?
He pushed me to the entrance of my door and paused all of a sudden.
He closed the door and drew me back, he pushed me to the mattress and jum”:ped on me. His hands were on his be-lt and I knew what he wanted to do at once.
My days! I treasure my vir*gi;nity so much, is this how I will loose it to a stranger?
He shook his head all of a sudden and stood from me. I sighed in relief.
He pu-ll-ed me off and dragged me to the door again, he opened the door and walked me out with the gun still pointed to my head.
He kept dragging me and we were finally approaching a room, it was one of the secrete rooms of my dad, he had told me that I should never go there for any reason as his t©p government secretes are there.
How did this person even know the way to this room?
“Leave my daughter?” I heard my dad’s voice from behind.
The gun was now pointed to the man’s head.
The man could not move, he just held the gun still on my head.
My dad fell as a result of a bullet that hit him, I screamed in pain as I watched him fall.
The man pushed me to where my dad [email protected] but a metal logo dropped from his pocket before he ran away.
I ignored it and held my father! “Dad! ” I cried as I watched him bleed.
I ran to pick my phone and phoned the ambulance immediately.
Kian’s POV
After shooting the Adam Seth, I went back to Kyle.
“I told you to shoot the man.”
“I can’t do that.” He replied and I looked away.
“The cops will soon arrive, let’s leave.” I said as Jace joined us.
We both find our way out of the building.
Chloe’s POV
I sat at the hospital beside my dad, he was still receiving treatments.
He is the only one I’ve got. I hope he gets better soon.
“Dad! plea-se be fine.” I said to him.
I did not even know if he is listening or not.
I turned as I perceived someone enter, It was Jace.
“Jace!” I called and we hvgged.
“I was informed your dad got sh0t.” He said.
“Yes…those stupid news company are always waiting for bad news to blog about.” I replied.
“I’m so sorry about that.” He said as he sat at the stool that faced me.
“plea-se don’t think about it, Chloe.” He encouraged and I nodded.
After a brief moment of silence, he stood.
“I nee-d to tell you this before I live.” He said.
“Okay, what is that?”
“Firstly, you told me you can not love me because you are alre-ady in a relationsh!pwith Kian, right?”
“Erm…I can’t call what is between Kian and I a relationsh!pyet but… Maybe yes.” I replied.
“What if I told you I know the person that sh0t your dad?”
“And how will you know?” I asked.
“I’m an un-dercover investigator for the government.” He said and brou-ght out his ID card.
“Wow!” I exclaimed as I covered my mouth in shock. Now I know what he does for a living cause I have always wonder…he could not have got all those money he has by tutoring alone.
“Okay…so you have found out who sh0t my dad?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes plea-se. Don’t you find a logo at your house cause the criminal was holding a metal logo.” He asked.
“Oh! Yea, I saw it dropped from the criminal.”
“Can you find the logo?” He asked.
“Sure, it should still be at home, the cops are yet to start investigating the house.” I replied.
“Okay, go home quic-k and get the logo, check the name written there. Whoever’s name you saw written there sh0t your father.” He said and walked out.

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