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Cynthia the h0ttest babe Episode 9 to 12

They took Ambrose to the station and kept him there without telling him his crime, he started begging them to re-lease him that he haven’t eaten anything since that morning and his house is not also locked but they paid no attention to what he was saying.
His Uncle [email protected]£ into the station after few minutes and Ambrose started begging them.
Ambrose; plea-se Uncle what have I done?
Uncle Mike; So you don’t know what you did?
Ambrose; Yes sir, i don’t
Uncle Mike; Where is the money we asked you to get re-ady for us?
Ambrose; But I don’t have such money sir
Uncle Uc; Liar, Oh you think, we are not aware of the money that people were giving you
Ambrose; No one gave me money except the one given to me during the Burial.
Uncle Mike; All we know is that you must provide the money or the do¢v-ments
Uncle Uc; By the way, where is the do¢v-ments to the land?
Ambrose; That’s the only inherited property that I have from my Late Dad.
Uncle Mike; Then you are not yet serious to go home, Officer you know what to do
Police1; Haa Oga trust us nah
Uncle Uc; Useless boy
They left the station
During the Afternoon After school, Stephen and Caleb took permission from the hostel Master to visit Ambrose and it was granted.
They [email protected]£ out from the second gate of the school and st©pped a bike which took them to Ambrose house and they paid the bike man while he speed off.
They [email protected]£ into Ambrose compound and found out that the house is wi-de open, they searched the whole house but couldn’t find Ambrose.
Caleb; But where did he even go?
Stephen; I don’t know, and he even left his house wi-de open
Caleb; That means his not far from here
Stephen; Then lets go and ask people around if they have seen him
Caleb; well that’s good
They stepped outside the compound and started asking people around, they where told that Ambrose was taken to the police station, they found out the station before rushing to the station.
They got to the station and met the policemen on the counter
Caleb; Good day sir
Police1; Good day, how may we help you?
Stephen; We [email protected]£ to see our friend
Police1; What’s his name?
Stephen; Ambrose
Police1; Oh that criminal
Caleb; Hmm
they went and called Ambrose out for his friends and he [email protected]£ out to the counter and saw his 2 best friends and by now his face has now changed totally, he look like someone thousands of people have beaten.
Stephen; Ambrose what happened, you look so horrible
Ambrose; Is a long story
Caleb; plea-se tell us
Ambrose told them what happened before the policeman [email protected]£ to drag Ambrose inside
Ambrose; plea-se try and get help for me cause this people will kill me (he said before he was finally dragged inside while Stephen and Caleb didt know what action to take)
Caleb; I think we should tell Mr Gab
Stephen; Will he listen?
Caleb; I bet so, he will
Stephen; Ok lets try
They took a bike and head back to the school.
Grace was searching for Cynthia in the hostel but didt see her, she then [email protected]£ out from the hostel and saw Cynthia sitting with 3 Junior student solving for them.
Grace walked upto where they were sitting while the junior Students stood up and greeted her and she responded
Grace; Babe, I have been searching for you since
Cynthia; Chai no vex na this Girls homework held me here
Grace; Homework ni? Or Hostelwork?
They all Laughed
Grace; Babe finish with them, I get Something I wan tell you
Cynthia; Ok oo
She finished with the solving and gave it to them, they thanked her before leaving.
Cynthia; So babe we-tin you wan tell me
Grace; I go wan make you follow me go somewhere
Cynthia; and where is that?
Grace draw closer to Cynthia and whispered something into her ears
Cynthia; Is because of you that I will be going oo.
Grace; Thanks alot dear
Stephen and Caleb got back to school and rushed towards Teacher’s Quarters. They got to Mr Gab Lodge and knocked on the door
Wife; Who is there?
Caleb; We are students ma
The wife [email protected]£ and opened the door for them and they greeted her and told her that they want to see the Husband and she asked them to wait while she call him for them.
She went inside the house and [email protected]£ back with Mr Gab, Stephen and Caleb greeted him. Mr Gab asked them what is wrong and they took time to explain everything to him and he was really t©uçhed, he asked them to wait for him in his car while he prepare to go and see Ambrose with them.
When he was done he [email protected]£ and drove them straight to the station and requested to see Ambrose and they brou-ght Ambrose out for him to see his Visitors.
When Ambrose saw Mr Gab, he bur-st out in tears while Mr Gab started consoling him and he asked him what happened and he told him everything.
Mr Gab; I must see to the end of all this Madness.
Mr Gab went and called his Lawyer to help and look into Ambrose case.
Mr Gab; So that’s all i know about the case
Lawyer; I will like to see the Ambrose before proceeding to submit a case to the court
Mr Gab; Ok no problem, so when will you be re-ady?
Lawyer; If you don’t mind lets go now
Mr Gab; Ok great
they stood up and left the house, they entered the Lawyer car and he drove straight to the station.
They arrived the station and went inside the station.
The policemen saw the well known Lawyer and started shivering in fear
Lawyer; Good day officers, am looking for one Mr Ambrose
Police1; Oh, his inside let me get him for you (he went inside the Cell leaving 2 of his Colleagues at the counter)
Lawyer; I want to see his file (he said to the policemen and they looked each other without uttering a word)
Lawyer; I said i will like to see his case file
Police2; Sir is not available
Lawyer; You want to tell me you guys locked up someone here without a file?
Police3; Sorry Oga
Lawyer; Where is the DPO?
Police2; His inside
The Lawyer asked Mr Gab to follow him and they both went into DPO office.
The DPO was surprised to see the Lawyer inside his office and he asked them to sit down and they sat down
DPO; So why do you visit my station today?
Lawyer; Mr DPO to be sincere with you, You know me very well and know what am capable of doing.
DPO; I know plea-se tell me what is wrong
Lawyer; My Client here Son was taken into the Cell without a case file now tell me is that right?
Even our Nigeria Law is against such.
DPO; Am so sorry about that, let me address this immediately (he picked the police telephone and made a call)
DPO; Come to my office immediately (he said and ended the call, one policeman [email protected]£ in and saluted to him)
DPO; Why did you lock someone up without a case file?
Sergeant; That’s what we are still preparing sir
DPO; And how long does that take? Ordinary case file is what you people can’t prepare? Now go there and bring me his case file now
Sergeant; Ok sir
he saluted again before leaving
DPO; like I said, am so sorry for all this, I wasn’t aware of it
Lawyer; Ok no problem
the Sergeant later brou-ght the case file and handed it over to the Lawyer who took it from him and started scanning throu-gh it
The Lawyer later got to talk with Ambrose who also explained all to him and also answered all his questions.
The Lawyer bailed him, and is free cause bailing is free if only you are a strong Citizen in the terms of Wealth or being a Lawyer.
Ambrose went home and picked most of his thing before moving over to Mr Gab Quarters in the school.
During Night time, Cynthia and Grace walked over to Sir Emeka Lodge and Cynthia was even scared and uncomfortable but Grace as-sured her that nothing was going to happen.
They reached the door step and knocked at the door while Sir Emeka opened the door and Grace went in while Cynthia stood outside
Grace; Come in nah
Cynthia; Come in to do what
Grace; So you don’t trust me again
Cynthia; I do but…….
Grace; Leave but and come in joor
she dragged Cynthia inside and Sir Emeka gave them some Orange jui-ce to drink, after drinking Cynthia started feeling dizzy and she stood up and wanted the go but Grace begged her to wait some time, she fell back to the couch and sle-pt off while the Labour Prefect and other 4 girls [email protected]£ out from the inner room
Labour; [email protected] guys, you guys did well (she gave her girls signal and 2 of them went over to Cynthia and carried her into the room.
Sir Emeka; I don’t support all this
Grace; Even me
Labour; Hey shut up both of you, you both Betrayed that girl called Cynthia, especially you Grace, hahaha, she’s now un-der my mercy and i will deflower her b©dy, oh her fresh b©dy
Sir Emeka; You are insane
Labour lemme not hear your dirty mouth, now you both have to entertain this my 2 girls here by you know what i mean
Grace; plea-se i don’t
Labour; fv¢k Each other (she said in low tone and walked inside the room while her 2 girls that where holding big weapons took over and f0rç£d them to start having S-x while they set video.
The Labour climbe-d the be-d and re-moved Cynthia cloth entirel, she asked her friends to video it and they did, she now started f!ngering her and doing all sorts of S-xual thing to Cynthia until she was able to break her vir-ginity and blood started rushing out immediately. Cynthia eye opened immediately and she shouted NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Ambrose has been staying with Mr Gab while going to school from there.
Their Exam has started and he was doing perfectly well like before, his courage always amaze Mr Gab and other Teachers.
After their morning paper, Ambrose and his 2 friends went down to the school canteen and bought snacks and started eating.
Stephen; Nna eeh, this exam eeh
Caleb; I swear e ha-rd oo
Ambrose; Make una leave all this Teachers, them just the stress person
Stephen; Them even the give us we-tin them no even teach us self
Ambrose; The thing tire me oo
Caleb; Thank God is only remaining 1 paper
Stephen; And na that Mathematics
Ambrose; Una the fear am?
Caleb; Nna guy forget say you be [email protected] box, you yourself know say Maths no be here
Stephen; I swear
Ambrose; Is ha-rd and not ha-rd as well
Caleb; Na us wey you the confuse?
Stephen; Ask am oo, which one be e ha-rd and e no ha-rd
Ambrose; Guys, why do we even use Pigin to be discussing self
Caleb; See as e the talk like say im the follow us speak
Stephen; Im no sabi speak am self
Ambrose; Who? Me? Una wan try me, see i just dey one corner the sight una, una come take am say me no the yan am abi?
Stephen and Caleb mouth dropped open cause they were very surprised to see that Ambrose can actually speak pure pigin without mistakes
Ambrose; Make una close una mouth joor e don do
Stephen; Oga ooo
Caleb; Baba oo
They started hailing him before they got information that their Form Master is now addressing them in clas-s and they stood up and rushed to the clas-s.
Cynthia has not been herself ever since the Labour took her vir-ginity and not only that but also threatening her not to tell anyone cause she has the video that was recorded of them when She broke her vir-ginity.
The Labour Prefect normally s£nd someone to call Cynthia for her in order to satisfy her urge and Cynthia will reluctantly go cause she has no choice and she don’t want to spoil her image.
Cynthia do go and see the Labour when ever she s£nd for her and she will always try to fight back but when she remember that she’s the one at risk then she will give in.
This Continued and it made Cynthia to drop in her high grades to low grades and this amazed all the Teachers cause they knew her to be very brilliant.
Her form Mistress called Cynthia into her office and asked her to sit down which she did
Miss; So dear how are you?
Cynthia; Am fine ma
Miss; I know you knew why i called you here
Cynthia; No ma
Miss; Ok, what has happened to you?
Cynthia; How ma?
Miss; Just look at this (she handed over a paper to her and she took it from her and scale throu-gh it)
Miss; So tell me what has happened to you?
Cynthia; Nothing ma
Miss; Then why are you going back in your Academic? Your grades are very poor why?
Cynthia; I don’t really know ma
Miss; My instincts tells me that they is something you are hiding from me
Cynthia; No ma, am not hiding anything from you
Her Form Mistress stirred at her for a while before she told her to go back to the clas-s and she stood up and left.
Grace has been feeling guilt ever since the incident took place, she don’t know how to face Cynthia ever since, she feels very sorry cause she knew she has betrayed her and it has caused her many things.
Cynthia [email protected]£ inside the clas-s and sat down on her chair very depressed, she don’t have any other friend again, she bent her head on her Desk and started crying without anyone notice.
Girl1; So babe how far nah
Labour; I dey, this one you just the look me the smile we-tin happen?
Girl2; You no see as you just the fresh?
Girl1; She don the hammer that girl for a month now and she just the fresh
they all laughed
Labour; Seriously that girl is sweet even though she’s still feeling reluctant
Girl1; Forget that thing, she will soon [email protected] her faith.
Girl2; Yea, that’s true cause she has started it alre-ady and there is no going back
Labour; Ok oo, am even hor-nynow
Girl1; Ah ah, come make we do small nah
Labour; You no well, I resemble your Daughter?
Girl1; haa, i no go cheat on her small?
Labour; Leave me joor, I have someone that do give me what I want abeg, call your Daughter if you don dey hor-nylet me call mine
Girl2; Girls remember today is not that free cause school is not that steady now cause of the exam, so no S-x here
Labour; Haba, how will I even do that here when We have a motel here in this school
Girl1; hahaha, when Sir Emeka Girlfriend go catch you eeh
Labour; She no go even do anything, she will just seat down one place and start crying.
Girl2; This girl, oil dey your head seriously
Girl1; Labour call him
Girl2; Yes, plea-se call him now
Labour; Bia I thought you are not interested today
Girl2; Forget it cause am hor-nyOOOO
Labour called Sir Emeka and his line was not reachable.
Labour; The Useless man number no the go!!
Girl1; Keep trying cause am very hor-nyoo
Girl2; No be only You oo
Labour continued trying his line and it repeated the same thing and she got tired and st©pped calling him.
Labour; So what do we do now?
Girl1; Lets run our thing quic-k quic-k cause the girls in this our hostel are having After Paper
Labour; That’s true
Girl2; That means we should do it here
Labour; Why not, is it the first time, you the knack person for here?
Girl2; Ok oo
They searched for their Lovers and called them to come and see them immediately.
Cynthia refused and Labour Threatened her that she will upload the Video on net and also on school website, Cynthia got scared and followed her.
They got to the hostel and they started their normal S-xual activities, Cynthia was crying while Labour was as-saulting her Suddenly the door to the hostel got opened and they all looked at the entrance in shock.
The Principal felt like crying when they brou-ght the girls that was got in the act of l£sb!anin the hostel and Cynthia was among.
The Principal looked at all of them.
Principal; Am very disappointed in all of you, especially you Cynthia, how could you? No wonder you were going down. Well call the Regulator for me (she said referring to one of the Teachers)
The Regulator [email protected]£ inside the Principal office.
Regulator; You called me ma
Principal; Yes, go and rang the bell for the students to as-semble
The Regulator went out and rang the bell while the student where surprised to hear the bell at that hour so they all as-sembled at the as-sembly Ground. The Principal [email protected]£ out to address the student.
Principal; Good day students
Students; Good day Ma
Principal; I know you all will be wondering why i summoned all of you here
Students; Yes Ma
Principal; Am very sad to announce this to you all, You all remember that in the school rule that l£sblans are not allowed in this school and anyone or persons caught on the act will be expelled from the school.
Students; Yes Ma
Principal; Group of girls were caught today and they also mentioned all their colleagues and they are with us now (she said while a Teacher brou-ght out Cynthia and other girls out from the hidden place to show the whole student while Cynthia was heavily crying in shame but Labour and other girls didt.
Principal; Here is our School Labour and Cynthia the most brilliant girl i have ever met in this useless act. Am just sad, what is this world turning into? Well All of them are 12 in number and has been expelled from the school with immediate effect.
The Whole school started crying and pleading for the Principal to have mercy on Cynthia.
Cynthia on the other hand has been crying heavily
The Principal was about to say another word when the school House Captain went over to the Principal and whispered something to her ears and gave her his phone and the Principal excused herself from the student while the students started crying aloud.
The Principal went into his Office and opened the Video in the phone and it was a S-x Video that was uploaded to the school website few minutes ago by unknown person. The Principal was shocked to see Sir Emeka having S-x with Ivy and also with Grace. She got upset and s£nt for Sir Emeka and started asking him to explain the Video and he started denying the Video while she also s£nt for Ivy and Grace, Ivy quic-kly accused Sir Emeka of [email protected]£ and the Principal asked them to wait for her in her office while she left the office.
She [email protected]£ back to the students and told them that so many things are going on in the school now that Cynthia and Co will be kept in the school Authorities in the Next one or two hours that they would be summoned when they gave drown to a conclusion.
The News of Cynthia and co quic-kly circulated round other schools.
Stephen rushed into the Hostel
Caleb; Guy we-tin happen? Who the pursue you?
Stephen; Guys I get gist for una
Caleb; Ok start
Stephen; Ambrose come and sit down nah lemme gist you guys
Ambrose; Am not interested
Caleb; Leave him joor and gist me
Stephen; Group of l£sblans has been caught in Ibiam girls
Caleb; You don’t mean it
Stephen; And guess what
Caleb; What?
Stephen; That fine girl that I was coding
Caleb; Which one?
Stephen; Ode! How many Ibiam girls i don toast?
Caleb; Oh what that her name again
Stephen; Ewu! Cynthia
Immediately Ambrose sprang up from where he was laying down and shouted JESUS CHRIST

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