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Cynthia the h0ttest babe Episode 81 to 84

Cynthia and Ambrose got into the room, Cynthia opened the door and they bought went in.
Cynthia dropped her handbag and some other things before she took her towel and entered into the Bathroom.
Ambrose was not sure how to feel, he wasn’t relaxed at all cause this is the first time he will be slee-ping with a girl in the same room. He sat down on the be-d and brou-ght out his phone to chat but his mind wasn’t there at all.
At that moment, his phone started ringing, he looked at the caller and found out that is Presh that is calling him and he picked the call at once.
Presh: Hello dear
Ambrose: How are you?
Presh: Am fine and you?
Ambrose: Am good
Presh: I have been trying your line since but isn’t connecting
Ambrose: Oh, yea, I put it on flir-t Mood
Presh: But why dear?
Ambrose: Nothing, just that I went to where I didt want any disturbance
Presh: Am I permitted to know the place?
Ambrose: No oo,, is for boys oo
Presh: Ok oo,, so hope you have eaten?
Ambrose: Yes I have and you?
Presh: Same
Ambrose: Will you be around tomorrow?
Presh: Yea, somehow
Ambrose: Where will you be going?
Presh: Somewhere
Ambrose: Oh, am not permitted to know as well
Presh: Yes, is for the girls
Ambrose: By what type?
Presh: Early Morning
Ambrose: Haaa, don’t go anywhere oo
Presh: But why?
Ambrose: Just promise me you will stay inside the hostel
Presh: Hmm, Ok I promise
Ambrose: Thanks dear
Cynthia [email protected]£ out from the bathroom.
Cynthia: Am done, you can go and take your bath
(Presh heard what Cynthia said at the background)
Presh: Jesus, Ambrose where are you?
Ambrose: Am, am, am…………
Presh: Your with a girl in the room! (Crying)
Ambrose: Is not (Presh ended the call)
Ambrose [email protected]£ moody, he doesn’t like people suspecting him for what his not even doing, Cynthia didt know he was on call until she finished saying what she said.
Ambrose stood up from the be-d and went into the bathroom
Cynthia was just stirring at him and she was confused on what was happening. She was tying a white towel but this one is longer and bigger than the previous ones.
Ambrose was sitting at the shower tomb without removing his cloths, he called Presh many times but she didt pick up, he s£nt her a message and she didt reply him. He dropped the phone at one side and took his bath.
He [email protected]£ out from the bathroom tying the short White towel round his [email protected]!st. Cynthia was now watching a movie on the TV, she was now putting on her Nightgo-wn. She looked at Ambrose and found out that his still moody. She wanted to ask him what’s wrong but restricted herself. She looked at Ambrose che-st and got carried away by his Abs and b©dy structure.
Ambrose wore back his cloth and sat down at the edge of the be-d. He was now watching the movie from that side.
Cynthia: Are you feeling hungry?
Ambrose: No, am not
Cynthia: Ok
They continued watching the movie till the movie caught Ambrose attention. He moved fro, the edge of the be-d he was sitting and got close to where Cynthia was sitting and their b©dy was now ma-king contact to each other. Cynthia was carried away by the b©dy contact of Ambrose to hers while Ambrose was engrossed on the movie that was showing.
The Movie got to a horror Scene and Cynthia got frightened while she hide her face in Ambrose shoulder. Her phone started ringing at the wardrobe where she kept it. She stood up from the be-d to go and get her phone but sli-pped off while Ambrose caught her on the Air and they were now facing themselves without blinking their eyes.
Ambrose: Miss, be careful next time
Cynthia got back from the journey her mind has gone. She left Ambrose grip and went over to where her phone was and picked it up.
Few Minutes Later, They got tired watching movies as they both climbe-d the be-d to sleep.
Ambrose was totally scared that a girl is slee-ping beside her not just a girl but the whole Cynthia herself. He felt very proud at that moment.
Cynthia doesn’t even know what’s wrong with her as she felt the urge to be having b©dy contact with Ambrose. He haven’t been feeling this for any guy before but she found herself feeling such for Ambrose and this Got her thinking if she’s falling for him or not.
Both of them where not facing each other, they were facing their Opposite direction.
Cynthia do look back at Ambrose to steal glance at him while Ambrose also do the same.
They continued like this for the next 20 Minutes till they both looked at each Other. They remained like that as their head was coming very cloth to each other. Both of their Heart was pounding ha-rd as they were not sure on how to st©p themselves from getting closer to each Other.
Their head was now few inch from each other as they both closed their Eyes.
Succy and some of her girls attacked a Lodge filled with Viqueens at Offcamp. The Viqueens on that lodge were still slee-ping when Succy and her girls broke into the Hostel and started shooting randomly. Many Viqueens there were sh0t dead with some of the innocent ones while some managed to escape.
Gallant got the information that the Angels has started the attack, she stood up from her be-d and checked her time and found out it was still 4 in the morning, she went over to her wardrobe and brou-ght out her Red and Black Cloth with the Cap. She wore all of them as she took her Axe and put it on her [email protected]!st while she brou-ght out her AK-47 That she left un-der her be-d. She got set and [email protected]£ out from her Lodge, she locked it and turned around but met some of the Angels outside waiting for her, immediately she turned they started shooting at her but the Bullets didt have any effect on her.
Gallant: Hahaha, Your guys are just very stupid and Have made a very big mistake by coming here (she said and started shooting at the Angels)
The Angels were firing back at her but Gallant was able to get 6 of the Angels down while Others took to their heels.
Gallant st©pped shooting, brou-ght out her phone and called Sparkling.
Gallant: Babe where you dey?
Sparkling: I dey Area 2
Gallant: E don start oo
Sparkling: I know, they even attacked me and my girls
Gallant: Hope you girls are in section?
Sparkling: Yes
Gallant: That’s good, we meet at Area 4, from they we match them down.
Sparkling: Ok
The call ended and Gallant went inside her car and drove off with speed.
Thun-der and his men went over to the Dark Angel Lodge and re-leased fire on the building while the Dark Angels also started firing back from inside the Building.
The Dark Angel took down some of the Vikings that were not spiritually protected. The Vikings didt kill any of the Dark Angels cause they where still inside the house and the walls of the house were their shield.
Thun-der: We attack in all 4 (He shouted to his men)
They all matched towards the Lodge still shooting at the Dark Angels while they Dark angels took off and started running while the Vikings started pursuing them.
They ran into a bush somewhere in the City.
Thun-der and his men scattered all over the Bush in search of the Dark Angels.
Thun-der sighted where 2 Dark Angels were hiding and he started shooting at that direction while the 2 guys started shooting back.
The Bullets were useless cause it didt pene-tratethe 2 guys nor Thun-der.
Guy1: Guy drop gun make we do am man to man
Thun-der: Hahaha, I don’t even care if you are 2 or not (he dropped his gun and the 2 guys did the same)
They started fighting, Thun-der saw that they will win him and probably strangle him to death, He disappeared and they Were startled.
Guy2: Show yourself, st©p running.
He appeared at their back and held one of them at his n£¢k and strangled him at that moment before the other guy could rush him, he disappeared. The other guy [email protected]£ frightened and he took off and started running again.
The Dark Angel Carpon and Succy were now with Presh and some other guys. Presh was the one that interrupted the Dark Angel Carpon and Succy that previous night they were having S-x, She apologized to them and they forgave her before she went out.
Presh was still heart broken after she heard a female voice at the call background when she was speaking with Ambrose, she has Neglected all the incoming calls that he was calling her and the messages that he has been s£nding to her.
Succy: My girls have started attacking the Viqueens but the report am getting now is that Gallant and her girls are spiritually protected that she has taken down some of my girls.
Danger: And our guys that are in the Lions Lodge were attacked early this morning.
An Carpon: So they started the attack very early as we did
Succy: Yea, but we were first to attack
Danger: Our guys are really in de-ep $h!t at the Area 12
(Succy noticed that Presh was not in good mood)
Succy: Babe, we-tin the do you?
Presh: Oh nothing
Succy: You don’t look bright
Presh: Is just nothing dear, just tired
(Succy just stirred at her for a while before concentrating on the issue at hand)
Trinity: So what should we do now?
An Carpon: I don’t know now, Our Boss line isn’t reachable, I have been calling him since and his line is not connecting
Succy: Yea, this is unlike before
Trinity: I suggest we check on him when the sky has cleared.
An Carpon: What’s the time now?
Danger: This is 6:41am
An Carpon: Succy, Danger, Presh come with me. Trinity you will stay here and Guard the hood.
Trinity: Ok Boss
An Carpon: Lets go and see the Boss in his place now
They all stood up as An Carpon lead the way. They walked out from the compound but The Vikings has alre-ady arrived and opened fire on them.
EPISODES 83 & 84
As the Vikings were shooting at An Carpon, Presh, Danger and Trinity with some of their Men.
Succy shielded Presh cause she wasn’t spiritually Protected. They still went inside the car and drove off leaving Trinity with some of his men to deal with the Vikings.
Trinity and his men started shooting back at the Vikings and the Vikings noticed that Trinity and his men are in a better Advantage and they started running and retreating while Trinity and his men pursued them.
An Carpon and others got to the Boss gate and horned for them to open up.
The Guards inside the house peeped throu-gh the hole at the gate and saw is the Dark Angels, the gate was opened for them. They drove into the compound and [email protected]£ down from the car while one of the Guards met them.
Guy1: Succy where is our Boss?
Succy: What does that suppose to mean? We should be the ones asking that question and not you
Guy1: I no un-derstand you oo,, You [email protected]£ here to see our Boss and since then we haven’t seen him.
An Carpon: Are you sure what you are telling us?
Guy1: Yes, Am very sure, Succy you [email protected]£ here that day
Succy: I didt come anything, believe me
An Carpon: Am just confused on this.
The Guy called the attention of all the Guards in the compound.
Danger: Lets just talk things over, cause Succy here that I know can’t do such ru-bbish.
Guy2: Nothing to talk about here, she should tell us where the Boss is or we deal with her very well.
An Carpon: Hey guys is Ok, lets go inside first
They all went inside the house and sat down.
One of the guys narrated how everything happened and how the ground was unstable that day.
Danger: I suspect, this must be the handiwork of Cynthia
Guy1: Cynthia or No Cynthia, We don’t know her, whom we know is Succy. If we don’t get Succy to bring out the Boss, we all will be in great Danger. Cause the whole Panel will come after your school and trust me nob©dy will be save.
An Carpon: Hmm, don’t worry, we will get back to your guys. Guys lets go (he said to Presh, Succy and Danger)
They stood up and left the house, they entered into the car and drove off.
TIME – 7:30AM
Cynthia woke up from the be-d but couldn’t find Ambrose on the be-d beside her. She yawned and stretched herself before coming down from the be-d and saw a note at the table. She picked it and re-ad it.
“So sorry dear that I didt bother to wake you up before I left, Am off to settle something, I will be back before you even know it, Bye!”
She smiled on re-ading the note. She dropped it at the table again and left. She went into the Bathroom to take her bath.
She was still on this when her phone started ringing and she picked it up to know the person that is calling Her. She found out that is the VC that was calling her.
Cynthia: Hello, Good Morning sir
VC: Good Morning, How are you?
Cynthia: Am fine sir
VC: I just called to remind you that is still remaining 4 Days
Cynthia: Ok sir, am still on it
VC: And information reaching me now is that there are gun sh0ts at the walls of the School
Cynthia: You mean the Lodges?
VC: Yes and A serious one at that
Cynthia: Ok sir, am on it
The Call was ended
Cynthia switched of the shower and was now restless.
-How I wish I have found my girls, this would have been easy for me
-Where is this Ambrose self
-This is one thing I don’t like about him
-Where did he go without telling me when he knows we are on a mission
-I just hate all this things
-I don’t even know where to start looking for my Friends
-Are they still alive?
-Am just going crazy
-How will I call this Ambrose now
-I wouldn’t have refused to exchange Line with him
-And Now is me that will now ask him about his number, Gush!
She st©pped thinking and took her phone. She walked out from the Bathroom into the be-droom.
She saw Ambrose was alre-ady at the be-droom waiting for her. A smile escaped her face and she quic-kly replaced it with a frown.
Cynthia: Where did you go to?
Ambrose: Ermm, No offense, I went out to buy stuffs
Cynthia: Like?
Ambrose: Something to eat
Cynthia: The school is on fire and you are here talking about food all the time, we only have 4 days to eradicate this fools out of this place.
Ambrose: Hmmm, So what’s your plan now
Cynthia: I don’t have any that’s why am waiting for you to come so that we would join head together and bring out a plan
Ambrose: Can ewu allow things to take good care of themselves
Cynthia: Just look at what you are saying, that we should leave them so that this school will be closed?
Ambrose: It won’t joor, haba, you worry yourself alot.
Cynthia: Do you know that Lodges are being attacked?
Ambrose: Hmmm when?
Cynthia: You see, You don’t even have an idea of what is going on
Ambrose: Nawa oo,, so we-tin we go do now?
Cynthia: Lets fight them
Ambrose: Ok go ahead and fight
Cynthia: Huh!!!
An Carpon and others got back to their Lodge. By now everywhere is now calm. Trinity [email protected]£ forth to meet them.
An Carpon: What about those fools?
Trinity: On the Run but my guys are on it
An Carpon: Good
They all walked back inside the house.
Trinity: So how did it go?
Danger: They said that is Succy here that Visited the Boss last and since then, he have not been seen.
Presh: I suspect that Cynthia, who knows the Kind of Power she possess.
Danger: Your right cause the said [email protected]£ that those guys mentioned, Carpon Succy were with me and she decided to call the Boss but he rejected her calls and since then the line is not reachable.
An Carpon: Yea, I know she didt do such but that’s not the problem now, the problem is how to get the Boss back before the Panel Fires at us tomorrow
Presh: Why so soon?
Danger: That’s the rule, Since his missing for 72hours, the Suspects and group must be brou-ght to book
Trinity: So this means we are engaged in both side.
Succy: Am even short of words, why must she use my face
An Carpon: So that the Panel will face us and deal with us themselves and that will close our existence here in this school.
Presh: Oh no, so what should we do?
An Carpon: Lets divide Our group in 2 Sections. The first one will be attacking the Vikings while the second will be searching for the Boss cause I know that his been kidnapped.
Trinity: But if we divide ourselves into 2, won’t the Vikings/queens win over us
An Carpon: They won’t, We know their weakness which is to be attacking them in 4 to 3 Space.
Danger: Yes, that’s true
An Carpon: Trinity, your my as-sistant, you take lead of those fighting back our Rival, Danger will be as-sisting you while Me, Succy will take the other Section. Am I Clear?
All: Yes Boss
Succy: Presh, you will be leading the Angels since I will be away, you girls should stick with the plans made by our guys
Presh: Ok, i got that
An Carpon: Lets move now
They all stood up and went out to carry it their plans, Trinity and Danger took over the first Section while the An Carpon, Succy took over the Second Section. Presh was now leading the Angels to as-sist the Dark Angels in the fight.
Vi Carpon and Thun-der were still discussing on how to attack where the An Carpon Lodge is when Gallant call [email protected]£ into the Carpon phone and he picked it at once.
Vi Carpon: Babe what’s going on there, this one am hearing gun sh0ts?
Gallant: Is the Angels oo,, They are really well prepared, they have taken down most of my Girls
Vi Carpon: Which side are you girls?
Gallant: Area 4
Vi Carpon: Hold them there, don’t retreat my guys will arrive there soon to help out.
Gallant: plea-se be fast, we can’t hold them here for long
Vi Carpon: Ok
He ended the call.
Thun-der: Boss we-tin Xup?
Vi Carpon: The Viqueens are un-der serious attack at Area 4, you nee-d to go there with some of our men and help them out.
Thun-der: On my way (he lifted his own gun cracked it and walked out of the room to carry out his duty)
Gallant and Sparkling has been shooting back at the Angels but the Angels were overpowering them the more. Before Gallant could tell her girls to fall back, she sighted Thun-der and some of his men that was with him, They got close and started shooting at the Angels. The Angels noticed that the Vikings are there now. Presh called Danger on phone.
Presh: Where are you?
Danger: I dey Emirate
Presh: Abeg, show show, The Vikings has joined hands here.
Danger: What!! On my way
The call was ended while Presh dropped her phone inside her trou-ser took her gun and started firing at the Vikings/queens again.
Everywhere was getting h0t as the Angels were now running out of bullets. The Vikings noticed this and started matching forward still shooting at the Angels. Presh almost gave up hope before she started hearing another gun shoots approaching them, Luckily for her and her girls it was Thun-der with his men, they were inside the Hilux coming forward. They st©pped the Hilux in a hidden place before they started shooting directly at the Vikings/queens. Thun-der [email protected]£ out alone carrying his Ak-47, he was shooting at the Danger directly while Danger was shooting back at him but the bullets were not pene-trating any one of them.
Danger: Hahaha, You want to try me baa
Thun-der: Taa shut up that gutter, you too the make noise.
Danger: Your cu-p don full today (He dropped his Gun and brou-ght out a knife) Come lets fight man to man
Thun-der: Ok no problem (He also drop his own Gun)
They started fighting each other. Danger Lifted Thun-der and hit him on the ground and Thun-der wra-pped his 2 legs on Danger head while both of them fell to the ground.
They fought and fought till They were a bomb blast at that sp©t they were shooting gun immediately they st©pped fighting and started Running for their lives.

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