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Cynthia the h0ttest babe Episode 65 to o 68

EPISODE 64, 65 & 66
Cynthia went into the room, she re-moved the cloths she was putting on and wore a black and black cloth, and also tire a black Cloth round her head, she opened the drawer that she do keep her guns and took 2 pistol and put it inside the Black trou-sers she was putting on, She took 2 AK-47 and reloaded it. She carried the 2 AK-47 in her both hands.
She took a de-ep breathe before she disappeared.
Gallant and Sparkling were still at the Slaughtering ground waiting for Cynthia to arrive.
Sparkling: Where is this girl nah
Gallant: Don’t worry, she will come, I know her very well.
Sparkling was about to utter another word when Cynthia appeared.
Gallant: Wow, finally, I knew you will keep to your words.
Sparkling: Hmm, so you actually [email protected]£ prepared.
Cynthia: Where is my girls
Gallant: I don’t nee-d to answer that, Show us what you got.
Cynthia: You won’t like it
Sparkling: Cut that bull$h!t and show us what you got.
Cynthia pointed one of the Ak-47 at Sparkling leg and fired at it but the bullet bounced on the leg and fell down. Cynthia looked surprised.
Gallant: Oh, you are surprised.
Sparkling: Hahaha, You think you are the only one that knows black Magic
Gallant [email protected] her hands and their girls [email protected]£ out from their hiding place and pointed their gun at Cynthia, and the red rope are on each of the girls gun.
Gallant: Fire!!! (she commanded them)
They started shooting Cynthia, although the bullets were bouncing back but it was really having a great effect on her, Cynthia started firing back at them with the 2 AK-47, but the bullets were not pene-trating any of the girls. Cynthia tried to disappear but it was impossible for her as more bullets hit her. Smoke started oozing out from her b©dy, She used her last strength and disappeared.
Sparkling: This is impossible
Gallant: She shouldn’t have disappeared.
They were still looking at the sp©t she disappeared when 2 of the girls fell down and started coughing out blood.
Sparkling: Not again.
Gallant: Girls come together
All the girls [email protected]£ together but before then 6 more girls have fell down and coughing out blood too.
Gallant: Show yourself coward.
3 more girls fell down and started coughing blood.
Sparkling: Show yourself animal.
Cynthia: I will get back to you girls later. (her voice echoed)
The Viqueens waited for a while before Gallant spoke up.
Gallant: She’s gone for now
Sparkling: We should have told the baba about her invisibility. Atleast he would have told us what to do.
Gallant: Your right, Lets start going now.
They all went out from the slaughtering ground and started their Journey to Ichieke.
Cynthia appeared at the Dark Angel Carpon [email protected] The Carpon were there with Carpon Succy and many others. Immediately they saw Cynthia they pointed their guns at her. Cynthia looked at the guns very well to see if they had the same red ropes on it but she was Glad she didt.
An Carpon: So what do you want?
Cynthia: My girls
Ca Succy: And who told you she’s in our position.
Cynthia: You guys are the bad egg in this school and such thing will be blamed on you guys.
Trinity: Cynthia, I will advise you to leave here now
Cynthia: Come and take me out.
Danger: Don’t even ask for what you can’t handle.
Cynthia: At the count of 5, tell me were they are. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Immediately the Angels started shooting at her but the bullets were useless cause it didt pene-trateher or torment her like the way Gallant and her girls guns did.
Cynthia: St©p wasting your bullets and tell me where they are.
Danger: Shut up
They continued shooting at her, she started shooting back but at her leg, [email protected] from The 2 Carpon, Danger, Trinity and 2 other Angel Girls, the bullet from Cynthia pene-trated other guys and girls there. They all fell down as Cynthia sh0t at their legs.
Cynthia: Oh, Odiechi is now everywhere.
Trinity: I will surely kill you myself.
Cynthia: Let me show you guys what you don’t know. (she disappeared)
They were all looking round to see if they will see her when Danger disappeared but appeared 5 seconds later with wounds. Trinity also disappeared and appeared with wounds also.
Cynthia: I will be back (her voice echoed)
The Angels and Dark Angels were visibly scared on what just happened.
Cynthia appeared at the Angels Boss Mansion.
Boss: I have been waiting for you Kid.
Cynthia: Where are my girls
Boss: Shut up and show me what you got.
Cynthia sh0t his leg but the bullet didt pene-trate.
The Boss Laughed and disappeared, Cynthia also disappeared. Cynthia appeared feeling very tired while the Boss appeared before her pointed a sharp blade at her.
Cynthia looked at the blade and it was strange for her and it was draining her powers from her, she was crawling slowly when the Boss [email protected]£d her and stabbe-d her with the blade and it pene-trated her.
Episode 65
“Immediately The Angel Boss stabbe-d Cynthia”.
Presh and that guy were re-ading in their clas-s when the guy shouted “Jesus Christ” and was very shocked.
As the Angel Boss stabbe-d Cynthia with the sharp blade, Cynthia fell flat and slowly close her eyes.
Boss: Nons-en-se, just look at the Kid that is troubling my boys and girls (He said to himself and brou-ght out his phone to make a call)
Boss: Where are you?
Voice: At the site
Boss: Come to my place now
Voice: Ok sir
He ended the call and sat down on his chair while Cynthia lifeless b©dy is still laying down there.
Presh has been asking the guy why he shouted Jesus and he didt give her any reason cause him himself don’t even know why.
Something suddenly took over him and he stood up.
Presh: Where are you going to?
Guy: Ermm, I will be back?
Presh: Should I follow you?
Guy: No, ermm don’t worry I will be back.
Presh: Ok, plea-se be fast, you know we have to finish this before tomorrow
Guy: Ok bye, or sorry am coming
Before Presh could utter another word he has alre-ady left, he didt know where he was going to but he was sure he was going somewhere, He walked towards the school gate and st©pped infront of the gate, he looked both side before he crossed the road and started walking down the road.
He walked very fast for 10 Minutes before he st©pped infront of an Uncompleted building, he was wondering what he was doing there. He got pissed up and sat down in one of the blocks there.
The Door to the Angel Boss opened while 5 guys [email protected]£ in, they were surprised to see Cynthia in her own pole of blood laying on the floor.
Boss: Why surprised?
Guy1: Nothing sir
Boss: Take the b©dy and throw it away
Guy2: Ok Boss
They dragged her b©dy along, they carried her into the back of the car and threw her inside the back of the car. They drove off out of the house. They drove the car towards a lonely path. They st©pped the car infront of an uncompleted building and looked carefully without seeing anyone around, They brou-ght out the b©dy of Cynthia and threw her inside the Bush before they quic-kly went inside the car and drove off.
Meanwhile The Guy that was with Presh saw a car coming towards the building, he quic-kly stood up from the block he was sitting on and hide himself, he watched closely as they threw someone into the bush and quic-kly drove off. He was really scared as he slowly walked to the bush and saw is Cynthia, he was shocked, he wanted to run but he remembered that she once saved his life so he went and brou-ght Herr out from the bush. He was calling her name to wake up but she didt, He didt know what to do, calling the police will implicate him, and leaving her behind is unfair, tears rolled down his cheek, he looked at her palm and saw something written on it. He looked carefully and found out an Address written in her palm and it also shows take me there.
The Guy didt know how to take her there for people not to see them, he was still thinking when he remembered Presh has a car, He brou-ght his phone and called her.
Presh: Where are you?
Guy: Don’t worry, I nee-d your car
Presh: Why?
Guy: Just nee-d to rush to somewhere with it
Presh: Hmm, the place don’t have a name?
Guy: plea-se nah
Presh: Ok, come and get it
Guy: Thanks dear
He ended the call and hide back Cynthia’s b©dy before he ran out from that place to get Presh car.
Meanwhile the Angel Boss has called the Dark Angel Carpon and broke the news to him. He asked him to quic-kly take Advantage of the Vikings since they don’t know yet that The Anti-cults are gone.
The Dark Angel carpon called Trinity and Danger inside his [email protected] to tell them what the Boss told him.
They went inside his [email protected] and he narrated everything to them.
Trinity: I trust our Boss
Danger: She get mind oo,, so she go the threaten our Boss
Carpon: Na so I see am, she go price her death and now she’s gone (Happy)
Trinity: Yes Carpon, but what’s the next step now?
Carpon: The Boss asked us to use this opportunity that the Vikings are still ignorant about Cynthia death and attack them.
Danger: No, not too fast
Carpon: Why?
Danger: Remember if we attack them, they will still attack us back cause they also have their own backup incase anything happens
Trinity: Carpon, Danger here is right, we have to buy time and deal with them and take control of the 4 Region.
Carpon: Hmm, Well, is alright.
The VC has been trying Cynthia’s Line but is not reachable, he was restless cause he wanted to discuss something with her cause the Angel s£nt a warning to the Lecturers and Staffs to pay up their depts.
VC: She haven’t missed my call before? Just hope all is well cause this whole thing seems strange to me. (He said to himself)
As the Guy got to where Presh was, he started asking her about her car keys
Presh: What’s really wrong?
Guy: Just lend me the car plea-se
Presh: Hmm, lending you my car is never a problem, am just concerned that you really look distressed.
Guy: No, am fine
Presh: Here is it (She pas-sed her keys to him)
Guy: Thank you dear
Presh: plea-se drive safe dear
Guy: No problem
He walked out from the clas-s towards the school car garage, he located the car and went inside. He drove out the car from the school towards the Uncompleted building. He [email protected]£ down and carried Cynthia into the backseat and la-id her down on the seat. He went to the driver sit and kicked the engine on and quic-kly drove off.
He was still driving towards the Address in Cynthia Palm when he got to a police checkpoint, he was really scared cause of Cynthia corpse he was carrying in the car, he was about to kick the Engine to run away when one of the Police man asked him to whine down and he looked very frightened.
Junior was attending Jamb lesson in his wheelchair when he felt the urge to speak with his sister Cynthia, He brou-ght out his phone and started calling her line but she wasn’t picking up. He continued calling but no answer, this got him worried and he decided to contact any of her friends but their line were off. He didt know what else to do as he felt very moody.
Gallant called the Viking Carpon on phone and he picked at once.
Vi Carpon: How far babe?
Gallant: I just dey oo,, Good news
Vi Carpon: What’s the good news?
Gallant: The Almighty Cynthia is dead
Vi Carpon: How come?
Gallant: My Spy in Angels told me just now
Vi Carpon: I don’t believe this? Did she/he tell you how it happened?
Gallant: Yes that their Boss killed her
Vi Carpon: That’s good news, but we have to be careful now
Gallant: Yes, cause why didt the Angels tell us officially, they must have a bad motive.
Vi Carpon: Yes, We will ti-ght£ñ our backups
Gallant: Yes, Speak with you later
Vi Carpon: Ok, I will nee-d to speak with Thun-der and others about this
Gallant: Same with me.
The call was ended as Gallant called Sparkling
Gallant: Hello babe
Sparkling: How far nah?
Gallant: Udo, where you dey?
Sparkling: I dey lab oo,, my bobo no wan show
Gallant: Bia, leave that place and come to my place, we have better thing to discuss about
Sparkling: Nothing wey dey important pas-s this my guy
Gallant: Ok, Cynthia is dead, so come now
Sparkling: Idiot, na you kill am?
Gallant: Am serious here
Sparkling: Hmm, let me come first and if na false news eeh
Gallant: Come joor
She ended the call as Sparkling left the Lab and started going towards the front gate.
The DARK ANGEL stormed the school premises with their cars. They were heavily armed. The school security men started shooting at them but they gunned the whole security men at the front gate down while they drove towards the Admin block, The Lecturers and Staff has started running for their life. The students has alre-ady ran away even before the Dark Angels got to the Admin block.
They opened fire at the building and designed it with bullets, Their Carpon [email protected]£ out from one of the 4 Cars they [email protected]£ with to speak.
Carpon: I the carpon of the great Dark Angels, I warn you fools to pay up your depts starting from when you people st©pped paying it cause of the ex Anti-cults, We are now back as we have eliminated the useless Anti-cults and Cynthia, yes, Cynthia and co is dead. So don’t mess with us.
He finished saying and entered inside the car and they started driving out from the school premises when they met 2 Police Hilux, they re-leased fire on the Police and they left their Hilux and ran for their lives as the Dark Angels speedily drove off from the school back to their gathering ground.
1 hour Later, the Lecturers, Staffs and Students started coming out from their hiding place. They gathered round the Admin block as they watched the holes in the walls caused by the guns of the Dark Angels.
The VC [email protected]£ to address them as they were murmuring among all of them that gathered even the students that were not in school started coming to school.
The VC told them to ignore that Cynthia and her team is dead that is a false news, he later dismissed them and asked them to go back to their hostels and Lodges and be vigilant.
Picture was posted round the school secretly and it was the picture of Cynthia laying down in her own pole of Blood when she was stabbe-d.
The Poster quic-kly [email protected]£ viral as all the students teamed up and they was a heavy crowd as they sang together. They matched towards the VC office and stayed outside shouting and singing and most of them were carrying the Poster with them.
EPISODE 67 & 68
As the Students gathered round the Vice Chancellor office, The VC [email protected]£ out with some Lecturers, The SUG President matched forward to meet the VC.
The SUG President had some discussion with the VC before the VC [email protected]£ forward to address the students.
VC: Great Students Students of NIGERIA UNIVERSITY. Am also bothered the same way you all are, like I told you people earlier, that we are also clueless and about the Poster of Cynthia, is also a shock to me and her b©dy has not been seen or any of her girls. I have reported the matter to the Military and other security Agencies, There are doing their best to find Cynthia and her friends, either dead or Alive.
There was a great murmur among the students.
VC: plea-se I urge you all not to panic that things are still in control…….(He didt finish his last words as the Vikings stormed the school heavily armed, they started shooting up while the Students and Lecturers took to their heels and the VC went back inside his Office. The Viking Carpon asked his men to st©p shooting as he picked up one of the posters that shows Cynthia’s b©dy.
Vi Carpon: Hmm, This is cool (He dropped it)
He went back to the car and started addressing no one in [email protected]
Vi Carpon: We are the Vikings, and we urge all the Lecturers in our territory to pay up their money before 1st of Next month or they will dance to our tone. Be warned!!! (he closed the car door)
They started shooting again as they drove out from the school premises.
Within 1 hour of their [email protected] the students started coming out one after the other. They was great tension among all the Students, Staffs and Lecturers.
That same Evening, 5 Army Hilux arrived the school, they were 28 Soldiers in number, the VC went out to welcome them with some of the Lecturers.
VC: Thank God you guys [email protected]£
Commander: We were s£nt from the Federal, we heard there is much tension in this school caused by some notorious cultists.
VC: not some but many of them
Commander: Don’t worry, we are here now, all those ru-bbish will now st©p.
VC: Yes, Let me take you guys to your Office, tomorrow I will s£nd someone to show you round the school.
Commander: Ok
VC: This way (he pointed to a path that leads to the security Office)
He took them to their new Office and they thanked him before he left with the Lecturers.
The news about the Military men has reached Gallant ear as she took her phone and called Viking Carpon. He picked the call at once.
Vi Carpon: Babe, how far nah?
Gallant: Udo, but small problem dey o
Vi Carpon: we-tin happen?
Gallant: Federal don put hand for this school security o
Vi Carpon: Base on the Military thing?
Gallant: Yes
Vi Carpon: This girl, you don fall my hand oo
Gallant: How?
Vi Carpon: Don’t you know who we are, we are the Vikings/Viqueens, we can’t be moved by such nons-en-se military men, we will take them down if they try to st©p any of our Activities.
Gallant: Ok, Am strongly behind you
Vi Carpon: Now you come, don’t worry, we will plan on how to take them down in our next gathering.
Gallant: You sure pas-s
Vi Carpon: Later
Gallant: Ok Goodnight
The Call was ended.
Succy was with the Dark Angel Carpon when Trinity [email protected]£ in to break the Military men news to them.
Trinity: Wahala dey oo
An Carpon: we-tin happen
Trinity: The Federal s£nt Military men to this school
Succy: When was that?
Trinity: This evening
Succy: This is not a good news.
An Carpon: E no still mean much, we can still pin them down
Succy: You should know that is not state that s£nt them, because State doesn’t have much power and the activities of the military s£nt by state will be less than the one s£nt by the Federal, it will be disastrous.
An Carpon: Babe don’t panic, we have done it before, we will quench it.
Trinity: I believe you boss
An Carpon: Nothing will make those Lecturers not to remit us that our money, if they like make American Soldiers come to this school.
Succy: Seriously oo,, I have really missed spending like the way I usually spend and I don’t even have much in my account now, just managing.
An Carpon: Babe, we all are all managing even the so called Vikings/Viqueens.
Trinity: Boss you are right, we all nee-d that money, I have a show I wanted to attend but due to this problem of money I didt, and I won’t miss Next month own, we must attack those Useless Lecturers if they refuse to pay up their depts, they are very useless.
An Carpon: They made Cynthia their savior but now since they have none, we will surely deal with them.
They discussed for a while before Carpon Succy decided to take her leave and The Angel Carpon dropped her off with his car in her lodge before he drove back home, he drove pas-s the school and saw the Military men still arranging their things and he smiled & drove away
The Boy that was carrying Cynthia has managed to escape the Police check point.
As the Boy was about to turn the car around a policeman asked him to whine down and he hesitated before doing that. The policeman looked round the driver sit before he started looking at the pas-s£nger sit but didt see anything meanwhile the guy was really scared cause he thought that the policeman must have seen the Lifeless b©dy of Cynthia.
The Policeman asked him to go and he kicked up the engine and was about to drive away when another policeman st©pped him.
Policeman: My spirit the tell me say you carry something for this car
Guy: But the other policeman don check me and im no see anything nah
Policeman: Wait let me see
Guy: Ok
The Policeman opened the back door and looked at the sits very well before he closed it and opened the bu-tt and checked it but didt see anything, he opened the driver sit and looked at it very well but didt see anything, he closed the door and asked the guy to go and the Guy heart [email protected]£ down from rising as he drove out from the checkpoint and was cursing the policeman in his mind.
>>>BACK TO PREs£nT>>>
The Guy finally got to the address after so many hours of driving, he check Cynthia palm but the writing has alre-ady changed to “Take me inside”, The Guy was frightened but he man up as he carried her out from the car and started walking throu-gh the narrow path until he got to where a house was built, it was the only house around that area as a whole and the house was fully decorated and furnished. He got close to the doorstep and knocked on the door but the door paved way with a heavy wind that accompanied it. The Guy took Cynthia inside and he looked round the house but didt see anyone, he dropped Cynthia on the couch. He turned back and saw a woman.
Woman: You are welcome my Son
Guy: Ermm, am sorry for coming here, I just followed…….(She cut her short)
Woman: Don’t worry About that, I knew you were coming with her as I have predicted long time ago.
Guy: How?
Woman: You won’t un-derstand now, just bring her along. (she said and started walking inside the house)
The Guy quic-kly [email protected]£d Cynthia and placed her on his Shoulder as he trailed The Woman from behind.
They got to one big room, it was somehow dark cause they was just one source of light that was shining at the center of the room. The Woman asked the guy to drop Cynthia at the center of the room, He did as she instructed, She asked him to sit beside her and he did, She also sat beside her.
Guy: Is she dead?
Woman: She’s not dead
Guy: Thank God
Woman: Her spirit is here with us
Guy: Haaa! Where? Which side?
Woman: Beside you, but don’t be frightened, she’s harmless.
Guy: Am not scared of her cause she has saved me once and even many others, she can’t harm the innocent.
Woman: Wow, that’s good.
Guy: But how can we help her?
Woman: Is you that will
Guy: Me how?
Woman: I will explain later, we have no time as her time is running, is only remaining 10minutes before he spirit will descend. Hold my hand and close your eyes.
The Guy quic-kly held her hand and they closed their eyes.
The whole room started shining different types of Light with many colours, within 5 minutes, Cynthia b©dy started getting h0t, sweat started running down her whole b©dy. Within 7 Minutes her wound closed up. Within 9 Minutes she started breathing once again.
The Woman quic-kly re-leased The Guy hand as both of them started breathing very fast as if they ran a race for hours. Cynthia flew on the air without her b©dy tou-ching the ground, She flew back to the ground immediately her legs t©uçhed the floor she opened her eyes. She [email protected] and the Guy brou-ght her up and she sat down.
Cynthia: Who is he?
Woman: You were following him all this while?
Cynthia: Yes, He was the only I can think of since none of my friend is around
Woman: None of them would have helped is only Him.
Guy: But why me?
Woman: Cynthia remember when your Friend Tracy brou-ght you here, I told you I won’t review anything for you till you are complete
Cynthia: Yes, am I not still complete?
Woman: You are now, with him! (she pointed to the guy)
Guy: See, you all are confusing me, Am totally lost here, but wait oo,, come to think of it, you were following me all this while?
Cynthia: Hmm yes
Guy: Why me? Didt you see anyone else and more over what happened at the checkpoint
Cynthia: well, I had to make my b©dy Invisible for the Police not to see it if not, I wouldn’t have been raised to life.
Guy: Hmm, Ok, I think I have to go now, am even exhausted and hungry.
Woman: You still have a great job with her.
Guy: Me?
Woman: Yes.
Cynthia: But why?
Woman: You both are one
Cynthia quic-kly turned towards the guy.
Cynthia: Who are you? What’s your name?
Guy: My name is AMBROSE

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