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Cynthia the h0ttest babe Episode 69 to 72

Ambrose: My name is Ambrose, I know you very well
Cynthia: How? At where?
Ambrose: Back to Afikpo In Ebonyi State, You attended, Sir Francis Ibiam Grammar School AFikpo(SFIGSA)
Cynthia: Oh my God!
Ambrose: You later [email protected]£ their SP
Cynthia: plea-se how did you know all this
Ambrose: You remember Ebuka?
Cynthia: No, I don’t
Ambrose: The guy that approached you when you [email protected]£ out from the debate that was held in your school, you repres£nted your school also.
Cynthia thought for a while before she remembered
Cynthia: Yes, I now remember him very well now
Ambrose: I am his ti-ght friend back then in school
Cynthia: Where is him now? Why did he st©p looking for me?
Ambrose: My dear is a long story
Cynthia: Tell me about it plea-se
Ambrose: I don’t think here is the right place (Looking at the woman)
Woman: Don’t bother about me, is better you both know each other very well for the Task ahead to be successful.
Cynthia: Thank you, so Ambrose tell me everything.
Ambrose: I remember he said that you told him that you will think about his proposal, The day he should have sneaked to your school was the day the news of you being a l£sb!anspre-ad everywhere, he heard the news and lost Taste of you, I tried talking things with him that it may be lie but he refused, since then, he st©pped talking about you.
By now, Cynthia is now crying cause what Ambrose was saying is her past wound which still hunt her when ever she remembers it.
Ambrose: Don’t worry, st©p crying
Cynthia: He was right, I was a l£sblan
Ambrose: You were f0rç£d to it, from the news that later spre-ad.
Cynthia: It doesn’t change anything, I have done it alre-ady.
Ambrose: Don’t push this so ha-rd on yourself, is all past tense now
Cynthia: I started loving that Ebuka, I waited for him to come when everything was over but he didt, He was the first guy that my heart beats for. Since then, I haven’t experienced any kind of love for anyb©dy.
Ambrose: Is ok dear
Cynthia: So where is he now?
Ambrose: His in Unioyo
Cynthia: Ok, thanks very much
Ambrose: Your welcome
Cynthia: Shall we continue now (she said referring to the woman)
Woman: Sure we can, so now that you are complete, you will now, experience your true power
Cynthia: Why?
Woman: They is something Ogeri, didt tell you
Cynthia: What is that?
Woman: Ambrose here, his [email protected] of your mission
Cynthia: But why didt he tell me?
Woman: So that you won’t be disturbing her for her to tell you who Ambrose is and how to locate him cause it wasn’t yet time.
Cynthia: So how does he fix in to my mission?
Woman: Ambrose!
Ambrose: Yes ma
Woman: You remember when you were little, you suddenly fell down when you were pla-ying with other kids and you were rushed to the hospital
Ambrose: Yes I remember, that happened like 15+ years ago, how did you know?
Woman: That time was when Cynthia here was dedicated to the 7 Goddess of the Sea round the World. They found Cynthia not fully complete since she’s a girl to have all those powers, so they now placed half of the power on you.
Ambrose: Hahaha, You are funny, so what you are telling me now is that I have the same quality power that the Great Cynthia here has?
Woman: Yes you do
Ambrose: Then why did all those Cult guys deal with me and almost killed me?
Woman: Ask Cynthia here what she went throu-gh even before she got to know about her powers
Cynthia: Hmm, I suffered a lot, and the embarras-sment then was very much, I was almost killed too
Woman: You see, you were pas-sing throu-gh a lot and she was also doing the same, Have you asked yourself how Cynthia got to know where those guys wanted to kill you at that dying minute?
Ambrose: No, I haven’t thought of that
Woman: Cynthia what of you?
Cynthia: I can still remember that I was just t©uçhed by unknown f0rç£ to follow their lead, which I informed my girls to meet me at that place and I went to the Bathroom and disappeared and appeared near the building, it took me some minutes before I go to know what’s happening inside and I now disappeared and appeared inside.
Woman: You see, you both were destined to meet each other. Your powers are equal
Cynthia: So how does he unlock his own?
Woman: Throu-gh the River that you unlocked yours
Cynthia: But I went there and cried to them but nothing showed up or happened
Woman: Yes, cause you were still not complete then, go with him now and see what that will happen
Cynthia: What about my girls?
Woman: Hmm, just go with him first then other things will follow
Ambrose: To where plea-se?
Cynthia: To a River
Ambrose: Haa, am not going
Woman: From now, you don’t have the power to make choices
Ambrose: No oo,, I don’t nee-d all those Black magic
He stood up and was about to go out from the room when he heard strange roaring outside the room and he ran back inside.
Ambrose: Abeg, am re-ady (Scared)
The Military men has started going round the school protecting the school while the Lecture was going on in different Halls of the school.
Suddenly 5 Cars drove into the school, the car st©pped at the checkpoint infront of the gate and they re-leased fire on the 4 Army men on the checkpoint and took them down.
They drove their cars and st©pped it somewhere close to the car garage cause other Army men were almost there, They started exchanging fire with the military men. The Commander saw that they were losing, he asked his men to retreat and run for shelter.
The Viking continued firing at them as they took down 2 more Military men. The Viking Carpon and Thun-der [email protected]£ down from one of the cars as the firing was still going on, they were carrying AK-47, they started firing at the military men and was also going close to where they were. The Military men saw that the 2 Guys that was coming close to them that bullets were useless on them, They started running for their Lives while 5 Vikings ran after them while others started shooting randomly.
22 military men succeeded in escaping. The Viking stormed the Admin block. Meanwhile the VC was still in his office.
The Carpon stormed inside the VC office and saw him sitting comfortably.
VC: Why didt you knock before coming in to my Office (he shouted at him standing up)
Vi Carpon: Shut that your tra-p and sit down (he pointed his gun on the VC)
VC: Will you take that ru-bbish out from my Face.
Vi Carpon: St©p claiming ha-rd man that you are not
VC: Now get out from my office
Thun-der [email protected]£ into the Office at that instance.
VC: Am still talking and you also [email protected]£ into this Office, will you both get out from where
Thun-der: Boss, make I sell small market give this man
VC: Are you both deaf?
Vi Carpon: Sell small sh!pgive am
Thun-der re-leased a bullet towards the VC, the Bullet didt pene-tratehim as the VC gave out a small Laugh and Disappeared.
Thun-der: Chai, this man na another bad man oo
Vi Carpon: Lets leave now
They went out from the Admin block and entered their car, they drove out from the school premises while shooting on the air.
Few Minutes Later the Military men [email protected]£ back from their hiding place.
The VC walked up to them to speak to them,
VC: Commander, this is what I was telling you about.
Commander: This one is terrible
VC: This one is even small
Commander: Wait, are this ones still students? Or just Bokoharam leaving in this school?
VC: They were students but most of them are no more students but they refuse to go home. And you know we can’t f0rç£ them to go home.
Commander: I un-derestimated this cult guys here, Don’t worry, I will call for more backups because From what I can see, they will definitely come back.
VC: There are 2 most Active Cult here, the Vikings and the Angels. They also have their girls too
Commander: They are taking over this school.
They were still talking when the Dark Angels stormed the school and started shooting at the Military men, The Military men started shooting back. The Commander and the VC ran to a safe place. The Dark Angels took down 3 Military men and others ran for their life.
The Dark Angels drove their 4 Cars round the school shooting at interval, they took down any student at sight as all students were in differed Hall laying down flat on their tummy.
The Dark Angel [email protected]£ out and said that the Lecturers and Staffs are to increase their 40% donations to 60% and pay up before 72Hours or they will be murdered in cool blood.
He was done addressing the unseen Audience and he entered back the car and they drove out from the school premises.
The VC and Commander went inside the VC office to discuss more on what the Carpon said.
Cynthia and Ambrose got to the River.
Cynthia: We have arrived
Ambrose: Where are…….
He didt finish his last statement when a heavy wind blew round that premises as the River started rotating with full f0rç£, Cynthia looked at Ambrose and was amazed that he was scared anymore.
The 7 Goddess [email protected]£ out from the river.
Goddess1: Ambrose you are welcome
Ambrose: Thank You
Goddess2: Come with us
Ambrose walked over to where they were and they took him de-ep into the River the same way they did to Cynthia.
Cynthia sighed as she went to one corner of the River to wait for them to finish. She sat down on one [email protected] of Tree there.
Meanwhile the Heavy wind has st©pped, everywhere was just calm as before, Cynthia was worried about her friends and the woman refused to tell her anything about her friends. It git her more worried.
She was still thinking when the River started rotating again and Ambrose [email protected]£ out from the River while Darkness covered everywhere. Cynthia was amazed, she looked at Ambrose and he was closing his eyes as lighting started roaring round the River. Everywhere was unstable.
The VC organized group of boys that has Magic Powers outside the school to help him and fight the 2 Fraternity.
They were 20 in number, They as-sembled in VC house.
VC: So i called you guys here to help and fight those fools for me, and I know that you all are capable
Leader: You can count on us
VC: Thanks very much.
He took them to the school as they drove in their Bus while the VC was leading with his own car.
They drove into the school while the VC walked up to the commander.
Commander: Who are those with you?
VC: They are the Community Vigilantee
Commander: Oh, I see, so what are they doing here?
VC: They [email protected]£ to help
Commander: We are capable of doing that
VC: You can’t handle this alone, just look at how they brou-ght down your men even without you guys bringing down a single person on their own group. So plea-se allow this people to help.
Commander: We will see about that and As for the main time, the Backup I called will be arriving today from the Federal
VC: Ok, How many will they be?
Commander: Minimum of 25 soldiers.
VC: Hmm, ok, I will make arrangement for their accommodations but plea-se don’t be harsh on this people.
Commander: Ok
The Commander left while the VC took the Group of Guys round the school and showed them around, many students has refused to come to school that day as fear was roaring round the school.
Ambrose opened his eyes while the Lightening st©pped and everywhere [email protected]£ stable while the cloud cleared and [email protected]£ bright again.
Cynthia: Hmm, so lets go now
Ambrose: Ok
They were about to leave when one of the Princess of the Sea appeared.
Princess: Is not yet time for you people to leave
Ambrose: Why?
Princess: They are still many things you people nee-d to learn
Cynthia: Which other things?
Princess: How to use your full power cause they is danger ahead
Ambrose: Ok, you mean how to perfect our Powers?
Princess: Yes, Now that you both are together, the ranges of your powers is now unique but it has new features now unlike before
Cynthia: How?
Princess: All your questions will be answered in due time, right now, you both will remain here for the next 3 Days.
Ambrose: 3 what? I have Test in school tomorrow and Next
Princess: Nothing like test in your school, everywhere scattered.
Cynthia: What happened
Princess: Am not to review anything to you Guys
Cynthia closed her eyes to see what’s going on in the school.
Princess: You can’t use such powers with that old features you are using now
Cynthia: Why? What is this old Features you are talking about (she said when she opened her eyes)
Princess: Just follow me
The Princess started walking towards the River, Ambrose followed her before Cynthia joined them, They went into the River and disappeared.
NEXT DAY, The Viqueens Attacked the school, the Military men started exchanging fire with them, Gallant and Sparkling jumped down from the car and started matching forward towards the Military men while shooting at them, Gallant and Sparkling gunned down some of the Military men while Others retreated. The Vigilantee Group [email protected]£ forward and started exchanging fire with Gallant and Sparkling.
Gallant and Sparkling was shooting at them but they saw that the Bullets didt pene-tratethe Vigilante too.
Gallant: Lets fall back to the car
Sparkling: On it
They were shooting and going back to their car, they got to the car, they kicked the engine on and drove out from the school together with their girls.
The Military men [email protected]£ back to where the Vigilante was.
Leader: Is ok, they are gone for now
Commander: I know what to do
The Commander took his phone and made a phone call, within few hours Later, 1 army Hilux arrived the school from the Nearest Army Barrack.
They supplied some special weapon to the Military men, the Commander thanked them as they left.
During even time, The Viking was having their Executive meeting at their slaughtering ground when the Military attacked them
They started hearing gun sh0ts outside the Slaughtering ground.
Thun-der took 2 of his men outside the slaughtering ground and they started exchanging gun sh0ts with the Military men, One of the Military man threw something towards Thun-der and his 2 men, Thun-der saw it and ran off while it exploded and killed the 2 Viking.
The Military men started throwing bomb inside the slaughtering ground and everywhere started exploding, the Carpon and others took the back door and escaped.
Within few Minutes the Commander and some of his men went into the alre-ady scattered Slaughtering ground to see if any of them is still there dead or alive, they searched and searched but didt see anything.
Commander: So they flew? They should have remained here nah, Useless People, I will get them all. They killed my men, they will pay ha-rd .
He said and left with his men.
EPISODES 73 & 74
Everywhere was calm as many students has alre-ady gathered their luggage and set to go, The School Ambulances has alre-ady come and took the students that was sh0t and injured to the Hospital.
The Students was walking towards the Gate to go home till everything has been resolved but the Viqueens blocked their way.
Sparkling: No one is leaving this school.
The students started murmuring.
Sparkling took her Gun and re-leased some bullets to the air while all the students in the gate [email protected] flat on their tummy pleading for mercy.
Sparkling: Like I was saying, No one is leaving this school till all the staffs s£nd their donations to us starting from the day they st©pped paying it cause of Cynthia and her useless team. Till then no one is leaving this school.
Sparkling left 3 of Her girls at the school front gate incase anyone tries to leave and the 3 girls were heavily armed with guns and other weapons.
Some of the Lecturers has alre-ady started paying up their donations to the Vikings and Angels. The Staff also have alre-ady started doing theirs.
The Vi Carpon and Gallant was having a drink when the Alert was coming into the Vi Carpon account.
Vi Carpon: Omor, Babe, we don b!ow
Gallant: How much total don enter alre-ady
Vi Carpon: E don the clock 12 Million
Gallant: Wow that’s good, we have really spent alot since all this Sega started.
Vi Carpon: Yes your right. We will be nee-ding the money badly
Gallant: Am telling You, me wey don miss all those my Shopping things.
Vi Carpon: Girls and shopping eeh
Gallant: Leave it for us.
They continued drinking and discussing
The Dark Angel attacked the Vigilante in their little gathering ground.
The Vigilantee tried to disappear but no way as the bullets coming from all angle was very heavy on them.
1 hour 20 minutes Later, all the Vigilantee were gun down and their Leader was captured by the Dark Angel as they dragged him out from the gathering ground.
The Police later [email protected]£ and cleared the dead bodies.
The VC was still not himself, he received a call from an Unknown Number.
VC: Who is this?
Unknown: Your worst nightmare, Listen if you want your Wife and Children back safe.
VC: What do you want?
Unknown: I nee-d you to drop a bag of money containing 20 Million infront of Alex Lodge.
VC: 20 What? Your very stupid
Unknown: Just hope you didt just say that
VC: How Am I sure you are the one that is holding my Family
The VC wife and Children Voice were heard on the call background.
Unknown: Hope you now believe me.
VC: Yes, I do plea-se don’t hurt any of them
Unknown: I won’t tell you not to tell the Police, I will kill the Police and still Kill your Wife and Children.
VC: I won’t tell anyone plea-se don’t hurt any of them.
Unknown: I will be waiting for the money in 2 Hours time
VC: Haaa, too close
Unknown: Are you complaining?
VC: No oo
Unknown: Good, your time starts now.
The call was ended.
The VC quic-kly took his Cheque book and wrote down the 20 million on the check before he rushed to the bank and withdrew The money, he bought a big Bag as he went to the Bank and withdrew the money.
He loaded the Money inside the Bag as he entered his car and drove to the Alex Lodge, he st©pped and looked round the Place but everywhere was calm and scanty cause of the parade the Vikings and Angels made Last night.
He was still looking round when he received a call from that same number.
VC: Hello? Where are you? Where is my Wife and Children.
Unknown: Shut up, I can see you now, hope you are with the money inside that bag or not all this tricking
VC: The money is intact here.
The call ended
Thun-der with 6 of his men [email protected]£ out from the opposite uncompleted Building.
Thun-der: Hand over the money
VC: Am I mad? Where is my Wife and Children
Thun-der: Hmm, pla-ying smart (he snapped his hand while the VC wife and Children was brou-ght forth.
Thun-der: Will you give me the money
VC: I don’t trust you
Thun-der: I give you my word, I will re-lease them.
The VC threw the money at them while they re-leased his wife and Children, they ran to where the VC was and hvgged him.
One of Thun-der men opened the bag and confirmed the money.
Thun-der: I didt know you love your family like this
VC: You have taken what you wanted so, you should stay clear off my Family
Thun-der: Hmm, are you commanding me?
VC: Anything you call it, just stay clear
Thun-der: Ok, I will like to s£nd my Last message
VC: And which message are you talking about?
Thun-der and 6 of his men left that sp©t leaving the 2 other men that brou-ght out the VC wife and Children. They pointed their Gun at The Vice wife and Children
VC: No ooooo!!!
They re-leased their bullets on them.
As the 2 Guys re-leased their Bullets on the VC Family Members, Ambrose appeared and blocked the bullets from reaching them.
The 2 Guys didt recognized Ambrose cause he was tying a piece of close on his face leaving only his head, eyes and nose but covered his Mouth downwards. So it was ha-rd to recognize him.
Guy1: Comot for here oo
Guy2: Is none of your Business oo
Ambrose didt talk to them rather he was coming closer to them while they were drawing backwards. Cynthia appeared at that instance, when they saw her, they took to their heels.
Cynthia: Why didt you inform me before disappearing?
Ambrose: Hmm, If I wasted time telling you, The VC Family would have been gone
Cynthia: Ok oo
The VC stood up with his Family and walked over to where Ambrose and Cynthia was standing.
VC: Thanks for coming to our rescue, I will reward you both
Cynthia: Thanks very much sir
Ambrose: Yea, thanks sir but we don’t nee-d it, Am doing this cause I hate seeing those guys killing the innocents.
VC: Taking things from me doesn’t change that
Ambrose: Yes for you but for me it does.
Ambrose [email protected]£d Cynthia hand and they disappeared.
The VC took his Wife and Children to the car while he drove them back home.
The 2 Guys ran to where Thun-der was waiting for them, they were breathing heavily as Thun-der was asking them what was the matter.
Thun-der: Someone should tell me what’s going on here?
Guy1: As we sh0t the VC and his Family, (breathing ha-rd ) Someone appeared and st©pped the bullet
Thun-der: Who was that?
Guy2: We didt see his Face cause he covered it with a Handkerchief.
Thun-der: You said, is a He and not she?
Guy2: Yes Boss and the worst is that Cynthia is Alive
Thun-der: Are you mad? Cynthia that is dead and her dead pix trend the whole school.
Guy1: Sir we are telling you the truth.
Thun-der: Ok, enter the car lets move
They all jumped into the car with the bag of money they were carrying and drove off.
There were still driving when They saw someone that blocked their way, The 2 guys recognized him as the guy that blocked the bullets. Thun-der asked the Driver to run over him but when the car got close to Ambrose, the Engine st©pped instantly and the car st©pped moving.
Thun-der and his guys [email protected]£ down from the car and started shooting at Ambrose, The bullets didt even reach were he was as it was dropping on the ground.
Thun-der asked his men to st©p shooting and they st©pped.
Thun-der: Who are you?
Ambrose didt say anything, rather he disappeared.
Thun-der: Just like that?
Guy1: Am just speechless boss
Thun-der: Lets move out quic-k, here is dangerous.
They jumped inside the car and drove off immediately.
They got back to the Carpon Lodge and drove inside the building, The carpon [email protected]£ out from the house when he heard the car horn outside.
The Carpon walked over to the car while Thun-der [email protected]£ forward to meet him.
Carpon: Why are you guys late?
Thun-der: Boss, one guy just caused casala for us oo
Carpon: Who is that?
Thun-der: Don’t even know he covered his face and the most painful [email protected] now is that my men said that Cynthia is not dead, that she’s alive
Carpon: What? How? Why? Oh no!!
One of the guys ran to where there were discussing
Thun-der: What is it?
Guy1: The money is missing
Thun-der: What?
They all ran to where the car was parked and searched the whole car but didt see any money again.
Thun-der: What happened, hope you guys aren’t pla-ying fast one on me
Guy2: No boss, we were with the money earlier
Carpon: And what happened then?
Guy2: I don’t really know boss
Carpon: I don’t have time for this $h!t, Thun-der!
Thun-der: Yes Boss
Carpon: Get to the root of all this and get back to me
He said and left there while Thun-der turned towards them and started asking them about the money but no one agreed that his with the money, Thun-der himself was speechless cause he also saw the money was with them and all of a sudden it disappeared.
He asked the guy that was carrying the money to follow him which he did and was pleading on their way.
Ambrose was now standing infront of VC gate when Cynthia appeared with the bag of money.
Ambrose: Nice, but you first me and disappeared, while appearing now?
Cynthia: I don’t even un-derstand
Ambrose: Hmm well, you should take the money inside and give him while I wait for you here
Cynthia: Why don’t we go in together?
Ambrose: No, I don’t want to
Cynthia: Why? And t©uçh haven’t told me why you are covering your face
Ambrose: You won’t un-derstand Shaa, just go now
Cynthia: Ok
She knocked at the gate while the Gateman opened for her and took her inside the house.
Cynthia met the VC and his Wife at the sitting room.
She dropped the bag of money, the VC was amazed how she got the money, the VC and the Wife thanked her very much before she left after rejecting the hvge amount of money they were offering her.

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